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DeWalt impact wrench

The best impact drivers from DeWalt

The traditional US company DeWalt is appreciated worldwide for its craftsmen’s products. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can handle even large tasks with ease. This is no different with a DeWalt impact wrench. The handy power packs can generate a proud torque of up to 950 Nm. That is even enough to loosen the wheel bolts on tractors and large commercial vehicles. Other manufacturers are usually well behind in terms of performance. Nevertheless, DeWalt manages to guarantee an equally high level of operating comfort.

DeWalt impact wrench

In the following, we will show you which DeWalt impact wrench is a good choice. You will also find out what you should always consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt impact wrench – These models are recommended

DeWalt DCF899HN

18V XR DCF899


There are several DeWalt impact wrenches that are very popular. However, the bestseller par excellence is the model DeWalt DCF899HN .

The device is operated with an 18V battery. This and a charger are optionally included. Despite the battery drive, the torque is up to 950 Nm. This is easily enough to change a tyre on a tractor. In addition, even heavily rusted bolts can be reliably loosened. Other manufacturers cannot generate such a torque in their cordless tools.

Although this cordless impact wrench is extremely powerful, it weighs a moderate 2.6 kg. The rubberised handle and the LED on the front also contribute to a high level of comfort. The latter allows you to illuminate even the most remote corners. Incidentally, you can adjust the rotation and impact speed ratio in 3 different stages. For this reason, it is also possible to work with a lower power transmission.

Overall, the DCF899HN is a deservedly popular cordless impact wrench from DeWalt. It is record-breakingly powerful and can perform faithfully even on large commercial vehicles. Likewise, it is possible to reduce the power if necessary. A tyre change can be carried out on any common vehicle. The all-steel gearbox and motor, as well as the generous ventilation, ensure that the machine lasts a long time.

DeWalt DCF887N

DCF887 brushless

Some DeWalt impact wrenches are particularly handy. A good example is the DeWalt DCF887N .

This model is also a cordless impact wrench. It weighs less than 2 kg including the battery and therefore also promises effortless handling for women and senior citizens. Although the impact wrench is so handy, it develops a peak torque of up to 205 Nm. Accordingly, tyres can be changed quickly on almost any vehicle. Practically, it is possible to vary the power in 3 different stages.

In addition, there is a ring with 3 LEDs on the front. Thanks to this construction, you can see all areas without complications. Furthermore, this DeWalt impact wrench is delivered with a TSTAK box as standard. In it, you can safely store the device and accessories and never have to worry about losing individual parts.

All in all, the DCF887N is a handy and comparatively inexpensive cordless impact wrench from DeWalt. It can be operated very agilely – yet there is no shortage of durable components. The brushless motor provides plenty of power, which also contributes to the compactness. Other highlights are the 3 LEDs, the 3 gears and the transport case.

DeWalt DW292

DW292 body only

Besides various cordless impact wrenches, only one electric impact wrench belongs to the DeWalt range. This one ends in the DeWalt DW292 .

Because the device is supplied with energy via the usual mains current, it can be used continuously. In general, you can get started more quickly than with a model with a rechargeable battery, because the latter must first be charged. This impact wrench has a torque of up to 440 Nm when plugged in. Therefore, difficult commercial work can be reliably carried out. This version is not suitable for changing a wheel.

DeWalt has developed this impact wrench for demanding as well as diverse construction work. You can countersink large screws even in steel. At the same time, it is also possible to drill precisely into soft materials such as wood. If you want to remove screws, this is easily done by switching the right-left run.

In summary, the DW292 is a good impact wrench from DeWalt. It is explicitly not intended for changing tyres. Instead, it is best suited for driving and removing massive screws in various materials – as required on the construction site. The torque of 440 Nm is fully available in both directions. However, one must bear in mind that the tool, at 3.2 kg, is not all that light.

DeWalt impact wrench – This is what generally matters


DeWalt mainly offers cordless impact wrenches. However, a cable impact wrench – in the form of the DW292 – is also part of the range. Both drives have advantages and disadvantages.

The DeWalt cordless impact wrenches offer you a particularly high level of comfort. Thanks to the cordless freedom, you can carefree go to any place you want and act there without complications. First, however, the lithium-ion battery must be charged. This type of technology is not exactly cheap. On the other hand, there is no memory effect, which means that the battery can be expected to last for a long time. In addition, there is only a low self-discharge when not in use and the energy density is comparatively high. The latter makes it possible to build small, lightweight batteries with a lot of capacity.

A DeWalt corded impact wrench comes with a price advantage because you don’t need a battery or charger. After unpacking, the operation can be started immediately by placing the power cord in an ordinary socket (220-240V). The high voltage is not an inevitable performance advantage with DeWalt. The mains connection makes it possible to work for a long time without interruption. The disadvantages of the cable are the limited freedom of movement and the risk of tripping over it.

Incidentally, DeWalt uses a brushless motor for all battery versions. Since there is no loss of power due to friction, such a motor is considered particularly powerful. In addition, the maintenance effort is reduced to practically nothing, because there are no brushes.

The type of pneumatic impact wrench is not found at DeWalt. However, this is not a tragedy, because the purely electric devices can already provide a very high torque.


Performance is of course of crucial importance. It does not have to be overly pronounced, but it must definitely fit the requirements on site. Otherwise, the occurrence of stress as well as frustration is virtually guaranteed.

Above all, torque is a promise of potential power. It is given in the unit Nm (newton metres). To change a tyre, the wheel bolts must first be loosened (the so-called loosening torque is decisive here). Then the new tyres are tightened to the correct torque according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

While a torque of around 100 Nm (e.g. on the Fiat 500) can be sufficient for small vehicles, a value of around 160 Nm (e.g. on the Porsche Cayenne) is often required for a large SUV.

A DeWalt impact wrench can absolutely excel in terms of performance. Even the battery-powered impact wrenches have a torque of up to 950 Nm, which is virtually unrivalled. This is usually even enough to remove rusted nuts and the like from large commercial vehicles.

In the cordless impact wrench segment, a look at the battery voltage can also be useful. Here, DeWalt offers 18V, which is standard across manufacturers. The relationship to the torque is all the more impressive.

For a corded impact wrench, the wattage is also interesting. First and foremost, it only defines the power consumption. Nevertheless, a high power consumption/unit of time can also indicate increased force.


Handling an impact wrench should of course be as comfortable as possible. DeWalt works meticulously to provide the user with a high level of operating comfort in every situation.

Of course, the light weight of the impact wrench is the main factor that makes it easy to handle. A DeWalt impact wrench often weighs less than 3 kg, although it often has a robust housing made of die-cast aluminium and a gearbox and impact mechanism made of solid steel.

Rubberised and ribbed grip surfaces also promote comfort. They prevent vibrations and feelings of pressure in the palm and you can always grip safely and firmly. The latter is particularly important when working above the shoulders and head.

In general, a DeWalt impact wrench can be operated intuitively. It starts in the classic way by pressing a finger on the throttle switch. To change the direction of operation, you only have to press in a switch on the side.

DeWalt impact wrenches are ideal for the following activities, among others:

  • Assembling pieces of furniture (e.g. screwing down side struts of basement shelving)
  • Screwing together wooden and transport boxes
  • Assembly of cupboard doors
  • Changing tyres
  • Changing car shock absorbers
  • Removing tight screws from roof beams
  • Loosening rusted screws
  • Countersinking screws in stone, concrete and metal

Range of functions

It can be said that a DeWalt impact wrench comes with various additional functions that can significantly improve comfort and safety. We will briefly explain what these are in the following.

Different gears ensure that you can tackle a wide range of tasks with optimal performance. Usually there are 3 gears, each of which has a different speed and torque.

Furthermore, there is usually a diode ring with 3 LEDs on the front. This design allows you to see everything clearly even at remote angles.

In addition, some impact wrenches from the manufacturer are delivered directly together with a TSTAK box. Thanks to this, it is possible to store bits and other accessories clearly and without loss.


Of course, the price also has a certain influence on the decision. It should always be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. The more torque and comfort you expect, the more you should invest. The same applies to the expectation of long durability.

A DeWalt impact wrench is certainly not too cheap. But that would not do it justice either. The manufacturer’s self-image is to use durable materials and to provide decent power. As already mentioned, you can save the most money with the cable version. The cable version is on sale for about 150 Pounds. If you already have a battery and charger, the purchase of a single cordless impact wrench is sometimes even more cost-efficient.

DeWalt impact wrench – The manufacturer unites many advantages

DeWalt impact wrenches offer great advantages. As already mentioned, even a battery-powered device can develop so much torque that wheel bolts on large machines can be loosened without complications. Nevertheless, the company cannot meet every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Renowned manufacturer of high-quality tools for decades
  • Gearbox and percussion mechanism are made of full metal, the housing is partly made of robust die-cast aluminium
  • Impressive torque of up to 950 Nm, which should not cause any problems in the automotive sector
  • Brushless motor is considered particularly powerful and maintenance-free
  • Adequate weight and rubberised handle ensure effortless handling
  • Power can be flexibly adjusted by changing gears
  • Front diode ring with 3 LEDs reliably illuminates even remote corners
  • Air cooling of the motor prevents excessive wear
  • 3 instead of the usual 2-year warranty, provided the unit is registered online
  • Supplied either individually or with accessories (case etc.)
  • The 18V batteries can be used in many other tools made by the manufacturer


  • There is only a wide choice of cordless models (the rest of the range includes only a mains corded impact wrench)
  • If you are looking for a pneumatic impact wrench, you won’t find one at all

DeWalt DCF887 in practice

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