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Makita hammer drill

The best cordless & electric hammer drills from Makita

Drill hammers are used in both the commercial and private DIY segments. A proven manufacturer in this segment is the traditional Japanese company Makita. A Makita hammer drill is considered to be tried and tested and reliable in operation. There is a good choice of cordless and corded hammer drills. Makita uses the universal SDS chuck for the drill chuck. In addition to classic hammer drills, combi hammers are also available that can drill and chisel.

Makita hammer drill

In the following, we will show you which Makita hammer drill is recommended. You will also find out what to look out for when choosing a hammer drill. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita hammer drill – 3 models in the presentation

Makita HR2470

SDS HR2470

Some Makita hammer drills have been proving their worth for more than a decade. A true classic is the model Makita HR2470 .

The electric hammer drill can be delivered individually or with a case and attachments. Both drill bits and chisels can be placed in its 10 mm SDS-plus holder. In general, the hammer can be used in a variety of ways. You can choose between drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling via the switch on the side. Clear symbols ensure intuitive ease of use.

Because the weight is limited to a light 2.9 kg and there is a soft additional handle, it is quite comfortable to use. Despite the light weight and the compact dimensions, a reasonable impact energy of 2.4 joules can be generated. This means that diameters of up to 24 mm can be drilled in concrete. You can adjust the rotation and impact speed as needed.

All in all, the HR2470 is a flexible and handy hammer drill from Makita. You can drill, hammer drill and chisel in equal measure. Because the speed of rotation and the number of blows can be adjusted, it is always possible to provide adequate power. The hammer drill can be guided in a way that is easy on the hands and uncomplicated to operate. It is therefore not surprising that many customers are very satisfied.

Makita DHR171Z

Rotary DHR171Z

Cordless hammer drills give you maximum freedom of movement. A popular model in this context is the Makita DHR171Z .

The tool weighs a light 2.8 kg including the 18V battery and can therefore also be used by women and senior citizens. The LXT battery can also be used in the manufacturer’s other tools. The brushless motor also ensures space-saving dimensions and a long service life. You can choose between drilling and hammer drilling. Switching is done from the side in the tried and tested manner. The speed can also be adjusted variably.

It is important to note that this hammer drill was only designed for moderate tasks. This is evident from the maximum impact energy of 1.2 joules. According to the manufacturer, 17 mm holes can be made in concrete and 13 mm holes in wood. Integrated temperature monitoring and overload protection ensure that there is no excessive wear. In an emergency, the device simply switches itself off.

In summary, the DHR171Z is a popular cordless hammer drill from Makita. It can be carried virtually anywhere and guided effortlessly. Moreover, the device hardly takes up any space. It is flexible in drilling and hammer drilling. However, this model was not designed to overcome great resistance.

Makita HR5212C

Makita HR5212C

Makita also offers adequate solutions for large tasks. A very powerful rotary hammer is the Makita HR5212C .

This version has a full impact energy of 20 joules. This means you can easily remove walls or drill 52 mm holes in walls, for example. Normal 240 V mains current is sufficient as the power source. The tool has an 18 mm SDS-max drill chuck. In the form of a combi hammer, you can chisel and hammer drill. The chisel can be adjusted to 24 different positions.

Unfortunately, the large power capacity has a rather negative effect on the weight – a normal fact. The dead weight is a not insignificant 12 kg. Nevertheless, the comprehensive anti-vibration technology and a side handle ensure a certain level of comfort. Incidentally, the enclosed mains cable is 5 metres long. The hammer drill also comes with a practical carrying case. The soft start and the slip clutch ensure a high level of safety.

Overall, the HR5212C is a high-quality hammer drill from Makita. It is ideally suited for demanding tasks in the trade. An impact force of 20 joules is perfectly sufficient to quickly break through solid walls. The drill bit can also be used to drill holes up to 160 mm in size. You can adjust the power electronically. Customers are enthusiastic and state that hardly any vibrations are transmitted even during heavy chiselling.

Makita hammer drill – Here is what you should look for when choosing

Selection options & drive

Makita currently offers 15 cordless hammers and 15 corded hammers. Looking at the drive, both designs have advantages and disadvantages.

A cordless hammer drill gives you a lot of freedom of movement. You can immediately go to any place you want. Makita uses brushless motors, which are virtually maintenance-free and extremely durable. The energy comes from either one or two combined 18V lithium-ion batteries. This technology has a high energy density, which makes the overall dimensions more compact. In addition, there is no memory effect and there is only a low self-discharge. A disadvantage is the fact that the peak performance cannot (yet) keep up with mains cable versions.

A corded hammer drill can come with a price advantage because it does not require an expensive lithium-ion battery. By placing the cable in the normal mains supply (220-240V), you can get started straight away. The cable connection makes continuous operation possible. However, it restricts freedom of movement and can even be a tripping hazard.


The power plays an essential role. It must absolutely fit the requirements on site. The larger the desired drilling diameter and the harder the material, the more power must be available. If this is not the case, frustration and stress are inevitable.

First and foremost, you can recognise the performance capacity by the so-called impact strength/impact energy. This, in turn, is expressed in joules. A Makita hammer drill can work with up to 20 joules. This is enough to drive solid walls. For wood and concrete, values of less than 3 joules are usually sufficient.

Basically, all hammer drills are more powerful than impact drills. Here, an electropneumatic percussion mechanism takes over the part of the power application. The use of your own muscle power is therefore not necessary and can even be counterproductive (guide gently, do not push).

Because all hammer drills are electric tools, it can also be interesting to look at the power consumption. It is shown in the unit watt. Although it actually only defines the power consumption, a high power consumption/unit of time can (but does not have to) also go hand in hand with increased performance.

In the field of cordless hammer drills, the battery voltage is also a promise of potential performance. A Makita cordless hammer drill is powered either by one 18V battery or by two 18V batteries. The latter provides a combined voltage of 36V and can deliver more power.

Drill chuck

As mentioned earlier, every Makita hammer drill comes with an SDS drill chuck. SDS stands for Special Direct System and was developed by Bosch. It was the answer to the multitude of different chucks, which led to the necessity of such new purchases when changing manufacturers.

With SDS (plus), the shank is standardised at 10 mm. Drills and chisels can often be used in equal measure. Since no separate tool is required, the tool can be changed within a few seconds. Slippage can be largely ruled out.

For some time now there has also been the so-called SDS-max, which has a diameter of 18 mm and is primarily suitable for heavy or commercial work with massive hammer drills.


It goes without saying that handling should be as comfortable as possible. Only then can physical discomfort be delayed to the maximum and you can devote yourself fully to the task at hand. A Makita hammer drill can be described as comfortable for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, a moderate weight and rubberised handles ensure comfortable handling. Makita’s anti-vibration technology (AVT) also ensures that your muscles and tendons are subjected to as little strain as possible.

In addition, the solid hammer drills are equipped with a soft start. This prevents uncontrollable power peaks when switching on. The entire housing is often double insulated.

In general, operation is quite intuitive. Start-up is at the touch of a button and all other switches have clear symbols. This means you always know, for example, whether the device is in hammer drilling or drilling mode.

Sometimes a Makita hammer drill also has an LED light on the front. This allows you to see the progress of your work at all times, which also improves safety.

Range of functions

A Makita hammer drill can offer a wide range of functions that further expand the comfort and possibilities of use. We will explain which functions are particularly useful in the following.

Both the speed and the number of blows can be variably adjusted via a switch on the side. This makes it possible to drill both gently into wood and aggressively into metal.

Furthermore, the power switch can often be fixed. This means you do not have to keep it permanently pressed to work.

As already mentioned, some Makita hammer drills can drill, hammer drill and chisel. Such a tool is called a combi hammer in the jargon. The rotary switch is used to switch between the individual modes.

The SoftNoLoad function is also very helpful. This automatically reduces the speed when idling so that there are even fewer vibrations.

The cordless hammer drills also have a capacity indicator. Thanks to this, negative surprises in terms of available energy can be ruled out.


The aspect of safety must also be given importance in any case. The manufacturer and the user can both contribute to reducing the risk of accidents to a minimum. Proper handling should always be strived for.

A Makita hammer drill can definitely be classified as safe. The most important feature in this context is probably the disengaging clutch. In the event of excessive torque or a blockage, it automatically separates the drive trains from each other. This prevents dangerous kickbacks.

In addition, the hammer drill itself is also protected in the best possible way by Makita. This is guaranteed by an overload protection. It recognises, for example, that the battery is too hot and then switches the device off.

You should also wear appropriate clothing. Depending on the situation, this includes sturdy shoes, safety goggles, a dust mask and a helmet.


Of course, the cost also has a certain influence on the decision. A Makita hammer drill is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. However, that would also be inappropriate, because it is clearly heavy-duty branded goods. Nevertheless, the price range is quite broad. It ranges from just over 100 euros – for moderate tasks – to over 500 euros – for tough continuous use in the trade.

In general, the price should be in fair proportion to your own requirements. In the hammer drill segment, this means the following: the more power you expect and the more comprehensive the functionality, the more you have to invest. A high budget is often associated with increased durability.

Makita hammer drill – The manufacturer has many advantages

Makita hammer drills have various advantages to offer you. First of all, the selection is quite large. These include cable devices, 18V models and 36V models. The purchase, including a wide range of accessories, is possible on many online platforms and in DIY stores. However, the manufacturer cannot meet every demand. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Company is appreciated worldwide for its home and handicraft products
  • Wide choice of cordless and corded models
  • High-quality workmanship designed for durability
  • Some tools can also be used for hammer drilling and chiselling
  • Standardised SDS attachment enables uncomplicated exchange of attachments
  • Power is up to 20 joules, so that even large tasks can be mastered with confidence
  • Even battery-operated models can be quite powerful, thanks to 36V voltage
  • Rotary speed and number of strokes can be flexibly adjusted to the task at hand by means of a switch
  • Anti-vibration system and rubberised additional handle ensure a high level of comfort
  • Front LED illuminates the working area, ensuring good visibility at all times
  • Disengaging clutch and overload protection ensure a high level of safety
  • 18V batteries can be used in many other tools from the manufacturer


  • Quality has its price (not the first choice for small budgets)

Video: Makita HR2470 review

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