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Einhell cordless lawn mower

The best battery mowers from Einhell

The family-owned company Einhell comes from Bavaria and specialises in affordable power tools and garden equipment. The range also includes cordless mowers. A Einhell cordless lawn mower is considered to be easy to handle, quiet and environmentally friendly in operation. In addition, the motors are low-wear and do not require maintenance. The Power-X-Change system can also be used flexibly in the manufacturer’s other tools. Depending on the model, either one 18V battery is used or two batteries that are combined to a voltage of 36V.

Einhell cordless lawn mower

In the following, we will show you which battery lawn mower from Einhell is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Einhell cordless lawn mower – 3 models in the presentation

Einhell GE-CM 43 Li

Battery GE-CM 43

Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation, has also confirmed that Einhell’s cordless lawn mowers are of good quality. In 2019, the model Einhell GE-CM 43 Li  declared the test winner.

The cordless mower is delivered optionally with or without accessories, so that people who are already so equipped can save. Two 18V batteries are required for operation. Together they provide a powerful voltage of 36V, which is why the speed does not drop even on large lawns. Einhell recommends the use for areas up to 600 m². While the cutting width is 43 cm, the basket has a capacity of 63 litres. It is made of dimensionally stable plastic and therefore fills very reliably. It is also easy to empty. The fill level indicator shows when the time has come.

Furthermore, the weight is a moderate 16.5 kg. The large rear wheels and the height-adjustable handlebar ensure easy handling. You are guaranteed to work in an ergonomic posture. In addition, a mulching wedge is available, thanks to which you can produce nutrient-rich fertiliser. For transport and storage, the handlebar can be completely folded up after work.

Overall, the GE-CM 43 is a recommendable battery lawn mower from Einhell. Stiftung Warentest also found this to be the case. The mower can be put into operation quickly and used flexibly on small and medium-sized areas. The height-adjustable handlebar, the low weight and the large wheels ensure effortless handling. The latter are also quite wide, which protects the turf. Other highlights are the mulching function and the brushless motor.

Einhell GE-CM 18/30 Li

Review GE-CM 18/30

The Einhell brand also has good solutions for small and winding gardens. A commendable example here is the Einhell GE-CM 18/30 Li .

This model weighs a feather-light 8.5 kg. Therefore, even elderly seniors can expect effortless handling. The carrying handle, among other things, supports you in this. In addition, the cutting width is limited to 30 cm. This means that even narrow passages and remote corners can be mown reliably. Depending on the selection, a suitable battery and charger are directly available.

The fact that this mower was not designed for large areas can be seen directly from the 25-litre basket. The manufacturer recommends it for areas up to 150 m². Furthermore, the cutting height can be adjusted between 3 and 7 cm in just a few steps. Although the mower is so discreet, it has a brushless motor that can run at up to 3500 revolutions per minute.

All in all, the GE-CM 18/30 Li is an affordable and compact battery lawn mower from Einhell. It is ideal for small city gardens and narrow passages. The device can be moved with maximum effort and stored in an extremely space-saving way. The remaining battery capacity is displayed on the handle at all times (1 battery is sufficient). Customers are satisfied with the price/performance ratio.


Rasarro Power-X-Change

Einhell is constantly improving its own cordless lawnmowers. A relatively new and powerful model is the Einhell RASARRO.

It is delivered directly with two 4 Ah batteries. Together with a cutting width of 38 cm, you can expect a reasonable area performance. Einhell puts this at 450 m². Thanks to the Twincharger charger included, both batteries are quickly charged. Visually, the telescopic handle is immediately noticeable. You can adjust it precisely to your own height. This makes the work as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, the cutting height can be adjusted centrally between 2.5 and 7.5 cm. Other features include large, lawn-friendly wheels and a 45-litre basket. The latter is equipped with a fill level indicator. In addition, an LED display on the handle informs you about the remaining battery capacity. One can certainly also mention the mulching wedge, which expands the possibilities even further.

In summary, the RASARRO is a powerful battery lawn mower from Einhell. It is ideally suited for medium-sized lawns. The brushless motor does not lose power even in tall grass. The telescopic handle and the twincharger ensure a high level of comfort. In addition, the battery indicator and the mulching function are certainly useful. For space-saving storage, the handle can be folded away completely.

Einhell cordless lawn mower – This is what you should generally bear in mind

Selection options & type

Currently, Einhell offers 23 different lawn mowers that are powered either by one or two batteries. These can be further divided into 3 categories:

  • Classic rotary mowers
  • Reel mower
  • Robot lawn mower

Rotary mowers are the most popular type in the home garden. They shorten the lawn in the classic way using a blade that rotates sideways. In the cordless mower segment, Einhell offers both compact models for winding areas and larger models for extensive areas. The electric motor is generally considered to be quiet and de facto maintenance-free. In addition, it naturally only has a manageable environmental impact during operation.

The GE-HM 18/38 reel mower cuts the lawn with a reel equipped with blades. This process is very gentle, so there is no need to fear brown discolouration or matting. Such models are therefore ideally suited for creating an “English lawn”. A disadvantage is an increased susceptibility to stones, sticks and other debris. In addition, cylinder mowers cannot cope with very tall blades, which is why preliminary work may have to be done with a rotary mower in spring.

A robotic lawnmower is also battery-powered. In this case, however, the battery is not removable but integrated. Charging takes place independently in the associated charging station. This type of lawn mower relieves you of a large part of the lawn care, leaving you more time for more pleasant activities. However, this requires a rather high budget at the beginning and a certain amount of effort during set-up. In this context, Einhell offers 4 models in the FREELEXO series, some of which can even be controlled via an app.

The Power-X-Change system can be used interchangeably in all 18V tools from Einhell. However, the powerful tools sometimes need 2 units at the same time, which then ensure a powerful voltage of 36V.


Handling should generally be as comfortable as possible. In this case, lawn care can develop from a tiresome to a fun affair.

First of all, an adequate weight contributes significantly to energy-saving handling. Many battery-powered lawn mowers from Einhell weigh less than 20 kg and can therefore be easily operated by women and elderly people. The massive models can support you with a wheel drive, so that you only have to use your own muscle power when turning.

Furthermore, the height of the handlebar is adjustable. This allows people of all heights to work in an upright and thus back-friendly posture. A soft rubber or foam handle ensures that vibrations are dampened as well as possible.

The wheels are wide and soft so that the turf is not damaged. The heavy mowers also have ball bearings so that they turn more reliably.

The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic, which also saves weight. It is robust enough to withstand contact with bushes and the like without damage.

In addition, a handle on the top is available for transport. It is best to fold up the handle for this purpose. The latter is also recommended for storage.

Some Einhell cordless mowers also come with a special scraper that allows you to clean the mower without complications.

Area performance/range

The area coverage is an important factor in the selection process. It must match the conditions on site. The cutting width is a key factor here. The wider it is, the faster and more efficiently you can work over large areas. On the other hand, a compact mower is more useful in narrow and winding areas. The cutting width of an Einhell cordless lawnmower ranges between 30 and 47 cm, which means that many areas can be covered.

The battery capacity also plays an important role. It is expressed in ampere hours (Ah). The higher the capacity, the longer the battery will last. Einhell offers batteries with 2-6 Ah. Of course, you can also increase the range by keeping various rechargeable batteries directly pre-charged.

Einhell recommends its walk-behind cordless lawn mowers for areas up to 900 square metres. Above that, you should opt for a robotic mower or a combustion engine.

Collecting box

You should also pay attention to the catcher box. Depending on the design, it can either contribute to a high level of comfort or cause annoyance and stress.

First and foremost, the capacity must match the size of the lawn. The larger the area to be maintained, the larger the volume of the basket should be. If this is not the case, interruptions will have to be made constantly. This would require more time and effort on your part.

In confined areas, a compact basket makes more sense because it contributes to the mower’s agile and manoeuvrable behaviour. The capacity of an Einhell cordless lawn mower ranges from 25 to 75 litres.

Another useful feature is the fact that there are sometimes 2 handles on the basket. This makes it easier to shake out the grass. Sometimes the basket is also made of hard plastic with ventilation slots, which makes it even easier to fill and empty.

A practical fill level indicator shows you when the optimum time for emptying has come. So you don’t have to be too attentive yourself.

Range of functions

An Einhell cordless lawn mower can be equipped with several additional functions that can significantly improve comfort and flexibility. We will briefly explain which of these are particularly useful in the following.

A mulching function can provide universal application possibilities. With the enclosed mulching wedge, you can process the lawn cuttings into a nutrient-rich fertiliser. This is then returned to the turf. The mulch also provides the lawn with additional moisture, which can be extremely helpful in summer.

If you need to do it quickly, a large cordless mower can offer you the use of a side discharge. Here, the cuttings are simply ejected to the side, which is why there are no additional interruptions.

Furthermore, the larger models can have more than 2 battery slots so that you don’t even have to interrupt your work to fetch a new battery. A 3-stage LED on the handle provides information about the remaining battery capacity.

In addition, the solid battery lawn mowers are equipped with a variable wheel drive. This relieves you of the effort of pushing. Of course, it is then switched off for turning.


The price also has a certain influence on the decision. It should always be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. The higher the area output and the power of the engine are to be, the higher the budget must be. The same applies to the desire for a long service life. In general, the battery mower type is more expensive than a corded mower due to the lithium-ion technology and the charger required.

An Einhell cordless lawn mower – without battery and without charger – can be had on sale for just under 100 Pounds. However, this is reserved for the very compact versions. If you are looking for a set including battery and charger, you should be prepared to invest 200-600 Pounds. All in all, the devices offer a fair price/performance ratio, which Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) also points out (issue 04/2019).

Einhell cordless lawn mower – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

A cordless mower from Einhell offers various advantages. On the one hand, the mowers are easy to start up and easy to operate. On the other hand, they do not emit any harmful exhaust fumes during work and are quite quiet. Since there is no cable connection, you can directly control any location of your choice. However, the devices cannot meet every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table below:


  • Good choice of models for small and medium-sized areas
  • Sometimes winner of Stiftung Warentest tests
  • Cordless freedom of movement, so you can tackle any remote corner immediately
  • Carrying handle, height-adjustable handlebar and rubberised grips ensure comfortable handling
  • Low noise level, so it can also be used in sensitive environments (hospital, old people’s home, school) and neighbours do not feel disturbed
  • Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly motor
  • Brushless motor technology can also reliably handle high grass
  • LEDs in the handle provide information on remaining battery life at all times
  • Light weight and wide wheels protect the turf
  • Lawn cuttings can be processed into nutrient-rich fertiliser via mulching wedge
  • Massive models can be equipped with variable wheel drive
  • Running time can be extended as required if several batteries are available
  • Handlebar can be completely folded for space-saving storage
  • 18V batteries can also be used in Einhell’s other tools


  • Area output cannot keep up with a massive petrol engine
  • Units cannot handle very rough adversity, such as a heavily overgrown lawn
  • Not as cheap as a corded electric mower

Einhell GE-CM 18/30 Li Review

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