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Makita cordless hammer drill

Proven tools from Japan

The traditional Japanese company Makita enjoys an excellent reputation among numerous DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen worldwide. Almost everyone is familiar with the manufacturer’s blue-coloured tools. Drill hammers are also part of the range. A Makita cordless hammer drill is particularly convenient. Since it is not tied to a cable, you are guaranteed to be able to go directly to any desired location. What’s more, you don’t feel restricted at all. Despite certain prophecies of doom, this design can also be very powerful today.

Makita cordless hammer drill

In the following, we will show you which Makita cordless hammer drill is a good choice. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless hammer drill – These models are recommended

Makita DHR171Z

18V DHR171Z

Although Makita cordless hammer drills are clearly branded products, there are also a few offers for a small budget. One recommendation in this context is the Makita DHR171Z .

The device can be delivered individually or with battery and charger. Even including the battery, the weight is less than 3 kg. Accordingly, handling is effortless. The anti-vibration system and the rubberised handles also contribute to this. Thanks to the compact dimensions, transport in confined spaces is no problem. The same applies to working in confined spaces.

A practical LED on the front ensures that you always have a clear view. Because the manufacturer lists the maximum impact energy as 1.2 joules, this tool is only suitable for moderate tasks. For example, holes of up to 17 mm can be drilled in concrete. Incidentally, a high level of safety in many respects is ensured by overload protection, temperature monitoring and deep discharge protection.

All in all, the DHR171Z is a popular and handy cordless hammer drill from Makita. Thanks to its compact dimensions and light weight, it offers you a high level of operating comfort. However, according to the performance, you also have to make some compromises. This model is best suited for DIY and simple commercial work. The device is not designed for massive resistances under continuous load.

Makita DHR243RTJ

Brushless DHR243RTJ

Makita also offers universal hammer drill sets with which you can really get started. A good example is the set Makita DHR243RTJ .

This cordless hammer drill comes with two 5-Ah batteries, a charger and a spacious Makpac box. For operation, it is sufficient to insert one battery so that you can always have a replacement in stock. The battery is completely full after only 45 minutes of charging. Now you can get to work with this combi hammer in a variety of ways. It can drill, hammer drill and chisel in equal measure. The chisel position alone can be adjusted 40 times.

An 18V battery is sufficient to release an impact energy of up to 2 joules. The brushless motor also contributes significantly to this. While holes of up to 24 mm can be drilled in masonry, the same is true for steel (13 mm). In addition, handling is easy because the cordless hammer drill weighs a light 3.7 kg ready for use. The slip clutch ensures a high level of safety.

Overall, the DHR243RTJ is a flexible cordless hammer drill from Makita. You can choose between hammer drilling, drilling and chiselling with one handle. The impact strength of 2 joules is particularly sufficient for a variety of DIY projects. However, the compact combi hammer can also be used in commercial applications where a massive tool would be out of place.

Makita DHR400ZKU


Makita also has reliable solutions for big challenges. A particularly powerful cordless hammer drill is the Makita DHR400ZKU .

The device has a peak impact force of 8 joules. Accordingly, you can easily penetrate metal and, if necessary, quickly lift walls. In general, this model is the best solution for taking far-reaching measures. Two batteries provide a combined voltage of 36V during operation. However, the large power capacity inevitably affects the weight, which at 8 kg is certainly not insignificant.

The functionality is manifold. You can hammer drill as well as chisel. The chisel, for example, can be adjusted 24 times. The rubberised additional handle and the anti-vibration system, among other things, ensure a high level of comfort. The percussion mechanism compensates for recoil in the best possible way. In addition, this hammer drill actually has Bluetooth. This device allows you to start the separately available hoover.

In summary, the DHR400ZKU is a high-quality cordless hammer drill from Makita. It is currently the most powerful version of the LXT series. A power of 8 joules is sufficient to make 40 mm holes in concrete. Rough chiselling is also possible. Although the manufacturer has done everything to ensure a high level of comfort, working with such a model is still relatively strenuous.

Makita cordless hammer drill – You should generally pay attention to the following


Basically, the battery drive competes with the classic mains cable supply. There are advantages and disadvantages in this context.

First of all, it can be stated that the motor here is really low-maintenance to the maximum. No carbon brushes are used, but the high-quality brushless technology. This is not only durable and powerful, but also particularly space-saving.

Either one or two 18V batteries from the LXT series are used as the drive. Lithium-ion technology offers you the advantage of being lightweight and durable. It has no memory effect and there is only a low self-discharge.

Because the battery has to be charged first, of course, it is not as quick to put into operation as it is when plugging in a mains cable device. In addition, continuous operation is only possible if sufficient capacity or, if necessary, several batteries are kept on hand.

The cordless freedom means that any location can be worked on directly as desired. You do not have to go in search of a power socket. The fact that there is no cable increases comfort and also reduces the risk of tripping.


Power is of course of crucial importance. It must necessarily fit the requirements on site. Although cordless hammer drills are becoming more and more powerful, it must unfortunately still be said that they cannot compete with large corded devices at the peak of performance.

You can tell how powerful your model of choice is by looking at the impact strength, which is sometimes also referred to as impact energy. It is expressed in joules. A Makita cordless hammer drill can actually release up to 8 joules. This is sufficient for chiseling walls and drilling into very hard surfaces.

A promise of potential power is often the battery voltage. The higher it is, the more energy can be transferred. So if you need a lot of power, you should go for a version that combines two 18V batteries to a voltage of 36V.

In general, hammer drills can exert more force on the substrate than percussion drills. This is because an electropneumatic percussion mechanism is used here, which is why one’s own muscle power plays a rather subordinate role.

A Makita cordless hammer drill can be used for a wide range of materials. However, if you want to drill very large diameters in metal or tear down large walls quickly, the choice should really go to a top model.

Drill chuck

Makita uses SDS chucks (SDS-plus & SDS-max). SDS stands for Special Direct System. This design was invented by Bosch and has a shank diameter standardised at 10 mm. It is considered the answer to the various systems of the 1960s and 1970s, which were anything but consumer-friendly.

The respective attachment can be quickly placed in the SDS drill chuck without the use of a separate tool. In addition to drills, chisels can also be used. A Makita chisel, for example, can be adjusted in its position up to 24 times so that it can hardly slip off during a task.


Handling should of course be as comfortable as possible. Only then can you devote yourself fully to your work and not have to expect any physical discomfort. The Makita company does its best to provide you with a high level of comfort.

A light weight makes a significant contribution to energy-saving handling. There are some battery-powered hammer drills from Makita that weigh well under 4 kg when assembled. Such models can then also be used by women with confidence. However, it has to be said that an increase in weight must inevitably be taken into account for high performance.

Rubberised handles also ensure that there are no feelings of pressure and certainly no calluses in the palms. Thanks to Makita’s own AVT (anti-vibration system), hardly any vibrations reach the handles. This is ensured, among other things, by a variable spring compression.

In general, the battery can be inserted with one handgrip and the hammer drill can be started conveniently at the touch of a button. Clear symbols on the switches show you whether you are in hammer drilling or drilling mode, for example.

Activating the LED lighting is also useful. This allows you to illuminate your workplace optimally at all times, which also further improves safety.

Furthermore, with each model you can choose whether you want to purchase only the individual tool or whether you want to receive the delivery directly with comprehensive accessories (case, battery, charger, drill/chisel set).


Depending on the model, a Makita cordless hammer drill can be equipped with a wide range of functions. In the following, we will briefly explain which functions are particularly helpful.

So that you can work particularly flexibly, Makita offers you the option of electronically adjusting the speed and number of blows. This allows you to drill through soft surfaces, such as wood, in a controlled and precise manner. Once the speed has been set, it remains reliably constant.

If you have an extensive task ahead of you, it is useful to use the slide switch for continuous operation. This means you don’t have to constantly apply pressure with your finger.

Furthermore, a so-called soft no-load function is often installed. This reduces the engine speed when idling so that even then you are exposed to minimal vibrations.

In some cases, it is also possible to combine the drill with a dust extraction system. However, you should not do without an adequate dust mask if you are facing a big challenge.

In addition, the remaining battery capacity can sometimes be read off from an LED display. In this case, there will certainly be no more negative surprises.


The aspect of safety should definitely be in the foreground as well. Both the manufacturer and the user can do a lot to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum. For example, handling should always be carried out properly.

It can definitely be said that a Makita cordless hammer drill comes with many safety features. The so-called disengagement clutch is particularly helpful. It prevents dangerous blockages and the associated kickbacks of the machine.

The hammer drill itself is also given maximum protection. If it is overloaded, it switches off automatically so that excessive wear can be prevented. The temperature and charge level of the battery are also constantly monitored. The manufacturer’s 18V batteries can also be used in numerous other Makita tools.


Of course, the costs also influence the decision to a certain extent. In general, it can be said that a Makita cordless hammer drill is fairly priced. There is a wide range, so that almost every demand can be met. The first models are on sale for just over 100 Pounds. Of course, you can save the most if you already have a battery and the right charger.

The price should be in fair proportion to your own requirements. The more power and versatility you expect, the more you should invest. The budget should not be set too low, especially for the tough continuous workload in the trade.

Makita cordless hammer drill – There are advantages & disadvantages

A cordless hammer drill from Makita offers many advantages. This starts with the comprehensive selection of light compact devices and powerful commercial versions. Even the small versions have a very robust housing. In general, the handling is quite intuitive. However, this type cannot meet every requirement. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Proven as well as renowned brand
  • Large selection
  • Also available as a combi hammer for hammer drilling and chiselling
  • Unlimited freedom of movement
  • Brushless motors are used, which are virtually maintenance-free and very durable
  • High-quality lithium-ion batteries that have a high energy density and last a long time
  • Adequate weight, rubberised elements and anti-vibration technology ensure a high level of comfort
  • Speed can be electronically adjusted to suit the task at hand Impact energy can be up to 8 joules
  • Front LED can illuminate working area
  • Temperature monitoring, overload protection and deep discharge protection ensure a high level of safety
  • High-quality units even have
  • Bluetooth connection for automatic dust extraction


  • Rather not suitable for wide-ranging measures in the trade (exception is the top model DHR400ZKU)
  • Power is not sufficient for drilling large diameters in metal

Video: Makita DHR171Z in practice

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