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Makita impact drill

These cordless and electric impact drills are recommended

The traditional Japanese company Makita is appreciated worldwide for its home and craftsman products. Among other things, the manufacturer’s impact drills are particularly useful. A Makita impact drill can be used for percussive drilling, for drilling, as well as for screwing and unscrewing screws. Accordingly, in principle, it should not be missing from any equipment. In terms of performance, the machines are superior to classic drills. Nevertheless, they promise a similarly high level of operating comfort.

Makita impact drill

In the following, we will show you which Makita impact drill is recommended. You will also find out what to look out for when making your choice. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita impact drill – 3 models in the presentation

Makita HP1631KX3

Cable HP1631K

The impact drills from Makita are considered to be proven as well as reliable in operation. Particularly popular is the model Makita HP1631K .

The device is classically operated by mains cable and comes with a comprehensive range of accessories. These include all common bits and various drills, which is why you are immediately equipped for a wide range of tasks. Everything is clearly laid out and protected in a transport case. Thanks to the light weight of only 2 kg and the rubberised additional handle, handling is very easy.

Although the power consumption of 710 watts is rather limited, you can already drill 13 mm holes in steel with this impact drill. In wood, you can drill up to 30 mm. For the latter, you can turn off the blows and increase the torque so that you don’t have to worry about chipping. In addition, a right-left rotation is built in, which means that screws can also be screwed in and out without complications.

All in all, the HP1631KX3 is a justifiably popular and affordable impact drill from Makita. It comes with 74 accessories and costs less than 100 euros. You can drill flexibly with or without impact, as well as insert and remove screws. Accordingly, the device is equipped for many areas of use. The quick-action drill chuck, the low weight, the additional handle and the carrying case, among other things, ensure a high level of comfort.

Makita HP2071J

HP2071J Power

Makita also has tried-and-tested impact drills for larger tasks. An enduring model, for example, is the Makita HP2071J .

This model is also supplied with mains power by cable. It still has the “old” Makita design, but this does not detract from its functionality. The 1000-watt motor enables you to drill holes up to 20 mm in size in masonry and up to 40 mm in size in wood. The balanced electronics reliably keep the speed constant under different loads.

Depending on your needs, you can also simply turn off the impact. In addition, screws can be inserted and removed in the same way. An LED indicates whether the impact drill is ready for use (green) or overloaded (red). Furthermore, if a blockage occurs, the slip clutch immediately disengages the drive lines from each other so that kickbacks can be prevented.

In summary, the HP2071J is a powerful impact drill from Makita. It is slim and weighs well under 3 kg. Nevertheless, the housing is made of robust die-cast aluminium and inside there is a 1000-watt motor. You can unleash a lot of power via the 2-speed gearbox. The LED shows whether everything is OK (green/red). Makita itself recommends this machine for use on construction sites. The 13 mm drill chuck is made entirely of metal and should be able to handle just about anything.

Makita DHP453RFX2

18V LXT SDS Plus

Makita also offers battery solutions with impact. These offer a special kind of comfort. An absolute bestseller here is the model Makita DHP453RFX2 .

The cordless impact drill weighs a light 1.7 kg and is easy to handle. The entire handle area has soft rubber linings, which further increase comfort. The tool comes in a set with two 18V batteries, an aluminium case and numerous bits and other tools. The batteries each have a capacity of 3 Ah, which is why work rarely has to be interrupted.

Furthermore, the torque can be adjusted 16 times – to a maximum of 42 Newton metres. There is also a drill setting. Thanks to the universally adjustable speed, it is thus definitely possible to adapt optimally to a wide variety of materials. Of course, the impact can also be easily switched off so that screws can be screwed in and removed in the classic way.

Overall, the DHP453RFX2 is a good cordless impact drill from Makita. It can be carried virtually anywhere and guided effortlessly. Thanks to the adjustable speed and the adjustable impact, there are hardly any limits to the possibilities. Of course, the extensive accessories, which total 96 individual parts, also contribute to this. Customers are largely convinced by the price/performance ratio.

Makita impact drill – The following points should always be borne in mind

Drive & selection options

Basically, impact drills can be divided into 2 categories according to their drive: classic corded models and rechargeable models. Both are offered by Makita and are associated with both advantages and disadvantages.

A corded impact drill is a proven classic and can be particularly good value for money. It can be put into operation straight out of the box via the mains cable. The power supply can be provided quasi-permanently via the normal mains current (220-240V). However, the cable can be a trip hazard and restrict freedom of movement. In some areas, operation may be denied altogether.

A cordless impact drill is primarily suitable for tasks with low resistance. The 18V voltage (LXT series) cannot compete with the power of a large corded machine. On the other hand, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement and can go to any place of your choice immediately. In addition, a brushless motor is used in some cases, which is in principle completely maintenance-free, as there are no carbon brushes. The energy comes from a lithium-ion battery that has no memory effect and only a very low self-discharge. The disadvantage is that this technology definitely has its price.


It is imperative that the power capacity matches the requirements on site. Otherwise, frustration and stress are only a matter of time. The harder the material and the larger the desired drill diameter, the more power is required.

Conveniently, the maximum diameter for different materials is indicated directly. A Makita impact drill can drill holes up to 16 mm in diameter in steel and up to 40 mm in wood. To ensure that the latter succeeds without splintering, the highest possible speed should be used.

If you have higher requirements, you can switch to a Makita cordless hammer drill, for example. Rotary hammers release more energy via an electropneumatic percussion mechanism and can be used without the use of your own muscle power.

Since all percussion drills are equipped with an electric motor, you can also look at the power consumption. This is expressed in watts and primarily defines the power consumption. However, an increased power consumption/unit of time can go hand in hand with more power.

In addition, a high torque (in Nm) and a high voltage help you to overcome large resistances. If you decide on a battery-powered impact drill, the capacity (in ampere hours) is also relevant. The higher the value, the longer the battery will last before it needs to be recharged.

Drill chuck

Makita often uses a quick-action drill chuck for the tool holder. This is usually standardised for a shaft diameter of 13 mm and therefore also accepts attachments from other manufacturers. The attachment can be exchanged quickly and without tools.

Bosch is considered the inventor of the standardised quick-action drill chuck. It is user-friendly and the attachments fit very tightly.


It goes without saying that handling should be as comfortable as possible. Then you can concentrate fully on the task at hand and don’t have to worry about physical discomfort. A Makita impact drill provides you with a high level of comfort for various reasons.

First of all, it can be said that the weight has a significant influence on the ease of use. A Makita impact drill can weigh only about 2 kg and can be easily operated by women and senior citizens.

The handle elements are rubberised so that pressure sensations and the formation of calluses can be prevented in the best possible way. If there is an additional handle, you can even use it on smooth surfaces quite reliably. This works even better if you first attach some masking tape to a tile, for example.

In general, a Makita impact drill is easy to operate. The operation is quite intuitive. For example, to turn off the percussion, all you have to do is flip a switch on the side. To ensure smooth operation, you should make sure you use the right attachment at the beginning. For example, pointed models are recommended for working on softwood. The tool is placed at a 90° angle to the material.

It is also important to use a suitable number of revolutions or blows. With a Makita impact drill, you can adjust this variably to the task. For soft material, high speeds are good because then there is less chipping. If you want to use the device as a screwdriver, you can simply use the right/left rotation (carbon brush bridge is rotated).

Range of functions

A Makita impact drill has many functions that improve comfort and flexibility. We will briefly explain which of these are particularly helpful in the following.

As already mentioned, the impact can be switched off. This makes it possible to be even more flexible, so that there is no need to reach for a separate drill or screwdriver. In addition, the speed can sometimes be adjusted very precisely.

The torque can sometimes be adjusted more than 20 times. This ensures that it is suitable for the task at hand.

Furthermore, LED lighting is sometimes available. This allows you to follow the progress of the work without complications and also increases the safety aspect.

The sophisticated AVT (anti-vibration system) from Makita also reduces the transmitted vibrations to a minimum. Even when idling, the vibrations are sometimes automatically reduced to a minimum.

In addition, a temperature indicator and a capacity indicator (for cordless impact drills) may be present, so that there is no need to fear negative surprises in this respect.


The issue of safety should also be taken into account. Both the manufacturer and the user can do something to minimise the risk of accidents. It should be taken for granted that the impact drill is used properly and not for wild experiments.

A Makita impact drill can definitely be classified as safe. The slip clutch plays a significant role in this. If a blockage occurs, the drive lines are automatically separated from each other. This, in turn, can avert dangerous kickbacks.

An XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) housing also protects the inside of the impact drill from dust and splash water.

The gearbox of a Makita impact drill is usually made of solid die-cast aluminium and therefore wears out very slowly.

In terms of motor, the brushless technology of the cordless impact drills can hardly be surpassed in terms of durability.

The battery-powered impact drills from Makita also have deep discharge protection and temperature protection. If a critical load occurs, the device switches itself off so that excessive wear can be prevented.

Furthermore, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury at work by wearing adequate protective clothing. This includes, for example, gloves, safety goggles, sturdy shoes, a helmet and, if necessary, a respirator.


Of course, cost also influences the decision. It should be in a reasonable relation to your requirements. The more power you need and the more regularly you use it, the more you should invest. This also applies to the expectation of a long service life.

A Makita impact drill is not too expensive, although it is clearly a well-made brand. The first models are already available for under 100 Pounds. If you also need a battery and a charger, you will need to plan for a higher budget.

Makita impact drill – There are many advantages

A Makita impact drill has various advantages to offer you. As already mentioned at the beginning, it is a multifunctional device that can also drill and screw without impact. Accordingly, you can reliably tackle a wide range of tasks with this tool. Nevertheless, this design is not always the right choice. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table below:


  • World renowned company
  • Good choice of corded and rechargeable models
  • First offers already start at under 100 Pounds
  • XPT housing ensures long durability
  • Quick-action drill chuck allows attachments to be changed in seconds
  • Weight of only 2 kg in some cases and rubberised grip elements ensure high operating comfort
  • Right-hand and left-hand rotation as well as disengageable impact provide a wide range of applications
  • Integrated LED illuminates the working area
  • High safety thanks to safety clutch and temperature protection
  • Comprehensive sets are available, which are delivered directly with accessories in a case
  • Battery system can also be used in the manufacturer’s other 18V tools


  • Not suitable for drilling large diameters in steel (here a Makita hammer drill is the better choice)
  • You have to use your own muscle power, as the tools are all mechanical

Makita HP2071 in practice

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