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Einhell Strimmer

The best battery and electric trimmers from Einhell

Lawn trimmers are the best way to maintain all those areas that a normal lawn mower could never reach. Thanks to their narrow cutting width, you can also reliably reach confined niches. A proven manufacturer in this segment is the Bavarian company Einhell. A Einhell strimmer is considered to be inexpensive and easy to handle. The manufacturer’s brush cutters and power scythes are operated either with a rechargeable battery, with a mains cable or with a petrol engine.

Einhell Strimmer

In the following, we will show you which Einhell brush cutter is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Einhell Strimmer – These models are recommended

Einhell GE-CT 18 Li-Solo Power X-Change

Trimmer GE-CT 18

The battery-powered lawn strimmers from Einhell are very popular. A proven bestseller is the model Einhell GE-CT 18 Li .

The device is delivered with or without a battery and charger. It works with a plastic blade and, conveniently, 20 of these are included in the scope of delivery. A front bracket ensures that the blades do not wear out too quickly on hard objects. This is primarily intended to protect flowers, but in general it protects the blade from unwanted contact of all kinds.

You can expect a high level of comfort, because the weight, including the battery, is just over 2 kg. In addition, the telescopic handle can be flexibly adjusted in length and the angle of the front handle. Therefore, people of any constitution can adopt an ergonomic posture. The motor head can also be adjusted in many ways, so that every area and every obstacle can be adequately cared for.

All in all, the GE-CT 18 Li-Solo is a justifiably popular battery-powered lawn strimmer from Einhell. It can be operated with any battery from the Power-X-Change series. The device is generally lightweight and can be optimally adjusted to your own body size. The “Flowerguard” protects the plastic blade from contact with unwanted objects. Only contact with flat obstacles, such as paving slabs or stones, cannot be prevented by the guard.

Einhell GE-CT 36/30 Li

36V GE-CT 36

Some battery-powered lawn strimmers from Einhell work with 2 batteries at the same time, resulting in a powerful voltage of 36V. A recommendation in this context is the Einhell GE-CT 36/30 Li .

This model can be brought up to a length of 100 cm via the telescopic handle, so that even tall people can always maintain an upright and thus back-friendly posture. Cutting is done classically via a thread spool. Here, contact with rock or wood is therefore not considered so bad. Because the working width is 30 cm, even larger areas can be trimmed quickly.

Despite its high performance, the brush cutter weighs less than 4 kg. A carrying strap allows you to relieve the strain on your arms and distribute the weight more on your upper body. Other features include an adjustable front handle and a guard for flowers. What is missing, however, is the possibility to adjust the angle of the motor head.

Overall, the GE-CT 36/30 Li is a recommendable battery-powered lawn strimmer from Einhell. Thanks to a cutting width of 30 cm and a voltage of 36V, it is also suitable for larger tasks. The nylon thread does not cause any damage to obstacles and copes well with contact. Because the speed adjusts independently to the conditions, you can also expect maximum battery life.

Einhell GC-ET 4530 Set

GC-ET 4530

Classic lawn strimmers with mains cable are also part of the Einhell brand’s range. A model that has been tried and tested for years is the Einhell GC-ET 4530 .

This lawn trimmer is particularly good value for money. Nevertheless, a power consumption of 450 watts ensures that grasses and the like are mastered with ease. The scope of delivery includes a total of 3 nylon spools so that you have enough string for a long time. The double-thread system provides an effective cutting width of 30 cm. During operation, the clever Flowerguard prevents careless trimming of flowers.

The light weight of 2.6 kg and the telescopic handle, which can be adjusted to the height of the user, ensure effortless handling. In addition, the black handle can be adjusted in position, which further improves the ergonomics. The motor head is also adjustable. It can be tilted variably as well as rotated. This makes it possible to trim any angle without complications.

In summary, the GC-ET 4530 is a very affordable electric lawn strimmer from Einhell. Nevertheless, it can be used universally and comes with 3 thread spools. You can adapt it to your own body size as well as perfectly to the requirements of your work. Customers are very convinced of the price/performance ratio.

Einhell Strimmer – This is what you should look for when choosing


Lawn strimmers can be roughly divided into 3 different models: Models with a rechargeable battery, models with a mains cable and models with a petrol engine. They are all offered by Einhell and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Cordless lawn strimmers are very popular. They combine the freedom of movement of a petrol engine with the harmony of an electric motor. The latter is quiet in operation and does not emit any annoying exhaust fumes. Moreover, it almost never needs maintenance. The disadvantage of a battery-powered trimmer remains its limited power potential, which is why it is really only suitable for lawns and other fine plants.

Electric lawn strimmers are particularly inexpensive across the board. Their mains cable means that they can be used virtually all the time. In addition, their power potential tends to be higher than that of a battery-powered model, which is why they can cut through branches. However, the cable can be a major disadvantage, as it restricts freedom of movement and can be a nuisance. In remote places where no mains power is available, operation becomes difficult.

Petrol brushcutters promise the most power. They are therefore the first choice when it comes to mastering roots, thicker branches and the like with confidence. In addition, their performance does not collapse so quickly even under permanently high loads. The disadvantages are increased noise and unhealthy exhaust fumes. In addition, a combustion engine inevitably requires a certain amount of maintenance.

Cutting system

Einhell’s electric lawn strimmers work either with a nylon thread or a plastic blade as the cutting system. Petrol engines, on the other hand, are classically equipped with a steel blade. Everything has its pros and cons.

A nylon string is a great choice for working directly on the obstacle. No damage is to be expected when it comes into contact with stone slabs, wooden edgings and the like. However, it is only suitable for fine plants. In addition, the thread must be lengthened over time and the entire spool must be replaced at some point. Accordingly, a certain amount of maintenance is required.

Recently, plastic blades have been used more and more frequently. These, too, are only suitable for grass and other fine plants. In contrast to nylon blades, they require less maintenance. The prerequisite, however, is to avoid contact with hard objects. This can be ensured by a corresponding protective bracket on the motor head. With Einhell, several of these blades are often included in the scope of delivery.

A steel blade is the only way to tackle roots and wood. In combination with a powerful petrol engine, even large obstacles can be overcome. In addition, the maintenance effort is kept within limits, as it only needs to be sharpened after a while. One disadvantage is the potential for damage, as even solid stone slabs can splinter on contact.

In addition to the type of cutting system, the cutting width also plays an important role. The cutting width of an Einhell lawn trimmer ranges from 22 to 42 cm. A narrow width is best suited for the smallest niches. A wide cutting system, on the other hand, is designed to allow you to quickly maintain larger areas.


Power is also important. It does not necessarily have to be pronounced, but must above all fit the requirements on site. Depending on the drive, different indicators can point to the power potential.

With an electric lawn strimmer, it is worth taking a look at the power consumption, which is shown in watts. Although it primarily defines the power consumption, a high power consumption/unit of time can also indicate a high power capacity. Corded lawn trimmers are usually ahead of cordless trimmers in this respect. In practice, the corded trimmers are somewhat better at dealing with heavy vegetation.

A cordless lawn strimmer from Einhell works either with an 18V battery or 2 batteries are combined to a voltage of 36V. The latter favours the power that is transferred to the cutting system. Another important factor in this category is the battery life, which is expressed in Ah (ampere hours). The higher this value, the longer the continuous operation.

A petrol scythe promises the most power. The first place to look is the classic horsepower figure. In addition, many revolutions/minute help to consistently cope with resistance.


Every manufacturer should see it as his duty to provide you with a high level of comfort when handling the brush cutter. In this case, the work does not feel painful and can even be fun.

First and foremost, an appropriate weight contributes to energy-saving handling. The weight of an Einhell lawn trimmer can be as low as 1.1 kg. There are several electric and battery models that weigh less than 2 kg. These are particularly recommended for women and senior citizens.

A telescopic handle that can be adjusted in length can also ensure that people of all sizes can work in an upright posture. This reduces the risk of back pain. An angle-adjustable front handle can also contribute to good ergonomics.

Generally, the grip surfaces of an Einhell lawn strimmer are kept pleasantly soft, which is due to rubber. The vibrations of the motor can thus be reduced to a minimum. It also reduces the potential for calluses to develop.

The battery and electric lawn strimmers from Einhell can be started conveniently at the touch of a button. Petrol engines, on the other hand, have to be started in the classic way using a cable. However, if you operate the fuel pump beforehand, this can also be done smoothly.

In addition, the engine head can sometimes be turned sideways or adjusted to a flexible angle. This makes it possible to work without complications even underneath obstacles that are difficult to access.

In addition, some models are equipped with a carrying strap. This takes a lot of the strain off your arms and distributes the weight evenly over your torso.


Another important factor is the noise level. In residential areas, it goes without saying that you should comply with the legal regulations in this regard, so that there are no conflicts with the neighbourhood or the public order office.

In general, excessive noise can have a negative impact on your health and stress levels. You can tell if you should wear hearing protection by looking at the sound level, which is expressed in dB (decibels). If the sound level at the ear is 85 dB or more, you should protect your hearing even during short work sessions.

Unfortunately, the volume of an Einhell lawn strimmer is often not indicated. As a general rule, however, it can be said that all electric models are quite safe for an adult’s hearing. With petrol models, however, hearing protection is compulsory.


Of course, the price also has a certain influence on the decision. It should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Otherwise, there is an increased potential of being disappointed. In this segment, this means the following: the more power you need and the faster you want to maintain a certain area, the more you tend to have to invest.

In general, an Einhell lawn strimmer is pleasantly inexpensive. The cheapest electric trimmer has a fabulous RRP of 19.95 Pounds. For battery and petrol models, however, you should set a much higher budget. Investing a three-digit amount can go hand in hand with particularly reliable functionality and a long service life.

Einhell Strimmer – There are advantages & disadvantages

A lawn strimmer from Einhell has many advantages to offer. On the one hand, all devices are comparatively inexpensive. On the other hand, you generally enjoy a wide selection from all common designs. However, the manufacturer cannot meet every demand. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of the brush cutters, we have created a table for you below:


  • Family business from Germany
  • Favourable purchase price
  • Universal selection from all common designs
  • There are models with nylon thread, with plastic blades as well as models with steel blades
  • Ideal for remote and confined areas
  • Length-adjustable telescopic handle and angle-adjustable grip ensure ergonomic posture for people of all sizes
  • Light weight and rubberised handles for easy handling
  • The angle of the motor head can also be adjusted so that all obstacles can be adequately cared for
  • “Flowerguard” bar prevents contact with flowers and persistent obstacles
  • Speed is partly optimised automatically
  • Comprehensive accessories are sometimes available (several thread spools, some with 20 plastic blades, etc.)
  • Battery system can be used across all units


  • Durability and build quality cannot compete with top manufacturers such as Stihl or Husqvarna
  • Not suitable for continuous use in the trade

Video: Einhell GE-CT 18 in practice

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