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Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers have been around for quite a while. They are now bought more often in Germany than petrol lawn mowers, which makes them the most popular lawn mowers in our country. They are especially popular with owners of small gardens.

What are electric lawn mowers and how do they work?

Electric lawn mowers are powered by electricity. Hand-operated devices are exclusively rotary mowersElectric lawn mower that cut with a blade.

Currently, there are products on the market that cost less than 70 euros and mostly find their way to us from China. However, these products are very problematic to use and their workmanship does not even justify this money, as they fail very quickly and spare parts are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Such products were excluded from the electric lawn mower test.

We therefore recommend that you look at brand-name products from the three-digit price segment. This saves annoyance and is easy on the wallet in the medium to long term.

Corded electric lawnmowers are available in cutting widths between 32 and 45 cm. This makes them more suitable for smaller gardens of 800 m² or less. Many obstacles and wide paths make handling difficult, as the cable length is quickly used up. For this reason, an extension cable is often indispensable. Ultimately, the distance to the nearest socket determines whether the unit can be used successfully. Long cable lengths were particularly rewarded in the electric lawnmower test.

Frequent reasons for buying an electric lawn mower are its ease of use due to its low weight, the lower noise level compared to petrol mowers, and other environmental characteristics.

You can recognise a good electric lawn mower by the following features: The wheels have ball bearings, the motor is powerful and does not break down in taller grass, the cutting height can be adjusted centrally, the guide bar is stable and protected from tangles and the catcher box is firmly attached to the housing. A fill level indicator is helpful when using the catcher bag. If the parts rattle and wobble at first glance, the mower is probably not performing its tasks satisfactorily. If such a device fulfils these characteristics, it usually receives the top rating in an electric lawn mower test.

Advantages of an electric lawn mower

An electric lawn mower is easy to operate and handle as it usually weighs less than 20 kg. This means that it can also be guided quite effortlessly and well on slopes or inclines. For this reason, it is often used by women. It is also easy to transport. Furthermore, the price is often lower than that of a petrol lawn mower. The cutting width of large models is up to 50 cm. These can then be used on areas of up to 800 m² without the effort and return coming into a poor relationship. In addition, the units usually require less maintenance than petrol units. Another advantage is the improved environmental characteristics, as no fuel is consumed. The ears of the neighbours are also satisfied by the relatively quiet electric lawnmowers.

Disadvantages of an electric lawn mower

Due to the cable, the range of an electric lawn mower is limited to the length of the cable. Accordingly, it is only suitable for use if a suitable outdoor socket can always be reached. Even though its weight promises manoeuvrability and flexibility, this makes it susceptible to cable entanglement or premature consumption of the cable length, especially in areas with obstacles. Furthermore, some electric lawnmowers are too weak to cut higher or wet grass. Such devices usually do not manage to transport the grass cuttings completely into the catcher bag, but leave them behind, sometimes involuntarily, on the mown lawn. A weak engine is therefore inevitably the number one criterion for exclusion.

How much does a good electric lawn mower cost?

Electric lawn mowers with a cord are relatively inexpensive to buy. Even the devices for around 100 Pounds have performed very well in countless electric lawn mower tests. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you should look in the price segment above 150 Pounds. The test winner in some electric lawn mower tests, the WOLF-Garten A 370, costs about that much. However, you should bear in mind that for such prices you get devices that do their job fully functionally, but do not promise too much in terms of durability.

Which electric lawn mower to buy?

The choice of electric lawn mower depends on the size of your garden and your personal requirements. For small lawns, the award-winning and extremely popular Bosch Rotak is recommended. For larger areas, up to 600 m², the Ryobi 1500 W turned out to be the ideal solution in the electric lawn mower test. Other good and well-known manufacturers of electric lawn mowers are WOLF-Garten and Einhell.

Conclusion: For small, relatively obstacle-free plots of up to 800 m², electric lawn mowers are an inexpensive and reliable helper.

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