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Makita cordless router

You can be particularly flexible with these 18V routers

routers are ideally suited for versatile woodworking. In the meantime, battery-powered drives are also making inroads in this segment. These promise you a lot of freedom of movement and a high level of operating comfort. A good choice here is a Makita cordless router. It is small, quiet and yet versatile. The drive is provided by an 18V battery from the proven LXT series.

Makita cordless router

In the following, we will show you which Makita cordless router is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless router – The two versions in detail

Makita DRT50Z

18V DRT50Z

Makita cordless routers are among the most popular models on the market. Particularly popular is the model Makita DRT50Z .

The device is powered by an 18V battery from the well-known and proven LXT series. The battery is simply clicked onto the head of the router the wrong way round. All versions between 1.5 and 6 Ah are available. The router itself comes with all the material needed for successful use – only the individual router bits have to be provided by the user (Makita also offers comprehensive sets here). The spanners, however, do not correspond to the illustration and are made of quite thin and black-coated sheet metal.

The router can be used very flexibly, which is why it is also called “multi”. It is suitable for top, edge and angle work. Because the machine is lightweight and compact, it is easy to guide. However, the lack of handles can negatively affect precision. The rip fence helps you to create grooves. A practical double LED is also built in. It is advisable to combine the router with an extractor (36/38 mm) when using it for longer periods.

All in all, the DRT50Z is a justifiably popular battery router from Makita. It can be put into operation quickly and operated intuitively. The light weight of 2 kg and the double LED contribute to a high level of operating comfort. The brushless motor ensures that a lot of power can be unleashed despite the actually low voltage. Customers are largely enthusiastic about this handy router.

Makita DRT50ZJX2

Battery body only

Makita sometimes supplies its own routers with a particularly large number of accessories, so that in principle you are equipped for any woodworking task. One recommendation in this context is the Makita DRT50ZJX2 .

With this model, not only an edge router module, but also a router and angle router module are included in the scope of delivery. There is also a side handle that can be mounted as an option. All accessories can be optimally stored in the supplied transport case (MAKPAC size 4). Otherwise, the tool is identical in construction to the Z-version. The cutter holder accepts diameters of 6 and 8 mm. It also runs on an 18V LXT battery, which provides the brushless motor with plenty of power.

The stroke height can be adjusted in 1 mm steps between 0 and 40 mm. In addition, the speed can always be perfectly adjusted to the respective material via an adjusting wheel, between 10,000 and 30,0000 rpm. It doesn’t even matter if the speed is set a little too low, for example. The constant electronics recognise this and then readjust the speed. This cordless router also comes with a double LED and can be combined with an external extraction system.

Overall, the DRT50ZJX2 is a high-quality cordless router from Makita. It gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to woodworking. This is ensured by the 3 included modules, the adjustable rip fence and the base plate with angle adjustment. Other highlights are the constant electronics and the soft start. Customers are particularly taken with the combination of handiness and all-round capability. However, some individual parts, such as the adapter and the spanner, could be made a little more robust.

Makita cordless router – In general, you should pay attention to the following

Selection options, drive & mode of operation

There are currently only a few cordless routers on the market. It is therefore not surprising that even the big battery pioneer Makita only offers 2 models. These culminate in the following designations:

  • DRT50Z
  • DRT50ZJX2

Those who are already familiar with the Makita brand will immediately recognise that these are identical models. The shorter designation with the phrase Z simply stands for the fact that the scope of delivery is shortened. An edge trimmer module, an extraction nozzle, an adjustable rip fence, two open-ended spanners, a copying sleeve and two collets (connection between motor shaft and trimming head) are always included as standard.

Incidentally, neither the battery nor the charger are included in the scope of delivery of either model. If you already have the right 18V LXT equipment, you can save money on the purchase. Otherwise, however, it is no problem to purchase the accessories through the established channels.

The power is provided by a brushless motor. Compared to a motor with carbon brushes, it has decisive advantages to offer. Because there is less friction loss, the performance can be classified as particularly high. In addition, such motors can be constructed in a particularly space-saving way and the maintenance effort is limited to a minimum (never change carbon brushes).

There are hardly any limits to functionality, as the 6 or 8 mm receptacle can be fitted with cutters by various manufacturers. Useful attachments include the following:

  • V-groove cutter
  • T-slot cutter
  • Rebate cutter
  • Rounding cutter
  • Side milling cutter

Besides Makita itself, Bosch and ENT also offer high-quality milling cutters.


The potential performance is of course of decisive importance. It must fit the desired range of tasks. The more wood you want to remove per period, the more power you need. The same applies to working on particularly hard materials.

Many people equate wattage with power. However, this is usually too short-sighted. First and foremost, the wattage only defines the power consumption in the form of the so-called power consumption. Whether a high energy consumption actually goes hand in hand with more power is unfortunately only determined by this orientation in practice.

It makes sense to keep several indicators in mind. For example, not only a high, but above all a widely adjustable speed is useful. Then you can always treat different types of wood adequately.

In the Makita cordless routers segment, another parameter is the battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the more power can be developed. As already mentioned, a Makita cordless router works with the proven 18V LXT system. These batteries have already proven how good they are in countless tools.

Incidentally, beginners should only use up-cut milling. Guiding is more controlled here, which reduces the risk of accidents to a minimum. In addition, this makes filigree work particularly reliable. If you are experienced, you can also mill in the other direction, which is particularly recommended if you need to remove a lot of material quickly.


It goes without saying that handling should be as pleasant as possible. Only then can you devote yourself fully to the task at hand and expect the best results. The truth about routers, however, is that you need a certain amount of experience to be able to use them without complications. So you should not lose heart, especially at the beginning – no master has ever fallen from the sky.

The weight of the router certainly has a significant influence on the amount of force required. A Makita cordless router weighs around 2 kg including the 18 V battery. It is therefore considerably lighter than a large mains cable model.

Because no power cable is needed, you can also move around much more freely and work almost anywhere you want. The lack of a cable also significantly reduces the risk of tripping.

A router is commonly called a router because it is not fixed in place, but is moved manually to the workpiece to be worked on. In most cases, this is done from above. However, since a Makita cordless router is always supplied with an “edge router module”, it can also be attached from the side.

Because a Makita cordless router does not have a handle as standard, the main body is simply enclosed with one hand for guidance. You can switch the router on and off via a central power button.

Makita regulates the routing depth via a wheel. You can choose between 0 and 40 mm. A lever on the side, the so-called locking knob, then fixes the desired depth setting.

Thanks to an enclosed rip fence, it is also possible for beginners to make precise grooves – parallel to the edge. The more milling heads (so-called cutters) you have at hand, the more universal the possible applications.

In addition, the dimensions here are very compact. While a Makita cordless router is only 8.9 cm wide, it is a moderate 22.6 cm long. So it should be possible to fit it into a cramped workshop. The compact dimensions naturally predestine it for mobile use.


The volume can also have an impact on comfort during use. Excessive noise not only causes stress, but in the worst case it can damage the user’s hearing. In general, it can be said that work is simply less fun if the tool is too loud.

You can tell how loud the tool is by the sound level, which is expressed in dB (decibels). A Makita cordless router peaks at 78 dB. This value can be classified as moderate. Adults do not have to fear any impairment of hearing, even during prolonged activities.

The fact that a Makita cordless router is quite quiet is admittedly also due to the fact that less power is used. Large corded routers are almost always above 80 dB.


Certainly, a look at the price is also interesting. Basically, the budget for routers ranges across all sizes. There are low-priced offers below 50 Pounds, but also high-quality professional solutions beyond 800 Pounds.

A Makita cordless router is in the middle price segment. Here, an investment of between 150 and 300 Pounds is necessary. If you already have a suitable 18V LXT battery and a charger, you can save money on the purchase.

Generally, the costs should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Then the potential for disappointment is comparatively low. The more power and precision are required, the higher the budget should be. The same applies to the demand for robust and durable components.

Makita is a proven brand. If the price is too high for you, you can look around on second-hand platforms – in case of doubt, a branded tool that has already been used is better than reaching for cheap no-name products.

Where to buy

Because Makita tools enjoy an excellent reputation, they are sold through dozens of companies and dealers. This also applies to the manufacturer’s cordless routers. You can buy them both online and locally.

Large online marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, offer year-round access to all known models. Since many dealers compete with each other here, you can also assume a fair price/performance ratio. Online offers can also be found at Contorion or Real.

In the local retail trade, DIY stores are certainly the first port of call. Obi and Hagebau, for example, have Makita cordless tillers in their range. Here you can get advice from competent specialists directly on site.

Makita 18V router – It has advantages & disadvantages

A cordless router from Makita has various advantages to offer you. It can be used anywhere you want without complications. The handy devices are a good choice for smaller jobs in particular. In general, handling is variable, as a Makita multi router can also be used as an edge router, etc. However, it does not meet every requirement. However, it does not meet every requirement. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Never relies on a power socket and can therefore be used very independently of location
  • Operated via the proven 18V LXT ecosystem
  • Brushless motor and speed of up to 30,000 rpm provide plenty of power
  • Speed can be intuitively adjusted via a wheel (spindle speed)
  • Constant electronics prevent power drops
  • Very well suited for routing edges
  • Can be used very universally via various modules
  • Double LED ensures that work progress can always be easily observed
  • Thanks to its light weight, even women and senior citizens can use it with ease
  • Can be connected to an external extraction system
  • Compact dimensions, so a suitable place can be found in every workshop


  • Beginners in particular may slip off when guiding because there are no explicit handles
  • Safety lock for inserting/changing the attachment is not up to the usual standard (faster, but not as safety-oriented)

Video: Makita DRT50 review

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