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Stihl hedge trimmer petrol

The best petrol hedge trimmers from Stihl

The traditional German company Stihl enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The family-owned company is the world market leader in the field of chain saws. The product range includes many garden tools of a high quality. A good example are the petrol hedge trimmers of the manufacturer. A petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl can also cope with thick branches and can be used for long-lasting work. The tools do not break down in performance, are designed for long durability and are also manufactured in Germany.

Stihl hedge trimmer petrol

In the following, we will show you which petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Stihl hedge trimmer petrol – 3 models in the presentation

Stihl HS 45

HS 45 review

Many petrol hedge trimmers are unfortunately not as handy as the devices of the electric guild. A commendable exception is the Stihl HS 45 .

The device weighs a light 4.7 kg and can therefore also be used effortlessly by women and senior citizens. Thanks to the ElastoStart, there is no need to fear unpleasant resistance when tightening. Because the blade is 45 cm long, this hedge trimmer is recommended for small and medium-sized jobs. Despite its compact dimensions, it can also successfully cut through thicker branches. This is ensured by the 1 hp 2-stroke engine and a tooth spacing of 30 mm.

An anti-vibration system and a manual fuel pump also contribute to a high level of comfort. The latter ensures that the tool starts up within a very short time, even after a long period of inactivity, by manually feeding petrol into the carburettor. After use, you can store the hedge trimmer on a wall using the eyelet in the handle area to save space.

Overall, the Stihl HS 45 is a compact petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl. It can be put into operation quickly and promises energy-saving handling. The short blade makes the model perfect for shaping small hedges and shrubs precisely. The motor is definitely powerful enough to cut through branches with a diameter of 25 mm. Customers are very satisfied with this hedge trimmer.

Stihl HS 82 R

Best cutter HS 82

Stihl also has the right solution for you for comprehensive measures. A recommendation for maximum efficiency at work is the model Stihl HS 82 .

The R stands for pruning. With this hedge trimmer, you can cut even very large hedges in a very short time. You are supported by a 60 cm long blade and a large tooth spacing of 38 mm. These features make the model ideal for rough work on thick branches. The 2-mix engine reduces the environmental impact and fuel consumption to a minimum.

Despite the excellent area performance, this model has a moderate weight of 5.4 kg. Because the handle can be turned 90 degrees, you can work comfortably from all directions. If necessary, the mower can be operated with one hand. The special air filter system, which only needs to be serviced very rarely, is also worthy of praise.

In summary, the HS 82 R is an extremely powerful petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl. Thanks to its 60 cm long blade and 38 mm tooth spacing, you can make rapid progress in any area. The double-sided blade ensures formidable results even in corners, which is why it is not surprising that customers are enthusiastic.

Stihl HS 46

Stihl HS 46

Stihl can currently claim to offer the best compromise between handling and performance in the field of petrol hedge trimmers. If you expect maximum comfort, the Stihl HS 46 model is for you.

This petrol hedge trimmer weighs a record-breaking 4 kg. It weighs a few hundred grams more when refuelled, but this does not detract from its absolutely effortless operation. Thanks to ElastoStart, tightening is always effortless. You can guide the machine with one hand if necessary. All elements can be neatly and precisely groomed using the double-sided blade.

The small power pack can easily cut branches of 25 mm, which is partly due to the 30 mm tooth spacing. A clever combination of the completely enclosed ignition system and the patented anti-vibration system also reduces the noise level and the strain on the hands to a minimum.

All in all, the HS 46 is the lightest petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl. It promises maximum comfort and can be handled comparatively safely even on a ladder. The 45 cm long blade works very accurately. In addition, as usual, Stihl relies on durable materials and a powerful engine.

Stihl hedge trimmer petrol – This is what fundamentally matters

Design & Power

Stihl currently offers 6 different petrol hedge trimmers. These can be further divided into 2 different categories: Units with a classic handle and units with a telescopic handle. The latter are the first choice for reliably trimming high hedges – up to 3.50 metres – from the ground. Thanks to an angled head, you can even shape the canopy from the ground.

In general, petrol hedge trimmers are the first choice for rough jobs. Their powerful 2-stroke engine produces at least 1 hp at Stihl, so that even large amounts of resistance can be managed. Another indicator of good performance is a speed that is always above 3500 rpm. Petrol engines are also an excellent choice for endurance work.

Furthermore, this design is predestined for mobile use. It is not tied to a cable and you can get by for quite a long time on one tank of fuel. Therefore, you can also use your model of choice in remote areas of the garden as well as far away from your own property.

For operation, it is of course necessary to fill oil and fuel (petrol). The caps can be opened and closed without tools.

Blade length

The length of the blade has a significant influence on the area output. The longer the sword, the more surface area can be worked with one hand movement. Therefore, a long blade is the first choice when large areas need to be maintained.

A petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl offers you a choice of cutting lengths of 45 or 60 cm. With a 60 cm blade, you can make quick progress and reach higher areas from the ground.

A 45 cm blade is advisable when it comes to maintaining small hedges and compact bushes/shrubs. Beginners tend to be able to wield such blades more precisely. In addition, short swords promote balance and almost always come with a price advantage.

If you want to work from a ladder or a lifting device, a short sword can also be useful because its centre of gravity is more comfortable for the arms.

Stihl offers the petrol hedge trimmers HL 91 and HL 94 for the maintenance of particularly high hedges. Thanks to their telescopic pole, you can easily shape hedges up to 3.50 metres high from the ground.

Cutting thickness

The cutting thickness is also important. It defines the diameter up to which branches can be cut. A petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl can excel here, because combustion engines can still unleash the most power in this segment. In some cases, 3 cm thick branches can still be mastered with ease – no electric model can do that.

In addition to the power of the engine, the distance between the teeth of the blades also influences the cutting thickness. Of course, a thick branch can only be successfully cut if the distance between the teeth is large enough. With Stihl, the tooth spacing is up to 38 mm, which is absolutely impressive. This also shows that the tools are ideally suited for tough resistance in continuous use.

Other manufacturers reach their limits much earlier. In general, electric models often manage a maximum of 1.8 cm, and petrol models 2.5 cm. Even a Stihl battery hedge trimmer is usually well above the average.


Of course, handling should be as comfortable as possible. In this context, petrol hedge trimmers unfortunately have some disadvantages compared to electric models. However, Stihl does its best to make the handling as comfortable as possible.

First of all, an astonishingly light weight of sometimes only 4 kg contributes to energy-saving handling. Some customers consider the compact HS 46 model the “lightest petrol hedge trimmer in the world”. It can also be used confidently by women and senior citizens.

As is familiar with petrol tools, the start is by cable. Stihl reduces the resistance by means of a special spring mechanism (not available on every model). If the hedge trimmer has not been used for a long time, you can also feed fuel into the carburettor by simply pressing a button. This makes the machine start faster.

A multi-grip that can be rotated up to 90° can also provide great ergonomics. In principle, you can work optimally and persistently from any position.

In general, Stihl pays attention to uncomplicated handling in all details. A single switch, for example, can directly display the choke, start gas, operating position and stop function in one. In addition, the fuel tank system can be opened with a quarter turn.

What even Stihl cannot completely prevent is the higher noise level compared to electric models. Quiet engine running (ignition system is electronically encapsulated) and the proven anti-vibration system reduce the noise level to a minimum. Nevertheless, it is advisable to wear hearing protection during work.


Safety is another important aspect of a petrol hedge trimmer. Before using the machine for the first time, you should definitely take a careful look at the operating instructions. It will tell you exactly how to operate the machine properly and what you should avoid.

A Stihl petrol hedge trimmer does not have a 2-hand safety switch. Since it can be operated with one hand, you can use it even more flexibly. However, this increases the risk of reaching into the blade without thinking.

A wide hand guard between the handle and the blade protects you from most types of cuts. It is also advisable to wear good work gloves.

When using a hedge trimmer with an extension, there is an increased potential for debris to fall on your head. For this reason, you should wear a helmet with face protection. It is also advisable to prepare yourself mentally for the “pelting down” of the cuttings, so that you do not have any unthinking shock reactions.

To ensure that your petrol hedge trimmer lasts longer, you should always treat it adequately. After a certain period of time, for example, it is advisable to lubricate the gearbox. You can either do this yourself or have a specialist do it for you. In general, all components of a Stihl petrol hedge trimmer are designed for minimum wear and a long service life.

Sometimes the blade is additionally protected at the tip by a metal protector. In this case, you do not have to worry about direct wear and tear when the blade comes into contact with the ground or a wall.

Stihl hedge trimmer petrol – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

A petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl offers various advantages. It can even handle 25 mm thick branches without any problems. In addition, you can carry out extensive work with it without having to fear a loss of performance in the meantime. However, not everything speaks in favour of a model with a combustion engine. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • There are compact versions as well as models for large tasks
  • Thanks to durable components, also suitable for professional use in trade and industry
  • High power beyond 1 hp makes it possible to reliably cut through branches more than 25 mm thick
  • Engine speed does not drop even during longer and more demanding jobs
  • Surprisingly low weight
  • Spring-loaded start reduces resistance when tightening (ErgoStart)
  • Rotating handle and anti-vibration system ensure high comfort
  • Units can cut on both sides, so corners can also be perfectly groomed
  • Air filter dirties extremely slowly, which reduces maintenance to a minimum
  • High-quality components ensure maximum durability
  • 2-mix motor is considered efficient, saving running costs and protecting the environment
  • Nearby dealers can take care of maintenance


  • Relatively noisy in operation compared to other drives (Therefore not the first choice around hospitals, nursing homes and schools)
  • Motor requires some maintenance

Video: Stihl HS 45 Review

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