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Gas BBQ small

These gas barbecues are ideal for the balcony & camping

Gas BBQs are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they can quickly generate high temperatures and still produce little annoying smoke. In addition, you can adjust the temperature very precisely. If the gas BBQ is small, it can also be placed in confined areas – such as the balcony. In addition, such appliances can be easily carried along when camping. They are easy to transport and can be put into operation very quickly.

Gas BBQ small


In the following, we will show you which gas BBQ is small and good. You will also learn what you should consider in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Gas BBQ small – These models are recommended

Weber Q1000 Titanium

Portable Weber Q1000

The Weber company is one of the most renowned suppliers of BBQs in the world. Small gas BBQs are also part of the range. A very proven model here is the Weber Q1000 Titanium .

The exterior of the unit is largely made of robust and durable die-cast aluminium. Nevertheless, it weighs only 10 kg. The side handles make it easy to transport. While the width is just under 70 cm, the depth is just under 60 cm. For this reason, a fairly large grill surface can be provided. In practice, you can easily feed 6-8 people. Because the grate is made of cast iron, tasty roast aromas and impressive brandings are created.

Since the stainless steel burner has an output of 2.49 kW, the grill quickly reaches temperature. If necessary, you can reach temperatures beyond 250 degrees Celsius and thus sear steaks and give them thick crusts. Incidentally, the grill can be operated either with cartridges or gas cylinders. For the latter, however, you also need to purchase the appropriate pressure reducer and a hose.

All in all, the Weber Q1000 Titan is a high-quality small gas BBQ. The model has proven itself for years and has already received various awards. It is very robustly made and already offers quite a lot of space on the two-piece cast grate. In addition, the device is powerful and can therefore reach impressive temperatures. Customers are therefore not infrequently very enthusiastic.

Campingaz Party 400 CV

Caravan Camping Campingaz

Normally, even small gas BBQs are relatively high-priced compared to other forms of propulsion. A favourable exception is the Campingaz Party 400 CV .

This model looks confusingly similar to a classic kettle grill. However, it can do much more. First of all, it can be noted that it comes with various supports. These include a stainless steel grate and 2 cast iron plates. According to the manufacturer, both are dishwasher safe. Practically, you can use the black bonnet as an efficient lid as well as a wok. So with this gas grill, you can also cook a colourful pan or stir-fry a chilli con carne (pot cross can also be used for soups).

Although there is a stand, the grill only takes up 42×36 cm. This means that the choice of location is extremely flexible. In addition, the appliance weighs only 4.9 kg and can be carried comfortably in the carrying bag included in the scope of delivery. The 2000-watt capacity ensures that the gas BBQ quickly reaches temperature.

All in all, the Campingaz CV 400 is a small, affordable gas BBQ. It is ideal for camping and generally for use on the road. Thanks to the comprehensive accessories, a wide range of dishes can be grilled or cooked. It is important to note that the renowned manufacturer offers its own cartridge systems. Other cartridges do not fit. Customers are convinced by the price/performance ratio.


Best compact for balcony

Some of you may already be familiar with the Enders brand from various discount offers. It is also a traditional company with an impressive history. A new and small gas BBQ from the manufacturer is the Enders Explorer Next Pro .

A working height of 66 cm can be reached via the existing stand. Small and medium-sized people can therefore grill in a back-friendly position. If necessary, the appliance can also be converted into a table BBQ in just a few steps. Since a suitable hose and gas pressure reducer are included in the scope of delivery, you can connect a bottle or cartridge directly. However, the central shelf is not for the heavy bottle, but for barbecue accessories.

Thanks to the integrated lid thermometer, you can always check the temperature. The food can be placed on a two-part stainless steel grate. Because there are 2 burners, 2 different types of meals can be prepared individually at the same time. If you remove the grill surface, you can also cook directly on the burners. The burners each have an output of 2.2 kW, which is why high temperatures can be reached quickly.

In summary, the Enders EXPLORER NEXT PRO is a universal small gas BBQ. It can be used either as a table BBQ or as a free-standing BBQ. In addition, you can grill and cook in equal measure. Thanks to the 2 individually adjustable burners, you can even prepare 2 dishes at the same time, which is a rare feature in compact models. Only the two grease drip trays are a little too compact.

Gas BBQ small – In general, you should pay attention to the following

Type of construction

Small gas BBQs can be roughly divided into 2 different types: compact table BBQs and models with a stand. The latter take up a little more space, but allow an upright and back-friendly position when grilling.

Basically, small gas BBQs are characterised by a universal choice of location. By using a cartridge, you can not only use them around your own four walls, but also mobile when camping in nature. They do not produce such aggressive emissions. This is why the devices are often still allowed in places where the classic charcoal BBQ has already been banned.

The weight is often less than 10 kg. For this reason, the models can be moved effortlessly even by women and senior citizens. In general, the light weight contributes to the fact that one does not have to worry about moving the grill.

Commissioning is usually intuitive. For the use of a cartridge, a suitable holder is often already available. For operation with a gas cylinder, a hose and a gas pressure reducer are also required (may also be included).

In contrast to a charcoal BBQ, a small gas BBQ heats up very quickly. So you don’t have to be patient for long. The temperature can be easily adjusted using the control dial.

Power & temperature

The power is a decisive factor. It has a decisive influence on how quickly the grill is ready for use. In addition, a large power capacity ensures particularly high maximum temperatures, which makes it more universal in use.

The potential power of a gas BBQ is expressed in kW (kilowatt hours). It should be at least 2.2 kW per burner. Only then is it not necessary to plan for a long waiting time and it is possible to achieve reliable values.

For the typical barbecue aroma to emerge, even a small gas BBQ must be able to reach temperatures of over 200 °C. This is the only way to produce tasty food. In this case, tasty roasted aromas and impressive brandings (patterns) are created on the grilled food.

High temperatures are essential, especially for searing steaks. Only through them can thick crusts develop. In addition, the heat ensures that the delicious juices remain inside, because the pores are sealed.

It is clearly the strength of a gas BBQ to be able to maintain the desired temperature at a very constant level. Charcoal grills, for example, are more difficult to dose. Therefore, even at low temperatures, these grills can handle fish, vegetables, cheese and co. gently, to the point.

Incidentally, the combination of a lid and a high temperature can help with cleaning the grill. For this purpose, the lid is closed and the grill is heated to maximum. Now the greasy residues of marinade and co. turn into dry ash. The latter can be easily removed without the brush sticking.

Grill grate

The grill grate is the heart of every BBQ. Even if the gas BBQ is small, it is fortunately usually made of cast iron or stainless steel. Mixtures, such as die-cast aluminium, can also be encountered. Simple sheet metal, on the other hand, tends to be considered a lower quality solution.

Stainless steel is considered easy to clean because it has a very robust surface. It can often be treated brutally with a wire brush and still not be scratched or chipped. In addition, the material can sometimes be conveniently put in the dishwasher. A disadvantage is the fact that it does not store heat very well. Therefore, a powerful burner plays a particularly important role in this context.

Cast iron naturally promotes the formation of roasted aromas as well as visually appealing brandings. In addition, the material stores the heat for a long time and releases it evenly. The disadvantages are its high weight and susceptibility to corrosion. The material should not be treated with aggressive chemicals and should always be kept dry after use.

Of course, the size of the grate is also important. If a gas BBQ is small, its grilling surface will also be relatively compact. Nevertheless, some models can be suitable for 4-6 people. The larger the grilling surface, the better it is to cater for large groups. An additional warming rack is not to be expected in this segment.

In general, you should treat your grill grate as gently as possible. It will thank you with a durable appearance and long life. It may only be put in the dishwasher if the supplier expressly states this. Every grate tolerates the classic “free-burning” and brushing better than the use of aggressive chemicals.

Operating resources

Even though the gas BBQ is small, it of course continuously consumes energy in the form of gas during operation. Most models can be operated freely with propane, butane or mixtures (LPG).

While the choice of gas does not play a significant role in the warm season, it can be quite decisive on cold winter days. Pure butane already liquefies at a temperature of -0.5 °C. In this state, it can be used for grilling. In this state it is then unusable for barbecuing. Propane, on the other hand, only meets this fate at around 40 °C, which is why it can be used 365 days a year in Germany.

Of course, a small gas BBQ does not consume as much gas per unit of time as a massive one. That’s why you can get by with small cartridges. They are easy to transport and take up little space. If you want to use the barbecue for as long as possible and often have it in stationary use, we recommend using a 5 kg gas cylinder. This can last for more than 3 months in some compact models.

Some manufacturers design the connections of the cartridges in such a way that only in-house solutions fit. One example here is the company Campingaz. Bottle operation is standardised. Here, you also need a pressure reducer and a hose. Unfortunately, every hose becomes brittle over time and must then be replaced. A hose rupture protection can also ensure a high level of safety during operation.

Place selection

The choice of place is important from two points of view. On the one hand, it influences the personal comfort of the griller. On the other hand, it has a considerable influence on safety during operation.

If the gas BBQ is small, it can of course be placed almost anywhere. However, this does not mean that it can be used in any place. An adequate stand is level and has an appropriate load-bearing capacity. For a small gas BBQ, simple folding tables can sometimes be sufficient. A balcony railing, on the other hand, is not the right place – keyword: danger of falling. Other possibilities include terraces or the bare ground, provided the latter has a reasonable hardness in the sediment.

Because a small gas BBQ is lightweight, it is easy to move and transport. However, a low weight is associated with the disadvantage that the devices are susceptible to shocks and gusts of wind.

Furthermore, a certain distance to lateral objects and obstacles should be maintained. This does not only apply to easily flammable objects. If the gas barbecue is as free-standing as possible, you enjoy great freedom of movement, which again improves safety.

If you want to protect the gas BBQ particularly reliably from UV radiation and moisture, you can also purchase a matching cover from many manufacturers. Of course, if you have a small grill, you can simply store it in the garage or a shed.


The topic of maintenance is certainly rather unpleasant for most people. Nevertheless, you should make an effort to treat the barbecue well. Then all components will last as long as possible and the taste experience will always remain unadulterated.

If a gas BBQ is small, it can be cleaned quickly, because the dimensions of the surfaces are rather limited. Only the grill grate needs to be cleaned after each use. As already mentioned, it is easy to remove grease and oil by “burning it off”. Alternatively, mild soapy water or a special grill cleaner can be used. Sponges, brushes or cloths are adequate aids. Sometimes the grill can also be put in the dishwasher. After cleaning, it should always be dried by hand to minimise the chance of corrosion.

Depending on the usage pattern, a complete cleaning is recommended 2-5 times a year. How this is done depends largely on the type of construction. In any case, the gas BBQ must first cool down. Then you can remove all removable parts.

Depending on the model, the grease drip tray can be placed in the dishwasher. It must be emptied at a level of 3/4 at the latest to prevent a grease fire. If you fill it with a little water before grilling, the fat cannot burn into the surface as much.

The inside of the gas BBQ should come into contact with as little moisture as possible. If it is necessary to use a damp cloth or similar, you should wipe everything dry immediately afterwards.

Gas BBQ small – It has advantages & disadvantages

A small gas BBQ definitely has many advantages to offer. This starts with a universal choice of location and simple commissioning. In addition, moving and transporting the grill is always easy. Thanks to the rather compact grilling surface, the appliances also reach operating temperature particularly quickly. Nevertheless, not everything speaks in their favour. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Probate choice among various brand manufacturers
  • Can be associated with a price advantage
  • Maximum flexibility of space, which can include a cramped balcony
  • Optimally suited for mobile use when camping and co.
  • Low weight ensures easy transport
  • Small cartridges are sufficient for operation
  • Grill surface reaches temperature quickly
  • Temperature can be precisely adjusted so that both searing and indirect grilling are possible
  • Great roasting aromas and impressive brandings can be created
  • High level of safety during operation
  • Space-saving storage possible in confined spaces
  • Comparatively environmentally friendly and associated with low running costs


  • Rather not suitable for large families or celebrations (dishes could not be served here at the same time)
  • The grill surface cannot usually be divided into individual zones so that only one type of dish can be prepared
  • To be able to adopt an ergonomic posture, additional objects, such as a table, are often needed here

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