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Bosch planer

The best cordless and electric planes from Bosch

Every do-it-yourselfer and craftsman has certainly had contact with the traditional Bosch company. The tools of the family-owned company are appreciated all over the world. The range also includes various hand planes with motors. A Bosch planer is particularly suitable for comprehensive and large-scale work. The manufacturer’s planers can be found in both its Professional and DIY segments. Looking at the drive, you also have a choice between electric planes and battery planes.

Bosch planer

In the following, we will show you which Bosch slicer is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch planer – 3 models in the presentation

Bosch Professional GHO 12V-20

GHO 12V-20 review

Battery planes are still rare at the moment. Bosch also currently offers only one model. This ends in the Bosch GHO 12V-20 .

The device belongs to the Professional series and is accordingly suitable for work in the trade. With a width of 15 cm and a length of 25 cm, the planer can definitely be classified as handy. It is operated with a 12V rechargeable battery. If you already have a suitable battery and a charger from this segment at hand, you can save money on the purchase. Even with a 6 Ah battery, the weight is still less than 2 kg, which is why effortless handling is to be expected.

Furthermore, a brushless motor is installed. Nevertheless, you can’t expect miracles from a 12V voltage in terms of power transmission. As always, Bosch makes good use of the possibilities with a planing depth of up to 2 mm and a planing width of up to 56 mm. As long as you don’t push the battery planer to its absolute power limit, clean results are achieved thanks to a speed of 14,500 rpm.

All in all, the Professional GHO 12V-20 is an extremely handy battery planer from Bosch. Thanks to its cordless freedom and light weight, it is effortless to use. The rubberised handle also contributes to this. The operation is basically self-explanatory. Highlights include the spare blade integrated into the side of the housing (incl. key for mounting), a parking shoe and the suction option on both sides. Customers are largely enthusiastic.

Bosch DIY PHO 2000

Electric PHO 2000

The electric planes from Bosch are very popular. An inexpensive and popular model in this context is the Bosch PHO 2000 .

The hand plane is operated via a mains cable, which should probably be extended in most cases. The scope of delivery also includes a hexagonal spanner, which allows the blade to be replaced without complications. This and an additional blade can be stored in a sliding compartment on the side. They are therefore always at hand. The 2.4 kg model is easy to handle. The front knob, which is actually intended for adjusting the cutting depth, can be used as a rest for the guide hand.

You can use this plane perfectly for chamfering edges because it has 3 V-grooves. The manufacturer also recommends it for planing doors, windows, worktops or shelves. Both softwood and hardwood are suitable. While the planing width is up to 82 mm, the planing depth is limited to 2 mm.

All in all, the PHO 2000 is a flexible and affordable slicer from Bosch. It can be quickly put into operation via a socket and used for many tasks. You are supported by 3 V-grooves and up to 19,500 revolutions/minute. This electric planer also has the tried-and-tested “Parking Rest” pin, which means that the blade is never unnecessarily loaded. A rip fence is also available separately if required.

Bosch Professional GHO 40-82 C

GHO 40-82


Especially for large tasks, the Bosch slicers are a formidable choice. The model is particularly powerful Bosch Professional GHO 40-82 C .

This electric planer can plane up to 4 mm deep, which means that it can undoubtedly be classified as powerful. However, you have to pay for this fact with an increased weight of 3.2 kg. The motor draws 850 watts of current. The working depth can be adjusted to the millimetre on the front rotary control. Despite a speed of “only” 14,000 per minute, a clean surface finish is generally achieved. This is primarily due to the very sharp “Wood-Razor” blade.

Because a rip fence is included, you can create very straight rebate edges. The scope of delivery also includes a rebate depth stop, a spare blade, a dust bag and a practical carrying case. The bag fills up very quickly, so it is advisable to connect a proper hoover. Robust cast aluminium components and thermodynamic motor protection also ensure long durability.

In summary, the GHO 40-82 C Professional is a high-quality planer from Bosch. It can remove chips over a depth of up to 4 mm. However, you have to pay for this with an increased dead weight and a higher price. Thanks to the wide-ranging scope of delivery, you are equipped for tasks of many different origins. Customers describe this electric planer as “great” and “top”, among other things.

Bosch planer – This is what generally matters

Selection options & mode of operation

Bosch currently offers 7 different hand planers or thicknessers with motors. The manufacturer divides these into 2 categories:

  • Blue Professional series for demanding craftsmen and trade (GHO)
  • Green DIY series for do-it-yourselfers (PHO)

6 models are supplied with power via a cable and the usual mains current (230V). However, with the Professional GHO 12V-20 model, a device with a rechargeable battery has also entered this category.

The manufacturer’s cordless planer is powered via the 12V platform and gives you a lot of freedom of movement. It is also compact and easy to operate. A brushless motor provides plenty of power.

In a planer, a rotating blade removes the chips. You can set the depth to which this should be done yourself. Electric planers are superior to manual models, especially in terms of working width. They allow you to reach your goal faster and with less effort.


When it comes to power, you can and should look at several parameters of a Bosch planer. The wattage is of secondary importance. In the case of electrical appliances, it only defines the power consumption. Although a high energy consumption/unit of time may indicate more power, this is by no means certain. Whether it is a powerful model or a power guzzler is rather decided by other indicators.

The best indicators of potential power transmission are the planing width and the depth of cut. The higher the values, the more power your plane can develop. A Bosch plane can remove 4 mm of material at its peak, on a width of 82 mm. That is definitely commendable.

Furthermore, a look at the speed can be useful. If you want to plane flat, the speed should be as high as possible (15,000 rpm and more). A fast rotating blade then ensures that the surface is particularly beautiful (in jargon, this is called surface quality). In the case of deep stock removal, a high speed is negligible. Here, the sole transmission of force to the material is decisive.

By the way, you should avoid working permanently at the maximum depth. This can also overstrain a Bosch plane over time and promote rapid wear. The best results can be achieved across all manufacturers if you work below the maximum. For this very reason, it can make sense to have a buffer and tend to choose the more powerful model.


Handling should of course be as comfortable as possible. A Bosch slicer can meet this requirement for various reasons.

First of all, it should be noted that some of the planes weigh less than 2 kg. This means that women and senior citizens can also expect to be able to carry and guide the slicer with little effort.

Because a Bosch plane often comes with a rip fence, it is particularly beginner-friendly. The fence helps you to work precisely without slipping (important for creating straight rebate edges).

So-called V-grooves help you when chamfering edges. These are V-shaped recesses on the underside of the metal plate.

In general, the operation is uncomplicated. As soon as the battery is inserted or the cable is plugged in, you can start using a Bosch planer via a safety switch on the side and the central accelerator switch. For safety’s sake, both hands should be used to guide the slicer.

In practice, a Bosch electric plane is used in exactly the same way as a model without a motor: run it evenly and with gentle pressure over the surfaces to be worked on. The blade should not come into contact with hard objects in the meantime, because then it will quickly become blunt.

The adjustment of the chip depth is usually done by means of a rotary switch. Clear symbols help you to find your way around the device immediately.

The blade can be replaced with a hexagonal key. With some Bosch slicers, the wrench is conveniently integrated directly into the housing, so you have access to it at all times. The same can apply to a replacement blade.

In addition, the fact that the chips can be discharged either on the left or right side of the housing contributes to a high level of convenience. Although a bag is included in some cases, it is advisable to use a hoover for longer periods of work.

Additional equipment

A Bosch slicer can come up with useful additional functions that significantly improve comfort and handling.

First and foremost, it can be connected to a hoover. Thanks to this, work has to be interrupted much less often (compared to collecting the waste in a simple bag). The latter should only be used for spa work, because otherwise the stress level will inevitably rise.

A Bosch planer can also be equipped with a parking shoe. This is a small plastic bolt located on the underside. When not in use, it is automatically extended so that the plane can be parked with the blade side without fear of damage to the blade. If the planer is put down when working, the bolt retracts automatically.

Sometimes a Bosch planer is delivered together with a practical tool case. This makes it easy to transport. In addition, no small parts get lost inside the case.


A planer with a motor is generally more expensive to buy than an ordinary one-handed planer. Bosch is no exception. While the first cable models are available for just under 100 Pounds, powerful devices and the battery planer require an investment in the three-digit segment. Considering the advantages in terms of efficiency and power savings, the costs are justified.

Basically, the price should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Then there is the least potential of being disappointed. In the segment of planers, this means roughly the following: the more performance you expect and the greater the scope of work, the more you should invest. Even for regular use, it is worth digging a little deeper into your pocket for durable components.

Where to buy

Bosch has a broad appeal. It is therefore not surprising that the manufacturer’s planes can be purchased in many different ways. You can buy a Bosch slicer both locally and online. On well-known online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, the selection is often particularly large. There is also a lot of competition here, which is why the dealers have to offer good prices.

Locally, DIY stores such as Obi or Hagebau are the first place to buy. This is also the best place to take advantage of personal services. However, you can also find good deals in retail outlets such as Real.

Bosch planer – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

Bosch planers have many advantages to offer. First of all, you can work on large areas much faster than with a classic model. In addition, you have to use much less muscle power, which can also be interesting for women and senior citizens. However, the manufacturer cannot satisfy every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the Bosch slicers, we have provided an overview below:


  • German traditional company
  • Free choice between electric and battery planer
  • Optimal for removing chips, varnish or paint from wood
  • Even extensive work can be done efficiently
  • Easy to handle
  • Intuitive operation
  • Planing width of up to 82 mm and planing depth of up to 4 mm possible
  • Up to 19,500 revolutions/minute ensure complication-free advance
  • Bottom parking shoe (retracts and extends automatically) protects knives from stress in parking position
  • Spare blade is partly included in the scope of delivery and can be stored directly on the housing
  • Chip ejection can be done from both sides, so it doesn’t matter whether you are right- or left-handed
  • Even the small battery-operated model can be combined with a dust extractor
  • With moderate stock removal, the surface quality is indistinguishable from filigree handwork (patented Woodrazor blade system)
  • Motor is reliably protected against overheating and overloading


  • More expensive than manual solutions
  • Sometimes chip ejector clogs and then has to be loosened manually

Video: Bosch Professional GHO 12V-20 review

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