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Mini chainsaw

These chainsaws are particularly small

You don’t always need a massive chainsaw around the garden. A mini chainsaw can be perfectly adequate for limbing small trees and cutting various types of wood. Such models weigh very little, which is why they are so easy to use. They are almost always powered by a rechargeable battery. Accordingly, you can move freely and expect low noise levels. Proven manufacturers in this segment are primarily Bosch, Stihl and Makita.

Mini chainsaw

We will show you below which mini chainsaw is a good choice. You will also find out what to look out for when making your choice. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Mini chainsaw – These models are recommended

Bosch EasyCut 12

Cordless Bosch EasyCut 12

Bosch is one of the market leaders in the segment of chainsaws for home use. The smallest model from the traditional German company is the Bosch EasyCut 12 .

The mini cordless saw comes with a practical case, which makes it easy to store and transport. The scope of delivery also includes a 12V battery, the matching charger, a wrist strap and a blade guard. With frequent use, the saw blade should be seen as a regular wear and tear item. It can be mounted as well as removed without tools. The use of chain oil is never necessary with this tool. The total weight is an insignificant 0.9 kg, which is why you can expect effortless handling.

Furthermore, the manufacturer states a cutting depth of 6.5 cm. Accordingly, branches or beams can be cut to length with equal ease. However, you must be prepared that this will also take some time. The suitability is better for thin branches and boards. In continuous operation, the 2.5 Ah battery lasts approx. 20 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Overall, the Bosch EasyCut 12 is a deservedly popular mini chainsaw for wood, PVC, laminate and plexiglass. Everything is included in the scope of delivery so that you can get started without worrying. The saw weighs less than 1 kg and is therefore comfortable to use. Of course, it copes best with thin objects. The 12V battery can also be used in various other Bosch tools.

Makita DUC122Z

Battery Makita DUC122Z

The Makita company has built up a strong reputation among DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen worldwide. The range also includes small chainsaws. A recommendation here is the Makita DUC122Z .

This model has a voltage of 18V and can therefore handle branches and the like with particular ease. The 80 ml oil tank must be filled before the saw can be used. The matching saw chain oil is included in the scope of delivery. The chain then lubricates itself. Together with the battery, this saw weighs a not so light 2.6 kg. On the other hand, it has a chain speed of 5 m/s. This is a good choice. This model is therefore a good choice for more extensive gardening work.

Depending on the battery, the capacity is up to 6 Ah. Accordingly, you do not have to expect any unwanted interruptions. The chain can be mounted and tensioned without separate tools. The chain brake, which is triggered by the wide hand guard and moves the chain to a stop within 0.5 seconds, also ensures a high level of safety during operation.

All in all, the Makita DUC122Z is a powerful mini chainsaw. The 18V voltage and the reasonable chain speed help you to cut quickly and without complications. Highlights include the tool-free mounting and tensioning of the chain and the engine brake, which is by no means a matter of course in the compact segment. Customers are largely convinced.

Stihl GTA 26

Stihl GTA 26 rechargeable

Stihl is the world market leader in the field of chain saws. This brand stands for unconditional quality and is particularly popular in the trade. With the model Stihl GTA 26  the traditional German company now also offers a compact mini chainsaw.

This saw is also powered by a rechargeable battery. This has a voltage of 11V and is included in the scope of delivery. The matching charger is also included. Although the bar is 10 cm long, the voltage available suggests that this model is only suitable for pruning trees and shrubs. There are certainly better solutions for cutting logs and the like to length. However, the chain speed of 8 m/s shows that this is still top quality.

The light weight of 1.2 kg and the ergonomic handle also ensure a high level of operating comfort. The protective bonnet on the top can considerably reduce the risk of accidents during many activities. Furthermore, the easily visible battery display must be emphasised. With the help of 4 LEDs, you can always estimate how long your battery will last.

In summary, the GTA 26 is a high-quality mini chainsaw from Stihl. As you would expect from the Stihl brand, great importance is attached to performance. A chain speed of 8 m/s is quite impressive. The same applies to the well thought-out protective bonnet and the minimal noise level of 77 dB. By the way, you can also replace the chain without tools. Many customers are enthusiastic.

Mini chainsaw – The following points should always be borne in mind


In general, chainsaws can be divided into 3 different categories: Battery saws, electric saws and petrol saws. There are small versions in each segment. However, only some models in the battery segment have earned the term mini. Their drive – like the others – has both advantages and disadvantages.

The battery is based on lithium-ion technology. Such batteries are considered to be particularly durable because they do not have a memory effect. In addition, a comparatively large capacity can be accommodated in a compact space.

Visually, some models almost resemble a toy, which is due to the small motor and the short blade. Depending on the manufacturer, you don’t even need to use chain oil. Once the battery is full, you can start at the push of a button.

Since there is no need for a cable, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement. Due to the compact dimensions and the low noise level of the motor, the range of applications can also include indoor areas such as a workshop.

In general, the electric motor of a mini chainsaw is wear-resistant and odourless. No unhealthy exhaust fumes need to be inhaled and no maintenance is required.


The guide bar has a great influence on the possibilities of use. The longer it is, the thicker the diameters that can be cut tend to be. However, this rule is only valid if the engine power increases at the same time.

A mini chainsaw bears its name because its blade is quite short. The length is around 10 cm. This means that it can be guided particularly precisely, even by beginners. However, such models are not suitable for thick logs.

A mini chainsaw is well suited for the following applications, among others:

  • Limbing trees
  • Cutting boards to length and shape
  • Precise handicraft work

Incidentally, solid steel has proved to be a tried and tested production material. It is considered robust and torsion-free. However, the compact bar of a mini chainsaw is relatively fragile because it is simply not as solid.

Power & running time

Power is a decisive factor. It does not necessarily have to be high, but it must be suitable for your personal project. Depending on the drive, different parameters indicate the power potential.

In the field of small cordless saws, the battery voltage is a promise for the available power. It often ranges between 11 and 18V. This already indicates that thick trunks cannot be handled. Here, the motor and the battery would quickly overheat, which would result in excessive wear.

Another indicator of possible results is the cutting speed of the chain. Battery models tend to need a high speed for good results. In the mini-model segment, it can be as high as 8 m/s. The faster the speed, the better the results. However, the faster the speed, the greater the risk of accidents. With very thin diameters, the saw is also easier to control if the cutting speed is kept within limits.

The power is often provided by a so-called brushless motor. Compared to a carbon brush motor, this saves space, is more environmentally friendly and still more powerful. It also does not heat up as much, which is why a longer service life can be expected.

Of course, the battery capacity is also important. This is shown in the unit Ah (ampere hours). The higher this value, the longer the battery will last in continuous operation. A mini chainsaw is usually operated with only a small 1.5-2.5 Ah battery. This saves additional weight. However, some models can also be used with 5 or 6 Ah, which makes sense if you want to work for a long time without interruption.


The handling of a mini chainsaw is naturally comfortable, because its weight is almost always less than 3 kg, even with the battery. Some models even weigh less than 2 kg and therefore promise women and senior citizens absolutely effortless handling. However, the manufacturers can do much more to provide you with a high level of comfort.

Manufacturers such as Makita make it possible for you to get by completely without separate tools. You can attach and detach the chain without tools and also tension it without tools. This means you don’t have to leave the place of use to do it.

In addition, the remaining battery capacity can be viewed via an LED display. The same applies to the oil level if the tank is transparent (some models, such as those from Bosch, do not even need chain oil).

Comfort is also increased across manufacturers because mini chainsaws are generally very quiet as well as low-vibration in operation. Their engine does not need to be maintained. If it is broken, it usually only makes sense to buy a new one.

If the battery is detachable, you can easily extend the runtime by simply keeping several batteries on hand.


Even a mini chainsaw poses a certain risk of injury. Both the manufacturer and the user can do something to limit the risk of accidents.

It should be clear that you always work away from yourself with a saw. In addition, it should be strictly avoided to reach into the running blade. Most manufacturers provide a clear separation between the guidebar and the handle by means of a wide hand guard.

For very small tools, a chain brake is not quite as important because the danger of kickback is not directly present. However, some manufacturers, such as Makita, are commendably installing them consistently in the smaller models.

You can improve safety yourself by wearing adequate protective clothing. As already mentioned above, hearing protection is less important because cordless saws are quite quiet. Protective goggles and gloves are more useful. Because you do not tend to work on massive objects with a mini chainsaw, you do not need to wear safety shoes. The best protection is also a permanently high attention span.

The chainsaw itself is protected against rapid wear by overload protection. A mini chainsaw in particular can unfortunately overheat quickly, which is why this function is very useful. If the motor and battery are subjected to too much strain, a brand-name device will switch itself off before serious damage occurs.


Of course, the price also has a certain influence on the decision. Here it can be said that a mini chainsaw is usually cheaper than a large model. In terms of engine power, however, some compromises have to be made.

In general, the costs in the chainsaw segment are often related to the form of drive. For all manufacturers, corded models, for example, are generally cheaper than cordless and petrol models. In addition, the more power you expect and the more extensive the work, the more budget you should plan for.

Mini chainsaw – It has advantages & disadvantages

A mini chainsaw has decisive advantages to offer you. It is particularly easy to operate and can be used for a wide range of gardening and handicraft work. Even women and senior citizens can find their way intuitively with such devices. However, they do not meet every requirement. So that you can quickly weigh up their pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Probate choice among proven brand manufacturers
  • Can be associated with price advantage
  • Versatile in woodworking and for limb removal
  • Optimal for quick use in between
  • Handling is particularly easy
  • Thanks to the battery drive, the tool can be used in any location
  • If the battery can be removed, the running time can be extended as desired
  • Quiet and odourless
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Space-saving transport and storage possible


  • Devices quickly reach their limits in terms of diameter
  • Not suitable for comprehensive measures, because here the time investment would simply be unjustified

Stihl GTA 26 in practice

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