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Makita cordless circular saw

Powerful cordless circular saws from Japan

Battery-powered circular saws offer you a special kind of comfort. You can move around unrestricted with such a device – it can be used almost anywhere. Makita is one of the most popular manufacturers in this segment. A Makita cordless circular saw is available with a voltage of 10.8V, 18V or 36V. There are models for simple applications in the do-it-yourself sector as well as models for the highest demands in the trade.

Makita cordless circular saw

In the following, we will show you which Makita cordless circular saw is recommended. You will also find out what you should generally look out for when making your choice. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless circular saw – 3 models in the presentation

Makita DHS680Z

18V brushless DHS680Z

The battery-powered circular saws from Makita are very popular. One of the absolute bestsellers for some time now has been the Makita DHS680Z .

The unit is powered by an 18V battery from the well-known LXT series. This and the matching charger are optionally included. A rip fence, a hexagonal spanner and an extraction nozzle are always included as standard. Although the circular saw weighs a moderate 3.3 kg (including the battery), you can make deep cuts of up to 57 mm in wood. This is primarily supported by a brushless motor. The included saw blade has a diameter of 165 mm.

A rubberised handle and LED lighting also contribute to a high level of operating comfort. In addition, the speed regulates itself independently, which is why clean results can always be expected. A soft start, motor brake and battery deep discharge protection ensure a high level of safety. Makita recommends the hand-held circular saw for roof work and interior finishing.

All in all, there is a reason why the DHS680Z is a popular battery-powered circular saw from Makita. It is handy and compact, but still has plenty of power. A double LED and a battery capacity indicator promote a high level of comfort. Mitre cuts can be made at an angle of up to 50°. In addition, the brand’s own guide rails are all compatible with this model. Customers are largely enthusiastic.

Makita HS301DZ

12V Mini Makita HS301DZ

Makita also has the right cordless circular saw for moderate work. The model Makita HS301DZ is particularly handy.

This circular saw works with a 12V or 10.8V battery and is comparatively lightweight. It weighs just 1.7 kg when ready for use. Accordingly, working over a longer period of time is fatigue-free. Furthermore, the inclination can be continuously adjusted up to 45°. Thanks to the compact housing, work is possible in the smallest of spaces.

In terms of performance, of course, a few compromises have to be made. The device is only designed for soft materials such as wood and plastic. The maximum cutting depth is 25.5 mm. Practically, there is a special blowing device, thanks to which the chips are literally blown away from the cutting line. An external suction device (all-purpose vacuum cleaner) can also be connected here.

In summary, the HS301DZ is a mini cordless circular saw from Makita. It weighs well under 2 kg and is easy to guide. This makes it easy to work even in confined spaces. In addition, the noise level is limited to 71 dB, which is why it is not even necessary to wear hearing protection. Some customers are very pleased with the handling.

Makita DHS710Z

36V Makita DHS710

Makita has 36V class cordless circular saws in stock for hard work in the trade. A proven model in this context is the Makita DHS710Z .

This hand-held circular saw is operated by clicking two 18V batteries into separate slots. The high battery voltage means that a lot of power can be called up – 600 watts in concrete terms. Cuts up to 68.5 mm deep can be made. Even at an angle of 45°, it is still possible to cut up to 49 mm. The scope of delivery includes a 190 mm blade and a rip fence.

It should be noted that this tool does not yet have a brushless motor. In the 36V class, it is therefore presumably a discontinued model, which is why a particularly favourable offer may be found here – depending on the time. Furthermore, this circular saw is also supplied with an extraction nozzle, thanks to which a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can be connected in an uncomplicated manner.

Overall, the DHS710Z is a powerful battery-powered circular saw from Makita. The 36V voltage allows you to make deep cuts. It is advisable to tape off the cutting surface when cutting delicate wood. Otherwise, the power encourages fibres to escape because, among other things, there is no automatic speed control. According to customers, the device is handy, powerful and of high quality.

Makita cordless circular saw – You should always pay attention to the following

Design & Drive

Makita offers almost 20 battery-powered circular saws. Looking at their drive, they can be divided into 3 categories:

  • 10.8V/12V (CXT series)
  • 18V (LXT series)
  • 36V (2x 18V LXT)

The following can also be stated as a general rule: The lower the battery voltage, the cheaper, more compact and lighter the tools. At the same time, however, the power potential is not as pronounced.

All batteries belong to the lithium-ion technology and can be used in other Makita tools. Lithium-ion batteries are not exactly cheap, but obviously offer useful advantages:

High power density ensures low weight and compact dimensions of the battery.
Very low memory effect (capacity does not suffer from discharges)
Low self-discharge
The battery capacity ranges from 1.5 to 6 Ah (ampere hours). The higher the capacity, the longer you can work without interruption. At the same time, however, the weight, dimensions and purchase costs of the batteries increase.

Many of the manufacturer’s circular saws also have a brushless motor. This concept is currently still comparatively expensive, but it is clearly the best choice. It gives you the following advantages:

No maintenance effort, as there are no carbon brushes and therefore no wear and tear.
Highest possible performance potential, because there are fewer losses due to mechanical friction and heat.
Motors can be designed to be particularly compact, which also makes the housing more compact.
In general, cordless circular saws are somewhat more expensive than comparable models with cables. In return, you enjoy cordless freedom and are guaranteed to be able to start operation wherever you want. What’s more, you no longer have to worry about performance deficits. A Makita cordless circular saw reaches a cutting depth of 85 mm (model DHS900Z).

Makita also offers a wide range of accessories for your cordless circular saw. While a rip fence is usually included as standard, a guide rail must be purchased separately. Makita’s guide rails are between 1000 and 3000 mm long. All of them have a special adhesive coating so that they do not slip during work.

Power & cutting depth

The power is of essential importance. It must fit the desired range of applications. The thicker and harder the material to be cut, the more power the circular saw should have. While cordless tools used to have problems in this respect, today they no longer have to hide from mains cable versions.

The power can be estimated on the basis of several parameters. The most convenient in this context is to look in the direction of the cutting depth. The maximum values are shown as standard for 90° and 45°. A Makita cordless circular saw gives you a cutting depth of 85 mm (90°) at its peak, which is really outstanding. Even with a 45° inclination, up to 61 mm is possible.

As already indicated at the beginning, the electrical voltage also has an effect on the power capacity. 36V devices can offer more power than a 12V hand-held circular saw can.

In addition, the cutting depth is naturally limited by the diameter of the saw blade. This is only logical, because after all, a small blade simply “finishes faster” when plunging in. A Makita cordless circular saw works with a blade diameter of between 85 and 235 mm, depending on the model.

Compared to mains cable devices, the input power (in watts) of cordless hand-held circular saws is considerably lower. Nevertheless, in terms of actual power output, they are sometimes equal or even better. This shows that the efficiency of energy transfer is much higher. There is less power loss due to mechanical friction, etc. The best way to ensure this is with a brushless motor.


A certain degree of precision is desirable in any work with a circular saw. Not only the visual appearance, but also the subsequent safety of the objects created depends on it. There are several factors that can influence precision.

First of all, you should know which materials the circular saw and the mounted blade are designed for. If you have a variety of work to do, it makes sense to stock up on different blades. Makita offers special blades for the following materials:

  • Wood, OSB & MBF
  • Wood with nail residues
  • Wood, laminate, MDF, plastic
  • Stone
  • Sandwich panels
  • Aluminium

For solid metal, cordless metal circular saws are offered separately.

The more closely spaced the teeth on the blade, the easier it is to cut through delicate and soft materials. By the way, the blade of a Makita cordless circular saw is sometimes only 1.4 mm thick, which allows you to work faster and without interruptions (more cuts/battery charge).

In addition to the design of the blade, its rotation speed and the speed of the motor also play an important role. The rotation speed must not be too low, because then not only is the resistance not overcome, but in addition the gearbox and the motor are overloaded. A low speed is also a frequent reason for chipping and impurities appearing on the workpiece. To prevent this from happening, Makita usually uses Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT). Generally, a Makita cordless circular saw has an idle speed of up to 5000 rpm.


When using a hand-held circular saw, it is always important to ensure adequate safety at work. Both the manufacturer and the user can contribute to this.

Before using the saw for the first time, you should read the operating instructions carefully. It will tell you exactly how to handle the saw properly and what to avoid. During work, keep your eyes and concentration on the progress of work on the machine.

Furthermore, it is important to put on adequate work clothing. This includes, for example, safety goggles and ear protection. You don’t need to wear hearing protection with the 12V hand-held circular saw offered by Makita, because its noise level is a maximum of 71 dB.

Gloves, on the other hand, should not be worn because the material they are made of makes it easy to get caught in the blade. It is almost impossible to get out of a running blade with thick gloves.

Makita also provides comprehensive safety features on the circular saw. A soft start prevents power peaks at the start, which is why the saw never erupts uncontrollably and the internal components are protected from excessive stress.

In addition, the risk of injury is reduced by an electronic motor brake. It brings the blade to a standstill within a very short time as soon as the throttle switch is released.

From the outside, the hand-held circular saw is protected from dust and splash water by the XPT housing (Xtreme Protection Technology). If the saw is overloaded, this is signalled by a light. In addition, the battery is equipped with deep discharge protection as standard.

Furthermore, safety and comfort are increased if you make use of the existing extraction socket.


To a certain extent, the costs also have an influence on the purchase decision. They should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. The more performance and durability you expect under tough conditions, the more you should invest. Accordingly, a higher budget should be set for daily work in the trade than for sporadic use at home.

Although Makita cordless circular saws are high-quality brand products, the first models on offer are available for well under 100 Pounds. However, this only applies to the smaller versions, which are intended for moderate work. The top model DHS900Z, on the other hand, requires an investment of well over 300 Pounds – without battery and charger.

Where to buy

Because Makita cordless circular saws are very popular, many companies understandably want to sell them. You can choose between a wide selection in the online segment and the stationary retail trade.

Online, for example, you can find offers on the large marketplaces of Amazon and eBay. Here, there is always a certain amount of competition among different retailers for the best placement, which is why fair prices can be expected.

Furthermore, special online shops for the needs of do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen come into question. Screwfix and Cromwell can be mentioned in this context.

If you prefer personal advice, the large DIY stores such as Bradfords or Jewson are certainly a good place to start.

Makita cordless circular saw – There are many advantages

A Makita cordless circular saw has many advantages to offer. On the one hand, there is the outstanding cutting depth of up to 85 mm. On the other hand, there are also affordable solutions for ambitious do-it-yourselfers. In fact, there are no apparent disadvantages because the performance has been increased so much. This is what the company’s machines can offer you in concrete terms:

  • Large selection of models for do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen
  • Brushless motor ensures power, maintenance-free operation and durability
  • Potential cutting depth does not have to hide from cable models
  • Mitre and back cuts are possible
  • Weight, including battery, is partly limited to only 1.6 kg (12V)
  • Optimal speed adjustment (ADT)
  • Ergonomic handles and enclosed suction nozzle ensure a high level of comfort
  • LED light and capacity indicator provide additional comfort
  • Motor brake reduces risk of accidents
  • XPT housing, soft start and deep discharge protection prevent excessive wear and tear
  • Various guide rails, up to a length of 3 metres, are available separately

Video: Makita DHS680 in practice

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