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Black and Decker strimmer

The best trimmers from Black and Decker

The traditional US company Black+Decker looks back on a long and eventful history. The company has proven expertise in the segment of power tools. They have even been used on NASA missions in space. Lawn trimmers are also part of the product range. A Black and Decker strimmer is characterised by comfortable handling and versatile application possibilities. Models with rechargeable batteries are particularly popular, but mains cable versions are also available.

Black and Decker strimmer

In the following, we will show you which Black & Decker trimmer is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing a trimmer. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Black and Decker strimmer – 3 models in the presentation

Black+Decker BESTA530CM

Grass trimmer BESTA530

The cordless lawn strimmers from Black+Decker offer you a wide range of uses in the smallest of spaces. The model is particularly flexible Black+Decker BESTA530CM .

The device is called 3in1 because it can mow the lawn, trim it and maintain edges in equal measure. In order to achieve a good area performance on the lawn, the brush cutter is placed on the wheeled substructure. This can be done without tools. The cutting height can be adjusted variably between 4 and 6 cm. When fully assembled, the construction weighs a moderate 4.7 kg. You can also flexibly adjust the telescopic handle to your body height and therefore always work upright.

The base can be removed in one easy step, leaving you with a handy brush cutter. The black handle can be adjusted in its position. The same applies to the motor head, so that you can maintain edges perfectly. The 9-metre-long nylon string copes well with contact with rocks and the like. Conveniently, it maintains its length completely independently. Therefore, you only have to change the spool yourself.

All in all, the 3-in-1 multi-trimmer is a justifiably popular cordless strimmer from Black and Decker. It is rare that a compact trimmer can also be used as a lawn mower. Theoretically, you can completely maintain a small plot of land with this model. The adjustable handle and the handlebar that can be adapted to the user’s height ensure a high level of comfort. Customers are largely enthusiastic about the easy handling and versatility.

Black+Decker GLC3630L20

36V Review GLC3630

Cordless lawn strimmers can also be surprisingly powerful. One recommendation in this context is the Black+Decker GLC3630L20 .

This model works with a powerful 36V battery, which is directly included in the scope of delivery. A quick charger is also included. In operation, you can choose between 2 levels: Eco mode and turbo mode. The latter unfolds the greatest power potential, but also exhausts the capacities the fastest. Despite the powerful motor, the weight is limited to an insignificant 3.5 kg.

The telescopic handle is adjustable in length and allows even tall people to adopt a back-friendly posture. In general, the handle elements are very robust. Thanks to a cutting width of 30 cm and a running time of up to 41 minutes, this trimmer can handle large areas quickly. It can even cope with thick thistles and nettles.

Overall, the GLC3630L20 is a high-quality cordless strimmer from Black and Decker. It works stringently through dense vegetation and also copes with thick plant stems without any problems. In addition, the area performance is commendably pronounced. Highlights include the freely adjustable speed and the rotating motor head.

Black+Decker GLC1823L20

18V Cordless

Generally, you can reach even the narrowest niches without complications with a battery strimmer. This is impressively demonstrated by the Black+Decker GLC1823L20.

This trimmer weighs a light 2.3 kg including the battery and can therefore also be used by women and senior citizens. The adjustable front handle and the height-adjustable telescopic handle also contribute to a high level of comfort. The scope of delivery also includes a battery with 2 Ah and the matching charger. You can therefore start using it straight away.

Trimming is done with a single nylon thread. However, the working width is limited to 23 cm, so that the area performance is rather limited. However, this is not what the device was designed for, but for precise maintenance directly on the obstacle. According to the manufacturer, you can work continuously for about 33 minutes until the battery is empty.

In summary, the GLC1823L20 is a compact and lightweight cordless strimmer from Black and Decker. It provides the best possible comfort even for women and senior citizens. The adjustable telescopic handle and the adjustable grip also contribute to this. It should be noted that this model is really only intended for selective work. For extensive areas, too much time is wasted due to the narrow cutting width.

Black and Decker strimmer – This is what generally matters


Basically, lawn strimmers can be divided into 3 main categories, which differ mainly in their drive: Battery strimmers, mains cable strimmers and petrol strimmers. Black+Decker currently only offers electric versions. All models have advantages and disadvantages.

Cordless battery strimmers are currently particularly popular because they combine the freedom of movement of a petrol engine with the advantages of an electric motor. The devices are easy to operate and are quite quiet in operation. The electric motor requires no maintenance, nor does it emit unpleasant exhaust fumes. In addition, you can directly control any location as desired. A disadvantage is that the power capacity is not sufficient for large resistances.

Cable strimmers are particularly inexpensive to buy. Here, too, the motor is de facto maintenance-free. The mains cable theoretically allows continuous operation without ever having to take breaks. However, if no mains power is available, operation is difficult. In general, the cable can be perceived as a nuisance. It is not uncommon for it to be cut unintentionally. The power tends to be higher than that of a battery-powered model.

Petrol brush cutters not only cope with fine greenery, but can also take on roots and real branches. Therefore, they are the first choice for rough work. However, the combustion engine is noisy and emits emissions. In addition, such tools are associated with an increased dead weight and a certain amount of maintenance.

Cutting system

The cutting system can be seen as the heart of the trimmer. Without it, nothing works. Depending on the manufacturer and model, different designs are used here. The Black and Decker company uses the classic nylon thread in its models, which is not unusual for electric lawn trimmers.

The cord is very suitable for lawns and other, rather fine vegetation. If there is enough power behind it, however, it can also successfully handle rushes, thistles and nettles.

In addition, the thread can be used without hesitation near hard objects such as stone slabs or wooden decking. A real steel knife would quickly cause chipping on the object. A plastic knife, on the other hand, would quickly break itself.

Over time, the thread automatically loses length. Depending on the model, you can lengthen it again at the touch of a button on the handle or this is done completely automatically. In both cases, you don’t have to bend down and put your hands in dangerous areas.

A nylon thread is a wear item. At some point it will be used up and the bobbin will have to be changed.

The working width is also important. The wider the cutting unit, the faster large areas can be trimmed. For very confined areas, on the other hand, a more compact cutting unit is recommended. The cutting width of a Black and Decker strimmer ranges between 25 and 33 cm.


The power of a lawn strimmer does not necessarily have to be high. However, it must be suitable for the conditions on site. The stronger the resistance, the more force must be applied to it in order to overcome it.

Because only electric motors are used in a Black and Decker lawn trimmer, it is important to note that the power potential cannot quite keep up with a combustion engine. However, a brushless motor gets the most out of the electronics.

You can’t tell whether your desired model is powerful by looking at a single indicator. A good place to start is the wattage, among other things. Although it primarily defines the power consumption/unit of time, a high power consumption can also go hand in hand with an increased power potential. It is perfectly normal that mains cable devices draw more energy than battery models. While battery models are under 500 watts, a Black & Decker corded tool can draw up to 900 watts. This circumstance is then usually also in line with the power that can be deployed.

Furthermore, a comparatively high motor speed can help to overcome all resistance during use. It should be noted that a high idling speed does not say much, but is sometimes even used explicitly for aggressive advertising.

With battery-powered lawn trimmers, it is also interesting to look at the battery voltage. A battery trimmer from Black and Decker works with either 18V or 36V. The higher value also tends to promise more power.

You should also take a look at the battery life. This is shown in the unit Ah (ampere hours). The higher the value, the longer the battery will last in continuous operation. Black+Decker offers capacities between 1.5 Ah and 5 Ah.


Handling should be as comfortable as possible. This should also be the claim of every manufacturer. Black and Decker strives to make the handling of the lawn trimmer as comfortable as possible.

First and foremost, of course, a low weight promotes energy-saving handling. A Black and Decker strimmer sometimes weighs less than 2 kg. Such models can also be used by women and senior citizens without any fatigue.

An adjustable telescopic handle ensures that people of all sizes can work in an upright position. This reduces the potential for back problems as much as possible.

Furthermore, the angle of one of the two handles can be flexibly adjusted. This also promotes ergonomics for a wide range of activities. In general, the grip surfaces are soft and rubberised so that the vibrations of the motor are not transmitted to the hands.

Electric lawn trimmers start conveniently at the touch of a button. There’s no need to tighten the cord at all. Because the delivery is virtually ready for use, you can start right away.

If the motor head can be adjusted, really all types of work can be carried out without complications. Even the hedge can then be trimmed successfully.

As already mentioned, you do not have to extend the thread manually. Modern models either keep it constantly at the same length or you can help it along at the touch of a button on the handle.


Volume can also be an important factor. If the lawn strimmer is excessively loud, it can have a negative effect on your health and stress level. If the trimmer is operated outside the legally permitted hours, it is likely to lead to conflicts with the neighbourhood or even the public order office.

You can tell how loud or quiet your model of choice is by the sound level, which in turn is expressed in dB (decibels). In general, petrol trimmers are much louder than electric trimmers. Because Black+Decker only offers the latter, the company can also distinguish itself positively here.

With a Black and Decker strimmer, the sound level at the user’s ear is often only around 80 dB. Therefore, you do not need to wear hearing protection. In addition, the neighbours will probably not feel disturbed by the operation even during lunchtime. Nevertheless, you should be sensitive to the noise.


Of course, the price always has a certain influence on the decision. It should always be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Otherwise, the potential for disappointment is increased. In the segment of lawn trimmers, a high power and a high area performance in particular are associated with a surcharge.

A Black and Decker strimmer can generally be placed in the mid-price segment. It is undoubtedly a branded product that has reliable functionality and a long service life. As with other manufacturers, the corded models tend to be cheaper than the cordless sets.

Black and Decker strimmer – There are advantages & disadvantages

A Black+Decker strimmer offers various advantages. Since only electric models are used, you can expect a low noise level and environmentally friendly operation. The existing motor also means that no maintenance is required. However, not every demand can be met. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Choice of 33 different models
  • Height-adjustable handlebar and low weight ensure effortless handling
  • Because the motor head can be rotated, it is possible to trim areas as well as lawn edges
  • Cutting width can be over 30 cm, which means that even large areas can be maintained quickly
  • Thread extension can be done at the touch of a button, so you don’t have to guide your fingers to the blade (sometimes this is completely automatic)
  • The low noise level makes it possible to use the machine at unusual times and near sensitive areas (hospitals, nursing homes, schools)
  • No annoying exhaust fumes are emitted
  • Brushless motor technology is considered powerful and durable
  • Environmentally friendly operation


  • Those looking for a model with a petrol engine will search in vain

Review: 18V Strimmer from Black+Decker

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