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DeWalt router

The best routers from DeWalt

DeWalt is a traditional US brand whose products are aimed in particular at demanding craftsmen. The manufacturer’s range also includes various routers. A DeWalt router has a high-quality finish and can be used flexibly in woodworking. In addition, the devices can act both powerfully and sensitively. In addition to various mains cable versions, the manufacturer also offers a cordless router.

DeWalt router

In the following, we will show you which router from DeWalt is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt router – 3 models in the presentation

DeWalt D26204K


The routers from DeWalt can convince through compactness and a high level of operating comfort. A recommendation for small and medium-sized jobs is the DeWalt D26204K .

This model is a so-called multi-milling machine that can also act as an edge milling machine. To do this, simply remove it from the aluminium frame. Accordingly, the manufacturer also includes two different rip fences and two suction adapters in the scope of delivery. In addition, there is any necessary mounting material (e.g. collet chuck for 8 mm router bits). A practical carrying case is also included, so that nothing gets lost and easy transport is possible at any time.

The router itself weighs a moderate 2.9 kg and is therefore easy to handle. The rubberised double handle certainly contributes to this. It allows a secure grip without the risk of slipping during work. In addition, there is a soft start so that no jerks are to be expected when starting. Moreover, because the base plate is transparent and there are two LEDs, the user enjoys a clear view of the work progress at all times. Despite the low power consumption of 900 watts, the stroke can be adjusted up to 55 mm.

All in all, the D26204K is a handy and flexible router from DeWalt. It weighs very little and is easy to operate. If required, you can also use the device as an edge/plunge router. Highlights include the two LEDs and the constant speed under load. The motor works at up to 27,000 revolutions, which is why the router is particularly suitable for filigree work with 6/8 mm cutters.

DeWalt DCW604NT

Cordless 18V DCW604

Battery-powered routers are still quite rare at the moment. A high-quality example from DeWalt is the DeWalt DCW604NT .

This model can also be used either as a router or as an edger. All accessories – with the exception of the router bits (6/8 mm), the battery and a charger – are included in the scope of delivery. The power is supplied by an 18V or 54V battery from the well-known XR series (Flexvolt). If you already have one of these and the matching charger, you can of course save money. Despite the low voltage, a stroke height of up to 55 mm can be set and the milling diameter is a respectable 36 mm. The milling depth can be professionally adjusted in 1/10 mm increments.

Thanks to the moderate weight of 3.3 kg and the rubberised double handle, the tool is always easy to handle. In addition, the noise level is limited to 78 dB, which is why adults do not necessarily need to wear hearing protection. Although this router is handy, it can definitely be used in the trade. This is ensured by the high precision, the stable housing and the brushless motor.

In summary, the DCW604NT is a high-quality cordless router from DeWalt. It can be used universally and promises a high level of operating comfort. Helpful little things, such as a dust-protected on/off switch, have also been thought of here. Other great features are the 1/10 mm fine adjustment, the existing double LED and the low noise level. Unique compared to other manufacturers is the fact that all XR batteries with 18V and 54V can be used.

DeWalt DW625E


DeWalt also has the right router for very big challenges. A particularly powerful model is the DeWalt DW625E .

This router has a power input of 2000 watts. And even the actual power output is a proud 1400 watts. The existing electric motor can therefore unleash a lot of power when needed. In practice, this manifests itself as follows: You can set the stroke height to up to 80 mm and you have a router diameter of 50 mm at your disposal. In addition, this router can be equipped with a 6, 8 or 12 mm cutter – it could hardly be more flexible.

Of course, a rip fence and an extraction adapter are also available here. The collet chuck is only suitable for 12 mm attachments. Despite its high performance, the router remains quite compact. Nevertheless, one must expect some compromises in terms of comfort. The noise level exceeds 90 dB during operation, which is why hearing protection must be worn. In addition, the tare weight is a not so light 5.1 kg.

Overall, the DW625E is an extremely powerful router from DeWalt. With it, you can remove a lot of wood precisely in a very short time (scale magnifier is available). A soft start reliably prevents you from slipping off when switching on. In addition, the speed remains constant even under heavy loads, which always produces consistent results. Although the power of the 2000-watt motor has to be paid for with increased weight and noise, customers are largely enthusiastic.

DeWalt router – This is what generally matters

Selection options & drive

DeWalt currently offers 9 different routers. Looking at their drive, they can be classified into 2 categories:

  • 8 corded models
  • 1 cordless model (DCW604NT)

The corded routers are powered by the normal mains current (230V). Extending the cable is not a problem in this segment in terms of performance or safety. Depending on the model, between 900 and 2000 watts of power are drawn. In general, a cable router promises quick start-up and, if required, virtually continuous operation. The gearless electric motor is comparatively inexpensive, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly.

Battery-powered tools are becoming more and more popular. The cordless router offered by DeWalt gives you maximum freedom of movement. It is optionally powered by an 18V or 54V battery and a brushless motor. The latter is considered particularly powerful because there are no friction losses. Because there are no carbon brushes, space is also saved in the construction and, of course, there is never a need to replace any.

A DeWalt router promises very universal applications, as it can sometimes be used as a full router as well as an edger. At least one assembly spanner, one collet chuck and one rip fence are included as standard.

As is usual for this segment, only the router bits have to be ordered separately. Here DeWalt uses either 6 mm, 8 mm or 12 mm (sometimes everything is possible). Good attachments can be obtained from this manufacturer itself or from Bosch, ENT and Makita, among others. There are hardly any limits to the variety here. Well-known examples of useful attachments include:

  • V-groove cutter
  • T-slot cutter
  • Rebate cutter
  • Rounding cutter
  • Side milling cutter


The power must be suitable for the task at hand. The harder the material to be machined and the more mass you want to remove within a period of time, the higher the power must be. In this context, it makes sense to consider several parameters at once.

The wattage is the most obvious indicator that many people look at. Unfortunately, for many manufacturers the value only refers to the power consumption – in the form of the so-called power consumption. A DeWalt router makes a commendable exception here. On the manufacturer’s website, the actual power output is always shown, which is much more decisive. It is usually much lower than the input power.

The speed is also of interest. Filigree work in soft materials requires a high value here to avoid chipping. In general, a broadly adjustable range is useful, because then a wide variety of materials can always be treated adequately. A DeWalt router has between 8,000 and 27,000 rpm. Constant electronics always prevent power drops so that everything is done evenly.

If you know exactly what you want to do with your router, it may be enough to simply look at the routing depth and the maximum stroke. The latter can be as much as 80 mm (DeWalt’s standard is 55 mm).


A high level of operating comfort should also be a priority. If this is the case, you can focus on the task at hand and do not have to worry about physical discomfort during work.

A DeWalt router promises a high level of comfort in any case. The most obvious feature is the ever-present and rubberised double handle. It can be gripped comfortably and securely. The rubber coating reliably prevents feelings of pressure and calluses – even during extended work. The rubber coating also ensures that the user does not slip off even during sweaty work.

The weight of a DeWalt router ranges between 2.9 and 5.1 kg. With an increase in power, an increase in weight is also to be expected – this is the case across all manufacturers. Women and senior citizens may therefore have to make some sacrifices in terms of performance – in favour of comfort.

Some models act as a combi-model and can be removed from the outer casing. They can then be used as a small edger. The weight of the tool is then, of course, even lighter.

Generally speaking, the controls used are appropriate for this tool category, which is why experienced people immediately get to grips with a DeWalt router. The attachment of choice can be fixed in place using the supplied collet chuck (6, 8 or 12 mm). The stroke height can be adjusted intuitively and precisely via the three-stage turret stop.

The router is commonly named because it approaches the workpiece from above. A standard rip fence helps you to create precise grooves. Incidentally, some DeWalt models can be flexibly converted into an edge router by removing it from the top of the column guide.

Furthermore, DeWalt pays attention to compact dimensions, which also facilitates transport and storage of the router.


Safety is also important. If you pay attention to a few things, the risk of injury when using a router is kept within limits. Beginners in particular are advised to read the operating instructions thoroughly. It will tell you exactly how to use the router properly and what to avoid.

A DeWalt router can definitely be classified as technologically safe. This starts right at the start-up, as the soft start always prevents uncontrolled breakout. An initial power peak could cause unplanned damage to the user and the workpiece alike. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped double handle, there is generally very little risk of slipping during use.

If you are working with a powerful DeWalt router for the first time, you should first practise counter-rotation routing. Here you can expect increased resistance, which automatically makes the work slower as well as more controlled. Experienced craftsmen rely almost exclusively on climb milling, as this allows chips to be removed much more quickly.

However, if a dangerous situation should arise, the right PPE can still protect you from injury. When using a DeWalt router, it is recommended to wear safety glasses and work shoes. Hearing protection can also make sense when doing extensive work. Furthermore, it is important to always securely fix the workpiece.

Furthermore, a DeWalt router has an adapter for dust extraction as standard. Allergy sufferers in particular should make use of this, as swirling up chips can lead not only to sneezing attacks, but also to real health problems.


The volume of noise can also have an impact on comfort during use. Excessive noise may not only affect your stress level, but also your hearing. It can also cause problems in sensitive environments (hospital, nursing home, school, tense neighbourhood).

You can tell how loud you are by looking at the sound level, which is expressed in dB (decibels). A DeWalt router ranges between 77 and 92 dB, depending on the model. At a value of 85 dB or more, it is advisable to wear hearing protection.

Generally speaking, a DeWalt router can distinguish itself neither positively nor negatively in this segment. As with other manufacturers, it can be observed that the higher the power, the higher the noise level.


The costs certainly have a certain influence on the purchase decision. They should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Otherwise, there is a greater potential for disappointment. In the field of routers, very precise precision and durable individual parts require a certain investment.

A DeWalt router is undoubtedly not one of the cheapest on the market. But that is not the manufacturer’s claim. The company has high demands on its own quality and wants to supply you with products that will last a long time, even in commercial use. You should plan for a budget of 300 Pounds or more.

Where to buy

DeWalt tools enjoy a worldwide reputation. In German-speaking countries, however, they are not as common as the “big brands” here. You have the largest selection on online marketplaces. On Amazon and eBay, you can always count on fair prices, as many dealers compete with each other.

It is also possible to buy locally. Specialised shops are a good place to start, as they generally also offer high-quality tools. You can find out where your nearest dealer is via this help page.

DeWalt router – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

A router from DeWalt has many advantages to offer. The manufacturer relies on high quality, which is why you can expect a long service life even with regular use. In addition, a cordless router is offered, which is still rare in this segment. However, the manufacturer cannot meet every demand. So that you can weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • High-quality workmanship with die-cast aluminium components, also suitable for commercial use
  • Free choice between corded or cordless router
  • Can sometimes be used flexibly as a router for top and edge trimming
  • Everything is included as standard for mounting attachments and for precise work
  • Uncomplicated operation via proven elements (turret stop & spindle locking)
  • Rubberised double handle and light weight ensure effortless handling
  • Constant speed control prevents power drops under load
  • High precision thanks to fine adjustment and scale magnifier
  • Transparent base plate and double LED ensure best view of the workpiece at all times
  • Soft start ensures high safety
  • Can be combined with hoover via adapter


  • Not suitable for small purse

Video: DeWalt DCW604NT review

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