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Makita cordless jigsaw 18V

This is what the popular jigsaws of the 18 Volt LXT series can

Makita tools are appreciated all over the world. This is no coincidence, as they are characterised by high-quality workmanship and reliable performance. The 18V tools of the LXT series are particularly popular. In this category, Makita also offers jigsaws. A Makita 18V cordless jigsaw offers you a high level of operating comfort and can be guided precisely. There are both body only offers and set variants including case (MAKPAC), battery and charger. All models also have a variably switchable pendulum stroke.

Makita cordless jigsaw 18V

In the following, we will introduce you to the 18-volt jigsaws from Makita. You will also find out what you should always look out for when choosing a jigsaw. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless jigsaw 18V – All models in short presentation

Makita DJV181Z

18V LXT Makita DJV181Z

Makita cordless jigsaws are among the most popular in this category across all manufacturers. A bestseller for years has been the Makita DJV181Z .

The ending with the letter Z always indicates that the Makita solo tool is supplied without a battery and without a charger. If the matching 18V battery and charger are already available, money can be saved on the individual purchase. What is always included, however, is a chip guard, 3 jigsaw blades (for both soft and hard materials) and a hexagonal spanner. Because you can tilt the base plate 45° on both sides, you can make mitre cuts.

In general, the equipment can be described as extensive. This includes, for example, a 4-position adjustable pendulum stroke, thanks to which particularly fast cuts can be made. However, it can also be switched off for delicate work. There is also a switchable fan and an LED. Both contribute to the user having a clear view of the interface.

All in all, the DJV181Z is a justifiably popular 18V battery jigsaw from Makita. It can be used universally, because the speed and the pendulum stroke can be adjusted precisely. Under full load, it is possible to cut through 135 mm thick wood. Thanks to the compact, brushless motor and the bar shape, it is also possible to cut out the smallest circles. Other highlights are the vibration-damping Soft No Load function, the LED lighting and the cooling air fan at the interface. Customers are largely satisfied.

Makita DJV182Z

Body only Makita DJV182Z

With a bow-handle jigsaw, it is possible to make very quick cuts when needed. The only 18V model from Makita in this context is the Makita DJV182Z .

This cordless jigsaw is ideal for straight, curved and also mitre cuts. For the latter, only the die-cast aluminium plate needs to be swivelled. A pin spanner is included for this purpose. The blade, on the other hand, can always be changed without tools – standard for Makita and many other manufacturers as well. Furthermore, the existing pendulum stroke and the speed can be intuitively adjusted via a rotary switch or a wheel.

Although this 18-volt jigsaw also has a cutting depth of 135 mm in wood, its noise level is a moderate 77 dB. Hearing protection is not required. In addition, an LED and an interface fan are also installed here. A motor brake also ensures that the saw blade stops immediately after the throttle switch is released.

Overall, the DJV182Z is a powerful 18V battery jigsaw from Makita. It is very comfortable and firm to hold and is extremely powerful. The brushless motor and the variable pendulum stroke ensure the latter. The weight is up to 2.7 kg, depending on the battery. This puts the saw in the middle of the “weight segment”. The performance, on the other hand, is rather higher, which is a fair compromise. The only drawback of this design is that the saw cannot be used upside down overhead.

Makita DJV181RT1J

Brushless Makita DJV181RT1J

Makita also offers its 18V cordless jigsaws in a set with case, battery and charger. If you are looking for this, you will find it in the  Makita DJV181RT1J .

This cordless jigsaw is identical in construction to the first model mentioned. However, the scope of delivery also includes a 5Ah battery, a charger and a MAKPAC case (size 3). Also included are 3 blades, a chip breaker and a hexagonal spanner. Due to its design, this model is ideal for precise radius cuts, as it can be guided with absolute filigree.

The included transport case means that nothing stands in the way of mobile use. A blower, an LED and the rubberised handle also support you in your work. The Soft No Load function (less vibration, which is particularly useful when attaching the tool) and the electronic motor brake also contribute to safe handling.

In summary, the DJV181RT1J is an all-round solution for precise sawing work in wood, plastic and metal. Thanks to the included 18V battery and charger, everything you need to get started is at your fingertips. In addition, the MAKPAC case enables complication-free transport of all parts as well as their safe storage. Customers are largely enthusiastic about this set. When criticism is voiced, it is usually due to an accidentally delivered return – Amazon reacts in the usual accommodating manner.

Makita cordless jigsaw 18V – What you should generally look out for

Drive & design

The 18V jigsaws from Makita are equipped with a brushless motor. This is indicated by the BL marking on the housing. Brushless motors are superior to carbon brush motors in many respects. They have the following advantages:

  • The BL motor is comparatively small, which also makes the dimensions of the housing more compact
  • The BL motor has no carbon brushes that wear out, so it does not need to be maintained and is generally particularly durable
  • The BL motor delivers high performance because there is no loss of power due to friction (sliding contacts) or excessive heat

In combination with a lithium-ion battery, a high degree of efficiency can be achieved in the system. In plain language, this means that the jigsaw needs only little energy because it can transmit it efficiently.

The power is supplied by an 18V battery from the absolutely proven LXT series. Within the “Makita universe”, more than 360 machines and garden tools can be used with these batteries. If you already have an 18V battery and the right charger, you can save money by buying a solo jigsaw.

In terms of battery capacity, Makita offers 1.5-6 Ah (ampere hours). The higher the capacity, the longer you can work without interruption. At the same time, the weight, dimensions and purchase price of the battery increase.

Lithium-ion technology is very well suited for use in jigsaws. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The battery has a high power density, which is why it can be designed to be compact and lightweight.
  • There is only a very slow memory effect, which means that the battery lasts a long time.
  • Low self-discharge during storage

Furthermore, a distinction must be made visually between 2 designs:

  • Bar-shaped cordless jigsaws
  • Battery jigsaws with bow handle

Because both types are designed for mitre cuts up to 45°, the choice is more a matter of individual taste. In the final analysis, you may be able to work a little more filigree with a jigsaw. For cutting small circles or the like, this design is the adequate choice. It can also be used overhead without any problems. In addition, a jigsaw runs at the touch of a button and does not have to be “permanently activated”.

A cordless jigsaw with a bow handle has a classic throttle switch, which must be permanently activated during work. You can also regulate the speed at the touch of a finger. A bow handle is predestined to be held securely and firmly in the hand. The design promotes fast work progress.

Power & cutting depth

The power of a jigsaw does not necessarily have to be pronounced – that depends solely on the desired range of applications. There are various parameters that indicate the potential power.

First, you can look at the bare figures for cutting depth. An 18V battery jigsaw from Makita can cut through the following material thicknesses:

  • up to 135 mm in wood
  • up to 20 mm in aluminium
  • up to 10 mm in steel

These values clearly show that the battery drive no longer has to hide from mains cable devices, even though the voltage of 18 volts is comparatively moderate. The high efficiency of the brushless motor makes this possible. There is no high energy loss due to friction from sliding contacts or hot brush fire.

The pendulum stroke of a Makita cordless jigsaw, which is always installed, also contributes to a high power potential.


Precision is certainly of crucial importance when working with a jigsaw. The appearance and thus the satisfaction of the user depend on it. Depending on the type of work, it can also have a considerable influence on the safety of the end product.

First of all, you should make sure that the available blade fits the workpiece. Sensitive and thin workpieces are best machined with ground teeth. In this context, small, closely fitting teeth are most likely to ensure a high surface quality.

For thick materials, a coarse tooth geometry with milled teeth is sometimes sufficient. In principle, every need is covered among the Makita jigsaw blades. There are even solutions for demanding materials such as laminate or leather. As is the case with many other manufacturers, you can replace the Makita blade at any time without tools.

Furthermore, the speed of the motor and the stroke speed of the pendulum have a considerable influence on the cleanliness of the cut. They can be individually adjusted to the respective workpiece. The speed can be regulated by means of a numbered wheel. The higher the numerical value, the more aggressively the jigsaw works.

The thinner and softer the material to be processed, the less power should be used. While the pendulum stroke can generally ensure fast work progress, it has a negative influence on the quality of the cut on delicate workpieces and promotes chipping. For thin wood and when working on steel, it should be switched off (neutral position). Makita allows this to be done by means of a switch on the side.

In addition, LED lighting and a fan contribute to high precision. They ensure that you always have a clear view of the interface.

With an 18V battery jigsaw from Makita, even the smallest radii can be cut out accurately. Because the base plate can be tilted by 45° on both sides, mitre cuts are also no problem. If, on the other hand, you want to make very long and straight cuts accurately, a Makita cordless circular saw is the better choice. For the latter, there are guide rails between 100 and 300 cm.


Because a jigsaw always poses a certain potential danger, you should always keep safety in mind. First and foremost is proper handling. How this should be done can be found in the operating instructions that are included with every Makita cordless jigsaw.

To ensure a low risk of injury, you should remove the battery before changing the blade, for example. This will prevent the jigsaw from starting suddenly.

You should also make sure that you are wearing suitable work clothing. For example, it is advisable to wear safety goggles. These will protect your eyes from swirling chips and dust. The same applies to the use of the suction device, to which an all-purpose vacuum cleaner can be connected.

Because the noise level of an 18V Makita cordless jigsaw ranges between 77 and 78 dB, it is not necessary to wear hearing protection for health reasons.

A Makita cordless jigsaw can be technically classified as safe. It is equipped with an electronic motor brake as standard. This brings the blade to a stop as quickly as possible.

Makita also has a soft no-load function that can be switched on and off. Behind this is the reduction of the speed when idling. This not only makes it easier to start the jigsaw, but also reduces the vibrations transmitted to the hands. As a result, there are fewer “tingling sensations” in the hand.


The cost should be based on your expectations of quality and functionality. The more power you expect from the jigsaw and the more durable it is to react to adverse conditions, the more you have to invest. You should therefore plan a higher budget for commercial use than for occasional use at home.

An 18V cordless jigsaw from Makita is definitely not one of the cheapest models on the market. But that would not do it justice either. The manufacturer relies on high-quality and durable components that are also convincing on the construction site. As a stand-alone tool, an investment of around 200 Pounds is to be expected. In a set with battery, charger and case, the tools cost 350 Pounds and more.

Where to buy

Because Makita cordless jigsaws are so popular and proven, many dealers understandably want to have them in their range. As a customer, you can enjoy a wide range of choices between online shops and stationary retail outlets.

The easiest access is certainly via the large marketplaces Amazon and eBay. Many people already have an account there, payment processing is secure and the selection is large. In addition, tens of traders compete for the best visibility, which is why appealing offers often come up.

Another option is online shops specialising in DIY and handicrafts.Examples of proven shops in this context are Manomano and Toolstation.

You can also find 18V Makita cordless jigsaws in the range of large DIY stores. You can get personal advice there.

Makita cordless jigsaw 18V – It has many advantages to offer you

The 18 volt jigsaws from Makita definitely offer advantages in terms of freedom of movement and mobile use. In addition, a powerful, brushless motor is installed. Despite the high power potential, the jigsaws are quiet and extremely handy. However, they do not meet every need. So that you can quickly weigh up their pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Manufacturer is appreciated worldwide for its quality
  • Optionally available solo or as a comprehensive set incl. case and co.
  • High-quality workmanship, which can also cope with continuous commercial use
  • Brushless motor is extremely powerful, compact and durable
  • Unrestricted freedom of movement guarantees use in any location as desired
  • Robust die-cast aluminium base plate can be tilted 45° on both sides
  • Adjustable and optionally disengageable pendulum stroke increases force application and working speed
  • Cooling air blower and LED provide unrestricted view of interface
  • Speed can be variably adapted to the workpiece
  • Blade can be changed without tools
  • Soft No Load and motor brake promote high safety and health of the user
  • Low noise level of less than 80 dB
  • Connection for all-purpose vacuum cleaner is pre-equipped
  • 18V LXT batteries can be used flexibly in well over 300 Makita tools


  • Units are not suitable for any budget

Video: Makita 18V LXT jigsaws in practice

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