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Bosch cordless strimmer

The best battery trimmers from Bosch

Battery-powered lawn trimmers are a good way to quickly remove excess vegetation from narrow nooks and crannies. One of the proven manufacturers here is the traditional German company Bosch. A Bosch cordless strimmer can impress with its light weight and easy handling. It is also pleasantly quiet and environmentally friendly in operation. Nevertheless, some models can reliably take on stubborn nettles, thistles and rushes.

Bosch cordless strimmer

In the following, we will show you which battery strimmer from Bosch is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch cordless strimmer – 3 models in the presentation

Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-23

Battery trimmer EasyGrassCut

The newly launched battery-powered lawn strimmers from Bosch are comparatively inexpensive and compact. The model promises particularly effortless handling Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-23 .

With a weight of only 2.1 kg, the trimmer can also be used by women and senior citizens without discomfort. The soft handles, the angle of the front of which can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs, also contribute to this. The scope of delivery also includes a 2 Ah battery and a suitable charger. In general, you can successfully use all 18V batteries from Bosch. Because the motor does not draw too much energy, a good runtime can be expected with 2 Ah.

It works with a nylon string that ensures a working width of 23 cm. Conveniently, its length adjusts itself automatically. In addition, you can turn the motor head to shorten lawn edges precisely. However, the head cannot be angled. Furthermore, you must be aware that the trimmer is really only intended for grass and other fine plants.

All in all, the EasyGrassCut 18-23 is a popular and handy cordless strimmer from Bosch. Since it only weighs 2.1 kg, it is not so tragic that the telescopic handle cannot be adjusted. Thanks to the comprehensive accessories, you can get started straight away and take care of even the smallest corners. The nylon thread system easily copes with contact with hard objects.

Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18-26

18V UniversalGrassCut 18-26

Bosch strives to offer you a high level of ergonomics. It is therefore not surprising that the manufacturer’s garden tools are often praised by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.. The battery-powered Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18-260 lawn trimmer also promises pleasant handling.

Here you can flexibly adjust the length of the telescopic bar. It is up to 140 cm long, so that even tall people can always maintain an upright posture. This reduces the risk of back pain as much as possible. The tool comes with an 18V battery and a charger. In addition, the handle system is shaped in such a way that it is ergonomic to use. The angle of the foot pedal to the motor head can be adjusted variably.

The weight is also moderate, at 2.7 kg. Because the cutting width of the nylon string is 26 cm, a solid area performance can be expected. Thanks to the IntelliFEED system, the thread automatically remains at the correct length, so you don’t have to readjust it yourself. Of course, it will still be necessary to change the bobbin at some point.

In summary, the UniversalGrassCut 18-26 is a recommendable cordless strimmer from Bosch. It can be optimally adapted to your physical requirements so that it is easy to use. Further comfort is provided by the variably adjustable inclination between the handle and the motor head as well as the self-adjusting thread spool. Customers are largely convinced by this trimmer.

Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36

36V Review AdvancedGrassCut

Bosch also has the right battery-powered lawn strimmer for demanding challenges. A powerful example is the Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36 .

This trimmer works with a powerful 36V battery, which must be purchased separately. As can be seen in the video below, it can also cope with dense growth of nettles and thistles. As the working width is 30 cm, the tool can be used to quickly carry out extensive area work anyway. Soft grip surfaces and an adjustable handle support you in this.

However, the good performance is noticeable in the weight. Including the battery, this trimmer weighs 4.2 kg and is thus heavier than the previously presented models. The handlebar cannot be adjusted in length either. However, this is less of a problem because it is already quite long and the handle system can be adjusted. Incidentally, the thread can also maintain its length independently here.

Overall, the AdvancedGrassCut 36 is a powerful battery-powered lawn strimmer from Bosch. If you want to reliably trim meadow-like areas and somewhat thicker plants, this model is the first choice. A working width of 30 cm and a battery voltage of 36V ensure that you make stringent progress. Customers are surprised by the power, but sometimes complain about the slightly higher weight.

Bosch cordless strimmer – You should always bear this in mind


Bosch currently produces 5 different battery strimmers. Such devices basically compete with 2 other types: Corded trimmers and petrol trimmers. Battery models have advantages and disadvantages in this context.

The electric motor used promises a low noise level, so that use is possible even in sensitive environments, such as near hospitals and nursing homes. In addition, the motor is de facto maintenance-free. Oil or spark plug changes are never required here.

While the production of lithium-ion batteries is environmentally controversial, they definitely ensure a low environmental impact during operation. Hardly any emissions are emitted and you don’t have to smell any unhealthy fumes yourself.

Compared to mains cable models, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement. You can go directly to any place you want, and you can even simply load your desired model into the boot and use it when you go out. Because there is simply no cable, you don’t have to worry about cutting it. Due to the battery, however, a battery trimmer is somewhat heavier than a corded trimmer.

It should be noted, however, that the performance of a battery-powered lawn strimmer cannot compete with the other types on a level playing field. You should be prepared in advance that this type of construction is only suitable for grass and other, rather fine plants.

Cutting system

The heart of the lawn strimmer is, of course, its cutting system. A cordless lawn trimmer is usually fitted with a nylon string. Bosch also uses this. Compared to plastic and steel blades, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The nylon string is well suited for working directly on hard obstacles, such as stone slabs and trees. There it does not cause damage and can therefore be used without interruption. With other manufacturers who rely on plastic blades, you have to reckon with the blades quickly splintering on the obstacle.

In general, the thread is a wear item. It gets shorter and shorter over time and then has to be lengthened again to achieve good cutting results. Some battery trimmers from Bosch can do this independently (IntelliFEED). After a certain time, it is also necessary to replace the entire coil.

Unlike a steel blade, you cannot cut through thick branches or the like with a nylon string. For this purpose, you should rather use a petrol trimmer.

The cutting width of a Bosch cordless strimmer ranges between 23 and 30 cm. While the smaller versions are suitable for precise maintenance in confined spaces, the AdvancedGrassCut 36 model is recommended for extensive area work.

Power & battery capacity

Power is also important. The greater the expected resistance, the more power the motor has to apply. Unfortunately, it has to be said that a cordless lawn trimmer is generally not as powerful as the other designs promise. But that doesn’t matter, because as already mentioned, the attachment is not suitable for cutting through very hard objects anyway.

You can tell whether your model of choice is powerful by looking at several factors. First of all, you can look at the battery voltage. Bosch 36V strimmers tend to be more powerful than 18V and 12V devices.

The wattage can also indicate the performance. While it primarily defines power consumption, a high power input/time unit can be an auspicious sign of more power.

In addition, a high engine speed is beneficial during operation. Together with the other parameters, it helps you to persevere against the unwelcome growth without sacrificing performance.

The battery life is also important. It is indicated in the unit Ah (ampere hours). The higher the value, the longer continuous operation is possible. At the same time, however, the price of the respective battery increases. If you have several batteries in stock, you can of course extend the runtime as much as you like.


Every manufacturer should see it as his duty to provide you with a high level of comfort in terms of handling. Only then does working with the lawn trimmer not feel burdensome and can even be fun. Bosch strives to do just that.

Of course, a light weight is the main factor that contributes to effortless handling. The weight of a Bosch cordless lawn trimmer is always less than 3 kg. This means that even women and senior citizens can work without getting tired.

Furthermore, the telescopic handle can usually be adjusted in length. Both short and tall people can then maintain an upright posture that is easy on the back. In addition, it is sometimes possible to adjust the position of the handle.

The handle surfaces are all rubberised so that the vibrations of the motor can be reduced to a minimum. This also reduces the potential for calluses to form on the hands.

In addition, the start-up is absolutely uncomplicated. All you have to do is insert the battery and you can conveniently get started at the touch of a button. There is no need to tighten a cable.

The ability to rotate the motor head is particularly interesting. This means that the Bosch strimmers can be used for the maintenance of free-standing vegetation, lawn edges and hedges. The latter, however, should not have too thick branches.

In addition, the nylon thread is automatically lengthened when the switch is released (retracts automatically). This is practical because it saves you the trouble of bending down.


The noise level should not be underestimated when working in the garden. If it is excessively loud, not only your neighbours may feel disturbed, but your health may also suffer. You can tell how loud it is by the sound level, which is expressed in db (decibels).

A Bosch cordless strimmer is commendably quiet in operation. The smaller models are only 85 dB. The sound level at the user’s ear is even lower than 80 dB, which means that adults do not need to wear hearing protection.

In general, battery trimmers are quite quiet. This is not only due to the quality of their manufacture, but also to the fact that their motor has a rather low power potential.


The price should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. A Bosch cordless strimmer is in the middle price range. The more power you expect and the higher the area performance, the more you have to invest.

In general, the price depends not only on the manufacturer and the quality, but also on the type. Per se, it can be said that mains cable devices are always cheaper than battery models. The latter, together with charger and cable, always require a three-digit budget.

Bosch battery strimmer – It offers you many advantages

The battery-powered lawn strimmers from Bosch offer great advantages. They can be operated without any fatigue and do not emit any annoying noise. In addition, the motor does not need to be maintained. However, this design cannot satisfy every demand. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Proven brand manufacturer from Germany
  • You can choose between a single unit and a set including accessories, so that everyone can save who already has the right battery and charger
  • Start-up is intuitive and quick (no tedious assembly)
  • Light weight and ergonomic handles for easy handling
  • Telescopic pole can be adjusted in height so that you can always maintain a back-friendly posture
  • 36V voltage can take on thick vegetation such as thistles
  • Maximum freedom of movement, allowing work to take place in any area
  • Because the motor head can be angled, even hedges can be trimmed without complications
  • Thread can be lengthened automatically
  • Low noise level prevents stress and noise pollution in the surrounding area
  • Electric motor does not require maintenance
  • Relatively environmentally friendly operation
  • All” 12V and 18V batteries can also be used in the manufacturer’s other cordless tools


  • Not suitable for branches and roots
  • Small versions in particular reach their limits quite quickly

Video: Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36 Review

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