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Makita cordless lawn mower

The best battery mowers from Makita

The traditional Japanese company Makita was founded in 1915. Today, the company is appreciated by numerous handymen and do-it-yourselfers worldwide. The product range also includes cordless mowers. A Makita cordless lawn mower is characterised by its energy-saving handling and a quiet and environmentally friendly engine. Makita offers both compact versions for gardens with many nooks and crannies and massive versions for large areas. The latter can definitely compete with the performance of a petrol engine.

Makita cordless lawn mower

In the following, we will show you which Makita cordless lawn mower is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless lawn mower – 3 models in the presentation

Makita DLM380Z

Battery DLM380Z

The Makita cordless lawn mowers are very popular. An absolute bestseller for years has been the model Makita DLM380Z .

With a cutting width of 38 cm, the device is kept quite compact. Therefore, you can also manoeuvre in confined areas. The manufacturer recommends using it for areas of up to 540 m². The mower can be set up quickly, as only a few steps are required. It should be borne in mind that the two 18V batteries required and the matching charger have to be purchased separately. Furthermore, the weight is limited to a light 15 kg, which is why nothing stands in the way of easy handling.

The height-adjustable handlebar also contributes to a high level of comfort. Thanks to it, you are guaranteed to work in an upright and thus back-friendly position. The carrying handle at the front also supports you during transport. Furthermore, you can adjust the cutting height centrally between 2.5 and 7.5 cm. In addition, the basket has a capacity of 40 litres, so that work on small areas does not have to be interrupted too often.

All in all, the DLM380Z is a deservedly popular battery lawn mower from Makita. It can be put into operation quickly and is very agile. The light weight and compact dimensions are the main reasons for this. For this reason, the cordless mower is particularly recommended for use in gardens with many nooks and crannies. Other highlights are the low noise level of 81 dB (at the ear) and the height-adjustable and foldable handlebar.

Makita DLM431Z

18V x2 DLM431

The Makita cordless lawn mowers can be used very flexibly in some cases. One recommendation in this context is the Makita DLM431Z .

This cordless mower can be used for areas of up to 950 m². The cutting width of 43 cm and the 50-litre basket make a decisive contribution to this. The latter has a practical fill level indicator and a hardtop. The hardtop ensures that it actually fills completely and can be emptied quickly. The tare weight is still a moderate 18 kg, which makes it relatively easy to handle.

A special feature here is certainly the fact that the cutting height can be varied 13 times. This means that the lawn height can be precisely adjusted according to preference. The range is between 2 and 7.5 cm. Extreme Protection Technology ensures that the mower lasts a long time and is resistant to water and dust. In addition, the foldable handlebar ensures space-saving storage.

Overall, the DLM431Z is a recommendable battery lawn mower from Makita. It has a good area performance and can be used in a variety of gardens. The dimensions and weight remain within comfortable limits. Highlights include the precisely adjustable cutting height, the fill level indicator on the basket and the low noise level of around 80 dB. Customers are satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

Makita DLM460Z

36V Brushless DLM460

Makita also offers battery-powered lawn mowers for large areas. A high-quality model is the Makita DLM460Z .

This model has a robust steel housing and a cutting width of 46 cm. Accordingly, it also weighs a little more. The smooth-running wheels and rubberised handle ensure that the 26 kg vehicle is still easy to manoeuvre. You can choose between 2 operating modes: ADT (Automatic torque Drive Technology) and Extra Quiet. In ADT mode, the speed regulates itself independently and adapts to the prevailing conditions.

In Extra Quiet mode, the sound pressure level is an impressive 79 dB. For this reason, Makita recommends this cordless mower for use near sensitive areas (hospital, school, etc.). In addition, the device is equipped with a mulching function. Thanks to this, you can provide the lawn with additional nutrients and moisture. Furthermore, an overload protection is installed. If the motor is overloaded, it switches off automatically so that the durability does not suffer.

In summary, the DLM460Z is a high-quality battery mower from Makita. It has a durable steel housing and is relatively easy to operate. In addition, the engine can reach more than 3000 revolutions per minute and is still very quiet. The fact that the device can also mulch if required is certainly something special for a battery lawn mower. The same applies to the self-regulating speed.

Makita cordless lawn mower – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & design

Currently, the Makita company offers 15 different cordless lawn mowers. These are all powered by an 18V system (lithium-ion technology). Two such batteries must always be used, resulting in a voltage of 36 volts. This voltage ensures that the mower’s speed does not drop even during prolonged operation and that it can also cope with tall grass.

In general, a battery-powered lawn mower is relatively quiet and environmentally friendly during operation. In addition, the electric motor used is virtually maintenance-free, which saves effort and additional costs (no oil or spark plug changes). These mowers have the advantage of cordless freedom of movement over mains corded mowers. This means that you can directly control any location as desired.

In addition, the compact versions weigh very little, which is why they can also be confidently operated by women and senior citizens. However, Makita also offers massive cordless mowers with a sheet steel housing and a cutting width beyond 50 cm. These show their advantages on large areas.

Incidentally, Makita currently only offers classic rotary mowers with rechargeable batteries. Other manufacturers also offer robotic lawn mowers and rotary mowers.


Handling should be as comfortable as possible. This can turn the otherwise rather tiresome task of mowing the lawn into a pleasant and perhaps even fun affair.

First and foremost, an adequate weight contributes to energy-saving handling. A compact battery lawn mower from Makita weighs around 15 kg, which means that it can also be moved confidently by senior citizens and women. The massive cordless mowers have a wheel drive so that power only needs to be applied when changing direction.

Most models are also equipped with an additional carrying handle at the front. Thanks to this, you can get the mower from A to B quickly.

To ensure a back-friendly posture for people of all sizes, the height of the handlebar can be adjusted. The handle is ergonomically shaped and rubberised. The latter reduces the transmission of vibrations.

The cutting height can be adjusted centrally within a universal range (in some cases 13-fold). With the large machines you can sometimes even maintain the lawn at a height of 10 cm, which is quite exceptional for a battery mower.

During operation, the robust plastic housing (the high-quality models have an aluminium housing) and the Xtreme Protect Technology ensure that rough contact with trees, house walls and vegetation is minimised.

For space-saving storage, the spar can then be completely folded up. It is also advisable to transport the spar in this packaging.

Area capacity/reach

The area output is of decisive importance. It has to match the conditions on site and is primarily influenced by the cutting width.

The larger the area, the wider the mower deck should be. Otherwise the abrasion becomes increasingly inefficient. In winding gardens and narrow passages, on the other hand, a narrow cutting width is an advantage. A Makita battery mower has a cutting width of between 38 and 53 cm. This means that almost any lawn can be covered.

The capacity of the battery also plays a role. It is expressed in Ah (ampere hours). With Makita, it lies between 1.5 and 6 Ah. The higher the value, the longer the battery will last. Of course, the latter also makes it steadily more expensive.

The area output is of decisive importance. It must fit the conditions on site and is primarily influenced by the cutting width.

The larger the area, the wider the mower should be. Otherwise, the mowing becomes increasingly inefficient. On the other hand, a narrow cutting width is advantageous in winding gardens and narrow passages. A Makita battery mower has a cutting width of between 38 and 53 cm. This means that almost any lawn can be covered.

The capacity of the battery also plays a role. It is expressed in Ah (ampere hours). With Makita, it lies between 1.5 and 6 Ah. The higher the value, the longer the battery will last. Of course, the latter also makes it steadily more expensive.

Catch baskets

The catcher bag should also be given a certain amount of attention. Depending on its construction and size, it can contribute to a high level of comfort or provide frustrating moments.

The capacity, which is expressed in litres, should also increase as the size of the area increases. This means you don’t have to make as many stops to empty it, saving time and effort. In narrow passages and small areas, a smaller basket is more suitable, as it contributes to the compact and agile dimensions that are required here. The catcher bag of a Makita cordless lawn mower holds between 40 and 70 litres.

In addition, the baskets from Makita are often equipped with a hard top. This ensures that they retain their shape and can be emptied without complications. There may also be a fill level indicator. This shows you the optimal time for emptying so that you do not have to be attentive yourself.


A Makita cordless lawn mower can be equipped with a comprehensive range of functions that contribute to a high level of comfort and flexible use. We will briefly explain which functions are particularly useful in the following.

You can choose between 2 operating modes: ADT mode and extra quiet mode. In ADT mode, the speed regulates itself independently and constantly adapts the power to the current requirements. Silence mode was designed for sensitive circumstances and times. Depending on the model, it can reduce the noise level to as low as 79 dB, which means that hearing protection is not required even during longer work sessions.

The more powerful models can have a mulching function. However, a mulching wedge must be purchased separately in order to benefit from this function. The clippings can then be processed into a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the turf. The mulch also provides the lawn with additional moisture, which can be particularly helpful in summer.

In addition, a wheel drive can be installed. This replaces the user’s own muscle power and is suitable for weights of approx. 30 kg or more. In order to be able to switch it off quickly for turning, Makita even installs an electric brake in the most massive version DLM533Z.

The overload protection also ensures a high level of safety. If the battery and the motor threaten to overheat, a high-quality battery lawn mower from Makita switches off preventively. This also prevents excessive wear.


Of course, the price also has an influence on the decision. A Makita cordless lawnmower can cost between 130 and 900 Pounds. For the two rechargeable batteries and a suitable 18V charger, you should plan on an additional 150 Pounds. Certainly, the devices are not exactly cheap overall, but the price/performance ratio is fair. Millions of satisfied customers worldwide are proof of this.

In general, the costs should be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. The greater the area performance and the power of the engine, the more you should invest. In addition, the desire for flexible application options and a long service life also tend to require a higher budget.

Makita cordless lawn mower – It has advantages & disadvantages

A battery-powered lawn mower from Makita offers great advantages. On the one hand, you can enjoy a wide selection of small as well as really powerful large devices. It is rare that a manufacturer in this segment also offers models for larger adversities. On the other hand, the devices can be put into operation quickly and operated intuitively. However, not every demand can be satisfied. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Probate choice of small and large models (top model is designed for areas up to 2300 m²)
  • Maintenance-free, odourless and quiet electric motor
  • Maximum freedom of movement, allowing you to reach every remote corner directly
  • Units are optionally delivered without battery and charger, so people who already have them can save money
  • Commissioning is quick and uncomplicated
  • Very universally adjustable cutting height (in some cases 13-fold)
  • Catch baskets can be equipped with hardtop and level indicator
  • The handlebar and carrying handle can be adjusted to the user’s height, ensuring ergonomic handling at all times
  • Xtreme Protect Technology reliably protects sensitive parts from moisture and dust
  • Sometimes a mulching function is also available
  • Handle can be completely folded for space-saving storage
  • 18V system can also be used in the manufacturer’s other power tools


  • Not as cheap as a corded electric mower
  • Area performance can go a long way, but even Makita can only keep up with a petrol engine if various batteries have already been pre-charged

Makita DLM461 Review

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