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Weber charcoal BBQ

The best charcoal grills from Weber

The Weber brand stands for tasteful grilling par excellence. The traditional US company has been in existence since 1893. The founder George Stephen invented the world’s first kettle grill in 1952. Today, Weber offers high-quality grills in all shapes and sizes. As a proven classic, a Weber charcoal BBQ can create a particularly beautiful atmosphere when barbecuing. With such a model you can create tasty roasted aromas as well as distinctive patterns. Both massive and small models are offered in this category.

Weber charcoal BBQ

We will show you below which Weber charcoal grill is a good choice. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Weber charcoal BBQ – These models are recommended

Weber Compact Kettle 57

Compact kettle 57 review

Normally, the Weber company rightly calls out expansive prices for its in-house grills. A pleasant exception is the popular charcoal grill Weber Compact Kettle .

This model is truly a classic, which goes directly back to the company founder. The kettle grill has a grill diameter of 47 or 57 cm, so it is suitable for many households. The grate is made of durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel. According to customer experience, direct and indirect grilling is equally possible. For the latter, they recommend the use of an additional thermometer.

Thanks to the lid, the grill is quickly at temperature and can do its job without any problems even on windy days. Because a large handle including heat protection is built in, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when opening the lid. Another useful feature is the directly integrated ash collection tray. In addition, you can easily move the grill at any time using the wheels, as it only weighs 10 kg.

Overall, the Compact Kettle 57 is a popular charcoal BBQ from Weber. As a classic kettle grill, it can be used for numerous dishes. The appliance is quick to put into operation and uncomplicated to use. Highlights include the durable material and the ash tray. In addition, you can grill both directly and indirectly. Customers are satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

Weber Smokey Joe Premium

Portable grill Smokey Joe

Even if there is little space available, Weber still has the right charcoal barbecue ready. One recommendation in this context is the Weber Smokey Joe Premium .

The grill takes up just 43 cm of space at the side and can therefore be used in confined areas. Mobile use for camping is also conceivable. The upper side bracket facilitates transport. The same applies to the weight of only 4.5 kg, which is why even women and senior citizens can easily change their choice of place at any time. Although the barbecue is so compact, the manufacturer offers a guarantee of up to 10 years on the components.

Furthermore, the diameter of the stainless steel grill surface is 44 cm. This means that up to 3 large diners can be served. The scope of delivery also includes a practical measuring cup for briquettes. It is also worth mentioning that almost the entire housing is porcelain enamelled. It is therefore not surprising that Weber offers such long guarantees.

All in all, the Smokey Joe Premium is an affordable charcoal BBQ from Weber. It is very compact, which means there are hardly any limits to the choice of space. Mobile use is also possible at any time, also thanks to the light weight. The model is surprisingly stable and has a durable finish. Customers describe the grill as a “quality product”.

Weber Go Anywhere

Go Anywhere

Admittedly, it is difficult to find a good compromise between sufficient grilling surface and compact dimensions. However, Weber succeeds commendably with the charcoal grill Weber Go Anywhere .

The grill of this barbecue is also made of coated stainless steel. It is 42 cm wide and 26 cm deep, so that even small families can be provided with tasty delicacies. Nevertheless, the grill itself remains pleasantly compact with a width of 53 cm. The heat-resistant handle makes it very easy to carry around. The legs can be folded so that the lid cannot slip off.

In addition, there are 2 rotary controls on the top. You can use these to influence the temperature (supply and exhaust air). This charcoal grill also comes with a measuring cup for briquettes. It weighs a moderate 6 kg and has a protective porcelain enamel exterior.

In summary, the Go Anywhere is a reliable charcoal BBQ from Weber. It is ideal for family outings and can be transported safely. Thanks to its design, it also stands securely and offers enough space for a full meal. Customers are satisfied and sometimes use it for up to 5 people.

Weber charcoal BBQ – You should always bear this in mind

Selection options & type

The Weber company currently offers 22 different charcoal grills. These can be roughly divided into 2 designs: Large models with a stand and compact versions that are placed directly on a table or the ground.

The manufacturer itself differentiates its charcoal grills into the following series:

  • Master-Touch (Particularly versatile for use from breakfast to dinner)
  • Original Kettle (Proven classic for 70 years)
  • Performer (with additional worktop and innovative cleaning system)
  • Summit Charcoal (Baking, grilling, smoking in one)
  • Smokey Mountain (Smoker)
  • Bar-b-Kettle (Compact and affordable kettle grill)
  • Mobile series (Smokey Joe & Go Anywhere)

Most of the models are classic kettle grills. They can stand on a classic base with 2 wheels or their body sits together with the worktop in a larger trolley with 4 wheels.

The wheels make the grills relatively easy to manoeuvre. Depending on the model, it is also possible to carry the unit without exerting too much effort. There are also massive models for the family as well as space-saving mini models. The latter can be easily stored in camping equipment, for example.

Grill grate

The grill grate is the heart of every BBQ. If it does not meet the requirements, the rest of the equipment does not matter. Either cast iron or stainless steel is often used as the material. Both have their pros and cons. Cheap barbecues sometimes only use sheet metal, but that is not to be expected from Weber.

Stainless steel is considered easy to clean because it is smooth and often uncoated. Therefore, the surface can be treated brutally with a wire brush without having to fear scratches or chipping. In addition, some of the grates can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. A disadvantage is the fact that the material is not as efficient, because thin stainless steel only stores heat to a limited extent. However, the latter is more of a problem in connection with electric grills.

Cast iron naturally promotes the formation of roasted aromas as well as patterns on the grilled food. In addition, the material stores the heat for a long time and releases it evenly. A disadvantage is often the very high weight, which makes handling more difficult. In addition, cast iron – even with a good enamel – is susceptible to corrosion. It does not tolerate chemicals and must be kept dry.

A Weber charcoal BBQ comes with a stainless steel grate. Since this is very solid, it also stores the heat well and produces tasty roasted aromas. Due to its massive dimensions, dishwasher cleaning is not an option for this manufacturer (other manufacturers solve this by using multi-part grates).

The size of the grill surface is also important. The more people are to be catered for at the same time, the more extensive it must be. So that larger groups can be catered for at the same time, a Weber charcoal barbecue often has an additional warming grid.

Because charcoal grills often work as a closed spherical grill, you can easily remove the grate. The greasy residue then turns into dry ash.


The temperature is a decisive factor. It must suit the desired dish. If you can work with both low and high temperatures, you are of course in a particularly universal position. A Weber charcoal grill can master this supreme discipline.

In order to be able to create tried and tested roast aromas and typical patterns in the grilled food, it needs a temperature beyond 250 °C. Fortunately, this is a requirement for hardly any grill. Fortunately, this requirement is hardly challenging for a charcoal grill.

Particularly high temperatures are needed for searing steaks. A thick crust then forms and the pores are closed. Therefore, the tasty juices cannot escape to the outside.

Because most Weber charcoal grills are kettle grills, the bonnet is an additional support. It shortens the heating time because less energy is lost to the outside. In addition, the lid helps to keep high temperatures constant in strong winds.

As already mentioned, you can also “free-burn” the grill after grilling. This process is also called pyrolysis. The lid is closed and the grill is heated to the maximum. The fat then turns into ash, which is much easier to remove. The brush will not stick here

Choice of location

With a charcoal BBQ, the choice of location is generally limited to the outdoor areas. There are also charcoal barbecues for indoors, but if nothing is to go wrong, the supply of fresh air must be very good indeed.

Basically, the surface should be level and have a certain load-bearing capacity. Soft sediment, such as sandy soil, can directly increase the risk of accidents. Probable locations are, for example, massive terraces or the hard ground. Balconies can also be suitable to a certain extent for compact models.

The lighter the barbecue, the easier and faster it is to move it. A mobile Weber charcoal BBQ sometimes weighs only 5-6 kg. The disadvantage of a light weight is its susceptibility to gusts of wind and unintentional knocks. Solid models remain stable even in a storm.

Furthermore, it is advisable to place the charcoal barbecue at an appropriate distance from other objects and obstacles. This not only reduces the risk of fire, but also improves your personal freedom of movement.

Smoke & odour development

A major disadvantage of traditional barbecuing is the development of smoke clouds. These are usually caused by dripping fat and not only smell strongly, but are also somewhat unhealthy for people.

If you fear disputes with your neighbours, you can take some precautions to prevent the formation of smoke. For example, you can spread aluminium foil on the grill. This prevents the fat from dripping into the flame.

Another alternative is a grill tray. If it is impermeable, nothing can drip off. Another grill is placed on the tray, which is then used for grilling. However, Weber only offers permeable grill trays as accessories, which is why you should look for a separate supplier.


The topic of cleaning is certainly unpleasant, but it is simply part of the job. If you keep your charcoal barbecue in good condition, it will look good for a long time and will not suffer any damage.

In principle, only the grill grate itself needs to be cleaned before each use. With a Weber charcoal BBQ, this can be done especially well if you burn it off under high heat. A wire brush and a sponge can then help. Because the grate is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to be quite so careful. Weber does not recommend using a dishwasher.

If the grime is quite stubborn, you can apply a special grill cleaner. This will dissolve even very stubborn dirt. After cleaning, the grate should be wiped dry so that it does not corrode so quickly.

A complete cleaning should take place 2-5 times a year, depending on the usage pattern. Here, too, Weber advises against the use of common chemicals. The enamel and other external parts should either be wiped dry or treated with barbecue cleaner.

Weber charcoal BBQ – It has advantages & disadvantages

A charcoal BBQ from Weber has various advantages to offer you. It guarantees a great barbecue feeling and a formidable taste experience. In addition to the beautiful atmosphere, the devices also offer the advantage of being relatively inexpensive. However, not every demand can be satisfied. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of the appliances, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Company is an absolute expert in this field and is appreciated for it worldwide
  • Models for large families as well as appliances for mobile use are offered
  • Guaranteed to give that quintessential barbecue feeling
  • Tasty roasting aromas as well as visually splendid brandings (patterns) are created
  • Perfectly suited for searing steaks
  • Uncomplicated start-up and easy operation
  • Appliances are very stable
  • Integrated lid thermometer ensures high convenience
  • Additional storage options can be provided
  • Some models are also suitable for pizza, soups and much more
  • Solid stainless steel grate and robust housing promise long durability
  • Sometimes an innovative cleaning system is available


  • A certain amount of waiting time must be allowed for before barbecuing (a lighting chimney can shorten this time)
  • Due to smoke and odour formation, the choice of place is limited to open areas in the fresh air
  • Temperature cannot be controlled so precisely
  • Neighbours may feel adversely affected by emissions – keyword environmental pollution

Video: Weber Compact Kettle 57 review

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