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DeWalt 18V drill

These set offers are worthwhile

The DeWalt brand stands for unconditional quality. Anyone who uses such a tool in the trade or at home expects the best compromise between performance, durability and handling. A very popular product of the US supplier are the DeWalt 18V drills. The modern machines work with a brushless motor and can therefore unleash a lot of power. Nevertheless, the dimensions and weight are often moderate.

DeWalt 18V drill

In the following, we will show you which 18V cordless drill from DeWalt is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt 18V drill – 3 models in the presentation

DeWalt DCD777S2T

DCD777 review

DeWalt cordless drills are also becoming more and more popular in the private sector. A good model for use at home is the DeWalt DCD777S2T .

The unit is supplied as standard with two 1.5 Ah batteries, a matching charger and a practical carrying case. Accordingly, no separate purchases need to be made. However, various drill and bit sets can be ordered directly from Amazon and the like. Including the battery, the weight is less than 2 kg. This means that women and senior citizens can also expect a high level of operating comfort.

The respective attachment can be easily fixed in the quick-action drill chuck. Presetting the torque (15 levels) is just as intuitive. Of course, you can also start right away in the drill setting. The robust 2-speed gearbox made of full metal reaches a peak torque of 65 Nm. Other features include a front LED so that every working area can always be comfortably illuminated.

All in all, the DCD777S2T is a comparatively inexpensive 18V drill from DeWalt. Although the set comes with a case, two batteries and a charger, it costs well under 200 euros. The screwdriver itself is robustly made and has a lot of power. Customers are largely satisfied with the handling and power development. However, they say that the noise level is relatively loud. And indeed, the noises are less pleasant with this brand.

DeWalt DCD791D2

Cordless XR DCD791

18V cordless drills from DeWalt are very competitive. A recommendation for regular use in the trade is the model DeWalt DCD791D2 .

This model is also supplied with a charger and 2 batteries. Here, however, the respective capacity is already 2 Ah. A T-STAK box, a belt holder and a magnetic bit holder are also included. You can carry the cordless screwdriver with you at all times without fear of losing accessories or dropping it. It has 2 speeds and a 15-step torque preselection.

The brushless motor ensures high power potential – up to 70 Nm is possible. Nevertheless, the power consumption is limited to a moderate 460 watts. Accordingly, a long battery life can be expected. According to the manufacturer, up to 40 mm holes can be drilled in wood and up to 13 mm holes in metal.

Overall, the DCD791D2 is a recommendable 18V drill from DeWalt. It comes with useful accessories, which make it much more convenient to transport and store. In addition, the tool has a durable finish and develops a torque of up to 70 Nm. Highlights include the belt hook, bit holder and LED light. Customers are very convinced by this 18V cordless screwdriver.

DeWalt DCD991P2

Battery DCD991

DeWalt also has the right 18V cordless drill for big challenges. The current top model is the DeWalt DCD991P2 .

This cordless screwdriver has a robust 3-speed gearbox and can develop a lot of power. The torque can be varied in 11 steps, but it should be noted that the area of application should/must be limited to medium and large screws. If you want to sink a small screw into wood, you will probably not be able to do so precisely. Even a slight acceleration is enough to get the tool to work properly.

Thanks to the two 5 Ah batteries included, regular breaks are a thing of the past. With one battery charge, you can countersink approx. 750 screws with a length of 6 cm. Another absolute highlight is the very bright LED lighting. It is located at the bottom of the base so that shadows are largely eliminated. In addition, it can be adjusted in 3 intensity levels. The afterglow lasts approx. 20 seconds. In addition, there is a torch function in which the light switches off automatically after 20 minutes. This hardly affects the 5 Ah battery.

In summary, the DCD991P2 is a high-quality and powerful 18V drill from DeWalt. The device even reliably countersinks 60 cm long SPAX screws and can drill holes of more than 50 mm in wood. With steel, it is still a reasonable 16 mm. On the negative side, the power is really difficult to use in measured doses. The smallest screws can no longer be driven with this cordless screwdriver. In terms of power, this model is at the top of the range, but this is also reflected in the price.

DeWalt 18V drill – This is what you should generally look out for

Selection & Drive

Currently, DeWalt offers 7 different cordless drills with the 18V ecosystem. Internally, they compete with various 10.8V and 12V models. Compared to the smaller battery voltages, the 18V devices are more powerful but also more expensive to purchase.

The energy is supplied by a lithium-ion battery. Such batteries have only a low self-discharge rate and virtually no memory effect, which ensures a long service life. In addition, there is a high energy density, so that the batteries can be kept small and comparatively light.

In terms of capacity, DeWalt offers values between 1.5 and 5 Ah (ampere hours). The higher the value, the longer the battery lasts in continuous operation. At the same time, however, the charging time also increases. To fully charge a 5 Ah battery, you have to be patient for about 80 minutes.

DeWalt uses brushless technology for the motor. Brushless motors work entirely without carbon brushes. This not only reduces the maintenance effort to almost 0, but also the fact that the performance is not affected by friction losses. Therefore, brushless motors can be classified as particularly powerful.


The power rating is of crucial importance. It does not necessarily have to be high, but it must definitely fit the requirements on site. In general, it can be said that the 18V DeWalt drills are among the most powerful models on the market.

You can tell how powerful your desired model is by looking at various parameters. First and foremost, the torque is relevant for screwing in and loosening screws. It is expressed in Nm (newton metres). The higher the value, the longer the screws can be loosened. Powerful tools even reliably loosen heavily rusted screws.

When it comes to drilling, it is practical that the maximum possible diameters of common materials are simply specified precisely. An 18V cordless screwdriver from DeWalt can make 55 mm holes in wood and 15 mm holes in steel at its peak (DCD991). If you put your mind to it, even larger diameters are possible in wood (up to 100 mm diameter via hole saw).

In addition, the battery voltage indicates the potential power. Here, 18V always have an advantage over 12V and 10.8V.

By the way, the wattage that is often mentioned plays only a subordinate role in this context. It only defines the power consumption per se. A high power consumption can indeed go hand in hand with more power, but this assumption can only be substantiated if one then looks at the other indicators as well.

Drill chuck

The drill chuck can have a far-reaching effect on the feeling of comfort during everyday use. DeWalt relies on the proven quick-action drill chuck. It has decisive advantages. For example, you do not have to use a separate tool to change the attachment.

The clamping range for the drill bits and bits is between 1.5 mm and 13 mm. This can be considered standard. Surprisingly, even 1 mm drill bits hold quite reliably in the chuck on some models. To open the chuck, a short turning movement with the hand is sufficient. The same applies to closing.


It goes without saying that handling should be as comfortable as possible. In this case, you can devote yourself fully to the task at hand and do not have to fear any physical discomfort. DeWalt strives to meet this requirement.

The biggest influencing factor in terms of comfort is probably the dead weight. The heaviest cordless screwdrivers from DeWalt weigh around 2 kg when fully assembled. That is still enough to be able to use them quite effortlessly above the shoulders.

Furthermore, the handle elements are rubberised. This means there is no danger of slipping during strenuous work. In addition, there are no feelings of pressure or even calluses on the palm.

The strongest versions also come with an additional handle. This allows you to distribute the weight of the screwdriver more evenly over both arms and to guide the screwdriver better in general.

In general, using a DeWalt 18V drill is uncomplicated. The battery can be clicked into place with a flick of the wrist and immediately engages (same principle as Makita). Clear symbols and the classic arrangement of the controls make operation easier.

One complaint about the DeWalt 18V cordless screwdriver is the arrangement of the torque and drilling stages. In an unfavourable situation, the ring may have to be turned completely and you have to start again several times with your hand until you can drill adequately. You can find out more about this in the video below.

Range of functions

The 18V drill from DeWalt score points with their comprehensive functionality, which improves both comfort and safety. We will briefly explain which functions are particularly helpful in the following.

All of DeWalt’s switches are arranged in such a way that you can intuitively find your way around the operation. On the top, for example, you can switch between 2 or 3 gears via a slide switch.

The torque is adjusted electronically via a rotating ring. Numerical values and drilling levels are clearly indicated. The ring can be quite difficult to turn.

Furthermore, it is switched from right-hand to left-hand rotation and vice versa in the classic way by pressing in a bolt near the main switch. The speed can be regulated sensitively at the throttle switch – just as you would expect.

The LED lighting of a DeWalt 18V drill deserves praise. It is sometimes located near the battery so that no shadows are cast. It can also be adjusted variably and can achieve very high lux values.

In addition, a belt hook and a magnetic bit holder are virtually standard equipment. This means you can always transport the cordless screwdriver safely.

DeWalt’s sophisticated safety electronics also ensure that your cordless screwdriver lasts a long time. It monitors the temperature, the current consumption, etc. If there is an excessive load, the cordless screwdriver switches off preventively.


The costs should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Otherwise, there is an increased potential for disappointment. In the cordless screwdriver segment, this usually means the following: the more power you expect and the more comprehensive the functionality, the more you have to invest. The same applies to the expectation of durable components.

An 18V drill from DeWalt is certainly not cheap. But it doesn’t deserve to be categorised as “low-budget” either. Powerful motors and robust manufacturing materials are used. It is not for nothing that the tools are held in high esteem even in tough continuous use on construction sites. If you already have a suitable battery and charger, you can of course save money by purchasing a single unit.

DeWalt 18V drill – The manufacturer offers many advantages

A DeWalt drill with the 18V ecosystem has many advantages to offer you. It is designed for heavy loads and is also convincing in commercial applications. The manufacturer relies unconditionally on high-quality components. Nevertheless, not everything speaks for this series. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Renowned US manufacturer that has stood for quality par excellence for over 100 years
  • Optionally available as single unit or in comprehensive set offers
  • High-quality workmanship designed to last under continuous use
  • Brushless motor ensures that even 60 cm long screws can be driven into wood and large holes can be drilled
  • Gearbox is made of full metal and can be used in 2-3 gears
  • High ease of use thanks to adequate weight, rubberised handle and compact dimensions
  • Strong versions have additional handle
  • Belt hook facilitates transport
  • Quick-action drill chuck is easy to operate and sometimes even accepts 1 mm drill bits (indicated clamping width ranges from 1.5 to 13 mm)
  • LED light can be adjusted in 3 positions and can even be used as a torch (lights up for approx. 20 minutes at a time)
  • Temperature, load and power consumption are permanently monitored (if excessive strain occurs, the unit switches off automatically)
  • 18V batteries can be used in other tools made by the manufacturer


  • Not suitable for small pockets
  • Strong versions are so potent that small screws can no longer be inserted precisely (they are then quickly sunk into the material over the entire length of the bit)
  • Torque cannot be adjusted in as many steps as is possible with some other manufacturers (sometimes there are only 11 steps)

Video: DeWalt DCD777 review

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