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Worx strimmer

The best cordless trimmers from Worx

The products of the Worx brand are very innovative and have already received many awards. The Worx robotic lawnmowers are particularly well known. However, the product range of the Chinese high-tech company also includes lawn trimmers. A Worx strimmer is characterised by effortless handling and low environmental impact. Because all of the manufacturer’s trimmers are battery-operated, you don’t have to smell any unpleasant exhaust fumes and can expect minimal background noise.

Worx strimmer

We will show you below which Worx cordless lawn strimmer is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Worx strimmer – These models are recommended

Worx WG163E.2

Cordless trimmer Worx

Worx lawn strimmers are very popular in this country. An absolute bestseller is the model Worx WG163E.2 .

The unit is delivered together with a 2 Ah battery and the matching charger. Cutting is done in the classic way using nylon thread. It maintains its length independently, so you don’t have to do anything yourself. Of course, only the entire spool has to be replaced at some point. Furthermore, the motor head can be swivelled by up to 90°. Therefore, both open areas and edges can be precisely groomed. A special impeller even helps you with the latter.

Furthermore, the working width is a respectable 30 cm, which means that a good area performance can be expected. The trimmer itself weighs a light 2 kg, which is why women and senior citizens can also expect effortless handling. In addition, the height-adjustable telescopic handle and the angle-adjustable handle support ergonomics.

All in all, the WG163E.2 is a deservedly popular cordless lawn strimmer from Worx. It is extremely lightweight and yet has a cutting width of 30 cm. The height-adjustable handle and the automatic cord extension also contribute to a high level of comfort. Customers are largely satisfied. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that a 2 Ah battery is usually empty after about 20 minutes.

Worx WG163E.9

Battery Garden WG163

It is, of course, extremely inexpensive to buy an edge strimmer individually. A good example here is the Worx WG163E.9 .

Thanks to its weight of 2.4 kg, this trimmer is also easy to move. The handlebar can be adjusted to your body size so that back pain is avoided as much as possible. The angle of the black handle can also be adjusted. It is operated with a proven 20V PowerShare battery, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

The nylon cord is 3 metres long. It extends automatically. If that is not enough, you can also move it at the touch of a button, which is why you only need to change the bobbin yourself. Furthermore, the motor head can be variably adjusted so that every area can be adequately groomed. A wheel helps you to trim edges accurately.

Overall, the WG163E.9 is an affordable cordless lawn strimmer from Worx. It can be put into operation quickly and guided confidently. Thanks to the tiltable motor head and the wheel, all passages can be trimmed to size. Customers describe this model as light and powerful.

Worx WG184E.9

40V WG184

The Worx battery-powered lawn strimmers can also cope well with larger tasks. A high-quality model in this context is the Worx WG184E.9 .

This brush cutter works with two 20V batteries, which creates a powerful voltage of 40V. This also significantly increases the running time. Together with a cutting width of 33 cm, it is therefore certain that even large areas can be quickly trimmed. This trimmer also has a nylon thread that can be easily adjusted in length.

The overall weight is over 5 kg. The length-adjustable handlebar, among other things, ensures that the trimmer is comfortable to use. If necessary, it is very long so that even tall people can work upright. In addition, you can choose to maintain a greater distance from the obstacle. Of course, the motor head of this model can also be rotated so that edges can be groomed precisely.

In summary, the WG184E.9 is a high-quality cordless lawn strimmer from Worx. It can be used for a long time and provides a great area performance. Highlights include the very long shaft and the combined voltage of 40V. The handle can be folded for transport and storage. Customers are largely enthusiastic about this edge trimmer.

Worx strimmer – You should always pay attention to the following


As already mentioned, a Worx brushcutter is always a battery-powered model. This design competes with two other drives: Corded trimmers and petrol trimmers. In this context, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

First obvious, of course, is the cordless freedom of movement. You don’t have to go in search of an outdoor socket and can work on any location of your choice instantly. Accordingly, you can even simply load the trimmer into the boot and use it in remote locations.

The electric motor used is virtually wear-free and therefore does not need to be maintained. With petrol engines, of course, it’s a different story. In addition, the noise level is kept to a minimum, which is not only good for your own health. It can also prevent conflicts with neighbours and the regulatory authorities.

Depending on the model, the Worx lawn strimmer is operated either with one or two 20V batteries (lithium-ion technology). The latter produces a combined voltage of 40V, which can then also take on larger resistances.

All models are delivered pre-assembled so that you can start right away. You can start the trimmer easily by pressing a button after inserting the battery.

In general, cordless lawn strimmers are well suited for use on lawns and other fine plants. Regardless of the manufacturer, they cannot cut through branches and roots.

Cutting system

Without a good attachment, nothing works with a brush cutter. Depending on the manufacturer and drive, different systems are used. Electric trimmers are usually equipped with a nylon thread. The Worx company also uses this. Other manufacturers sometimes offer plastic blades as an alternative.

A nylon string shows its advantages especially when working directly on the obstacle. When it comes into contact with rocks, wooden edgings and the like, neither it nor the obstacle will suffer any great damage. Over time, the thread becomes shorter, which can lead to a deterioration in cutting performance. With a Worx lawn trimmer, however, you do not have to be attentive in this regard, because the string is automatically kept at a constant length (command feed). At some point, however, the bobbin will be completely empty and will have to be replaced.

Plastic blades have comparatively less air resistance, which is why the battery lasts longer. On a free surface, they also wear out only slowly. The situation is quite different when they come into contact with hard objects – here, such an attachment may shatter immediately.

Hardly any battery trimmer can work with a steel blade. If you want to tackle thicker branches and dense vegetation quickly, you will have to look for a model with a petrol engine.

Power & battery capacity

Power is also important, of course. It doesn’t have to be overly pronounced, but rather fit your personal requirements. A battery-powered brush cutter is generally not characterised by a lot of power, but there can still be significant differences within this category.

Unfortunately, power cannot be reliably assessed on the basis of a single indicator. A good place to start is with the battery voltage. A high voltage can deliver more power. If you operate your Worx strimmer at 40V, it is most likely to cope with higher resistances.

Because a cordless edger also works with an electric motor, it naturally has a quantifiable power consumption, which is shown in watts. First and foremost, the wattage only defines the power consumption. However, a high wattage can also be associated with increased power potential.

Furthermore, the motor speed can be a promise for the power potential. High values indicate that the power output of the machine will not drop quickly, even during prolonged work.

In addition to sheer power, the battery life also plays a role. It has a decisive influence on the area performance. The capacity is expressed in Ah (ampere hours). On a Worx lawn trimmer, it ranges between 2 and 4 Ah (PowerShare system). The higher the value, the longer the battery will last in continuous operation. If you have several batteries in stock, you can extend the runtime as desired.


Handling should of course be as comfortable as possible. Only then does trimming not feel like tedious work and can even be fun. A Worx strimmer is definitely designed to provide you with a high level of comfort.

Effortless handling is primarily ensured by a light weight, which can be less than 3 kg including the battery. Such models also prevent fatigue in women and senior citizens.

The telescopic handle can be adjusted in length so that you can maintain an upright posture. This can delay the onset of back pain for a maximum of time.

Furthermore, one of the two handles can often be adjusted in its position. This also promotes ergonomics. All grip surfaces of a Worx lawn trimmer are pleasantly soft, so that vibrations are reduced and there is no need to fear calluses in the palms.

In addition, the motor head can usually be swivelled. This means you can always work in a horizontal position. This even applies to hard-to-reach areas and sloping/rising terrain. A cordless lawn trimmer from Worx can be used both as a lawn trimmer and as an edger.

As already mentioned, you don’t have to manually adjust the string. It is automatically kept at a constant length (command feed). After use, the trimmer can be stored in a space-saving way.


During operation, the noise level of the trimmer can become an important factor. Depending on how loud it is, it can affect your health, your stress level and your relationship with the neighbourhood. You can tell how loud or quiet your model of choice is by the sound level, which in turn is expressed in dB (decibels).

A Worx cordless strimmer is commendably quiet in operation. However, the manufacturer cannot take full credit for this, because this design is generally quieter than other drives. You don’t have to wear hearing protection and usually don’t have to worry that other people will feel inconvenienced. Under certain circumstances, therefore, even unusual operating times can be perceived.


Of course, the price also influences the decision. It should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. In the lawn edger segment, increased performance and a comprehensive area performance go hand in hand with a surcharge. In addition, high-quality workmanship and a long service life tend to require a larger budget.

A Worx cordless lawn strimmer comes at a fair price. The compact versions cost around 100 Pounds including battery and charger. In terms of quality, this manufacturer is in the mid-range segment. In any case, you can expect impeccable functionality for private use. For continuous operation in the trade, however, there are better suppliers, such as Stihl and Husqvarna.

Worx cordless strimmer – They have advantages & disadvantages

The cordless lawn strimmers from Worx have many advantages to offer you. They are pleasantly lightweight and can therefore also be used by women and senior citizens. In addition, the electric motor is virtually wear-free and quiet enough to be used even in sensitive areas. However, not everything speaks in favour of these devices. So that you can comfortably weigh up their pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Fair price/performance ratio
  • No inconvenient assembly or maintenance
  • Intuitive operation
  • Maximum freedom of movement, so you can go directly to any place you like
  • Light weight and ergonomic handles ensure high comfort
  • Telescopic handle and handlebar can be adjusted to your own body size
  • Because the motor head can be turned and tilted, lawn edges can be perfectly maintained (additional wheel can support you)
  • Nylon string extends automatically
  • Spacer prevents harmful contact with flowers and hard obstacles
  • Low noise level means it can also be used in hospitals, nursing homes and schools
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • 20V power-share batteries can also be used in the manufacturer’s other cordless tools


  • Not suitable for dense vegetation and branches

Video: Worx WG163 Review

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