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WOLF-Garten Scarifier

The best petrol and electric scarifiers from WOLF-Garten

The WOLF-Garten brand enjoys widespread recognition in Germany. It belongs to the US company MTD and has locations in Saarland and the Palatinate, among other places. The trademark is clearly the design in a bright red-yellow. The product range covers many garden tools. These also include scarifiers. A WOLF Garten scarifier is operated either by a power cable or by a petrol engine. The devices can operate at various working depths and can also be used for aeration if required.

Wolf Garten scarifier

In the following we will show you which WOLF-Garten scarifier is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Wolf Garten Scarifier – These models are recommended

WOLF-Garten VS 302 E

Electric VS 302 E

Electric scarifiers are the best-selling form of drive in this segment. An absolute bestseller is the WOLF-Garten VS302 E .

The device is ideally suited for small gardens. It weighs only 11 kg and can therefore be operated effortlessly even by women. Thanks to the mains cable, you can start immediately after unpacking. No major assembly work is required. The scope of delivery also includes a practical catcher bag. Thanks to this, lawn thatch and co. do not simply remain on the surface, which is why subsequent work can be avoided. The basket holds 35 litres.

Furthermore, the working width is 30 cm. This means that you can also reliably drive over narrow passages. The area coverage, however, suffers somewhat. This and the 1200-watt motor limit the effective area performance to a few hundred m². Furthermore, this model is pleasantly quiet and the motor is virtually wear-free.

Overall, the VS 302 E is an affordable and popular electric scarifier from Wolf. It can be put into operation quickly and is easy to handle. The low weight of 11 kg and the catcher box ensure a high level of comfort. If required, you can retrofit a fan roller. In keeping with the type of construction, the noise level during operation is also low. In addition, the engine does not require maintenance.

WOLF-Garten VA 389 B

Petrol VA 389

Petrol engines are still the most effective solution for scarifying large lawns. One recommendation in this context is the WOLF-Garten VA 389 B .

With this Wolf scarifier you can easily remove weeds from more than 1000 m². You are supported by a working width of 38 cm and a 4.7 hp engine. The latter comes from the quality manufacturer Briggs & Stratton (B&S 750). Furthermore, the working width can be adjusted very universally, namely in 6-fold. Thanks to the high power capacity, even roots can be completely removed from the ground.

The great power is inevitably at the expense of handiness. This can be seen, for example, in the rather high weight of 37 kg. The 4 extra-large wheels are a great help when manoeuvring. In addition, you can adjust the handlebar to your own height and thus always proceed in a back-friendly posture. The catcher bag capacity of 50 litres ensures that there are no unnecessary interruptions even during extensive measures.

All in all, the VA 389 B is an extremely powerful petrol scarifier from Wolf. Its large Briggs & Stratton engine can cope with high loads throughout. Together with the working width of 38 cm, even large areas can be quickly maintained. The robust steel housing also easily withstands contact with obstacles. This model tends to be a little too heavy for women and senior citizens.

WOLF-Garten VA 357 B

lawn VA 357

The cordless freedom of a petrol scarifier opens up the possibility of instantly accessing any location as desired. A comparatively compact example here is the WOLF-Garten VA 357 B .

With this petrol engine, you can be a little more manoeuvrable and drive through narrow passages. Its working width is limited to 35 cm. Nevertheless, the manufacturer promises an area performance of 1000 m². The engine here also comes from Briggs & Stratton (550 series) and delivers a powerful 3.2 hp. This means that even the nastiest debris is reliably collected in the catcher bag included in the scope of delivery. This holds up to 45 litres, so that regular breaks for emptying can be avoided.

Furthermore, this model can also be equipped with a fan roller if required. It can be replaced without the use of tools. The working depth can be easily adjusted via a rotary control on the front. In addition, the height of the console handle can be adjusted, which guarantees an ergonomic posture. One complaint, however, is the lack of rubber on the handle surfaces.

In summary, the VA 357 B is a comparatively compact petrol scarifier from Wolf. Therefore, it can also be guided through narrow areas. Nevertheless, the weight is not exactly insignificant at 35 kg. The individually adjustable handlebar and the large wheels help you manoeuvre the machine. Customers describe this scarifier as powerful and effective.

Wolf Garten Scarifier – You should always pay attention to the following


In general, scarifiers can be divided into 3 overarching categories: Electric scarifiers, petrol scarifiers and battery scarifiers. The latter are not currently sold by WOLF-Garten. For the sake of completeness, however, we will briefly discuss all types, as they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric scarifiers are the cheapest type. At WOLF-Garten they sometimes cost well under 100 euros and are therefore a good choice for people with a small budget. Operation can be started immediately via the mains cable. The motor is generally considered to be low-wear and quiet. A disadvantage is the fact that the cable can restrict freedom of movement and that an outdoor socket is not available everywhere. At least a strain relief prevents the cable from being pulled out carelessly.

Petrol scarifiers are the best choice for tackling major adversities as well as for extensive maintenance. Their powerful engine, which in Wolf’s case comes from the tried-and-tested supplier Briggs & Stratton, can cope with even dense vegetation. On large areas, in combination with a good working width, you save a maximum of time. The disadvantages are the high noise level, the emissions and the increased dead weight. In addition, the motor requires a certain amount of maintenance.

Battery-powered scarifiers are the latest model to enter this segment. They combine the advantages of an electric motor with the freedom of movement of a petrol engine. You can access any remote area instantly. In addition, this type is usually particularly quiet and does not require any maintenance. The disadvantage is the limited power, which is neither suitable for hard ground nor for very dense vegetation.


The power output is of essential importance. It does not necessarily have to be high, but must above all suit the conditions on site. The more unruly lawn thatch, moss and the like are, the more power is required. The same tends to apply to the maintenance of large areas.

Depending on the model, you can recognise the potential power by various indicators. However, a high engine speed is beneficial for all devices in order to be able to consistently and persistently cope with various adversities.

Electric models have a wattage, which primarily defines the power consumption. However, a high energy consumption per unit of time can also be a promise of increased performance. An electric scarifier from Wolf requires between 1200 and 1800 watts.

With a petrol scarifier, the first thing to look at is the horsepower. For high demands, 3 hp should be available. The largest engine at WOLF-Garten in this segment even has an impressive 4.7 hp (Briggs & Stratton 750).

The results in practice are also influenced by the roller in question. Basically, it can be said that steel tines can of course have a more intensive effect on the ground than spring rollers can. Therefore, scarifying should also be done before aeration. Most Wolf scarifiers can act as a 2-in-1 combination for both tasks.

Working width & working depth

In addition to the motor, the area performance depends to a large extent on the working width. Naturally, the wider the scarifier roller, the faster you make progress. For large lawns, a width of more than 35 cm is recommended. Narrow passages and cramped niches, on the other hand, are better covered with a compact model. The working width of a Wolf scarifier is between 30 and 38 cm.

The working depth is also extremely important. The deeper you let the roller penetrate the ground, the greater the potential for serious damage to the turf. In most cases, a working depth of around 3 mm is perfectly sufficient. However, if necessary, a Wolf petrol scarifier can penetrate up to 15 mm deep to remove even deep roots. However, it makes sense to proceed carefully in terms of depth.

To achieve good results when scarifying, you should first shorten the lawn to a height of 4 cm or less. In addition, the lawn should be in good health. If it is affected by heavy rainfall or nutrient deficiencies, scarifying should not take place, as the strain would be too much of a good thing.

Catch basket

Most Wolf scarifiers are supplied with a catcher box. Thanks to this, the debris can be collected directly and disposed of without complications. Since you do not have to remove the debris manually afterwards, you save time and effort.

The size of the basket should be in proportion to the size of the lawn. The larger the area, the more helpful a comprehensive volume is. This means that you rarely have to interrupt your work, which makes handling more efficient overall. In small and winding gardens, on the other hand, a compact basket makes more sense, because it keeps the machine agile and manoeuvrable. The basket of a Wolf scarifier holds between 35 and 50 litres, so there is something for every need.

In general, the weight of lawn thatch is usually higher than that of normal grass clippings. It can therefore be advisable for women and senior citizens to empty the basket before it is completely full. This makes handling less of a chore.


Handling should of course be as comfortable as possible. In this case, lawn care does not feel like tedious work and can even be fun under certain circumstances. For various reasons, it can be said that the WOLF-Garten company strives to provide you with a high level of comfort.

First and foremost, an appropriate weight ensures that handling is easy on the hands. The manufacturer’s electric scarifiers sometimes weigh less than 15 kg and can be easily operated by women and senior citizens. The petrol models, on the other hand, can weigh over 30 kg.

A height-adjustable handle ensures that you can always work in an upright and thus back-friendly position. In addition, rubberised elements reduce the vibrations of the motor and reduce the formation of calluses.

Furthermore, the working depth can be adjusted centrally via a handle. Either a lever is adjusted in its position or a regulator is turned.

If you also want to aerate the lawn, WOLF-Garten makes this possible with the same device. The rollers can be replaced without tools.

Per se, it can also be said that electric models are particularly easy to start up. With petrol models, petrol and oil must first be filled in. In addition, a cable has to be operated, which can be tiring.

After use, you can fold the handlebar, which makes it easier to carry. In addition, this makes storage particularly space-saving.


At first glance, the noise level is not that important. However, it can become a significant factor during operation. Loud devices can annoy the neighbourhood and sometimes even lead to problems with the regulatory authorities. In addition, a high noise level negatively affects your hearing and your stress level.

You can actually tell how loud or quiet the scarifier is by its sound level, which is expressed in dB (decibels). Like many other manufacturers, WOLF-Garten unfortunately does not provide any obvious information here. However, because the designation of the B&S engines is given for the combustion engines, it is possible to determine the values in this context. A Briggs & Stratton engine is mature, which is also reflected in a moderate noise level.

In general, it can be stated that an electric scarifier from Wolf is particularly quiet. You can operate it without hearing protection. The situation is quite different with petrol models, which still require hearing protection. The latter should therefore really only be used at the legally permitted times.

Wolf Garten Scarifier – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

The Wolf scarifiers offer various advantages. For example, they can be universally adjusted in working depth (at least 5-fold). In addition, all devices can also be operated with a fan roller without the use of tools. However, not everything speaks in their favour. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided an overview below:


  • Good choice of models for both small and large lawns
  • There are already models for less than 100 Pounds
  • Handlebars can be adjusted to your own height so that you can always maintain a back-friendly posture
  • Large wheels and rubberised handles contribute to a high level of comfort
  • Working depth can be adjusted centrally (5 or 6 positions)
  • Units can also act as lawn aerators
  • Petrol engines from Briggs & Stratton
  • The catcher bag can hold up to 50 litres of debris, allowing large areas to be maintained without interruption
  • Handlebar can be folded compactly for transport and storage


  • No models are offered with a rechargeable battery
  • Quality cannot keep up with premium suppliers, such as Husqvarna

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