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Makita cordless hedge trimmer

The best battery hedge trimmers from Makita

Hedges and bushes only look attractive if they are adequately cared for from time to time. A hedge trimmer is the optimal solution here. The well-established company Makita is one of the market leaders in this segment. A Makita cordless hedge trimmer guarantees a particularly high level of comfort. It can be comfortably operated without a cable, which is why you enjoy maximum freedom of movement. Any place can be directly accessed as desired. In addition, there is no danger of cutting a cable.

Makita cordless hedge trimmer

In the following, we will show you which Makita battery hedge trimmer is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless hedge trimmer – 3 models in the presentation

Makita DUH523Z

Battery LXT DUH523Z

There are various battery hedge trimmers from Makita that have proven themselves for years. Particularly popular is the model Makita DUH523Z .

The tool is delivered without a battery and without a charger. You can therefore save a lot of money if you already have the right 18-volt equipment from Makita. The light weight of 3.3 kg, rubberised handles and the rubber buffer on the motor housing contribute to easy handling. The latter reduces vibrations to a minimum. Because the blade is 52 cm long, it is ideally suited for accurate work on shrubs, bushes and small hedges.

Furthermore, the manufacturer specifies a cutting thickness of 1.5 cm. Accordingly, this hedge trimmer is only suitable for thinner branches. It can be operated with a 1.5, 3 or 4 Ah battery. Conveniently, the remaining battery capacity is shown on a display at all times. This means that negative surprises in this context can be ruled out.

All in all, the DUH523Z is a justifiably popular cordless hedge trimmer from Makita. It is relatively inexpensive, but is only suitable for thin branches. The device is quick to start up and comfortable to operate. Highlights include the capacity display and the light weight. Customers are very satisfied.

Makita DUH651Z

36V DUH651Z

Makita also has the right battery hedge trimmer in reserve for larger projects. One recommendation in this context is the Makita DUH651Z .

This hedge trimmer has a 65 cm long blade, which is why a large area performance can be guaranteed. Nevertheless, the weight is limited to a moderate 5.1 kg (including batteries). It is operated with 2 18 V rechargeable batteries, which must be purchased separately. You can adjust the angle of the handle before use, which guarantees ergonomic handling.

Although a powerful speed of up to 1800/minute is available during operation, the noise level is limited to a maximum of 82 dB at peak times. For this reason, this hedge trimmer can be used without any problems in the vicinity of sensitive areas such as hospitals or nursing homes. It should be noted that a maximum of 1.8 cm thick branches can be handled.

Overall, the DUH651Z is a recommendable cordless hedge trimmer from Makita. Thanks to its 65 cm long blade, you can make rapid progress. This is especially true when 2 6 Ah batteries are used. Even with very large hedges, you hardly need to take any breaks. The angle-adjustable rubber handle ensures effortless handling. Customers describe this hedge trimmer as a “real joy”.

Makita DUH502Z

18V brushless DUH502Z

Makita is constantly improving its battery hedge trimmers. A new model for private use is the Makita DUH502Z .

The handle can be adjusted to 5 different positions, which means that almost any hand position preference can be catered for. Including the 18V battery, which is not included in the scope of delivery, the model weighs 4.2 kg. The work is therefore pleasant and you don’t have to worry about tired arms even after a long time. The blade is 50 cm long. Therefore, all measures can always be carried out precisely to measure.

Despite the compact dimensions, branches up to a diameter of 2.15 cm can be cut. This is ensured by a brushless motor, which reaches up to 4400 revolutions per minute. You can adjust the motor speed 3 times yourself. This allows you to save energy when cutting thin branches, for example, which means that the battery lasts longer and overall the wear and tear on the components is reduced to a minimum.

In summary, the DUH502Z is a versatile cordless hedge trimmer from Makita. It is compact and manoeuvrable. Nevertheless, it is powerful and can reliably cut through branches with a diameter of more than 2 cm. Since the speed can be adjusted independently, you can even trim thin foliage adequately. In addition, battery capacity can be saved. Customers are convinced by this model and predict a runtime of more than one hour, provided a 5 Ah battery is used.

Makita cordless hedge trimmer – This is what fundamentally matters


Potential power always plays an important role when looking for a hedge trimmer. It determines how thick the branches to be managed can be. In addition, a powerful device lasts longer in operation without the speed dropping in the meantime.

A promise for the performance of a Makita cordless hedge trimmer is the wattage. Although it primarily only defines the power consumption, a high power consumption can also mean that a lot of power is unleashed. For large tasks, values from 600 watts should be available.

Other indicators of good performance are adequate speed and battery voltage. The higher both are, the more powerful the battery hedge trimmer is likely to be. Incidentally, the power of high-quality Makita models can be adjusted variably.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity tells you how long you can work until the battery is empty. It is expressed in ampere-hours (Ah). The higher the value, the longer the battery will last. In Makita’s 18V series, the capacity ranges between 1.5 and 6 Ah.

Makita offers its hedge trimmers in sets both with and without batteries. The more comprehensive the task, the higher the battery capacity should be. Alternatively, you can also pre-charge several batteries to be able to work for longer periods at a time.

The high-quality chargers from Makita are highly commendable, as they can fully charge a 3 Ah battery within 22 minutes. This, of course, also significantly increases the area output/time unit.

Furthermore, it is certainly practical that the 18V series can be used in many other battery tools from Makita.

Blade length

The blade length should be in adequate proportion to the conditions on site. The longer the blade, the more bushes can be removed in one movement. If there are large areas to be maintained, you should opt for a long sword. This makes the work much more efficient.

The blade of a Makita cordless hedge trimmer is between 50 and 75 cm long. This means that in principle you can find the right model for all areas of application. Long blades are perfect for maintaining high hedges, for example, as well as for creating a lot of area/time unit.

If you can comfortably reach all areas from the ground, a short blade is recommended. This makes handling easier and also promotes precise work. Short swords also tend to be safer when working on the ladder.

In the case of very large hedges, even long ladders are of limited use. In this case you can either rely on a lifting platform (expensive solution), use a hedge trimmer with an extension or commission a professional garden design.

Cutting thickness

The cutting strength is also important. A Makita cordless hedge trimmer can cut through thick branches without complications. For very rough work, however, models with combustion engines are still the better choice.

In this segment, Makita can cut branches up to a diameter of 2.35 cm. This is praiseworthy, as other battery-powered tools usually only manage a maximum of 1.8 cm.

It is not only the power of the motor that determines the cutting strength, but above all the distance between the teeth. This is only logical. The greater the distance, the thicker the branches that can be cut.

You should not aim for a large cutting force across the board. For small hedges and shrubs, a small tooth spacing is the better solution, because you can tend to be more precise with it.


A Makita cordless hedge trimmer is easy to handle. The light weight is a significant factor in this. It usually weighs between 3 and 4 kg, which is why women and senior citizens can also expect effortless handling. Makita also supports you with rubberised handles, some of which can be adjusted to your own needs.

No major assembly work is required. The battery can be attached and removed with a flick of the wrist. During operation, the brushless motor does not emit any unpleasant exhaust fumes and is also relatively quiet and low in vibration. This, of course, also contributes to a high level of comfort and reduces feelings of stress.

In contrast to a combustion engine, a brushless electric motor is de facto maintenance-free and saves space, so that the device can be even more compact overall. You don’t have to operate a cable to start the machine, just press a button.

Since there is no cable, you never have to look for a socket during operation. Therefore, there are flexible possibilities for use, even in remote locations.


A cordless hedge trimmer does pose a certain risk of injury. Accordingly, you should always be attentive when using it and follow the instructions in the operating manual. A hand guard directly between the handle and the blade protects you from most careless injuries.

For example, you can wear gloves to prevent cuts to your hands. When working overhead, it is also advisable to wear a helmet with a face shield. Then the falling branches cannot actually cause any major damage.

Furthermore, a Makita cordless hedge trimmer can be equipped with a so-called protector at the tip of the blade. This protects the blade from direct contact with rocks and other hard surfaces. This is particularly useful when your hedge is against a wall, for example.

In addition, an anti-jamming system can increase safety. This technology detects stuck branches and then automatically changes the direction of the blades. This means that it may still be possible to cut through the branches. If this does not work, the blades remain open and the branches fall to the ground. Therefore, in this case you do not have to reach into the sword with your fingers.

Makita cordless hedge trimmer – It offers various advantages

A battery hedge trimmer from Makita has many advantages to offer you. On the one hand, there is of course the cordless freedom of movement, thanks to which you can target every area. Without cables, personal comfort in handling is also increased and the risk of accidents is reduced. Nevertheless, not everything speaks for this type. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Proven quality relied on by numerous home and craftsmen worldwide
  • Probate choice of small and large models
  • Can be supplied without battery and charger, so you can save if you already own them
  • Maximum freedom of movement during operation
  • Battery can be fully charged in as little as 20 minutes
  • Low weight means that women and senior citizens can also expect to use it with less effort
  • Low risk of accidents (no cable can be cut)
  • Active cooling system during charging ensures long-lasting lithium-ion technology
  • 18V system can also be used in Makita’s other cordless tools
  • There are also models for professional/commercial use
  • Environmentally friendly and quiet during use
  • No maintenance of the motor necessary


  • Including battery and charger, this category is rather expensive
  • Performance cannot compete with large petrol hedge trimmers

Makita DUH523 18V Review

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