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Husqvarna hedge trimmer

The best battery and petrol hedge trimmers by Husqvarna

The Swedish company Husqvarna enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The traditional company looks back on an eventful history and stands for quality par excellence. In the past, the company mainly supplied the professional forestry industry. Today, the product range also includes many products for the garden. These include hedge trimmers. A Husqvarna hedge trimmer is either battery or petrol powered. The devices are characterised by impeccable workmanship and great performance.

Husqvarna hedge trimmer

We will show you below which Husqvarna hedge trimmer is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Husqvarna hedge trimmer – These models are recommended

Husqvarna 115iHD45

Battery 115iHD45

If you have high demands for private use, you can’t afford to ignore the Husqvarna brand. The battery hedge trimmer is recommended for small and medium tasks. Husqvarna 115iHD45 .

The model is conveniently delivered together with a battery and the matching charger. The battery has a voltage of 36V and can therefore also cope with larger resistances. According to the manufacturer, branch diameters of up to 25 mm can be successfully managed, also thanks to the brushless motor, which is very commendable for such a compact battery model. The total weight is 4 kg, which is why women and senior citizens can also expect effortless handling.

Furthermore, the start-up is intuitive via a touch field. You can work precisely with the 45 cm long blade. However, it is not suitable for very comprehensive measures, as this would simply require too much time. To maximise the running time, Husqvarna offers an ECO mode (savE). Incidentally, the noise level at the ear is only 78 dB, which is why no hearing protection needs to be worn.

All in all, the 115iHD45 is a compact battery hedge trimmer from Husqvarna. It is ideal for women and senior citizens because it is very ergonomic to use. The combination of a short blade and high cutting performance also allows very precise work even on small plants. Despite its compact dimensions, the device can easily cut branches up to 2.5 cm thick.

Husqvarna 122HD60

Husqvarna 122HD60 Review

Petrol hedge trimmers still have their raison d’être. They can cope with adversity without sacrificing performance. A good example is the Husqvarna 122HD60 .

The 122HD45 is characterised by compact dimensions and a discreet weight. The hedge trimmer weighs 4.9 kg, making it a real lightweight in the petrol segment. Thanks to the patented SmartStart technology, you hardly have to use any force when starting. The blade is 60 cm long. For this reason, even extensive areas can be quickly put into a beautiful condition.

All elements are designed to reduce the vibrations of the motor to a minimum. In addition, you can adjust the angle of the rear handle variably. Thus, a pleasant comfort can be expected in any position. Because the blade performs over 4000 cuts per minute, you can expect very clean cutting results.

In summary, the 122HD45 is a good petrol hedge trimmer from Husqvarna. It is comparatively comfortable to operate and is quite quiet in operation. Among other things, the adjustable handle and SmartStart technology contribute to a high level of comfort. It also has a very good area coverage. Surprisingly, however, it can only handle branches up to just over 2 cm.

Husqvarna 536 Li HD 60

536 Li HD 60

Battery hedge trimmers can also have a high area performance. A high-quality model in this context is the Husqvarna 536 Li HD 60.

The device has a 60 cm long blade and yet weighs only 5 kg with the battery. To maximise the runtime, you can alternatively use Husqvarna’s backpack system. In this case, there are basically no more unwanted interruptions. An impressive blade spacing of 32 mm and the battery voltage of 36V ensure that the tool is more powerful than many petrol hedge trimmers.

In addition, the housing is rain-repellent, which is why the battery hedge trimmer can also be used in bad weather. By the way, you can also turn the rear handle and adjust it to a position of your choice. Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of versatile application possibilities. Of course, there is no need to worry about odours or high noise levels during operation.

Overall, the 536 Li HD 60 is a high-quality battery hedge trimmer from Husqvarna. It can easily cope with thick branches and large hedges. Nevertheless, it produces hardly any noise. In the usual Husqvarna quality, it can be operated functionally and promises a long service life. The customers are enthusiastic.

Husqvarna hedge trimmer – You should always pay attention to the following

Drive & Power

Husqvarna currently offers 14 different hedge trimmers. There are models for private use as well as devices for the toughest requirements in the trade. Generally, this manufacturer can be divided into 2 categories: Battery hedge trimmers and petrol hedge trimmers.

A battery hedge trimmer is considered to be lightweight and easy to operate. Therefore, they are especially recommended for women and senior citizens. Its motor is relatively quiet, so that work can also take place in sensitive areas (hospitals, schools, nursing homes). Moreover, no unpleasant smells need to be perceived during operation and the motor is de facto maintenance-free. A disadvantage is the somewhat limited power, which is rather intended for small and medium tasks.

A petrol hedge trimmer from Husqvarna promises you constant power even in continuous operation. The powerful engine and a durable gearbox can even cope with branches beyond a thickness of 25 mm. The units are therefore the first choice for unruly debris. Disadvantages include increased noise and a certain amount of maintenance.

With Husqvarna, you can immediately recognise the power of the engine, because the manufacturer displays it transparently (in kW and HP). This is by no means a matter of course, because many other manufacturers only indicate the classic wattage, especially for electric models. The latter, however, primarily only defines the power consumption/unit of time. The torque is also important. The higher it is, the better the device can cope with demanding tasks.

With a rechargeable battery model, it is also worth taking a look at the battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the more likely the tool will be able to handle large tasks without complications. Husqvarna works with a 36V system, which is why you can expect a decent performance.

Blade length

The length of the blade is a decisive factor in determining the area performance. The more area that is worked per movement, the faster you will naturally make progress with the maintenance.

The blade length of a Husqvarna hedge trimmer ranges between 45 and 75 cm. Accordingly, there is the right solution for all areas of application.

If you want to cover a large area from the ground, a long blade is always the first choice. However, it is not recommended per se, because a long sword comes at a premium and tends to make it more difficult for beginners to work accurately.

Short swords can be more helpful when working from a ladder or hoist. They do not compromise balance as much and can also be guided very precisely.

In order to be able to maintain very high hedges from the ground, Husqvarna also offers versions with telescopic handles. Some of these reach heights of more than 4 metres. Because the engine head can be angled, even the roof of a hedge can be maintained from the ground.

Cutting thickness

The cutting thickness is also relevant. It defines the maximum branch diameter that can be handled. Unfortunately, Husqvarna sometimes does not indicate the respective value directly, which is why the most important reference point in this context is the tooth spacing between the blades. Even with Husqvarna’s battery hedge trimmers, this is beyond a commendable 30 mm.

Only a large distance between the individual blades can accommodate large branches at all. In addition, the power of the motor has an influence on the cutting strength.

All Husqvarna hedge trimmers cope well with branches over 2 cm thick. This fact also underlines their quality, as battery-powered devices from other manufacturers often fail from approx. 1.9 cm (a maximum of 1.8 cm is considered standard here).

If you are permanently dealing with very rough branches, we recommend using a petrol hedge trimmer. Husqvarna petrol hedge trimmers do not lose power even after a long period of use. An electric motor, on the other hand, gets quite hot when it is constantly pushed to the power limit.


It goes without saying that handling should be as comfortable as possible. Only then will the work not be perceived as tedious and can even be fun. A Husqvarna hedge trimmer is equipped in such a way that handling is pleasant.

First of all, an adequate weight contributes to energy-saving handling. Husqvarna machines weigh between 4 and 6 kg. Although this is a little more than some other manufacturers, it is due to the high-quality and powerful components.

Starting a cordless hedge trimmer is particularly easy. All you have to do is press a button on the touch panel. Starting a petrol model is done via an intuitively adjustable choke, which means that even a cold start is free of complications.

As with other manufacturers, Husqvarna uses a 2-hand safety switch for operation (exception: telescopic models). This means that both hands must be on the handles. The latter are rubberised so that vibrations are reduced to a minimum and no calluses occur.

Furthermore, the position of the handle can be adjusted. This makes it possible to work effortlessly and confidently from any angle. This possibility is denied to you by many other manufacturers.

The housing of a Husqvarna hedge trimmer can also be water-repellent. An IPX4 rating means that it can be used in the rain without fear of damage.

In general, a Husqvarna hedge trimmer is meticulously balanced. This relieves the arms to the maximum and you can devote yourself fully to your project.

The battery hedge trimmers also offer you the advantage of being quiet and odourless. For this reason, they can be used at unusual times of day and in sensitive environments (old people’s homes, hospitals, schools).


Every hedge trimmer poses a certain risk of injury. Therefore, you should concentrate and be attentive during use. Before using the hedge trimmer for the first time, it is also advisable to read the instruction manual. It will tell you exactly how to use the hedge trimmer properly and what to avoid.

A Husqvarna hedge trimmer is generally safe to use. A wide plastic hand guard protects you from most types of cut injuries. If you wear good work gloves, the risk of serious injury is even lower.

The 2-hand safety switch also ensures that you don’t just reach into the running blade without thinking. If one of the two switches is released, the blade comes to a standstill within a very short time.

When you are working with a telescopic model, there is an increased potential for debris to fall on your head. Therefore, it is also advisable to wear a helmet and face protection. You should also mentally prepare yourself for the falling of the cuttings, so that you do not have an unthinking shock reaction.

The hedge trimmer itself should also be protected from excessive stress. A Husqvarna hedge trimmer has a robust gearbox and a durable plastic housing. Both contribute to a long service life under the toughest conditions.

In addition, a Husqvarna hedge trimmer usually has a metal protector at the tip of the blade. This protects it from damage when it comes into rough contact with walls or the ground.

Husqvarna hedge trimmer – There are many advantages

Husqvarna hedge trimmers have great benefits to offer you. They have a high-quality finish and are designed for a long service life. In addition, even the battery-powered devices can reliably cut through 2 cm thick branches, because they work with a powerful voltage of 36V. However, Husqvarna tools are not suitable for every requirement. So that you can comfortably weigh up their pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Sublime quality that is also absolutely up to commercial use
  • Proven choice of battery-operated and petrol-powered tools
  • Suitable for small jobs as well as for comprehensive area maintenance
  • Telescopic models are also part of the range
  • Uncomplicated and quick start-up
  • Adequate weight and rubberised handles ensure gentle handling
  • Handle can be partly turned, so that even when cutting sideways and working on the roof, a high level of comfort is ensured
  • Petrol engines can reliably cope with even very rough branches
  • The machines are efficient, so that running costs are saved and the environment is protected
  • Low maintenance
  • Large battery backpacks are available, so that in principle work no longer has to be interrupted involuntarily
  • 36V batteries can also be used in other tools from the manufacturer


  • High purchase price
  • Those looking for a model with a cable will not be served

Husqvarna 122HD60 Review

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