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Robot Lawn Mower

Welcome to the robotic lawnmower test & comparison. Here you will find the test winners from countless reviews and guides so you can choose the best robotic lawnmower for your individual needs!

Mit Hilfe eines Rasenmäher Roboters kann die Pflege des hauseigenen Rasens vollkommen
automatisiert werden. Die kleinen, wendigen Mähroboter arbeiten nämlich völlig autonom.

How to use a robotic lawnmower

To use a robotic lawnmower, a perimeter wire must be stretched before use so that it uses sensors toRobot lawn mower detect where the lawn is and what it needs to mow. The wire is either buried or laid on the lawn. Simply laying out the wire is easier and yes, it grows in faster than you might think in cautious suspicion. More detailed instructions on how to lay the perimeter wire can be found in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. If you are not willing to carry out this procedure, which takes several hours, once, you must ask your local robotic lawnmower dealer for help.

Furthermore, the charging station of the robotic lawnmower must be set up. Once the charging station is installed and covered with wire, the robotic lawnmower can go about its work 24/7. Some manufacturers also offer an extra wire for the charging station, which makes it easier for the robotic lawnmower to find it.

The programming of the robotic lawnmower is often done through an app for smartphones and tablets. In the robotic lawnmower test, all robotic lawnmowers were easy to set up in this way. The most important setting is probably the working time. Since robotic mowers usually only emit a quiet whirring sound that cannot be heard from a few metres away, the devices can be used excellently at night. Other recommended times are weekday mornings when most of the surrounding residents are at work. Even during longer holidays, robotic lawnmowers can keep one’s lawn in first-class condition if they have been programmed accordingly beforehand. Anyone who is now worried that their robotic lawnmower could be stolen can be reassured, because the devices in the four-digit price segment are usually equipped with a tracking chip. The app can then determine the exact location of the robotic lawnmower.

The robotic lawnmower is driven by 2 wheels. Since the wheels do not have a swivel joint, the direction of travel of the robotic lawnmower is changed by varying the speed of the wheels. If, for example, one wheel rotates forward at full speed and one wheel rotates backwards at full speed, the robotic lawnmower can make a 360° turn on the spot.

Why should you buy a robotic lawnmower?

With the help of a decent robotic lawnmower, there is no need to spend time on lawn care from now on. The time that would otherwise have been spent on the activity of mowing can therefore be spent on more meaningful activities. This aspect is of great importance, as it saves a middle-aged person a four-digit number of hours for the future.

Another important aspect is the appearance of the lawn. A better lawn appearance can, if at all, only be provided by a landscaper for money. In the robotic mower test, we were extremely satisfied with the lawn appearance of the mowers after a few weeks. Many test reports show that even a patchy and discoloured lawn looks completely different after a few weeks; namely green, healthy and very dense. But why is that actually the case? A robotic mower works much more regularly than a human mowing by hand. This keeps the lawn permanently short and well aerated. In addition, every robotic lawnmower is also a mulch mower, because it shreds the grass cuttings and returns them to the surface. This permanent source of nutrients encourages the lawn to grow very thickly. However, the procedure until the lawn shines in a beautiful green always takes a few weeks.

Types of robotic lawnmowers – How do robotic mowers actually work?

Basically, every robotic lawnmower works to keep the lawn short and tidy. The equipment and the function of the mower are very similar. What can differ greatly, however, is the working process of the different robotic mowers.

The zig-zag tactic

Most of the devices in the robotic mower test drove around a lawn more or less randomly. Although this looks unprofessional from the outside, as the robotic lawnmowers drive over many areas several times, it does eventually lead to the goal.

The outside track tactic

Some robotic lawnmower manufacturers rely on a mowing tactic in which the robotic lawnmower first works the areas along the boundary wire and then advances further and further towards the centre.

The focus tactic

In the robotic lawnmower test, some devices only mowed one area at a time before moving on to the next. There are other mowing tactics.

Buying a robotic lawnmower – What do I need to consider?

Lawn quality

Like any hand-held lawnmower, a robotic lawnmower should naturally cut the lawn cleanly and not tear it out. Therefore, the blades should be sharp and the speed high. Then nothing will stand in the way of a dense and green lawn.


The battery should be a modern lithium-ion technology. This saves electricity, in contrast to the old lead batteries. This is not an insignificant factor when you consider that the charging station of a robotic lawnmower is usually connected to the mains throughout the summer. You should also make a comparison between the battery runtimes and the battery charging times. This usually tells you which robotic lawnmower has the more efficient battery.

Size of the mower

Besides the rather unimportant mowing tactics of the manufacturer, the cutting width of the blade is a much more important criterion that has been scrutinised in the robotic mower test. The width of the blade determines how high or low the area performance is. Even though robotic lawnmowers can handle areas of up to 20,000 m², other area capacities were examined in our robotic lawnmower test.


In principle, robotic mowers are quite quiet because they run on batteries. Theoretically, they can even mow on Sundays. However, there are differences in noise levels. Some only emit a slight whirring of the blades and some produce a humming noise that can be heard at some distance. The devices from Husqvarna and Gardena were particularly quiet in the robotic lawnmower test.


A robotic lawnmower should be programmable. If this is the case, it does not have to be switched on and off manually. This means that it can also work in the absence of the owner. Furthermore, it should have a built-in security function that allows the machine to be located in the event of theft. The Husqvarna Automower had such a tracking function in the robotic lawnmower test. In addition, there should be a certain degree of weather resistance, but this is usually always present in today’s devices in wet and hot conditions.

Time setting

High-quality robotic lawnmowers can be scheduled exactly when they have to mow. Certain times and dates allow the lawn to be mowed when the owner is on holiday or away on business. So if you are on the road a lot and don’t have much time, you can’t fail to see the benefits of a robotic lawnmower. Another interesting starting point is that mowing can also be done at night, because the devices are quiet. Devices that lack this feature should be penalised in a robotic mower test.

Driving in separate areas

Not all robotic lawnmowers can mow separate areas. If you have 2 or more lawns that are not directly connected, the robotic lawnmower should be equipped with a multi-zone function. Multi-zone robotic lawnmowers usually cover 2 to 4 separate lawn areas. The areas are connected by the boundary wire. Robotic lawnmowers that do not offer such a function lack convenience. Many robotic lawnmower tests therefore mention this in their reviews.

Area coverage

Depending on the size of the lawn, select the appropriate mower or programme. Before buying a robotic lawnmower, make sure that your robotic lawnmower can cover the desired area. So measure your lawn area. Many robotic lawnmowers are limited to the size of a specific lawn area. If you want to handle large areas, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets and set the necessary configuration.


Reliability is the crucial feature you need to get the best results. Buying a robotic lawnmower because it is cheap is the quickest route to dissatisfaction and disillusionment. Cheap robotic mowers tend to break easily in key areas and have a variety of limitations and aches and pains that prevent them from working autonomously. It is therefore much better to invest in a more expensive robotic lawnmower. Only a good robotic mower will save you a lot of time. Bad robotic lawnmowers caused more maintenance than you could save in operation in some robotic lawnmower tests.

The advantages of using a robotic lawnmower

  • No more time spent on lawn care
  • very beautiful and healthy lawn
  • 2 in 1 function of mowing and mulching
  • lawn is always short and aerated
  • Programmed robots mow at night and while owners are on holiday

Video: How to set up a robotic lawn mower

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