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Einhell lawn mower

The best cordless, electric and petrol lawnmowers from Einhell

The company Einhell comes from Bavaria and is regarded as a reasonably priced supplier of numerous tools and gardening equipment. The product range also includes a large selection of lawn mowers. These include battery lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers. An Einhell lawn mower can be put into operation quickly and operated intuitively. The devices are generally characterised by a favourable price and universal application possibilities. This manufacturer has a suitable solution for almost every type of lawn.

Einhell lawn mower

We will show you below which Einhell lawn mower is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Einhell lawn mower – These models are recommended

Einhell GE-CM 43

Cordless lawnmower GE-CM 43

Among Einhell’s lawn mowers are some that have been tested by independent groups. The Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) test winner, for example, is the battery-powered lawn mower Einhell GE-CM 43 .

The unit is supplied either with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger or without accessories. The batteries each have a voltage of 18V, but are used simultaneously. This results in a powerful voltage of 36V, which can also cope with high grass without the speed dropping. Einhell already reports an area performance of 600 m². The 43 cm cutting width is one of the factors contributing to this. Incidentally, you can adjust the handlebar to your own height, which is why you can always maintain a back-friendly posture.

The weight is limited to a moderate 16.5 kg, which is why nothing stands in the way of effortless handling. The large, lawn-friendly wheels also contribute to this. In addition, the basket has a capacity of 63 litres and therefore rarely needs to be emptied when maintaining medium-sized areas. It has a fill level indicator and is dimensionally stable. This makes filling and emptying equally easy.

All in all, the GE-CM 43 is a popular battery lawn mower from Einhell. It has been declared the test winner with a score of 2.3 by Stiftung Warentest. The device is easy to manoeuvre because the handlebar can be adjusted to the user’s height and the total weight is limited to 16.5 kg. Highlights include the mulching wedge included in the scope of delivery and the battery LED display (3-stage). In addition, a brushless motor is used, which can also cope with tall grass.

Einhell GC-PM 46 S

Petrol GC-PM 46

Petrol lawnmowers are an effective solution for maintaining large gardens. A recommendation from Einhell here is the Einhell GC-PM 46 S .

This lawn mower has a cutting width of 46 cm and a 2.6 hp 4-stroke OHV engine. For this reason, areas of up to 1400 m² can be maintained in a comfortable period of time. Even stubborn vegetation is reliably shortened. You can adjust the cutting height universally, between 3 and 8 cm, 9 times. The wheel drive and the height-adjustable handlebar ensure that the 30 kg vehicle can be steered with ease.

The housing is made of durable and powder-coated sheet steel and can therefore withstand contact with bushes and the like without damage. Unfortunately, the catcher bag only holds 50 litres. On large areas, a little more volume would be appropriate to avoid too frequent interruptions. However, the practical fill level indicator is worthy of praise, as it relieves you of the need to pay attention to this.

In summary, the GC-PM 46 S is a reliable petrol lawn mower from Einhell. It can also reliably handle large areas of wet and tall grass. The rear-wheel drive and the height-adjustable handlebar ensure that the effort required to push the mower is kept within limits. The catcher box is a little too small. Special mention should be made of the very flexible cutting height adjustment between 30 and 80 mm.

Einhell GC-EM 1742

Electric GC-EM 1742

Electric lawn mowers from Einhell are characterised by a very fair price/performance ratio. An affordable model in this context is the Einhell GC-EM 1742 .

This mower is quick and easy to start up. All you need is a sufficiently long power cable. The weight is limited to a light 11.9 kg, which means that even women and elderly people can expect absolutely harmonious handling. The height-adjustable handlebar is also a great support. The cutting height is 42 cm. The manufacturer recommends using it on small and medium-sized areas up to a maximum of 700 m².

The electric motor draws 1700 watts and therefore does not lose power even when working for longer periods. You can adjust the cutting height centrally in 6 positions, between 2.5 and 6 cm. This is done very simply by turning a lever. Incidentally, the housing is curved very far outwards, so that even grass close to the edge can be reliably guided to the blade. The handle can also be folded for space-saving storage.

Overall, the GC-EM 1742 is an affordable and handy electric lawn mower from Einhell. It is very easy to operate. Although the device is so light, the housing can be classified as relatively impact-resistant. The 1700-watt motor reliably prevents power losses during operation. In addition, there is a practical transport handle on the top. For the latter, it is advisable to fold the handle forward.

Einhell lawn mower – You should generally pay attention to the following

Selection options & design

The Einhell company currently offers 53 walk-behind lawn mowers. These can be further divided into the following categories:

  • Battery lawn mower
  • Electric lawn mower with cable
  • Petrol lawn mower
  • Reel mower

Battery lawn mowers are a good solution for small and/or winding lawns. They are often lightweight and compact. Because they are not tied to a cable, you can tackle any remote corner immediately. In addition, the devices are relatively quiet and virtually maintenance-free. The area coverage is considered rather limited, but this depends largely on the number and capacity of the batteries. Moreover, due to the lithium-ion technology, this type of mower is not exactly inexpensive.

Corded electric lawnmowers also offer the advantages of a low-wear electric motor. They can also be classified as low-noise and are usually easy to operate. In addition, they can be permanently supplied with energy, which is why there are no interruptions in this respect. However, the cable can restrict freedom of movement and even prevent operation altogether in some areas.

A petrol lawnmower is the optimal solution for heavy vegetation as well as for large areas. The powerful combustion engine does not break down in speed, even when working hard. It can even cope with moderate branches. The disadvantages are the emissions and a certain amount of maintenance (e.g. changing oil and spark plugs). In addition, the machines tend to be rather massive, which is why women and elderly seniors can expect less comfort when handling them.

If you want to achieve the best possible lawn quality, a cylinder mower is recommended. This actually cuts the blades gently (sickle mowers only tear/slash). This is the best way to prevent brown discolouration and disease infestation. Einhell even offers a model with battery drive here (usually devices work without a motor). The rotating spindle remains vulnerable to debris such as stones and branches. Even high grass is not yet managed here, which is why preparatory work may be necessary. In addition, even medium-sized areas can no longer be maintained in a comfortable period of time.


Comfortable handling can ensure that lawn care does not become a tiresome affair. If the mower can be guided effortlessly, there is even the potential that mowing can be fun.

An adequate weight is the main factor that contributes to energy-saving handling. A battery-powered or electric lawnmower from Einhell weighs less than 15 kg in some cases. Such models can also be operated confidently by women and senior citizens. Some of the larger models have a variable wheel drive to assist you, so that you only have to use your own power when turning the lawn.

Furthermore, a height-adjustable handlebar contributes to a high level of comfort. This allows both tall and short people to work in an upright position. Back problems can thus be prevented in the best possible way. If the handle is rubberised, vibrations are also reduced.

Furthermore, an Einhell lawn mower is sometimes equipped with large wheels with ball bearings. These not only make pushing easier, but also protect the grass from damage.

The cutting height can often be adjusted centrally in just a few steps. Only the very inexpensive models sometimes require more effort.

To avoid complications during transport, there is often an additional carrying handle on the top. It is best to fold in the handle for this purpose. The latter also allows for space-saving storage.

Area performance/reach

The area output is a decisive factor. It is imperative that it matches the conditions on site, otherwise frustration will inevitably set in. The cutting width of the mower has the greatest influence on area performance.

A large cutting width of 45 cm or more is recommended for large areas. It ensures that the work is done efficiently and quickly. In tight corners and narrow passages, a compact mower is more useful, as this keeps the mower particularly manoeuvrable and agile.

A walk-behind lawn mower from Einhell has a cutting width of between 30 and 56 cm, which means that almost any requirement can be covered.

Furthermore, the type of drive has an influence on the range. While the length and accessibility of the cable are more important for a corded mower, the ampere hours (Ah) play a role for a battery-powered mower. The higher they are, the longer the battery will last. Einhell offers batteries with 2-6 Ah.

With a petrol engine, it is not only the tank volume that counts, but also the consumption. Because Einhell uses economical 4-stroke OHV engines, you can assume that they are reasonably efficient.

Collecting box

The catcher bag is also important. Depending on its design, it can either contribute to a high level of comfort or make everyday use an unnerving affair.

First of all, the capacity should match the lawn area. The larger the area, the more voluminous the basket should be. This way, good efficiency can be maintained because there is no need for constant interruptions to empty it. In confined passages, a compact basket is again an advantage because it ensures that the overall dimensions remain compact.

An Einhell lawn mower can have capacities between 25 and 80 litres. This means that almost any type of area can be covered.

Some have a fill level indicator. This signals when the optimum time for emptying has come. Therefore, you do not have to be as attentive.

Some Einhell baskets are also made of dimensionally stable plastic with ventilation slots. This means that they fill more reliably and can also be emptied without complication.

Additional functions

An Einhell lawn mower can come with various additional functions that increase comfort and flexibility. We will briefly explain what these are in the following.

As already mentioned, a variably adjustable wheel drive may be available. This takes over a large part of the effort of pushing the lawnmower and is particularly worthwhile with massive petrol lawnmowers.

If the job has to be done quickly, a side discharge can be a remedy. This simply transports the clippings to the outside so that there are no breaks in between to empty a catcher bag.

A mulching function can also be useful. This turns the clippings into a nutrient-rich fertiliser. Furthermore, the mulch can provide the grass with additional moisture, which can be particularly important in summer.

The battery lawn mowers from Einhell can also be equipped with an LED display for the remaining battery capacity. Negative surprises can then be ruled out in this area. In general, you can also use the batteries in the manufacturer’s other cordless tools.

Sometimes a so-called cleaning scraper is also included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to this, you can better clean the blade and the interior of the mower.


Of course, the price also has a certain influence on the decision. An Einhell lawn mower can sometimes be had at a reasonable price. The first electric models are available for well under 100 Pounds. Accordingly, the manufacturer is also suitable for a low budget. Equally, however, there are also devices for high demands and large gardens, which then require an investment beyond 400 Pounds.

In general, the costs should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. The larger your lawn and the more universal the application possibilities, the more you will have to invest. The same applies to the desire for a powerful engine and a long service life.

Einhell lawn mower – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

The lawn mowers from Einhell offer various advantages. First of all, you have a free choice between all common designs. In almost every category, you can purchase both affordable and high-quality models. Nevertheless, not every demand can be satisfied. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Large selection from all popular hand lawn mowers
  • There are solutions for small, medium and large gardens alike
  • Favourable price/performance ratio
  • Quick and uncomplicated start-up
  • Housing is either made of robust sheet steel or impact-resistant plastic
  • Height-adjustable handlebar and large, ball-bearing wheels are gentle on the back and easy to use
  • Massive petrol engine with practical wheel drive (can be variable)
  • Cutting height can be adjusted centrally within a comprehensive range
  • Mulching function and side discharge can extend the range of applications
  • Catch baskets usually have a fill level indicator
  • Additional handle facilitates transport
  • The handlebar can be completely folded for space-saving storage
  • Power-X-Change battery system can be used in other battery-powered tools from
  • Einhell Service is quickly available


  • Catch baskets often do not have a hardtop, making filling and emptying somewhat less reliable
  • Internal combustion engines can’t quite match the quality of Honda and Briggs & Stratton

Einhell GC-PM 46 S in practice

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