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Einhell Scarifier

The best battery-operated, electric and petrol scarifiers

The Bavarian company Einhell offers tools and garden equipment that are characterised by a favourable price/performance ratio, among other things. The range also includes a wide variety of scarifiers. An Einhell scarifier can be powered either by mains cable, battery or petrol engine. In general, the machines are easy to use and sometimes surprisingly inexpensive. There are tried and tested solutions for both small and large gardens.

Einhell Scarifier

In the following, we will show you which Einhell scarifier is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Einhell Scarifier – 3 models in the presentation

Einhell GC-SA 1231/1

Electric GC-SA 1231

Electric scarifiers enjoy great popularity in private use. Why this is so is shown, for example, by the Einhell GC-SA 1231/1 is shown.

Because the device is tied to a cable, you can start using it immediately after unpacking. Handling is absolutely effortless, which is mainly due to the feather-light weight of only 8.2 kg. Even women and senior citizens can work without any discomfort. The working depth can be adjusted in an uncomplicated way – via a rotary control on the wheel mechanism. In the deepest setting, the roller penetrates 9 mm into the ground.

It can also be stated that this model is perfectly suited for small lawns up to 300 m². It is agile and flexible even in the most confined spaces. The working width of 31 cm and the 1200-watt motor are not sufficient for large-scale work. This would simply take too much time.

All in all, the GC-SA 1231/1 is an affordable electric scarifier from Einhell. It is ideally suited for open and small areas. To start with, you do not need to charge the battery or fill it with fuel, but simply place the cable in the normal mains supply. Afterwards, you can expect an easy and intuitive handling. The device can also be operated with a catcher bag or a fine fan roller. Customers are satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

Einhell GE-SC 35/1

Cordless battery GE-SC 35

If you want to do without a cable but still enjoy the benefits of an electric motor, a battery-powered scarifier is exactly the right choice. A popular model here is the Einhell GE-SC 35/1 .

It is supplied individually or with two batteries and the matching charger. Since the working width is a respectable 35 cm and a powerful, brushless motor is installed, you can scarify areas of up to 500 m² in a comfortable period of time. A fan roller can be retrofitted separately and can be installed and removed without tools if required. The two 18V batteries can be used in all Power-X-Change tools from the manufacturer.

The low weight of 9.7 kg, among other things, ensures that handling is easy on the hands. In addition, you can adjust the handle to your own height and thus always maintain a back-friendly posture. The working height can also be adjusted without complications via a lever. After use, you can also fold down the handle completely, which facilitates transport and saves space during storage.

Overall, the GE-SC 35/1 Li Solo is a justifiably popular battery-powered scarifier from Einhell. It can be used in even the most remote corners and promises maximum freedom of movement. Despite its compact dimensions, even medium-sized lawns can be quickly cleared of debris. This is ensured by the brushless motor (powerful & space-saving) and the combined voltage of 36V.

Einhell GC-SC 2240 P

Petrol 2240

Petrol scarifiers currently remain the first choice for scarifying very large areas. One recommendation in this context is the Einhell GC-SC 2240 P .

This scarifier has a 3 hp 4-stroke engine. It can also remove dense lawn thatch without any problems. The cutting width of 40 cm ensures that this is done quickly. According to the manufacturer, you can efficiently spruce up a lawn of up to 1200 m². Commendably, the working depth can be adjusted 8 times. This is achieved via a robust metal lever.

Basically, this machine is very robustly built. The chassis is made of durable sheet steel and can therefore withstand contact with any obstacles without damage. The durable components do, however, have an effect on the weight, which is not insignificant at 30 kg. The device is therefore not recommended for women and senior citizens.

In summary, the GC-SC 2240 P is a powerful petrol scarifier from Einhell. It is ideally suited for the uncomplicated maintenance of heavily overgrown and large lawns. However, in terms of ease of use and noise level, the typical compromises have to be made. Highlights include the 8-position adjustable working width and the powerful 3 hp engine.

Einhell Scarifier – This is what generally matters


Einhell offers scarifiers in all common designs. These do not differ greatly in their functionality, but much more in their drive. In general, there are 3 different drives: electric cable scarifiers, battery scarifiers and petrol scarifiers. All of them promise advantages as well as disadvantages.

A corded scarifier is considered to be particularly inexpensive. Such models can be put into operation immediately and can be supplied with energy almost permanently. However, a mains connection must be available nearby. In general, the cable restricts freedom of movement and can be perceived as a nuisance. In general, the electric motor used is low-wear and does not emit any unhealthy exhaust fumes.

Battery-powered scarifiers are gradually gaining more and more market share. They combine the freedom of movement of a petrol engine with the advantages of an electric motor. Such devices are often particularly lightweight, so that women and senior citizens can also expect a high level of comfort when using them. In addition, the noise level is very low. The disadvantages are a rather limited area performance and the general fact that there is often not enough power for hard soils.

A petrol scarifier is a recommendable solution for areas beyond 1000 m² as well as for great adversities in general. The powerful combustion engine does not break down in performance even after a long time. However, an increased noise level and a certain amount of maintenance have to be accepted. In addition, petrol engines tend to be rather bulky and, of course, not exactly environmentally friendly in operation.


The power output must match the requirements on site. In principle, the larger the area to be maintained and the harder the ground, the more power is needed.

As with other manufacturers, an Einhell petrol scarifier per se promises the most power. How much power it has can be determined by looking at the horsepower and the revolutions of the engine. The higher both are, the more consistently large resistances can be overcome.

For electric models, the wattage can be a promise of the power that can be called up. Although it primarily only defines power consumption, a high energy consumption/unit of time can also go hand in hand with more power. In addition, a look at the engine speed is also interesting here.

As already indicated, battery-powered scarifiers are not yet as powerful across manufacturers. However, this need not be a problem if you use one on a small area with moderate vegetation. A comparatively high battery voltage is an indicator of good power development. The Einhell battery-powered scarifiers work with two 18V batteries, resulting in a combined voltage of 36V.

In addition to the motor, the attachment also influences the performance during operation. A spring roller simply cannot have as intensive an effect on the debris as the tines of a steel roller. Therefore, you should always scarify your lawn first in spring and then aerate it.

Working width & working depth

The working width is also relevant. It influences the area output to a large extent. The wider the roller, the faster large areas can be maintained. Similarly, a wider attachment makes the machine bulkier. In narrow niches and winding passages, it therefore makes more sense to use a compact model in order to really be able to cover all areas with confidence.

The working width of an Einhell scarifier can vary between 31 and 40 cm. This means that virtually all conditions can be covered.

The working depth is also very important. Experts advise that the attachment should only ever touch the turf lightly. This is the best way to avoid serious damage to the grass. In most cases 3 mm will be sufficient. If you want to remove deep roots, you should proceed slowly.

Incidentally, good results can only be achieved with scarifying if the lawn is in a reasonably normal state of health. If it is damaged by nutrient deficiencies or severe waterlogging, scarifying can be too demanding. It is also helpful to mow the lawn to a height of 4 cm or less before scarifying.

Catch basket

Depending on the model, an Einhell scarifier is delivered either with or without a catcher box. This can be very useful, because thanks to it you do not have to remove the debris manually afterwards. This saves time and effort.

The catcher bag is easy to attach and detach. Its size should match the size of the lawn. The larger it is, the more volume is helpful, because in this case you don’t have to make so many stops to empty it. However, large baskets make the device bulkier, which is why compact baskets are more advantageous in narrow areas.

Moss and lawn felt have a relatively high dead weight in compressed form. Small baskets therefore make more sense for women and senior citizens. Alternatively, you can simply empty the basket early so that you don’t have to carry so much weight.


Of course, the handling of a scarifier should be as comfortable as possible. Then using it does not feel like a chore and can even be fun. Einhell strives to provide you with a high level of comfort.

Of course, the light weight of the machine is the main factor that makes it easy to use. Two Einhell scarifiers weigh less than 10 kg. These can also be easily operated by women and senior citizens. In general, the electric models weigh less than the petrol models. The latter have ball bearings and particularly large wheels that run as smoothly as physically possible.

Furthermore, the height of the handlebar can usually be adjusted to suit the user’s height. This ensures an upright posture for both short and tall people, so that back problems can be prevented in the best possible way.

The grip surfaces of an Einhell scarifier are – with a few exceptions – rubberised throughout, which is by no means standard for many other manufacturers. The rubber coating reduces the vibrations of the motor and also prevents the formation of calluses.

While electric models start particularly easily, a petrol engine must first be supplied with both fuel and oil. Moreover, it cannot be started at the push of a button, but a cable has to be operated.

Some models can also be used flexibly as scarifiers and aerators. The rollers can be replaced without tools.

In addition, transport and storage can be facilitated by folding the handle. In this case, even a massive petrol scarifier makes a rather discreet impression.


The noise level can be very important when scarifying in residential areas. Fixed limits apply here to prevent nuisance and conflict within the neighbourhood. If the background noise is excessive, this will also have a negative effect on your stress level and possibly even on your health.

You can tell whether your model of choice is quiet by its sound level, which in turn is expressed in dB (decibels). In general, adults should wear hearing protection from 85 dB. Children’s hearing can be damaged even earlier, which is why they should keep a proper distance, especially when operating a gasoline-powered machine.

An Einhell scarifier can be quiet or loud, depending on the model. This depends primarily on the engine. While petrol engines are always comparatively unpleasant, battery models can be particularly quiet. The latter can therefore even usually be operated during lunchtime without complications. However, the low noise level does not come by chance, because after all, the electric motor here is small and rather weak by default.

Einhell Scarifier – There are advantages & disadvantages

The Einhell scarifiers offer various advantages. They can be put into operation quickly and operated intuitively. In addition, there are surprisingly inexpensive models. However, not every demand can be satisfied here. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Probate selection from all common designs
  • Also suitable for small budgets
  • Suitable for small, medium as well as large lawns
  • Height-adjustable handlebars and rubberised grips ensure a high level of comfort
  • Large wheels not only make manoeuvring easier, but also protect the turf
  • Working depth can be easily adjusted with a lever
  • Brushless motor provides plenty of power even with electric models
  • Some models can also act as lawn aerators (attachment can be replaced without tools)
  • Power-X-Change batteries are compatible with many other tools from the manufacturer
  • For space-saving storage, the handle can be completely folded away


  • Workmanship of inexpensive models leaves a lot to be desired
  • Quality cannot compete with top brands such as Husqvarna or Stihl

Einhell GC-SC 2240 P Review

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