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Bosch cordless lawn mower

The best battery mowers from Bosch

The traditional company Bosch is held in high esteem all over the world. The family-owned company has proven expertise in numerous industries. Its range also includes gardening tools, such as lawn mowers. A Bosch cordless lawn mower is characterised by low noise levels and environmentally friendly operation. It is also quite lightweight. Nevertheless, some models can be very powerful and even mow large lawns in a comfortable amount of time. Bosch relies on a voltage of either 18 or 36V.

Bosch cordless lawn mower

In the following, we will show you which Bosch cordless lawn mower is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch cordless lawn mower – These models are recommended

Bosch CityMower 18

Battery CityMower 18V

The compact Bosch Rotak 32 Li has become a worldwide bestseller in the cordless mower segment. With the model Bosch CityMower 18  there is now an even better successor.

This model is ideal for maintaining small areas. It has a cutting width of only 34 cm and can therefore be manoeuvred agilely in the smallest spaces. The weight of 9.9 kg ensures that hardly any force is required. A 4 Ah battery (18 V) and a suitable charger are included in the scope of delivery. The manufacturer states that one battery can cover an area of 300 m².

Because the handles are height-adjustable, both short and tall people can work in an upright posture. This is the best way to avoid back pain. Since the mower is also equipped with lawn combs on the sides, hardly any reworking is required. The cutting height can be adjusted three times, between 3 and 6 cm. In addition, the 31-litre basket is made of hard plastic, which is why it can be reliably filled and emptied.

Overall, the CityMower 18 is a compact battery-powered lawn mower from Bosch. It is the further development of the Rotak 32 Li. The device is characterised by its light weight and compact dimensions. You can mow almost every remote corner completely and with less effort. Other highlights are the handlebar that can be adjusted to the user’s height and the dimensionally stable catcher box. Customers are satisfied with the model and describe it, among other things, as manoeuvrable and efficient.

Bosch AdvancedRotak 36-660

2 batteries AdvancedRotak 36/660

The cordless mowers from Bosch can also satisfy high demands. A good example in this context is the Bosch AdvancedRotak 36-660 .

The mower is delivered in a set together with two 36V batteries. Their voltage is definitely sufficient to maintain tall grass for a long time. The cutting width is 42 cm, which is why areas up to approx. 660 m² can be maintained in a comfortable period of time. The catcher bag holds up to 50 litres and has a practical fill level indicator. It is also made of classic mesh material and can therefore be folded for storage.

The tare weight is limited to a moderate 16.5 kg. To make handling as comfortable as possible, you can adjust the handle to your height. Another feature worthy of praise is the flexible cutting height adjustment. It can be varied between 2.5 and 8 cm. Furthermore, the AdvancedRotak not only reliably picks up grass, but also leaves (LeafCollect blade available).

All in all, the AdvancedRotak 36-660 is a recommendable battery lawn mower from Bosch. It can be used universally on small and medium-sized areas. The height-adjustable handle, the fill level indicator and the side-mounted lawn combs, among other things, ensure a high level of comfort. In addition, the innovative ProSilence technology is used, which keeps the noise level to a minimum. The 36V rechargeable batteries nevertheless unleash enough power.

Bosch AdvancedRotak 36-850

36V AdvancedRotak 36-850


Normally, cordless mowers are not suitable for large lawns. An impressive exception is the model Bosch AdvancedRotak 36-850 .

This model is currently the largest battery-powered lawn mower from Bosch. The device has a cutting width of 46 cm and, according to the manufacturer, mows areas of up to 850 m² in a reasonable amount of time. An important prerequisite for this is the long-lasting 6 Ah battery. It has a voltage of 36V, which is why the mower’s speed does not drop even during longer work. Although the mower appears somewhat massive, it weighs only 17.5 kg.

The height-adjustable ErgoFlex system ensures that people of all heights can work back-friendly. Here, too, the cutting height can be adjusted widely, between 2.5 and 8 cm (7 steps). This can be done easily with just a few hand movements. In addition, the LeafCollect blade ensures that leaves can also be picked up from the ground during operation.

In summary, the AdvancedRotak 36-850 is a high-quality battery lawn mower for large areas. Thanks to a cutting width of 46 cm and a 6 Ah battery, you can make progress without complications. The height-adjustable handlebar and the lightweight housing ensure great ergonomics. In addition, the mower is quiet and can take care of the lawn at different heights. Even long stalks are stringently managed.

Bosch cordless lawn mower – This is what fundamentally matters

Selection options & design

Bosch currently offers 16 different cordless lawnmowers that are powered by either an 18V battery or a 36V battery. The devices are generally divided into 2 different categories:

  • Hand-held cordless mowers
  • Robot lawn mowers

Hand-held cordless lawn mowers are considered to be an environmentally friendly and quiet solution for maintaining the lawn. Their electric motor is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement and can go directly to any place you want. Battery-powered mowers are often made of impact-resistant plastic and are relatively lightweight. Therefore, they can also be easily operated by women and elderly seniors. However, the range cannot compete with a large petrol engine. In addition, you must be aware that this type of lawnmower is not intended for coarse overgrown lawns or the like.

The robotic lawnmowers in the Indego series comfortably take care of a large part of the lawn care for you. You can devote yourself to other things in the meantime. Bosch only offers solutions for small and medium-sized gardens in this segment. The units are supplied with the necessary accessories and work completely independently. The disadvantages are the higher purchase price and the effort.

For the sake of clarity, we will only cover Bosch walk-behind cordless lawnmowers in this guide.


Every manufacturer should see it as his duty to provide the user with maximum comfort during use. In this case, mowing does not have to be a tiresome affair and can possibly even be fun.

First of all, it can be stated that a battery-powered mower starts conveniently at the push of a button. Bosch has a red switch on the handle for this purpose.

Above all, a light weight contributes to effortless handling. Even the largest version of a Bosch cordless lawnmower weighs less than 20 kg and can therefore be moved comfortably without a wheel drive. The smaller models sometimes even weigh less than 10 kg, which makes them very suitable for petite women and elderly people.

The ErgoSlide handlebar also contributes to a high level of comfort. Its height can be adjusted to your body size. This helps to prevent back problems in the best possible way.

Furthermore, the rubberised handles are shaped in such a way that they promise good ergonomics. The association Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. has tested many Bosch cordless lawnmowers and underlined this opinion.

The cutting height can be adjusted very easily, using a small switch on the top of the housing. Sometimes the range is surprisingly wide for a cordless mower.

To simplify transport and ensure space-saving storage, you can also fold the handlebar completely forwards.

Area performance/range

The area coverage is of crucial importance. It must suit the conditions on site. The greatest influence here is the cutting width. To be able to maintain extensive areas efficiently and quickly, you need a rather wide mower deck. For small and winding gardens, on the other hand, a compact mower is recommended, as this allows the mower to manoeuvre better even in the tightest spaces.

A Bosch cordless lawn mower has a cutting width between 32 and 46 cm. Depending on the model, the manufacturer recommends using it for areas of up to 850 m².

In addition, the battery capacity has an influence on the area performance. This is expressed in Ah (ampere hours). The higher the value, the longer the battery lasts. Bosch offers batteries up to 6 Ah.

If necessary, you can extend the range as much as you like by keeping several pre-charged batteries on hand.

Catch baskets

You should also pay some attention to the catcher bag. It can either contribute to a high level of comfort or cause complications on a regular basis.

The capacity should be in adequate proportion to the size of the lawn. The more extensive the area, the larger the basket must be. If this is not the case, there are constant interruptions for emptying. This not only worsens efficiency, but also involves more physical effort. On manageable areas, a small basket is advisable because it contributes to compact dimensions.

A Bosch cordless lawnmower can have a capacity of between 30 and 50 litres. This means that for very extensive maintenance work, it may well be necessary to increase the amount of water in the basket.

A fill level indicator is certainly useful. This signals when it is the right time to empty so that you do not have to be too attentive yourself.

In addition, modern catch baskets are often equipped with a hard top. This means they fill more reliably and can be emptied more quickly. With Bosch, the main body is still partly made of mesh material, which is why it can be folded for storage.


A battery-powered lawn mower from Bosch can offer you a number of additional functions that improve comfort and make it more flexible to use. We will briefly explain which functions are particularly helpful in the following.

The blade can have a special curvature on the outside (LeafCollect). This causes leaves to be whirled up and transported into the basket.

In addition, there are sometimes lawn combs on the sides. These also reliably straighten the grass close to the edge and guide it to the blade.

The ProSilence technology also ensures that vibrations are dampened as much as possible inside.

In addition, you can retrofit a mulching wedge on the larger models. Thanks to this, the clippings can be ejected as nutrient-rich fertiliser for the turf. The mulch also provides the turf with moisture, which can be particularly important in summer.

Another practical feature is the fact that the rechargeable batteries can also be used in other rechargeable tools from Bosch.


Of course, the price also influences the decision to some extent. A Bosch cordless lawn mower is no longer available for less than 200 Pounds in the new versions. The prices are justified and are largely due to the high-quality lithium-ion technology. Because of the latter, cordless mowers are generally more expensive than electric models with a mains cable. If you want to maintain extensive areas, you should plan for a budget of 500 Pounds or more.

In general, the costs should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. The greater the area coverage and the more powerful the engine, the more you usually have to invest. The same applies to the desire for a long service life.

Bosch cordless lawn mower – It has many advantages to offer you

The Bosch cordless mowers offer various advantages. You have a good choice of models for small, medium and large lawns. Even the powerful models are easy to handle and produce hardly any emissions during operation. However, the devices cannot satisfy every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table below:


  • Probate choice of models for small to moderately large lawns
  • ErgoSlide allows you to adjust the handlebar to your own height, preventing back problems in the best possible way
  • Low weight and ergonomic handles ensure effortless handling
  • Lawn combs guide even grass close to the edge reliably to the blade
  • LeafCollect blade can even transport leaves into the basket with ease
  • Cutting height can be adjusted extensively between 2.5 and 8 cm
  • 36V voltage does not break down even when working for long periods in tall grass
  • Larger models are equipped with a hardtop and reliable fill level indicator
  • Low noise level, so stress levels do not suffer and hearing protection is not required
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Batteries can also be used in the numerous other Bosch cordless tools


  • Not suitable for areas beyond 850 square metres
  • Compared to electric units with a mains cable, a significant surcharge must be planned for

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