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Battery Lawn Mower Test

Cordless lawn mowers are one of the newer developments in lawn care and are currently very popular. And not without good reason; after all, they combine the benevolent characteristics of an electric lawn mower with a cord with those of a petrol lawn mower bursting with mobility.

What are cordless lawnmowers and how do they work?

Cordless battery mowerHand-operated cordless lawnmowers are mostly rotary mowers equipped with a rotating blade. They are powered by one or two electric batteries. These are charged with a charging station, which is often included, and placed in the mower when it is switched off. They then need to be recharged after about 45-90 minutes. Characteristics of the appearance are a small body, which is mainly wrapped in plastic, and the low noise level. For this reason, these mowers are easy to handle.

While many cordless lawnmowers used to have problems mowing due to batteries that were too weak, today’s batteries are less problematic and more powerful. As with other electric mowers, the power is specified in watts. In most cases, however, the voltage is given in volts. The higher the power, the better high or wet grass can be tackled. Devices that could not mow wet or high grass in the battery lawn mower test were heavily devalued.

Today’s cordless lawn mowers are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. These save weight and have a long life expectancy. They also discharge much more slowly than old batteries. In addition, they can usually be fully charged in less than 60 minutes. For this reason, only such models are included in the cordless lawnmower test.

Advantages of a cordless lawnmower

Cordless lawnmowers do not have a cable, which is why their range is determined by the charge level of the battery(ies). This is often enough for 200-300 m² of lawn. However, if you want to avoid waiting times, you can simply use several charging stations. They also have such a low dead weight that they can be moved easily on almost any lawn surface and can be carried anywhere.

Often weighing less than 10 kg, they do not require a wheel drive and can be handled perfectly even in narrow and obstacle-strewn passages. Like other modern lawn mowers, most units fold compactly. Furthermore, a battery-powered lawn mower is much quieter than an electric mower and is therefore very popular on camping sites. In addition, the devices do not emit any odours and are very environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the maintenance effort is very low compared to petrol mowers.

Disadvantages of a cordless lawnmower

Battery lawnmowers are only suitable for smaller lawns due to their power and cutting width. Their often weak motor can make it very difficult to cut higher grass.

In addition, empty batteries can cause unintentional and unnerving waiting times when there is only one charging station. Some batteries discharged within a few minutes in cordless lawnmower tests. These were excluded.

Conclusion: Battery lawn mowers are suitable for small gardens that are regularly maintained. They can make full use of their advantages, especially in congested urban areas. It is advisable to purchase a second battery to minimise or avoid waiting times.

Battery lawnmower – These are the criteria you should consider


The battery should be looked at particularly closely in a cordless lawnmower test, because there are quite a few devices on the market whose power is too weak to cut taller grass. A strong lithium-ion battery paired with a sharp blade should be able to cope with more adverse conditions.


Battery lawnmowers are more mobile than corded electric lawnmowers, but their range is still limited. For this reason, you must pay attention to the battery charging time and the battery life. In our battery lawn mower test, we rated devices with a runtime of 60 minutes and more particularly well. A lithium-ion battery lasts for a total of approx. 1000 charges. After that, you usually have to buy a new battery, which usually costs 60-150 Pounds.

Cutting width

As with any other lawn mower, the larger the lawn area, the wider the cutting width should be. The smaller the cutting width, the more paths have to be cut with the cordless lawn mower.

Cutting height

Battery lawn mowers can be adjusted to all possible cutting heights. They are not as powerful as petrol mowers, but they can still cope with heights of up to 8 cm. For orientation: a football field is about 2.8 cm high. Devices that can mow heights of more than 6 cm were particularly rewarded in the battery lawn mower test.

Why should you buy a cordless lawn mower?

The market for cordless lawn mowers is growing rapidly. We also recommend them in the cordless lawn mower test. They are modern, technologised, quiet and environmentally friendly. This speaks for them:

  • Very low noise
  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Low weight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No maintenance costs
  • No fuel or oil

Cordless lawnmowers only need a fully charged battery, then you can start mowing. Moreover, you can carry them everywhere because they are light. If you use 2 batteries, larger areas can also be mowed.

Little to no noise

Battery lawnmowers emit a low hum at a low frequency. Petrol mowers produce a completely different sound. This is not exactly a pleasure for the ears and mind.

Hardly any weight

Without the battery, many cordless lawnmowers weigh less than 10 kg. However, the battery can increase the weight considerably.

No maintenance

You should maintain the battery as indicated in the instruction manual. The blade should, of course, be sharpened after a certain period of time. Apart from that, however, a battery-powered lawnmower does not require any maintenance.


The only two components that may need repair or replacement are the batteries or the blade. If you keep them in perfect condition, the cordless lawnmower will serve you faithfully for a long time.

This is how your best cordless lawnmower should be equipped

  • 50 litre basket capacity so you spend more time mowing and not emptying the basket
  • 20-70 mm cutting height adjustment, which can be adjusted 6 times, so you can mow your lawn in any condition
  • sharp steel blade that can be sharpened if necessary
  • a cutting width of 40 cm or more
  • Other features, such as a low noise level, etc.

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