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Bosch cordless jigsaw

Recommended battery jigsaws with 18V & 12V

Battery jigsaws are ideal for making precise cuts in wood, plastic and metal. One of the most popular suppliers in this segment is the traditional company Bosch. A Bosch cordless jigsaw is available both as a DIY version and as a Professional model for commercial applications. The energy is supplied either by an 18V or a 12V battery. Thanks to the lack of a cable, the saws are particularly agile and can be used anywhere.

Bosch cordless jigsaw


In the following, we will show you which Bosch cordless jigsaw is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch cordless jigsaw – 3 models in the presentation

Bosch Professional GST 18V-LI B

Professional GST 18

The cordless jigsaws from Bosch Professional can be surprisingly powerful. Represented in the top segment is the Bosch GST 18 V-LI B .

The tool is powered by an 18V rechargeable battery and is suitable for commercial use. The standard scope of delivery includes 3 jigsaw blades for wood, a chip guard and a practical carrying case. Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of mobile use. Including the battery, the jigsaw weighs approx. 2.4 kg. The rubberised handle makes it easy to use. However, because the leading hand is quite far away from the cutting point, precision can suffer somewhat when doing very delicate work (e.g. cutting out narrow radii).

Thanks to the pendulum stroke and the powerful motor, work progresses quickly. The user can cut through wood up to 120 mm thick, 20 mm thick aluminium and 10 mm thick steel. Because the pendulum stroke and the speed can be adjusted, it is also possible to cut delicate workpieces cleanly. An interface LED and an integrated fan support you in this. In addition, it is possible to tilt the base plate by 45° on both sides for making mitre cuts.

Overall, the GST 18 V-LI B is a powerful cordless jigsaw from Bosch. It is equally suitable for straight and curved cuts, as well as for mitre cuts. In addition, the 18V professional system provides plenty of power, which is why even thick wood can be cut quickly. The flexible pendulum stroke, the stable blade guidance (Precision Control) and the constant speed are just some of the features that support you.

Bosch PST 18 LI

Bosch PST 18 LI

The DIY series from Bosch has already proven itself in practice for many DIY enthusiasts. An inexpensive cordless jigsaw in this segment is the Bosch PST 18 LI .

This version is also a model with a bow handle. The price on offer is well below 100 euros. In addition, the weight including the battery is a moderate 1.9 kg. Handling is correspondingly easy on the hands. You can cut wood up to 80 mm thick and steel up to 5 mm thick. The pendulum stroke can be varied in the usual way and switched off if necessary.

Incidentally, guiding the cordless jigsaw is made easier by an LED and the so-called Cut Control. The latter helps you to keep the exact line thanks to its front-mounted design. The tool-free SDS blade change system also contributes to a high level of comfort. Furthermore, the base plate can also be tilted by 45° on both sides.

All in all, the PST 18 LI is an inexpensive battery jigsaw from Bosch that can nevertheless be used in a variety of ways. Thanks to the handle and the 18V battery, small and medium-sized materials can be cut quickly. An adjustable pendulum stroke, the cut control guide, a blower and an LED support you in this. Customers are satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

Bosch Professional GST 12V-70

Bosch GST 12V-70

If particularly delicate work, such as cutting out small circles, is to be carried out, a pole jigsaw is the right choice. A high-quality model in this context is the Bosch GST 12V-70 .

With this design it is possible to have the hand close to the cutting surface at all times. This makes the feel for the work quite a bit more sensitive. Of course, the cordless 12V comfort also contributes to this. Ready for use, this cordless jigsaw weighs only 1.5 kg. You can therefore carry out long-lasting work without having to worry about fatigue in the forearm or wrist.

Despite its discreet appearance, the jigsaw is certainly not lacking in functions. It also has a pendulum stroke that can be adjusted via the lever on the side and optionally switched off. Of course, the speed can also be preset. Other features include an LED light and a preinstallation for Bosch Click & Clean (all-vacuum connection).

In summary, the GST 12V-70 is an extremely handy cordless jigsaw from Bosch. It weighs only 1.5 kg and is compact. Nevertheless, the cutting depth in wood is up to 70 mm. However, the device is primarily intended for filigree work. This jigsaw can also be used very accurately by beginners.

Bosch cordless jigsaw – What you should always look out for

Drive & design

In the tool segment, Bosch offers two superordinate product series. The cordless jigsaws are also represented in both categories:

  • Bosch DIY (Home & Garden green)
  • Bosch Professional (blue housing)

The green DIY series is comparatively inexpensive and is designed for occasional home use. For demanding applications in the trade and generally larger tasks, the blue Professional tools are an adequate choice.

It is important to note that the batteries are only compatible within these classes. You cannot use an 18V POWER FOR ALL battery from the DIY series in an 18V tool from Bosch Professional – and vice versa. Within the systems, however, all tools of the same voltage can be used with the same batteries.

In terms of design, Bosch also offers a choice between the following types:

  • Bar-shaped jigsaws
  • Jigsaws with bow handle

Bosch’s bar-shaped jigsaws cannot be used for mitre cuts – one example is the GST 18 V-LI S. However, their design allows them to be used upside down. In addition, such tools are very well suited to cutting out small radii. For filigree carpentry work and model making, a pole jigsaw tends to be the best choice.

Classic jigsaws with bow handles allow straight and curved cuts as well as mitre cuts up to 45°. The grip is very secure and firm. However, when guiding the saw, the user is comparatively far away from the cutting edge, which means that precision can suffer minimally. Ultimately, personal preference also plays a role when it comes to the design.

In general, a battery-powered jigsaw automatically competes with a corded jigsaw. There are advantages and disadvantages here. If you do not have the right battery and charger, the cordless jigsaw is definitely more expensive to buy. On the other hand, it gives you a lot of freedom of movement and guarantees that you can use it anywhere you want.

In terms of performance, cordless and corded jigsaws are hardly any different. Find out why in the following.

Power & cutting depth

Power is of crucial importance because it defines the possible uses of your jigsaw. While cordless drives used to be weak in this respect, today they can be on a par with cable drives. This is also demonstrated by a battery jigsaw from Bosch.

There are various indicators that point to the performance of a cordless jigsaw. The quickest way to find out is to look at the maximum cutting depth. The maximum depth of cut for an 18V jigsaw from Bosch is as follows:

  • up to 120 mm in wood
  • up to 20 mm in aluminium
  • up to 8 mm in steel

In addition, the battery voltage is a promise of potential power. The higher it is, the more power a cordless jigsaw can generally unleash. The 18V versions from Bosch are therefore superior to the 12V solutions here.

Incidentally, every Bosch cordless jigsaw has an adjustable pendulum stroke. During use, the jigsaw blade not only moves up and down, but also forwards and backwards. This increases the power development on the material even more and results in faster work progress.

Battery tools usually do not have a wattage rating. Usually, the power consumption – i.e. the power consumption – is much lower compared to a mains cable model. However, this can be compensated for by the high efficiency of the motor (less power loss due to friction and heat).

Precision in different materials

In most cases, the purchase of a jigsaw is made with the demand for high precision. Therefore, it is probably the most important criterion. If this is not the case, not only does the appearance suffer, but there may also be safety deficiencies in the end product.

In this context, there are various influencing factors. One is the jigsaw blade. The design of the jigsaw blade must be matched to the material. For example, for cutting delicate and soft materials such as laminate, cardboard or leather, ground, small and closely fitting teeth are the best choice. A coarse and milled tooth geometry would cause damage to the cutting line here.

Incidentally, Bosch offers over 100 blades for jigsaws. There is something for every need. The blades have a high-quality finish and useful features:

  • Carbide technology: High heat resistance promotes long durability
  • Progressively increasing tooth pitch: Enables good results in materials of different densities
  • Tool-free blade change possible (SDS system)

Furthermore, the motor speed and the speed of the pendulum stroke influence the precision. They have to be adjusted to the respective material. Bosch calls the presetting of the speed Speed Selection. The greater the expected resistance, the higher the speed should be. If the speed drops under load, not only the surface quality suffers, but also the motor and the gearbox. With Bosch, speed drops are prevented by Constant Speed. If you want to machine sensitive materials, reduce the speed accordingly. Otherwise chipping and the like can occur.

While a pendulum stroke ensures fast work progress when machining thick wood, it can negatively affect the surface quality of sensitive materials. Switch off the pendulum stroke when cutting thin materials or working on metal.

A Bosch cordless jigsaw also has certain features that help you make precise cuts. In this context, you can mention LED lighting, a chip-blowing device and a chip guard that is often available.


Because the blade of a jigsaw poses a certain risk of injury, the aspect of work safety must never be neglected. The most important thing is to handle the saw properly. You can find out how to do this in the instruction manual that comes with every Bosch cordless jigsaw.

In addition, suitable work clothing should be worn. Safety goggles prevent chips, dust or even a splintered tooth from getting into your eyes during operation. You can protect your breathing apparatus by wearing a dust mask.

Because the noise level of a cordless jigsaw is usually less than 85 dB, which is always the case with Bosch, hearing protection is not absolutely necessary.

If you want to change the saw blade, the battery should be removed first. This is a preventive measure to avoid unintentional start-up.

The Bosch cordless jigsaws themselves also contribute to a high level of safety. If you make use of the dust extraction connection, particles will not have any adverse effect. The same applies to the use of the interface blower.


The Bosch brand is not known for low prices, but mostly for fair prices. Because the in-house cordless jigsaws are all also offered as solo versions, buyers can save money if they already have the right battery and charger. The cheapest is the DIY model PST 18 LI, which costs around 60 Pounds in the offer. The 18V professional jigsaws, on the other hand, require a budget beyond 150 Pounds.

Basically, the price should be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. In the cordless jigsaw segment, this means the following: The more often you need to use it and the more power you need, the more you should invest. A higher budget should be set for adversity in the trade than for sporadic use at home. The same applies to the expectation of particularly accurate precision.

Where to buy

Bosch enjoys great brand recognition worldwide and has built up an impressive reputation. Many customers remain loyal to the company, which is why it is not surprising that many retailers also want to have the products in their range. You can choose freely between various online and offline channels.

You can find the cordless jigsaws on the online marketplaces Amazon and eBay, for example. There, you can usually buy not only the new product, but also used versions (e.g. Amazon Warehouse Deals) if required.

Furthermore, online shops specialising in DIY and handicrafts sometimes have the entire product range in their range.Examples are Powertool World and Manomano.

Large DIY stores are a good place to go for personal expert advice. Locating a local dealer is easy via the Bosch DIY dealer search and Bosch Professional dealer search.

Bosch cordless jigsaw – The manufacturer has many advantages

The battery jigsaws from Bosch offer impressive advantages. They can be flexibly regulated in terms of power and promote an unrestricted view during work. The cordless freedom allows you to remain maximally agile in any position. Because Bosch also offers inexpensive models here, there are no obvious disadvantages. The following advantages make many DIYers and craftsmen reach for a 12V or 18V jigsaw from the manufacturer:

  • Maximum freedom of movement and use in any location as desired
  • Performance can keep up with many mains cable models
  • 12V rod jigsaw is suitable even for the most delicate work in model making
  • Speed and stroke can be intuitively adjusted to suit material
  • Rubberised handle and tool-free blade change ensure high operating comfort
  • Integrated blower and LED light provide unrestricted view of interface
  • Constant Speed prevents speed drops, so motor and gearbox do not suffer either
  • Base plate can be tilted 45° for mitre cuts
  • Low noise level favours stress-free handling
  • Large selection of suitable jigsaw blades
  • Connection with all-purpose vacuum cleaner possible (Bosch Click & Clean)

Video: Bosch presents the PST 18 LI


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