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DeWalt cordless jigsaw

Powerful 18V jigsaws come from DeWalt

The US company DeWalt looks back on an impressive history and is appreciated worldwide. The manufacturer’s tools are considered powerful and extremely robust. This is also the case with a DeWalt cordless jigsaw. The tools can be operated with either an 18V or 54 battery (XR FlexVolt), as the latter is downward compatible. In addition, there is a choice of kits as well as solo devices.

DeWalt cordless jigsaw

We will show you below which DeWalt cordless jigsaw is recommended. You will also find out what you should generally look out for when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt cordless jigsaw – 3 models in the presentation

DeWalt DCS335NT


The cordless jigsaws from DeWalt are impressively powerful. The manufacturer’s top model is the DeWalt DCS335NT .

The tool has an air-cooled, brushless motor. This favours a compact bar design, which is beneficial for carpenters, among others. In addition, the optimum performance potential can be exploited. At the tip, 135 mm deep cuts can be made in wood, 25 mm deep cuts in aluminium and 10 mm deep cuts in steel. In addition, the base plate can be tilted by 45 degrees on both sides, which also allows mitre cuts to be made.

Any 18V or 54V battery from DeWalt can be used as the drive (XR-FlexVolt). This is also a model with a pendulum stroke. The idle speed can be flexibly adjusted between 1000 and 3200 rpm, which is why you can also work extremely filigree if required. In addition, 2 LEDs and a chip blower ensure a high level of comfort.

All in all, the DCS335NT is a high-quality and powerful cordless jigsaw from DeWalt. In terms of power potential and functionality, it basically leaves nothing to be desired. The equipment includes, among other things, an electronic stroke rate preselection, 2 interface LEDs, an interface fan, an extraction pre-equipment (X-Lock) and a motor brake. Customers are very satisfied with this jigsaw and describe it as a “professional machine”, among other things.

DeWalt DCS334NT

Kit DeWalt DCS334

Some of the cordless jigsaws from DeWalt are also available with accessories. One example in this context is the DeWalt DCS334NT .

This pendulum lift model comes with a practical T-STAK box. This makes mobile use much easier. In terms of performance, the device is similar to the previously presented model. However, the design is different. Due to the design, there is a little more vibration in the hand. Gripping the closed and rubberised handle will nevertheless feel particularly comfortable for many users. The speed and stroke rate can be intuitively adjusted to the respective material.

Furthermore, various safety features come into play. A lock-off switch, for example, prevents unintentional start-up. In addition, the throttle switch must be permanently pressed. In addition, this model is also equipped with 2 LEDs on the side, which illuminate the interface. In addition, chips are blown out of the working area. If required, a classic all-purpose vacuum cleaner can be connected.

In summary, the DCS334NT is a well-designed cordless jigsaw from DeWalt. It also has a modern, brushless motor. Straight, curved and mitre cuts (45 degrees) can be made. The base plate can be tilted without tools. The same applies to the blade change. Customers describe the 18V jigsaw as handy and precise.

DeWalt DCS331NT

Battery DeWalt DCS331

DeWalt’s cordless jigsaws are professional tools, which is why they are understandably not exactly inexpensive. If you are looking for a comparatively cheap offer from the manufacturer, you might find the DeWalt DCS331N interesting.

This device is also a pendulum stroke jigsaw. However, it still has a carbon brush motor. The brushes are replaceable, so a long service life can still be expected. In addition, the manufacturer is commendably transparent about the output power. It amounts to a reasonable 400 watts. In practice, a 13.5 cm thick wooden board can be chipped.

With a weight of 2.4 kg, this jigsaw is considerably heavier than the two models mentioned above. Its acoustic noise level is also somewhat higher at 89 dB. On the other hand, it is available for less than 200 euros. What is already possible is a tool-free blade change and a tool-free tilting of the base plate (up to 45 degrees). Furthermore, an interface fan is installed.

Overall, the DCS331 is a comparatively inexpensive cordless jigsaw from DeWalt. However, it is also equipped with a carbon brush motor. This makes it somewhat heavier, louder and more bulky. It also does not have an LED. Otherwise, the functionality is similar. Mitre cuts up to 45° are also possible with this model and an extraction unit can be connected.

DeWalt cordless jigsaw – This is what basically matters

Drive & design

Since there are two basic types of drive in the jigsaw segment – corded and cordless models – a cordless jigsaw automatically competes with a corded device. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, it should be noted that the purchase of a cordless jigsaw involves a comparatively high investment. A DeWalt model almost invariably costs 200 euros or more. Including battery and charger, the cost can quickly double that of purchasing a corded jigsaw from the same manufacturer.

Another disadvantage is the fact that continuous operation is more difficult. This can be facilitated by keeping several batteries with a high capacity in stock. However, this of course requires a higher investment. This is easier with a corded jigsaw.

On the other hand, the unrestricted freedom of movement is clearly an advantage. You can use a DeWalt cordless jigsaw wherever you want because there is no need for a power socket nearby. A so-called T-STAK box, which is sometimes included in the scope of delivery, supports you during transport.

While all DeWalt corded jigsaws use a carbon brush motor, some cordless models have a brushless motor. The latter favours a compact housing, low wear and tear and long durability.

In addition, DeWalt gives you the option of using a jigsaw with or without a pendulum stroke. A battery pendulum jigsaw offers you the following advantages:

  • The blade not only moves up and down, but also forwards and backwards (during the upward movement it is guided forwards, during the downward movement it is guided backwards)
  • The movement forwards and backwards is caused by a pendulum roller which sits behind the blade
  • This results in a particularly high cutting speed, which definitely saves time during work
  • In addition, the pendulum stroke makes it easier to cut particularly thick workpieces
  • When cutting thick wood, the coarse shavings are better removed
  • The saw blade lasts longer
  • Despite the power potential, you will have to use less force even with the pendulum stroke

However, the pendulum stroke can also be detrimental to the quality of the cut (if sensitive materials are chipped particularly quickly, this can lead to tearing/chipping at the cutting point). This is precisely why DeWalt offers you the option of adjusting the pendulum stroke in 3 stages or switching it off if required.

Power & cutting depth

In terms of performance, cordless tools have long had the reputation of being inferior to corded models. Today, however, this is no longer the case at all. In this case, you have to look at each model individually.

First of all, you have to find out whether a large power potential is necessary at all. If you only want to cut thin wood as well as plastics, leather, cardboard and the like, you don’t need it.

There are various parameters that indicate the performance of a cordless jigsaw. The greatest value is certainly the depth of cut. A DeWalt cordless jigsaw can achieve the following peak values:

  • Up to 135 mm in wood
  • Up to 25 mm in aluminium
  • Up to 10 mm in steel

Another indicator of potential power is the battery voltage. With the 18V system from DeWalt, great power can already be unleashed in any case. This is also demonstrated by other tools from the manufacturer. A DeWalt cordless impact wrench, for example, develops a torque of up to 950 Nm with an 18V battery.

The fact that cordless jigsaws can sometimes keep up with mains cable versions, despite their lower current voltage (in volts) and power consumption (in watts), is due to their efficiency. The combination of lithium-ion battery and brushless motor prevents excessive energy loss during transmission, as there are no sliding contacts. The carbon brush motors of corded jigsaws lose more energy, for which mechanical friction and increased heat (so-called brush fire) are responsible, among other things. They also wear out more quickly.

The fact that DeWalt does not make empty promises with its own cordless jigsaws is also shown by the fact that the output power is displayed. This is the power actually transferred, which remains after conversion from the original input power.

Precision in different materials

High precision is probably the most important feature of a jigsaw. It is favoured by various factors. First and foremost, there is no such thing as “one setting”, which is why the speed, saw blade and so on must always be individually adjusted to the material in question.

First of all, you should find out which materials the saw blade you are using is suitable for. Here you will find a list of the jigsaw blades offered by DeWalt and their possible uses.

DeWalt offers blades for every need. Even demanding jobs, such as cutting laminated surfaces, are successful with the right blade. Hardened high-performance fast-cutting steel and individually ground teeth ensure that the work progress is both clean and fast.

Furthermore, you can variably adjust the stroke of a DeWalt cordless pendulum jigsaw. This makes it possible to handle both thick (fast stroke speed) and delicate materials (slow stroke) adequately. Adjustment is simple by turning a knurled wheel. If you want to cut metal or very thin material, the stroke can be switched off completely.

The speed can also be adjusted by pressing the throttle switch. The more pressure you apply, the more aggressive the jigsaw will be. You have to be careful here. If the speed is too high for the material being cut, the cut will be rough and unclean. If, on the other hand, the speed is too low, the motor and the gearbox will suffer excessive wear.

With a DeWalt cordless jigsaw you can make flexible straight and curved cuts as well as mitre cuts (up to 45 degrees inclination). If you need to make a very long cut of one metre or more, an alternative is a DeWalt cordless circular saw. Long guide rails are available for the latter.


When using a jigsaw, it is always important to maintain a high level of work safety. After all, the open blade poses a not inconsiderable risk of injury. Both the manufacturer and the user can help to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum.

In any case, you should put on suitable clothing. Safety goggles and a dust mask, for example, protect sensitive areas of your body from chips, dust and, in an emergency, from a splintered saw tooth.

Because the noise level of a DeWalt cordless jigsaw ranges between 84 and 89 dB, it is also advisable to wear hearing protection. This also reduces feelings of stress.

When changing the saw blade, remove the battery in advance. This way you can prevent a potential start-up in any case.

A DeWalt cordless jigsaw can be classified as safe by the manufacturer. Various functions contribute to this. A motor brake, for example, stops the blade within a very short time when you release the throttle switch.

In addition, the combination of LED lighting, fan (“chip blower”) and suction connection ensure that you always have the interface in view. This also reduces the risk of accidents. The same applies to the rubberised handles, which allow a firm grip.

A safety switch also prevents the cordless jigsaw from starting unintentionally with just one movement.


Of course, you should also pay attention to the price. It should be based on your requirements in terms of performance, functionality and durability. For the sporadic processing of thin workpieces, it goes without saying that you need to invest less than is necessary for daily use in the trade.

As already mentioned at the beginning, a DeWalt cordless jigsaw tends to belong to the high-priced segment. Even solo devices are rarely available for less than 200 Pounds. Including battery(ies) and charger, the set price quickly exceeds 400 Pounds.

For occasional use in the hobby room, the purchase therefore does not necessarily make sense. The tools are primarily aimed at ambitious do-it-yourselfers and commercial users. If high performance and durability are required for regular use, DeWalt is one of the best suppliers worldwide.

Where to buy

The cordless jigsaws from DeWalt can primarily be purchased online. You are most likely to have access to all models on the large online marketplaces Amazon and eBay. Here, various dealers compete with each other, so fair pricing can be expected.

Furthermore, there are also online shops specialising in home and craftsmen’s equipment. These include Manomano and Powertoolworld.

Because large DIY stores presumably tend to favour domestic brands and low-priced offers, they usually do not have a professional jigsaw from DeWalt in their range. However, you can immediately find local suppliers in your area via the DeWalt dealer search. These are often builders’ merchants where it is possible to get personal advice.

DeWalt cordless jigsaw – It has many advantages to offer you

The cordless jigsaws from DeWalt offer great advantages. They are robustly manufactured and can even cope with continuous operation in the trade. In addition, modern, brushless motors enable great power potential with low wear. Nevertheless, the manufacturer does not cater to every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • High-quality workmanship, which also satisfies carpentry professionals
  • Available with or without pendulum stroke
  • Performance is in no way inferior to many cable models
  • Ideal for mobile and stand-alone use
  • Weight of partly less than 2 kg and rubberised handle ensure comfortable handling
  • Speed preselection, LED interface lighting and finely tuned throttle switch enable precise cuts in various materials
  • Base plate can be tilted up to 45° on both sides and without tools
  • Blower at the interface, connection option for suction cup and tool-free blade change add to the high level of convenience
  • Safety switch and electronic motor brake promote a high level of safety
  • Models with brushless motor are particularly efficient, compact and durable


  • High purchase price, which is why the devices do not necessarily have to be the first choice in private use (the more often use is planned, the more it is worthwhile)

Video: DeWalt DCS334 and DCS331 in comparison

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