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Makita impact driver 18V

These are the best 18V LXT impact wrenches

When it comes to loosening large and/or even rusted screws, bolts and nuts, classic cordless screwdrivers reach their limits at some point. The better solution is to use an impact driver. This not only acts on the object via the torque in a rotary movement, but also strikes in the axial direction. This loosens even stubborn screws. Makita 18V impact drivers are particularly well proven here. They even loosen wheel bolts on trucks and tractors with ease.

Makita impact driver 18V

In the following, we will show you which 18V impact driver from Makita is a good choice. In addition, you will find out what you should always bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita impact driver 18V – These models are recommended

Makita DTW1002Z

Brushless DTW1002

To be able to change a tyre without any problems, you need an impact wrench with particularly high torque. One recommendation in this context is the Makita DTW1002Z .

The impact wrench is supplied either “solo” or with accessories such as rechargeable batteries and a transport box. Its brushless motor creates a loosening torque of up to 1600 Nm. According to customer experience, this makes it easy to change car tyres. Thanks to a tightening torque of up to 1000 Nm, even the wheel bolts of tractors and trucks can be securely fixed. Incidentally, you can adjust the rotation and impact speed 3 times via a modern touch control panel.

However, it must be clearly stated that the power clearly affects the weight. The weight is 3.6 kg, which is why handling the machine is not all that effortless during longer activities. This is a necessary evil if you need a lot of power. Makita does its best to provide you with a high level of comfort. Among other things, a bright double LED and a metal clip (for hanging on a ladder) contribute to this.

Overall, the DTW1002Z is a powerful 18V impact driver from Makita. It has enough power to quickly change tyres on both small and large vehicles. It is operated intuitively via a modern and illustrated touch control panel at the base. The electronic motor brake ensures that the correct torque is always applied. In addition, a battery protection system is installed. Customers are enthusiastic about the power, but also point out the rather high weight.

Makita DTW285Z


In some situations, you need a compact impact wrench that allows you to work without discomfort even in confined areas. A good solution here is the Makita DTW285Z .

This impact wrench is only 14.7 cm long in the head area. This allows it to be used even in narrow niches. In general, the tool has been designed for fast screwing and unscrewing work. It weighs only 1.8 kg including the battery and is therefore easy to handle. Here, too, you can adjust the speed of rotation and impact 3 times. With a maximum torque of 280 Nm, this model is only conditionally suitable for classic tyre changing, but rather for a variety of tasks around the car or on construction sites.

A front LED light including afterglow function also supports you in your work. There is also a metal hook to hang the screwdriver on your belt in the meantime, for example. In addition, the manufacturer attaches great importance to durability. The XPT housing reliably protects against dust and water. In addition, the battery is protected from deep discharge by an automatic shutdown if necessary.

All in all, the DTW285Z is a compact 18V impact driver from Makita. It is delivered together with a practical carrying case and optionally together with a 5-Ah battery. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the light weight and the belt clip, transport and storage are never a problem anyway. Customers sometimes use the tool to change tyres. However, it is also more suitable for extensive screwdriving work in metal, wood and the like.

Makita DTD153Z

Impact wrench DTD153Z

When it comes to compactness and handiness, Makita is the best. If you only want to carry out screwdriving work, it’s worth taking a look at the Makita DTD153Z .

Here, the head area is even only 12.6 cm long, which means that almost any area can be worked on with confidence. In addition, the weight is limited to a light 1.3 kg. The handle is fully rubberised. Women and senior citizens can therefore also expect a high level of operating comfort. A brushless motor is used so that the power can still be developed. In terms of performance, however, there are still sacrifices to be made – the maximum tightening torque here is only 170 Nm.

Moreover, there are no different power levels/gears in this version. The speed is regulated classically via finger pressure on the throttle switch. Bits can be changed with a flick of the wrist. This compact model also has an LED on the front. The manufacturer’s proven battery protection system is also installed.

In summary, the DTD153Z is a very small 18V impact driver from Makita. Nevertheless, it manages to drive large screws into steel plates and the like. The compact dimensions predestine it for tedious tasks. However, it is not the right choice for changing wheels. Customers are very pleased with the ratio of compactness to power.

Makita impact driver 18V – You should generally pay attention to the following

Selection options & drive

Makita currently offers 21 different impact drivers, all of which are powered by the manufacturer’s 18V LXT series. This ecosystem can easily be used in many of the manufacturer’s tools.

When selecting the bit holder, one can generally differentiate between external square drive (1/2 & 3/4″) and 1/4″ hexagon socket.

The power supply is always provided by a lithium-ion battery. Such batteries are anything but cheap, but they also have many advantages. They have only a low self-discharge rate and have no de facto memory effect. Therefore, a long shelf life can be expected. In addition, a high energy density can be achieved. This in turn allows the batteries to be small and light – yet they last a long time.

Makita offers battery capacities between 1.5 and 6 Ah (ampere hours) in the 18V segment. The higher the value, the longer continuous operation is possible. At the same time, however, the purchase costs and the dead weight also increase.

With one exception – the DTW450RTJ – all motors in this segment operate brushless. Brushless motors can be classified as particularly powerful because there are no losses due to the friction of any carbon brushes. In addition, the maintenance effort is, to put it bluntly, limited to nothing. Where there are no brushes, there is no need to replace them.


Power is certainly always of decisive importance. It does not necessarily have to be high, but it must be suitable for the conditions on site. In this context, impact wrenches are fundamentally superior to classic cordless wrenches, because in addition to the rotary movement, they also perform impacts in the axial direction.

There are various parameters that provide information about performance. First and foremost, the torque, which is expressed in Nm (newton metres), can be consulted. The higher the torque, the easier it is to loosen stubborn screws. In addition, screws and bolts with high values can be fixed particularly strongly.

In terms of torque, a further distinction can be made between the tightening torque and the loosening torque. In detail, an impact wrench always offers more loosening torque than tightening torque. A Makita 18V impact driver can create a peak loosening torque of 1700 Nm and a tightening torque of 1050 Nm. This is definitely enough to quickly change a tyre on any standard vehicle.

Especially if you want to change a tyre or wheel, you should stick to the tightening torque recommended by the manufacturer. It has happened that the wheels of some vehicles have become loose on the road because they were not tightened enough. Incidentally, Makita’s motor brake ensures that the torque is applied precisely.

The battery capacity is also a direct indicator of the potential power. Here, 18V is a universal value and Makita makes promising use of it.

In the area of power, it should be noted that very high values, over 2000 Nm, can only be achieved with compressed air solutions. In practice, however, such values are often not even necessary.


It goes without saying that handling the impact wrench should be as comfortable as possible. In this case, you can focus on the task at hand and do not have to fear any physical discomfort. An 18V impact wrench from Makita promises you a high level of operating comfort for various reasons.

Many models weigh less than 2 kg including the battery, which is why they are easy to handle even above the shoulders. The fact that the weight also increases with increasing power is a circumstance to be accepted by every manufacturer.

Furthermore, the grip surfaces are always rubberised. This largely reduces the vibrations of the motor and avoids a feeling of pressure in the hand. A non-slip pattern also ensures that one does not slip off.

In general, the handling is uncomplicated. The modern devices all have an illustrated touch control panel at the base. Here you can intuitively switch between the different power levels and modes.

Some of the equipment also includes a metal hook. This can be used to hang the 18V impact wrench on a ladder or attach it to a belt.

It should be noted that not all 18V impact drivers from Makita were designed for the same tasks. While large models are suitable for self-made tyre changes, the compact models are more suitable for quick screwing jobs. Generally, impact wrenches can be used for the following tasks:

  • Assembling pieces of furniture (e.g. screwing down side struts of basement shelving)
  • screwing on wooden and transport crates
  • Assembling cupboard doors
  • Changing tyres
  • Changing shock absorbers on cars
  • Removing tight screws from roof beams
  • Loosening rusted screws
  • Countersinking screws in stone, concrete and metal


The 18V impact drivers from Makita have many functions that increase the comfort and the range of applications. We will briefly explain which ones are particularly helpful in the following.

The battery can always be clipped in without complications. Before starting up, you can usually select one of 2-3 power levels. They all work with a different rotation and impact speed, so that you can choose between sensitive or aggressive action.

As known from other manufacturers, only the clockwise rotation can be adjusted for tightening. The left-hand rotation is single-stage. Switching is done in the classic way by pushing in a lever. There is also a neutral position in which the machine does not start.

A front LED light also makes it possible to brightly illuminate every corner. This not only makes your work easier, but also improves safety.

Another feature worth mentioning is the auto-stop mode. In counterclockwise rotation, it stops the rotary movement within 0.2 seconds, so that no screws or bolts can fall off when loosening. Especially when working at heights, such as on scaffolding, this function is worth its weight in gold and can protect against annoyances.

Another innovative feature is the Assist Mode. At the beginning, the impact wrench starts gently and only reaches the set rotation and impact speed after a delay. Therefore, the respective screw or nut is always reliably gripped, which also avoids stress and frustration.

In addition, the 18V impact wrenches from Makita promise a long durability. While they are protected from splash water and dust on the outside (Xtreme Protection Technology), electronic protection is built in on the inside. If there is a risk of deep discharge of the battery, the device switches off preventively.


Of course, the price also has a partial influence on the decision. It should be in fair proportion to your own requirements. Otherwise, there is a greater potential for disappointment. In the impact wrench segment, the following tends to apply: The higher the torque, the more you have to invest. The same applies to the expectation of flexible application possibilities and long durability.

An 18V impact driver from Makita is by no means cheap. However, it is a quality product that also meets with approval in the trade. If you already have a suitable battery and charger, you can find the first individual devices on offer for just under 100 Pounds.

Makita impact driver 18V – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

The 18V impact drivers from Makita offer great advantages. You can generate a torque of up to 1050 Nm, so that even the wheel bolts of tractors and trucks can be loosened. The selection is quite diverse. Only some models are suitable for changing tyres – others for big jobs on the construction site. Nevertheless, not every requirement can be met. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have created a table for you below:


  • World-wide appreciated traditional manufacturer from Japan
  • Large selection from over 20 models
  • Even 5 Ah battery is full after 45 minutes in the quick charger
  • Brushless motor promises high power potential and long durability
  • Torque, number of strokes and speed can be individually adjusted
  • Low weight and ergonomic handle ensure high operating comfort
  • The head is sometimes less than 15 cm long, so it can be used in any confined space
  • The working area can be brightly illuminated by LED if required
  • Electronic motor brake stops the tool exactly when you want it to stop
  • Housing is often reliably protected against splash water and dust (XPT technology)
  • Electronics are protected against overload, overheating and deep discharge (battery protection system) by automatic shutdown
  • 18V LXT series can be swapped back and forth in numerous Makita cordless tools


  • Not suitable for small wallets
  • Can’t keep up with a compressed air wrench when it comes to changing wheels and tyres

Video: Makita DTW1002 review

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