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Bosch cordless hammer drill

Uneo Maxx and Co. in the presentation

The German family-owned company Bosch enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The product range includes a variety of home and handyman products. They also offer hammer drills. In this context, a Bosch cordless hammer drill promises a special kind of comfort. Thanks to the cordless freedom, you are guaranteed to be able to take such a device anywhere. Generally, the models in this category are pleasantly handy and easy to use. Nevertheless, there are also extremely powerful solutions here.

Bosch cordless hammer drill

We will show you below which Bosch cordless hammer drill is a good choice. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch cordless hammer drill – These models are recommended

Bosch Uneo Maxx

18V SDS Uneo Maxx

The Bosch brand offers you versatile rotary hammers for home use. A particularly popular model in this context is the Bosch Uneo Maxx .

Depending on the choice, the machine is delivered together with the matching 18V battery, a charger, a practical transport case and various attachments. Accordingly, it is immediately possible to perform a wide range of tasks. Among other things, it is possible to drill classic holes, insert screws and remove screws. Thanks to the SDS drill chuck, you can always change the attachments within a few seconds – without using separate tools.

Even including the battery, the Uneo Maxx weighs less than 1.5 kg. This means it can also be used by women with ease. Its light weight also makes it ideal for overhead drilling. However, the impact energy is limited to a rather moderate 0.6 joules. Therefore, you cannot drill large holes in hard surfaces. For concrete, the maximum diameter is 10 mm.

Overall, the Uneo Maxx is a handy cordless hammer drill from Bosch. Thanks to its compact dimensions and light weight, it is the ideal companion for everyday DIY work. The device can definitely be described as a multi-talent, as it can be used for percussion drilling, drilling and as a classic cordless screwdriver. It is important to bear in mind that the power is not suitable for overcoming large resistances.

Bosch GBH 18V-20

GBH 18V-20 battery

Bosch is represented in the commercial segment with the Professional series. An inexpensive cordless hammer drill for professional use is the Bosch GBH 18V-20 .

As with the previously presented model, it is also operated with an 18V battery. Here, however, it can provide an impact energy of 1.7 joules. Therefore, the drill diameter in concrete can be up to 20 mm. Because you can adjust the speed variably, even delicate work in wood can be carried out as needed. Here, the maximum drill diameter is a respectable 30 mm. The additional handle and the weight of around 3 kg ensure a high level of operating comfort.

Furthermore, it is also possible to screw in and remove screws with this hammer drill. The Rotation Control Clutch ensures a high level of safety during operation. If a blockage or excessive torque occurs, the power is automatically reduced. This prevents the machine from becoming an uncontrollable plaything. If required, you can also retrofit a dust extraction system.

All in all, the GBH 18V-20 is a recommendable cordless hammer drill from Bosch. It is ideally suited for regular work in the simple and medium-demand range. The light weight and the rubberised additional handle make it easy to handle. In general, it can be used universally, as it can also replace a cordless drill. Most customers are very satisfied with the tool.

Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Plus

GBH 36V Li Plus

Bosch also has the right cordless hammer drill for high demands. The manufacturer’s top model is the Bosch GBH 36 V-LI Plus .

This version works with a 36V battery. Thanks to such a battery voltage, an impact force of up to 3.2 joules can be generated. This means that various chiselling tasks can be carried out successfully. The SDS-Plus drill chuck allows the respective attachment to be mounted quickly and without slipping. For example, you can drill holes up to 28 mm in size in concrete. The practical LED light on the front ensures that you always have everything in view.

The adjustable speed also ensures a wide range of applications. Despite its proven performance, the hammer drill including 4-Ah battery weighs only 4.5 kg. The soft grip, the vibration-damping elements and the battery capacity indicator also contribute to a high level of comfort. In addition, the manufacturer pays attention to a high level of safety. In case of blockages, for example, Kickback Control prevents dangerous kickbacks.

In summary, the GBH 36 V-LI Plus is a high-quality cordless hammer drill from Bosch. It can also cope with large tasks and impresses with its power and robustness. Nevertheless, the weight remains within a moderate range. Many customers are enthusiastic about this tool, because a balanced compromise between manageability and power has been found.

Bosch cordless hammer drill – Here is what you should look for when choosing


Bosch currently offers 12 different cordless hammer drills. These belong either to the green DIY series for do-it-yourselfers or the blue Professional series.

Lithium-ion technology is used as the drive. Such batteries are considered compact (thanks to higher energy density), lightweight and durable. The latter is due to the fact that there is no memory effect. In addition, there is only a very low self-discharge. Depending on the model, Bosch uses either a 12V, 18V or 36V battery.

The small batteries are full after about 1 hour of charging. A green indicator (Ready to Go) signals this fact. Afterwards, you can insert the respective battery with a flick of the wrist and start working at the touch of a button.

In general, a cordless hammer drill gives you maximum freedom of movement. You do not have to make sure that there is a power connection nearby. The lack of a cable also reduces the risk of tripping.


The potential power is of great importance. It is imperative that it fits the conditions on site. Otherwise stress and frustration are virtually pre-programmed.

Although cordless hammer drills are becoming more and more powerful, they cannot compete with large corded devices in this respect. For this reason, you need to be aware in advance that only small and medium-sized applications come into question.

You can tell how powerful your model is first and foremost by its impact strength, which is sometimes also referred to as impact energy. It is expressed in joules. The harder the material and the larger the desired drill diameter, the more impact energy is required.

A Bosch cordless hammer drill has an impact force of between 0.5 and 3.2 joules. The blue 36V professional tools in particular can be used well with concrete and steel. If you want to do extensive chiselling work, you should definitely go for a 36V model.

In general, hammer drills can unleash more power than impact drills. This is because the electropneumatic percussion mechanism releases the power. Percussion drills, on the other hand, rely on muscle power.

Furthermore, the battery voltage is a promise for the potential power. It is expressed in volts. The higher the value, the better. As already mentioned, the Bosch models can offer up to 36V.

Drill chuck

Bosch is considered the inventor of the consumer-friendly SDS (Special Direct System). This was the answer to the large variety of chuck diameters in the 1960s and 1970s. From then on, many other manufacturers adopted the standardisation of 10 mm as the shank diameter, which meant that there was no longer a need to constantly purchase new attachments.

The SDS offers you various advantages. On the one hand, you can change the attachment without tools and therefore easily. According to Bosch, the attachment can be changed within 3 seconds. Secondly, both the drill and the chisel can be used. Both can be fixed absolutely securely and only slip in the rarest of cases.


It goes without saying that handling a hammer drill should be as comfortable as possible. In this case, physical discomfort is ruled out as best as possible and you can devote yourself fully to the task at hand.

A light weight makes a special contribution to energy-saving handling. The lightest Bosch cordless hammer drill (Uneo) weighs just 1.3 kg including the battery. Accordingly, it can also be used by women with absolute confidence. Unfortunately, it must also be noted that high performance inevitably has to be paid for with increased weight.

Furthermore, the vibrations acting on the body are reduced to a minimum. On the one hand, rubberised foam pads on the handles are responsible for this. On the other hand, a lifting rod directly on the motor counteracts any vibrations (VibrationControl).

In general, the operating elements are intuitive to use. This is mainly due to the clear symbols. Switching from drilling to hammering, for example, is as simple as flipping a switch on the side.

An LED light on the front ensures that you always have an overview while working. This also increases safety.

Since a transport case, battery, charger and various attachments can be included in the scope of delivery, you can get started straight away without having to make separate purchases. The batteries are usually compatible with many other tools from the manufacturer.


A Bosch cordless hammer drill can be equipped with numerous functions that improve comfort and variability. We will briefly explain which ones are particularly useful in the following.

The speed can be varied so that you can react flexibly to different requirements. Bosch calls this function VariableSpeed. This means you can be as gentle as you are aggressive. Under load, ConstantSpeed ensures that the speed can be reliably maintained.

With a combi hammer, you can simply switch off the rotary function (chisel function). This allows you to chisel afterwards without any worries.

In addition, the housing sometimes acts as a heat conductor. This means that the battery can always be kept relatively cool. The remaining battery capacity is often displayed on the housing so that negative surprises can be ruled out.


You should definitely also pay attention to the aspect of safety. In general, both the manufacturer and the user can do a lot to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum. Proper handling is the first priority.

A Bosch cordless hammer drill comes with various safety features, which is why the tools can definitely be described as safe. For example, if a sudden blockage occurs, dangerous kickbacks are prevented by the machine switching off immediately (KickbackControl).

In the event of a blockage, RotationClutchControl also supports you. This separates the drive trains from each other, which means that the torque can be reduced immediately.

If there has been a power failure, the hammer drill will not switch on again automatically if Restart Protection is installed.

Some models can also be combined with a dust extraction system. As a rule, however, this device does not fully replace a dust mask.

VarioLock also allows you to adjust the chisel position flexibly, so you never have to risk dangerous experiments in any situation.


The price certainly has a certain influence on the decision. It should always be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. The more performance you expect and the harder the use, the more you should invest. A high budget usually also results in a long service life.

A Bosch cordless hammer drill can be available for as little as 100 Pounds. However, such tools are only suitable for light DIY work. Generally, you can save the most money if you already have the right battery and charger. The top models, however, require an investment of more than 500 Pounds and are then best suited for continuous commercial use.

Bosch cordless hammer drill – It has many advantages

The cordless hammer drills from Bosch have many advantages. You can choose from a wide range of DIY and commercial tools. All models can be put into operation quickly and are easy to use. However, they cannot meet every requirement. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Proven traditional brand from Germany
  • Probate selection of models for small and medium requirements
  • 85 years of experience in the rotary hammer segment
  • Cordless freedom of movement so that any location can be tackled immediately
  • Manufacturer relies on durable as well as compact lithium-ion technology
  • Weight can be significantly less than 2 kg, which does not stand in the way of energy-saving handling
  • Components are extremely robust (hardening takes place through NitroDur process)
  • Standardised 10 mm shaft system (SDS)
  • Both drill bits and chisels can be used
  • Speed can be universally adjusted to the task at hand
  • High comfort thanks to VibrationControl, LED light and intuitive buttons
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Capacity indicator prevents sudden surprises
  • Dust extraction can be retrofitted
  • Batteries can be used in other tools from the manufacturer


  • Power is not sufficient for drilling large diameters in steel, concrete etc.
  • Not suitable for comprehensive tasks, such as the drilling of large walls (here, a solid cable model is faster and more reliable)

Bosch Professional GBH 36 in practice

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