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Stihl battery chainsaw

The best cordless chainsaws from Stihl

The Swabian company Stihl is considered the world market leader in the field of chainsaws. The product range includes not only classic petrol-powered saws, but also the increasingly popular cordless saws. A Stihl battery chainsaw is characterised by high-quality workmanship and reliable functionality. The traditional manufacturer currently offers 6 different models, all of which are powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery.

Stihl battery chainsaw

In the following, we will show you which cordless saw from Stihl is recommended. You will also find out what to look out for when making your choice. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Stihl battery chainsaw – 3 models in the presentation

Stihl MSA 120

Cordless MSA 120 C

Even the quality supplier Stihl sometimes offers inexpensive cordless saws. A comparatively inexpensive example is the Stihl MSA 120 .

In the so-called C-BQ set, the chainsaw is conveniently delivered together with an AK20 battery and the matching charger. Therefore, there is no need to make separate purchases. Including the battery and chain oil, the weight is 4 kg. Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of effortless handling. The chain can be tensioned without tools via a small plus/minus regulator on the side. The oil tank can also be opened without tools.

Comfort is further enhanced by rubberised and thus soft handles and a viewing window on the oil tank. An LED on the battery always indicates the remaining capacity, so that negative surprises can be virtually ruled out. The brushless motor and the voltage of 36V provide plenty of power during operation. With its 30 cm blade, this cordless saw is very well suited for effortless limbing and for cutting wood to length in crafts.

All in all, the MSA 120 is a popular battery chainsaw from Stihl. It is very handy and can be put into operation quickly. Thanks to its short blade, the cordless saw can be guided precisely and is also well suited for delicate work in the trade. It also cuts a good figure when limbing the garden at home. Customers are very satisfied with this cordless chainsaw.

Stihl MSA 140

MSA 140

Stihl also offers high-quality cordless chainsaws for more extensive work. One recommendation in this context is the Stihl MSA 140 .

This cordless saw is supplied in a set together with an AK-30 battery. This allows you to work for approx. 45 minutes at a time and thus get a lot done. The device can be used equally for tree care, for the production of firewood or for craft work. Diameters of up to approx. 25 cm can be mastered with ease. Thanks to the cordless freedom, you can easily carry the tool, which weighs just over 4 kg, anywhere.

Thanks to the quick-action chain tensioning system, you can also quickly start using it. The noise level during operation is an insignificant 83 dB. Therefore, it is not necessary to wear hearing protection. In addition, the saw is well suited for use in noise-sensitive environments, such as in areas around schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

Overall, the MSA 140 C is a recommendable battery chainsaw from Stihl. It can be used universally in the garden and in the trade. Here, too, the start-up is absolutely uncomplicated, without having to use separate tools. The soft handles and the indicators on the oil tank and battery ensure a high level of comfort. Customers are also impressed by the price/performance ratio of this model.

Stihl GTA 26

Mini GTA 26

For delicate work, you do not necessarily need to buy a classic chainsaw. You can work particularly precisely and in a controlled manner with the Stihl GTA 26 .

This model is designed for limbing small trees and shrubs. You can also use it to additionally shred green cuttings. Even including the battery, the saw weighs less than 3 kg, which is why it can also be used by women and senior citizens. The power comes only from an 11V battery. However, because the guide bar is only 10 cm long anyway, this is perfectly sufficient.

Here, too, the chain can be tensioned and changed without tools. Thanks to the protective cover on the top, the risk of injury is very limited. A rubberised and non-slip handle and a battery capacity indicator also contribute to a high level of comfort. The latter shows you how long the battery is expected to last via a 4-stage LED on the outside.

In summary, the GTA 26 is a compact battery chainsaw from Stihl. It is great for quickly limbing small trees. Despite its compact dimensions, the chain moves at 8 m/s and therefore ensures clean cuts. Other highlights are the top guard and the battery capacity indicator. Customers are largely positively surprised by the running time and power.

Stihl battery chainsaw – You should always pay attention to the following


Battery saws compete with 2 other drives: Cord saws and petrol saws. In this context, there are both advantages and disadvantages. First and foremost, the unrestricted freedom of movement of a petrol model is combined with the advantages of an electric motor.

With Stihl, the motor is brushless. This saves space. In addition, such models are considered to be particularly powerful and yet efficient. In addition, a long service life can be expected, because a brushless motor does not get as hot during operation as a classic carbon brush motor.

The energy is supplied by a 36V battery. This can be exchanged at will and used flexibly in the manufacturer’s other cordless tools. This is lithium-ion technology. This has no memory effect and a very low self-discharge, which is why maximum durability can also be aimed for here. In addition, small batteries in this category can have a particularly high capacity.

A battery-powered chainsaw starts conveniently at the touch of a button. There is no need to operate a cable. You can tighten and loosen the chain in an uncomplicated way via a plus/minus rotary control.

The cordless freedom of movement allows you to work both in the garden at home and in the remote forest. However, the power is not sufficient to fell and cut large trees.

Furthermore, an electric motor is de facto odourless and maintenance-free. If at some point it actually stops working, it usually only makes sense to buy a new one.


The guide bar is an important part of the chainsaw. First and foremost, it must be robust and the length must fit the requirements on site. The longer the bar, the larger the diameters it tends to be able to handle. However, this is only the case if the engine power increases at the same time.

In the case of a Stihl battery chainsaw, the bar length ranges between 30 and 40 cm. This shows that the cordless saws are intended for small and medium tasks. They are not suitable for felling and cutting large trees. On the other hand, short blades can also be used by beginners in a safe and controlled manner. They are well suited for the following tasks:

  • Felling small trees
  • Cutting wood to length
  • Making firewood
  • Limbing trees
  • Carving sculptures

All Stihl rails are made of solid steel. This material is considered to be extremely durable and absolutely torsion-free.


Performance is of course of crucial importance. It does not necessarily have to be pronounced, but it definitely has to fit the conditions on site. Depending on the drive, different indicators point to the potential power.

The first point of contact for cordless saws is the battery voltage. Stihl offers 36V, which can be considered very good. Other manufacturers usually range between 18V and 36V.

It is also worth taking a look at the chain speed, which is shown in metres/second. The higher the value, the more confidently and quickly you can handle large diameters. The top model from Stihl – the MSA 220 – works at up to 24 m/s. To be able to cut small branches cleanly and in a controlled manner, a lower speed is more useful.

Another useful feature is high torque, which electric motors fortunately come with by default.

As already mentioned, all Stihl battery chainsaws work with a brushless EC motor. This type of construction provides you with the best ratio of space-saving dimensions and plenty of power.

Running time

The runtime of the battery is also important. It affects the range and should be in proportion to the scope of the work.

You can tell how much capacity the battery has by the ampere hours (Ah). The higher the value, the longer the continuous operation is possible. However, large capacities are also associated with a higher price and a higher dead weight.

A Stihl battery-powered chainsaw is operated either with the AK series or the AP series of the manufacturer. Capacities between 2.6 and over 25 Ah are available. The latter is only possible by carrying a backpack system.

The classic batteries can be inserted as well as removed in a few easy steps. If you have several of them, you can extend the runtime at will.


It goes without saying that handling should be as comfortable as possible. Only then can you work without discomfort and even have fun. In any case, Stihl strives to provide you with maximum comfort.

A light weight is the main factor that contributes to energy-saving handling. Generally speaking, corded saws are lighter than cordless saws, because the battery is still on top. Nevertheless, a cordless saw from Stihl often weighs less than 5 kg including accessories, which means that it can also be used effortlessly by women and senior citizens.

Rubberised handles also help you to handle the saw ergonomically. They prevent the feeling of pressure and the formation of calluses on the palm. In addition, the handle is corrugated so that you can grip it firmly with your hand.

The chain can always be tightened without the use of separate tools. This is done with a small plus/minus knob. The complete change can also be done without tools.

In general, commissioning is absolutely uncomplicated. You can open the oil tank, which has a viewing window, by hand. Thanks to the EMATIC system, only a small amount of chain oil is used, which means that interruptions in this regard are reduced to a minimum.

To start, a button on the side and the lower lever are pressed. An LED informs you about the remaining battery capacity at any time.

After work, maintenance is kept to a minimum. It is advisable to remove the battery when the machine is not in use for long periods of time. Incidentally, lithium-ion batteries charge best when they are not cold. It therefore makes sense to charge indoors during the cold season.


Of course, safety must always be a priority. Unfortunately, even a high-quality chainsaw is always associated with a certain risk of accident. To reduce the risk of injury to a minimum, there are a number of things that both the manufacturer and the user can do.

The most obvious protection is a hand guard between the bar and the handle. It not only shields your hand from the sharp chain, but also serves as a kickback protection. If there is a sudden kickback, the chain is stopped immediately by pushing the hand guard forward.

You should always handle the cordless saw properly and use it for what the manufacturer intended. In this context, it is best to obtain a chainsaw licence.

Furthermore, the correct protective clothing must be worn. This includes gloves, cut-resistant trousers, non-slip shoes and protective goggles. If there is a risk of debris falling on you during felling or limbing, a helmet with visor is also compulsory. Hearing protection, on the other hand, does not need to be worn when using a Stihl cordless chainsaw for short periods, as it is quite quiet.

The cordless chainsaw itself also deserves a certain amount of protection. It should not be overloaded. To prevent the motor from overheating, Stihl uses sophisticated cooling systems. If the engine and/or the battery are overloaded, there is also an automatic shutdown to prevent excessive wear.


The price certainly has a certain influence on the decision. It should always be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. In the chainsaw segment, this means the following: The more power and comfort you expect, the more you should invest.

A Stihl battery chainsaw is certainly not exactly cheap. However, you get top quality for it, which can even be used in the trade. If you already have the right battery and charger, you can save a lot. Prices then start at just over 200 Pounds.

Stihl battery chainsaw – It has many advantages

The purchase of a battery chainsaw from Stihl comes with various advantages. The devices can all be operated intuitively and are pleasantly quiet. You can expect neither harmful exhaust fumes nor annoying maintenance. However, this design cannot do justice to every task. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Probate selection from 6 different models (and a mini-saw)
  • Uncomplicated start-up
  • Chain can be tensioned and changed via a control dial
  • Oil tank can be filled without tools and has a practical viewing window
  • Intuitive handling thanks to clear operating elements
  • Moderate weight and ergonomic handles for high comfort
  • 36V voltage and brushless EC motor ensure high power output
  • Chain speed can be up to 24 m/s
  • Low noise level makes the tools well suited for sensitive areas (nursing home, school, etc.)
  • Rechargeable batteries can be used in the manufacturer’s other tools, e.g. in a Stihl cordless lawn trimmer
  • Environmentally friendly and odourless operation (Ematic system directs every drop of oil to where it is best stored)
  • Minimal maintenance effort


  • Not suitable for large log diameters
  • Petrol engines remain the better alternative when it comes to efficiently implementing comprehensive measures in the trade

Stihl MSA 140 in practice

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