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Bosch garden shredder

The best garden shredders from Bosch

Garden shredders are a compact solution for shredding branches, leaves and other garden waste at home. This can then either be composted or used as useful fertiliser or mulch. A respected manufacturer in this segment is the traditional German company Bosch. A Bosch garden shredder is electrically powered by a mains cable. The devices are characterised by a high level of operating comfort and low noise levels. Nevertheless, a lot of power can be provided.

Bosch garden shredder

In the following, we will show you which Bosch garden shredder is a good choice. You will also find out what to look out for when making your choice. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch garden shredder – These models are recommended

Bosch AXT 25 TC

AXT 25 TC review

Electric shredders sometimes have to struggle with the problem of not having enough power. An impressive exception here is clearly the Bosch AXT 25 TC .

In the Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) test, this garden shredder was the only one among many to receive the rating “very good” (8/2019). This is due, among other things, to the powerful and efficient motor. It draws only 2500 watts from the normal mains current and still delivers enough power to successfully cut through branches up to a diameter of 4.5 cm. You are also supported by a torque of 650 Nm.

It is rare for an electric shredder to have a turbine. Thanks to it, you can process up to 230 kg of chopped material per hour. This makes the model well suited for people who want to handle a lot of material quickly. Nevertheless, it is very easy to operate. This is due to the moderate weight of 30 kg, the stable chassis and the self-closing mechanism. Furthermore, the 53-litre basket ensures that you can remove the end product without complications.

All in all, the AXT 25 TC is a powerful and high-quality garden shredder from Bosch. In the form of a turbine shredder, it can handle over 200 kg of shrub and hedge cuttings within an hour. Despite the good power development, the dimensions and the dead weight are kept within limits. The noise level can also be classified as moderate. The competition in this segment has no such material throughput to offer, which is why it is not surprising that many customers are enthusiastic.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2000

AXT Rapid 2000

Bosch also offers shredders for sporadic and temporary use. One recommendation in this context is the Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 .

This blade shredder is suitable for use in confined spaces. It weighs a featherweight 11.5 kg and can therefore be easily operated by women and senior citizens. A wide stand ensures that it still has a secure footing. This model also has a convenient self-closing mechanism. In addition, a practical plastic tamper is included in the scope of delivery, thanks to which you can transport your green safely and without complications into the funnel.

The dimensions already indicate that this garden shredder is not intended for large tasks. It can handle branches up to 3.5 cm thick. In addition, the material throughput is a maximum of 80 kg/hour. On the other hand, the power consumption, with a power consumption of 2000 watts, is also very limited. To collect the cuttings, you can place any ordinary garden bag under the opening.

In summary, the AXT Rapid 2000 is a compact garden shredder from Bosch. It can be moved with maximum ease and is therefore ideal for women and senior citizens. In general, the blades cope very well with fine vegetation. They work at up to 3650 revolutions per minute. Proper branching, on the other hand, causes rapid dulling as well as clogging.

Bosch AXT 22 D

Wood chipper AXT 22D

The Bosch range also includes roller shredders. These can produce fine fertiliser. A good example here is the Bosch AXT 22D .

The appliance is delivered together with a tamper and a 53-litre basket. Once the latter is engaged, you can start right away. The shredder weighs 31 kg and is easy to manoeuvre via the chassis. Due to the catcher bag, the centre of gravity is quite low, which is why a safe stand can be guaranteed. In practice, the milling drum can handle branches up to 3.8 cm thick.

Furthermore, the material throughput here is a respectable 175 kg per hour. In addition, there is 600 Newton metres of torque. This shredder is therefore somewhat weaker than the AXT 25 TC. On the other hand, it is cheaper to buy and, with a power consumption of 2200 watts, draws less power. After use, it can be stored in a space-saving way because the top hopper can be removed in a few easy steps.

All in all, the AXT 22 D is a tried and tested garden shredder from Bosch. It can also be quickly put into operation via a normal outdoor socket. Basically, the device is suitable for tasks of medium size. Customers praise the large catcher bag, the “voracious” self-closing mechanism and the low noise level. On the other hand, some complain that the pressure plate needs to be readjusted more often.

Bosch garden shredder – You should always pay attention to the following


Looking at the engine, shredders can generally be divided into 2 types: electric models and petrol engines. Bosch currently only offers electric engines, which are also mostly favoured in private gardens. In direct competition with a combustion engine, they have advantages and disadvantages.

Electric models are uncomplicated to put into operation. All you need is an extension cable and you can start at the push of a button. Such garden shredders do not weigh too much, which is why they can also be manoeuvred comfortably by women and senior citizens. The motor is quiet and can be classified as de facto wear-free. A disadvantage is the fact that such models cannot cope with thick branches and real logs. In addition, the cable is sometimes perceived as a nuisance and can definitely pose a tripping hazard.

If you want to master branch diameters beyond 4.5 cm with confidence, you will inevitably have to resort to a petrol shredder. This type of shredder has a lot of power and you can process a lot of material per unit of time. However, the disadvantages are the increased noise, the unhealthy emissions and the high weight of such a model. In addition, the engine requires a certain amount of maintenance at some point.

There are also differences in the chopping unit. Here, a distinction is made between the types of knife shredder, quiet shredder, roller shredder and turbine shredder. Bosch has all of these at the ready.

Blade shredders tend to exert the least force, which is why they are really only intended for fine cuttings and leaves. They are comparatively inexpensive. If the blades come into contact with hard resistance, they quickly become blunt. The end result can be used as mulch for flower beds and the like.

Quiet and roller shredders can also shred somewhat coarser debris. Bosch shredders stop at a branch diameter of approx. 4.5 cm. If the model is a good one, useful fertiliser is produced.

Turbine shredders usually require the largest budget. They cope well with both fine debris and thick branches. In addition, the throughput (mass/time unit) can be over 200 kg/hour, so that even large quantities can be processed quickly.


It is imperative that the output matches the conditions on site. Otherwise, frustration is inevitable. The larger the diameter of the material to be cut and the more mass you want to process per unit of time, the more important it is to have the right power.

As already mentioned, a Bosch garden shredder always works with an electric motor. You can recognise its potential power from various indicators. The first place to start is the power consumption, which is expressed in watts. In principle, it only defines the power consumption, but a high power consumption per unit of time can also go hand in hand with more power. With Bosch, 2500 watts are already enough to cut through branches up to 45 mm. This can definitely be classified as commendable.

A Bosch shredder draws its power from the mains (220-240V), which is sufficient for many projects in the home garden. However, electric models that are operated with high voltage current can develop considerably more power.

Another useful feature is high torque. Here, electric motors are naturally superior to combustion engines.

Depending on the model, a Bosch shredder can handle branches between 3.5 and 4.5 cm thick. This makes it suitable for the following applications, among others:

  • Pruning shrubs and hedges
  • Roots
  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • All garden waste that can be biologically recycled

Material throughput

The material throughput defines the maximum mass that your shredder can shred per unit of time. This point is therefore particularly relevant if you want to remove a lot of waste in a reasonable period of time.

The unit of measurement is usually kg/hour. Although Bosch only offers light and compact electric shredders, they can easily handle up to 230 kg/hour.

In addition to the power of the motor, the value also depends on the cutting mechanism. Blade shredders generally work the slowest, which often translates into a value of less than 100 kg/hour. However, they are still good for garden shredding. Turbine shredders can achieve the highest material throughput.


Gardening can be fun. The prerequisite for this, however, is comfortable handling of the equipment. Bosch always strives to provide the user with a high level of operating comfort.

First of all, a Bosch shredder weighs a maximum of 31 kg. In combination with a wheel mechanism, it can therefore be manoeuvred easily – even by women and senior citizens. The lightest model, the AXT Rapid 2000, even weighs only 11.5 kg and can therefore be carried without difficulty.

A wide chassis ensures that the units can all be moved easily from A to B and stand securely. Of course, you don’t have to fill in any operating materials or accept any loading time at the beginning. As soon as the connection to the external socket is established, you can start immediately.

Furthermore, almost all Bosch shredders are equipped with a self-closing mechanism. Thanks to this, you don’t have to exert so much pressure yourself, which increases the comfort even more.

In addition, every model has an integrated catcher bag. This takes up the cuttings directly, so that no subsequent work is required and everything can be conveniently transported to the desired location. The basket is installed in such a way that it does not increase the overall dimensions.

Because a Bosch garden shredder is so compact, it can be stored in a space-saving way. Even the most powerful model, the AXT 25 TC, is only 67 cm high (hopper can be removed) and 39 cm wide.


You should also pay attention to the aspect of safety. There have already been many accidents when using shredders. A good garden shredder and you yourself, by following all the manufacturer’s instructions and always being attentive, will ensure that this fate does not befall you.

A Bosch shredder is often supplied with a plastic stopper, which puts more distance between your hands and the shredder. Thanks to it, you can apply pressure to the vegetation so that it is shredded without complications.

The shredder can only be switched on when the catcher box is correctly engaged. This also prevents you from reaching into the hopper without thinking.

If there is a power failure, a restart safety device can prevent the garden shredder from starting abruptly.

Furthermore, you can increase your personal safety by wearing work gloves and protective goggles. Sturdy shoes and long clothing are also advisable. What should be avoided, however, are protruding objects that could be pulled in (scarves, cords, etc.).

The shredder itself also deserves the best possible protection. If there is an overload protection, the motor switches off if the gearbox is subjected to too much stress. In this case, the shredder promises a particularly long service life.


The noise level can be of great importance during operation. Especially in the home garden, a high noise level is problematic. It may lead to conflicts with the neighbourhood and may even attract the attention of the public order department. In addition, excessive noise has a negative effect on stress levels and your own health.

A Bosch garden shredder can generally be classified as relatively quiet. You do not have to wear hearing protection while using it. However, the manufacturer cannot take full credit for this, because ultimately electric shredders are always quieter than petrol shredders. In general, adults should wear hearing protection from a volume of 85 dB to avoid hearing damage.

Bosch shredder – There are advantages & disadvantages

A Bosch garden shredder offers various advantages. Although there are currently only 3 active models, you can choose from all types of shredder (blade, roller, turbine). The devices can be put into operation quickly and require hardly any effort during the entire working process. However, the company does not meet every requirement here. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Renowned family business from Germany
  • No annoying assembly work
  • You can start right away by placing the cable in the mains power supply
  • Low weight and smooth-running wheels enable easy manoeuvring
  • The chassis is always designed to ensure a safe stand
  • Although it draws a maximum of 2500 watts, it can cut through branches up to 4.5 cm thick
  • Even large masses can be shredded in a comfortable period of time (in parts more than 200 kg/hour)
  • Comparatively low noise level, so there is no need to wear hearing protection
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Units can be stored in a space-saving way
  • Comprehensive service options


  • Limited choice
  • There are no petrol engines available, which is why there is also no solution for thick branches or even logs

Bosch AXT 25 TC Review

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