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Ryobi hedge trimmer

The best cordless & electric hedge cutters from Ryobi

The Ryobi company originates from Japan and offers a variety of power tools as well as garden tools. The typical trademark is the light green colouring of the tools. The range also includes hedge trimmers. These can be powered by battery, power cable or sometimes even both (hybrid construction). Petrol hedge trimmers are also offered. In general, a Ryobi hedge trimmer promises a high level of operating comfort and comes with useful functions.

Ryobi hedge trimmer

We will show you below which Ryobi hedge trimmer is a good choice. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Ryobi hedge trimmer – These models are recommended

Ryobi 18V OHT1855R

OHT1855R One Plus

The battery hedge trimmers from Ryobi are particularly popular. An absolute bestseller in this context is the Ryobi OHT1855R .

The device is operated with the manufacturer’s 18V system. Even including the battery, it weighs only 3.2 kg. Accordingly, women and senior citizens can also expect easy handling. In addition, you can flexibly turn the rear handle and therefore adopt an ergonomic posture from any angle. Because the blade is 55 cm long, a good area coverage can be expected.

Normally, an 18V voltage cannot develop too much power, but this battery hedge trimmer can cope with branch diameters of up to 2.2 cm. This is definitely praiseworthy, as comparable competitors manage a maximum of 1.8 cm. The optional clippings sweeper is also worth mentioning. Thanks to it, the debris is guaranteed to fall out of the hedge.

All in all, the OHT1855R is a popular battery hedge trimmer from Ryobi. It is extremely lightweight and promises maximum comfort. Because the handle can be rotated, both left- and right-handed users can work ergonomically. The cutting thickness of 2.2 cm is more than solid. Thanks to the anti-jamming system, the cut material cannot jam in the blade, which increases your personal safety as well as the durability of the components.

Ryobi OPT1845 with pole

Cordless pole OPT1845

The Ryobi company also offers telescopic hedge trimmers. These are an excellent choice for maintaining high hedges completely from the ground. A good example here is the Ryobi OPT1845 .

This model is also powered by an 18V battery. Together with the battery, the weight is approx. 4.6 kg, which is certainly more than acceptable considering the long reach. The extendable telescopic pole allows you to work cleanly at a distance of up to 4 metres. Since the angle of the upper section can be adjusted, it is also possible to adequately maintain the roof of a hedge. It should be noted that branch diameters up to a maximum of 1.8 cm can be handled (in the upper area, the cutting thickness is not so relevant anyway).

The rubberised grip surfaces ensure a high level of comfort during work and reduce vibrations to a minimum. A carrying strap is also included in the scope of delivery. Incidentally, the cutting length is 45 cm. For very large hedges, you should therefore consider using a different model for the lower areas. Otherwise, too much time can be lost.

In summary, the OPT1845 is a good battery hedge trimmer from Ryobi. With it you can – safely from the ground – bring the roof of high hedges into a beautiful shape. Despite the additional bar, the weight is limited to a moderate 4.6 kg. The metal protector at the tip ensures that the blade can withstand contact with hard objects without damage.

Ryobi RHT8165RL

Electric cutter RHT806

Even for very rough work, you don’t necessarily have to resort to a loud combustion engine with Ryobi. A recommendation for large resistances is the electric hedge trimmer Ryobi RHT8165RL .

This electric hedge trimmer has a powerful 800-watt motor. It can successfully cut branches with a diameter of up to 3.4 cm, which is an incredible value in this segment. In addition, the teeth are shaped in such a way that the branches cannot slip while being picked up. So you won’t have to fear any complications even with densely overgrown hedges. The tried and tested anti-jamming system reliably prevents the debris from jamming.

Although this Ryobi hedge trimmer is so powerful, it weighs a moderate 4 kg. The blade is 65 cm long, so that even extensive work can be carried out in a comfortable period of time. Because there is a metal protector at the tip, contact with walls and the like is no problem. The scope of delivery also includes a clippings sweeper, thanks to which the branches fall reliably to the ground.

Overall, the RHT8165RL is a powerful hedge trimmer from Ryobi. It can cut through branches up to 3.4 cm thick and still offers you the advantages of a quiet, low-wear electric motor. The light weight of 4 kg and the rotating handle ensure easy handling. Other highlights are the anti-jamming function and the durable metal protector at the tip of the blade. Customers are largely enthusiastic about this hedge trimmer.

Ryobi hedge trimmer – You should always pay attention to the following

Type & Power

Ryobi currently offers 23 different hedge trimmers. You can choose from all common designs. First of all, you can choose between a classic short hand part or a version with a Teleksop handle. The latter is the first and only choice for trimming even the top of tall hedges from the ground.

The drive can be a mains cable, a rechargeable battery or petrol. All these types have their pros and cons.

An electric hedge trimmer with a mains cable is comparatively inexpensive to buy, which is why it is also suitable for a small budget. A normal power socket (220-240V) can be used to provide a power potential that can cope with thicker branches. In addition, there is no need to refill the power supply in the meantime. A disadvantage is the limited freedom of movement.

A battery hedge trimmer is particularly suitable for women and senior citizens. They are lightweight and can therefore be used effortlessly. Because you are not tied to a cable, that remote place can be worked on immediately. In addition, there are the advantages of a quiet and low-wear electric motor. Maintenance work is not required.

The hybrid series, which can be operated either with a rechargeable battery or a mains cable, naturally allows for particularly variable use. If the battery is empty, you can simply use the device without interruption via the mains socket.

Petrol hedge trimmers can still unleash the most power. Accordingly, they are the first choice for rough work. At Ryobi, such models can successfully handle diameters beyond 30 mm. Disadvantages include increased noise levels and a certain amount of maintenance required for the combustion engine.

Depending on the model, you can recognise the performance capacity by means of different indicators. For all models, however, the engine speed plays an important role. In the case of petrol engines, a direct horsepower figure is often given. Battery-powered models tend to be particularly powerful when the battery voltage is high. With corded models, a high wattage can go hand in hand with increased power (this does not necessarily have to be the case, as it primarily defines power consumption).

Blade length

The bar length has a significant influence on the area output. The longer the sword, the more surface area is ultimately processed per movement. Long swords are therefore the first choice for comprehensive work. Their efficiency saves you a lot of time and effort.

A Ryobi hedge trimmer has a blade length between 45 and 65 cm. This means that, in principle, every requirement area can be covered.

A relatively long blade is recommended to be able to trim high hedges from the ground. At some point, however, the reach in this respect is no longer sufficient. Then you can use a hedge trimmer with an extension.

Short blades are advisable for maintaining small shrubs and bushes. Even beginners can work precisely with such a trimmer. In addition, a short blade can provide more safety when working from a ladder or lifting equipment, because it promotes balance.

Cutting thickness

The cutting force is also an important factor when looking for a Ryobi hedge trimmer. It determines how strong the resistance can be. The thicker the expected branches, the higher the cutting force must be. With a Ryobi hedge trimmer, it ranges between 1.8 and 3.4 cm.

If you want to carry out rough work, we recommend using a petrol hedge trimmer. With Ryobi, it can still cut through branches more than 3 cm thick with ease. In addition, an internal combustion engine is most likely to be permanently pushed to the peak of performance.

In addition to the sheer engine power, the distance between the teeth of the blades determines the strength of the cut. Only with a correspondingly large distance can even a wide branch successfully reach the pick-up.

Incidentally, most battery hedge trimmers from Ryobi only have a cutting thickness of approx. 1.8 cm. Therefore, you should not use them on thickly overgrown debris. The mains cable models, on the other hand, can take up to 3.4 centimetres.


Handling should be as comfortable as possible. Only then does handling a hedge trimmer not feel like tedious work and can even be fun. A Ryobi hedge trimmer is consistently manufactured according to the requirement to enable women and senior citizens to handle it with confidence.

Depending on the model, the weight can be less than 3 kg. Small battery hedge trimmers in particular are so light and can therefore be used without fatigue. The petrol hedge trimmers from Ryobi are around 5 kg.

While electric models start by pressing a button, you usually have to start a petrol hedge trimmer by pulling a cord. With EasyStart, this procedure can be averted with Ryobi if necessary.

In general, all Ryobi hedge trimmers promise uncomplicated handling. On some models, the handle can be turned by up to 180° so that you can trim the hedge ergonomically from any angle. Because the handles are rubberised, vibrations are reduced to a minimum and the formation of calluses is prevented.

The telescopic versions also have the feature that the motor head can be flexibly bent. This is the only way to shape the roof of a hedge from the ground. In order to be able to manoeuvre them properly, a corresponding belt is usually available.

Electric motors have the inherent advantage of not requiring maintenance. They are also comparatively quiet in operation. For this reason, such devices can also be used in sensitive environments (hospitals, retirement homes, schools).


Because every hedge trimmer poses a certain risk of injury per se, you should also pay attention to the aspect of safety. First of all, it is advisable to read the operating instructions. In the case of a Ryobi hedge trimmer, this is of course in German. Here, you will find a detailed description of how to use the machine properly.

A 2-hand safety switch protects you from most injuries. Both hands must be on the handle surfaces. This prevents you from simply reaching into the knife without thinking. Telescopic models are an exception, because here the blade is far from arm’s length anyway.

Furthermore, every Ryobi hedge trimmer is equipped with a hand guard in front of the blade. This also prevents simple hand injuries. Of course, you can protect your hands even better by wearing good work gloves.

When using a telescopic hedge trimmer, you should also wear a helmet including a face shield. This increases the potential for debris to fall on you. You should also prepare yourself mentally for this circumstance so that shock reactions can be prevented as best as possible.

In addition, an anti-blocking system can contribute to a high level of safety. If there is a danger of branches getting caught in the sword, the direction of travel is changed automatically. This may then allow it to be cut through after all. If this is not the case, the blades open and it falls down. So you will not have to reach into the sword.

To protect the blades from direct contact with hard objects (walls, facades, soil), a Ryobi hedge trimmer is sometimes equipped with a metal protector on the tip.

Ryobi hedge trimmer – There are advantages & disadvantages

The hedge trimmers from Ryobi are very popular in this country, despite well-known competition from German brands. This is due, among other things, to a consistently fair price/performance ratio. In principle, solutions are offered for almost every application. However, not every requirement can be met. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have created a table below:


  • Large selection from all drive and construction types
  • There are models for small shrubs as well as for very large hedges
  • Pioneer in the field of lithium-ion technology
  • Favourable price/performance ratio
  • Start-up is intuitive and fast
  • Reasonable weight and soft handles ensure effortless handling
  • Handle can be flexibly rotated so that the hedge can be worked on ergonomically from any position
  • Cutting thickness is up to 32 mm, which means that even large obstacles can be handled without difficulty
  • Blades can make more than 4000 cuts per minute, which makes it possible to work very cleanly
  • Because diamond grinding is used, the blade remains sharp for a maximum of time
  • Front protector and anti-blocking system can ensure high safety
  • Manufacturer always pays attention to a good environmental balance and strives for low noise levels
  • Batteries can also be used variably in other Ryobi tools


  • No enduring battery system for the back, as known from Stihl and Husqvarna, is offered

Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Review

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