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Stihl cordless hedge trimmer

The best battery hedge trimmers from Stihl

If one company stands for German workmanship and quality, then it is certainly the family-owned company Stihl. The world market leader among chain saws nowadays offers various garden tools. Among them are hedge trimmers. A Stihl cordless hedge trimmer promises a particularly high level of comfort. They are easy to operate and relatively quiet in operation. Nevertheless, the tools in this category are powerful and can be used consistently in commercial applications.

Stihl cordless hedge trimmer

In the following, we will show you which Stihl battery hedge trimmer is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Stihl cordless hedge trimmer – 3 models in the presentation

Stihl HSA 56

Battery HSA 56

The battery hedge trimmers from Stihl promise reliability and quality made to measure. A particularly popular model is the Stihl HSA 56 .

The tool is primarily suitable for use in the home garden. The cutting length is 45 cm, which means that shrubs, bushes and small hedges can be precisely shaped. It is supplied either with battery and charger or without. This saves money if you already have the AK system. By the way, the weight is limited to a light 2.9 kg, which is why women and senior citizens can also expect effortless handling.

Despite the compact dimensions, branches up to a diameter of 2.3 cm can be successfully cut. This is ensured, among other things, by the voltage of 36V and the tooth spacing of 30 mm. A hand guard and a front protector on the blade ensure a high level of safety for man and machine. In addition, the noise level is limited to only 80 dB, which is why there will certainly be no complications with the neighbourhood.

All in all, the HSA 56 is a popular cordless hedge trimmer from Stihl for a reason. It is compact and lightweight, but still powerful. The device is comfortable to use and works very accurately. Highlights include the low weight, the low noise level and the metal guard on the blade. Customers are very convinced by this device.

Stihl HSA 25

Shears HSA 25

Stihl also offers solutions par excellence for smaller measures on shrubs and bushes. A recommendation here is the model Stihl HSA 25 .

This battery-powered shrub shear weighs a feather-light 0.6 kg and therefore promises maximum ease of use. The set comes with a 2 Ah battery, the matching charger and an 11 cm long and a 17 cm long attachment. The short attachment is suitable for fine work on the lawn. No tools are needed to change the attachments. During operation, branches up to 8 mm thick can be cut, which should make it clear that these shears are not intended for heavy-duty use.

The manufacturer recommends using them on lawn edges, in flower beds or on bushes. Thanks to the rubberised handle, nothing stands in the way of a high level of ergonomics that reduces vibrations to a minimum. Of course, you can store and transport this model very compactly. The matching bag is also included.

In summary, the HSA 25 is an extremely compact battery shear from Stihl. In principle, they can be used anywhere and are ideal for working in confined spaces. Because it comes with 2 attachments, you can enjoy a good degree of variability in its range of uses. Customers enjoy gardening with this useful tool.

Stihl HSA 86

Stihl HSA 86

A cordless hedge trimmer from Stihl is the first choice, especially for extensive projects or use in the trade. This is impressively demonstrated by the Stihl HSA 86 .

These battery scissors have a tooth spacing of 33 mm and a cutting thickness of 26 mm. Both are outstanding values for a cordless model. Accordingly, the device can compete in principle with many petrol models in terms of performance. The brushless EC motor remains quiet and wear-free. In addition, the weight is around 3 kg, which is why it is easy to handle.

Furthermore, the cutting length is 45 cm. This is a good compromise between precise guidance and a good area performance. When it comes to the battery, you can draw from the full range and even use the AR backpacks if necessary. They promise a runtime of up to 800 minutes without charging in the meantime. To ensure that the blade is well protected after use, a plastic blade guard is also included.

Overall, the HSA 86 is a high-quality cordless hedge trimmer from Stihl. It is very powerful and can still be guided accurately. All components are well thought out. This starts with the rounded housing, which prevents branches from getting stuck so easily. The brushless EC motor is certainly one of the best on the market.

Stihl cordless hedge trimmer – You should always pay attention to the following


Some people think that cordless hedge trimmers can only handle very thin branches. However, if you choose a Stihl in this segment, this concern is unfounded. Here, the machines can even compete with petrol models in terms of performance potential.

Unfortunately, there is no single indicator that can be used to assess the constant performance. One promising indicator is the wattage of the motor. A relatively high energy consumption per unit of time can go hand in hand with more power. However, this does not always have to be the case.

Other parameters for the available power are the speed of the motor and the battery voltage. The higher both are, the more powerful the hedge trimmer is likely to be. In addition, high values in this context ensure that the performance of the battery hedge trimmer does not drop even during longer work.


The available battery capacity determines how long the continuous operation can take place. It is normally indicated in the unit Ah (ampere hours). The higher the value, the longer the battery will last.

Stihl provides outstanding lithium-ion batteries that can have a capacity of up to 30 Ah. For comparison: other brand manufacturers almost always stop at 6 Ah at the latest. Stihl’s very large batteries can be strapped to your back in backpack style.

You should not go for a large battery per se. As the capacity increases, so does the price and the weight. The more extensive the work, the more capacity the battery should have. Thanks to a voltage of 36V, there is always plenty of power available.

Because the battery is replaceable, you can easily extend the range by keeping several standard batteries on hand. You can also purchase a Stihl cordless hedge trimmer without accessories if you already have the right battery and charger.

In addition, it is possible to use the 36V batteries in the other cordless tools from Stihl. This is of course convenient and prevents excessive costs. If you treat the lithium-ion battery well, it will last much longer than other technologies.

Blade length

The length of the guidebar determines to a large extent how much area can be cut in one go. The longer the blade, the greater the area that can be trimmed. If you have a large hedge to maintain, a long blade is the best choice.

The cutting length of a Stihl cordless hedge trimmer varies between 17 and 60 cm. This means that every requirement can be adequately covered. Long blades are the first choice if you want to reach remote areas from the ground. For particularly high hedges, however, Stihl also offers additional versions with telescopic extensions.

You should not always prefer long blades. These tend to be more expensive and more difficult to handle. Small jobs can be carried out precisely with a +- 40-50 cm long blade. Most of the time, short ones also promise greater safety when working on the ladder/lifting platform, because you cannot be thrown off balance so quickly.

Cutting thickness

The thickness of the cut is also a decisive factor. It shows the maximum thickness of the branches. Many cordless hedge trimmers stop at approx. 1.8 cm – they block at larger diameters. A cordless hedge trimmer from Stihl, on the other hand, can cut up to 2.6 cm, which underlines its exceptional cutting capacity.

In addition to the power of the motor, the spacing of the teeth has a major influence on the cutting strength. Thick branches can only be fed to the blade at all if the distance between the teeth is appropriate. With Stihl, the distance can be up to 33 mm (HSA 86).

You should find a good compromise in terms of tooth spacing. If there are no thick branches, it is advisable to use a smaller distance. In this case, even laymen can work more accurately on small bushes and shrubs.

Even though a Stihl model has a powerful brush motor, the battery-powered tools in this category are not suitable for permanently challenging thick branches. In this case, electric motors simply run the risk of overheating faster than combustion engines. However, you need not fear that this will cause damage to a Stihl EC motor.


Handling should of course be as comfortable as possible. A Stihl cordless hedge trimmer definitely meets this requirement. Even the powerful versions weigh hardly more than 3 kg, which is why they can also be used by women and senior citizens with little effort.

In general, the start-up is quick because no assembly work is required. All you have to do is insert the battery and you’re ready to go. A practical LED display shows you at any time how much energy is still available. Starting is done with a 2-hand switch, so that your hands are not in danger during operation.

Stihl’s rubberised handle also contributes to a high level of comfort. It reduces vibrations and the risk of calluses to a minimum. The housing is generally shaped in such a way that the branches have little chance of getting jammed or stuck in it.

Thanks to the cordless freedom of movement, you can of course also work on remote places immediately. There does not have to be a power socket nearby. Similarly, it becomes possible to simply load the unit into the boot and use it externally, in a garden or your own field, etc.

Furthermore, the brushless EC motor from Stihl is relatively quiet and does not emit any unpleasant odours. Therefore, you can also use the hedge trimmer in sensitive areas and at unusual times without any problems. Hearing protection is not required.

The fact that electric motors are generally virtually wear-free is of course also a positive factor. It will never be necessary to change the oil or spark plugs.


You should also definitely pay attention to safety, because the blades of any hedge trimmer pose a certain risk of injury. First of all, it is advisable to read the operating instructions. This will tell you how to use the machine properly and what to avoid.

You will be protected from most careless injuries by the standard hand guard between the handle and the sword. In addition, you can protect your hands by wearing adequate work gloves.

When working overhead, such as with a telescopic pole, you should also wear a helmet and face protection. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for the impact of the debris from above to avoid dangerous shock reactions.

The tool itself should also be protected as best as possible. For this purpose, Stihl attaches a metal guard to the tip of the blade. This protects the blades when they come into contact with walls or the ground.

When not in use, you can cover the blade of your Stihl cordless hedge trimmer with a plastic guard. You may already know this from the brand’s chainsaws.

As already mentioned, 2 switches have to be operated for the device to work. This prevents you from reaching into the blade too lightly. In order to completely prevent unauthorised operation, there are also models that can only be started with a safety key inserted.

Stihl battery hedge trimmer – It has many advantages to offer you

A cordless hedge trimmer from Stihl offers great advantages. It is manufactured to the highest standards at the main factory in Waiblingen. The durable and efficient EC motor promises maximum performance. Even branches over 25 mm thick can be reliably cut. However, the devices cannot meet every demand. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Highest quality Made in Germany
  • Very robust and durable, which is why professional use in trade is possible
  • Uncomplicated and fast commissioning
  • Maximum freedom of movement, which means that any location can be directly accessed as desired
  • Light weight and ergonomic handles ensure effortless handling
  • Brushless motor can optimise power independently and easily cut through branches up to 3 cm thick
  • Batteries last for more than one hour of continuous operation, so that high area performance is achieved (runtime can be extended as desired, as replacement is possible at any time)
  • Low noise level, so it can also be used in sensitive areas (hospital, nursing home, school)
  • Comparatively environmentally friendly operation
  • No annoying maintenance work is required
  • Rechargeable batteries can also be used in other Stihl tools


  • Not suitable for small budgets

Stihl HSA 56 in practice

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