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George Foreman BBQ

The best electric grills by George Foreman

The former heavyweight boxing world champion – George Foreman – is an admired cult figure, especially in the USA. He is also clearly fond of barbecuing. His grills stand for low-fat and healthy nutrition. A George Foreman BBQ has a non-stick coating, which means you don’t have to eat any extra fat. All grills of the brand are electric. This means that they do not produce smoke and can even be used indoors. In addition, the handling is absolutely uncomplicated.

George Foreman BBQ

In the following, we present which BBQ from George Foreman is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

George Foreman BBQ – 3 models in the presentation

George Foreman Indoor Outdoor 22460

Indoor Outdoor 22460

Some electric grills from George Foreman can be used very flexibly. One recommendation in this context is the George Foreman 22460 .

The appliance can be used either as a stand grill with a lid or as a compact table grill. The latter version can be used conveniently in the kitchen. The stand is suitable for ergonomic grilling on the balcony or in the garden. Because the grill weighs only 6.5 kg, it can be moved easily and at any time. The grill surface is made of die-cast aluminium, which is why tasty roasting aromas as well as visually appealing brandings can be created. Since the grill has a diameter of 44.5 cm, families can also be catered for.

The power consumption of 2400 watts ensures that high temperatures can be reached quickly. Low-fat dishes can be prepared on the non-stick coated surface and always come off without complications. The thermometer integrated into the lid, among other things, ensures a high level of convenience. Thanks to this, you always know how hot it is inside. Another convenient feature is the fact that the grill plate is dishwasher-safe.

All in all, the 2in1 is a popular BBQ from George Foreman. It can be used very flexibly and received the test rating good (2.2) from Stiftung Warentest. You can use the grill variably indoors and outdoors. While the overall dimensions are limited, the grill surface offers quite a lot of space. Customers are satisfied, but sometimes complain that the stand is a little wobbly.

George Foreman 25030-56

Electric grill 20530


Contact grills are a convenient way to prepare a wide variety of dishes without interruption and without having to turn them over in the meantime. An inexpensive model here is the George Foreman 25030-56 .

This grill is available in several versions. The Compact model takes up just 30 cm of space on the side. This makes the choice of location as flexible as possible. You can use the contact grill, for example, on the kitchen worktop or on a small table on the balcony. The handle makes it easy to carry the 2.7 kg model. Due to the compact dimensions, the grill surface is naturally also rather compact. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for 1-3 people.

The grill surface is also made of non-stick coated cast aluminium. Therefore, you can expect a great taste experience. The manufacturer recommends using it for meat, fish, vegetables, paninis and sandwiches. A green and a red light on the top indicate when the contact grill is ready for use and when the contents are ready. After use, you can store the appliance in an extremely space-saving way.

In summary, the 25030-56 Fitness Grill is an affordable and compact BBQ from George Foreman. It can be used in the smallest niche and is almost immediately ready for use. An economical 1200 watts are enough here to generate high temperatures. By the way, the top side is designed to adapt to the food to be grilled and not to squash anything. The scope of delivery also includes a useful recipe booklet.

George Foreman 25850 Smokeless

Smokeless 25850

Electric table grills are rightly very popular. If there is little space available, they can score points in terms of convenience. A new model here, for example, is the George Foreman 25850 .

This barbecue also takes up hardly any space. It is therefore ideally suited for small balconies or the kitchen. If you fill a little water into the grease drip tray before using it for the first time, you don’t have to fear any annoying smoke. Because the grill surface is largely closed, the juice flows off in a very controlled manner anyway. The surface is coated with titanium. This eliminates the need for additional grease. In addition, the grill plate can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher.

It is easy to operate via the thermostat on the right. A power of 1600 watts ensures that you don’t have to be patient for too long at the beginning. Because you can make infinitely variable adjustments, even low temperatures can be maintained well. The grilling surface is sufficient for feeding 3 people. In addition, the grease drip tray can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Overall, the Smokeless 25850-56 is a high-quality BBQ from George Foreman. It hardly weighs anything and can be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the titanium coating of the grate, it withstands stress for a long time and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The latter also applies to the grease drip tray. Customers like this table grill and describe it as “easy to handle” and “smoke-free”, among other things.

George Foreman BBQ – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & design

As already mentioned at the beginning, only grills of the electric type are currently offered under the George Foreman brand. These can be further divided into the following 3 categories:

  • Models with stand
  • Compact table grills
  • Contact grills

An electric barbecue with a stand allows you to grill in an upright and back-friendly position. A tabletop grill, on the other hand, saves a lot of space. This is the first choice in very confined areas. Contact grills are a convenient solution for grilling food from both sides at the same time, so that it does not have to be turned over in the meantime.

All grills from George Foreman are relatively compact, which is why a flexible choice of space can be guaranteed. Typical for this design is also the relatively light weight. Smaller versions weigh less than 5 kg and can therefore be moved easily by women and senior citizens.

Moreover, commissioning is intuitive. All you have to do is place the mains cable (classic Schuko plug) in a normal socket (220-240V). The temperature can be regulated precisely via a control dial.

Power & temperature

The power is an important factor. The more powerful your grill, the faster it reaches the desired operating temperature. In addition, a large power capacity goes hand in hand with a high maximum temperature, which further expands the possible uses.

The potential of a George Foreman electric BBQ is indicated by its power consumption, which is expressed in watts. First and foremost, it only defines the power consumption, but it is also an indicator of the energy supply to the heating elements. Large electric grills should have at least 1800 watts to get hot quickly. Very small models need less energy and can still provide high temperatures.

Generally speaking, a grill surface must be able to reach temperatures beyond 200 °C. Only then will the typical roast come out. Only then will the typical roasted aromas and brandings (patterns) appear on the grilled food. This was the crux of many electric grills in the past, but there is no need to worry about it with George Foreman.

Particularly high temperatures are needed for searing steaks. They then produce impressive as well as tasty crusts.

Of course, not every dish requires high temperatures. For gently grilling toast, grilling fish or preparing vegetables, less is more. The George Foreman contact grills are recommended here.

Various attachments can also influence the performance and temperature. The best example is a lid. This increases efficiency, so that the grill reaches temperature faster and can maintain it more economically. A windbreak outside can also have a positive effect on efficiency.

The combination of a high temperature and a lid also supports you in convenient maintenance. In this context, you can simply heat up the grill to the maximum, whereupon greasy residues are transformed into dry ash. The latter can then be easily removed with a cloth or brush.

Grill grate

The grill grate is the centre of every barbecue. It is often made of either stainless steel or cast iron. Mixtures, such as die-cast aluminium, are also not uncommon. Cheap grills are also equipped with a grate made of simple sheet metal.

Stainless steel is uncoated as well as smooth, which makes it very easy to clean. You can brush it off brutally and still not have to worry about scratches or chips in the surface. Often, the material can also be conveniently placed in the dishwasher. A disadvantage is the fact that it does not retain heat as well, which makes a powerful heating coil even more important and efficiency suffers somewhat.

Cast iron naturally promotes the formation of roasted flavours as well as the emergence of distinct patterns. It also stores heat well and releases it evenly. Disadvantages include a high inherent weight and susceptibility to corrosion. Pure cast iron must not be treated with chemicals and generally not constantly with water.

A George Foreman BBQ is usually delivered together with a grill plate made of die-cast aluminium. This is a good compromise between the best possible taste and easy maintenance. It has a non-stick coating and can partly be put in the dishwasher.

Of course, the size of the grill surface must also fit the circumstances on site. The more people are to be served at the same time, the larger the grill must be. The grill surface of a George Foreman BBQ can be up to 45 cm in diameter, which is why it is possible to feed a family quickly.

In general, the grill grate retains its beautiful appearance for the longest time and remains intact if you treat it gently. This can be done with mild soapy water, for example. If the grill can be put in the dishwasher, you should read the specific instructions in advance.

Choice of place

The choice of place is also important. It influences both the comfort of the grill user and the safety during operation.

Although the choice of location for a George Foreman BBQ is generally universal, not every area is suitable for operation. The surface should always be level and have sufficient load-bearing capacity. Another prerequisite is, of course, that there is a power socket nearby.

If it is a standing barbecue, for example, terraces, balconies or the bare ground, provided it has a certain sediment hardness, come into question. George Foreman contact grills and table grills can also be used indoors in the kitchen.

Because a George Foreman BBQ is quite lightweight, it is easy to transport and move. However, this also makes the grills somewhat vulnerable to gusts of wind and accidental knocks.

Your barbecue should be located at an adequate distance from other objects and obstacles. This not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also gives you the best possible freedom of movement.


The subject of maintenance is understandably not so pleasant for most people. Nevertheless, it is simply part of the job to keep the barbecue clean. This always results in an unadulterated taste experience. In addition, the individual parts will last a maximum of time if you treat them properly.

Because the surfaces of a George Foreman BBQ are not too extensive, cleaning is usually quick. Only the grate needs to be maintained after each use. With this manufacturer, it can sometimes end up in the dishwasher. You can clean it manually with a cloth, sponge or brush. This works best if it has been “baked free” beforehand via pyrolysis. Since cast iron is involved, the grate should be dried directly after cleaning. This gives corrosion no chance.

A complete cleaning is recommended 2-5 times a year. The more often you use your barbecue, the more often it should be cleaned. To do this, first remove the mains plug from the socket and then all removable parts.

The George Foreman grease drip tray can often be cleaned in the dishwasher. If you fill it with a little water before grilling, the fat will not burn in. This also helps to prevent the formation of smoke. If the tray is 3/4 full, you should remove it at the latest, because then the risk of fat burning increases.

Furthermore, it is of course important that the electrical connections and components do not come into contact with water. The interior and the heating coil should be wiped dry. However, if there is heavy build-up, a damp cloth or sponge must be used.

George Foreman BBQ – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

A BBQ from George Foreman has many advantages to offer. On the one hand, all grills are relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, you can often use them indoors or outdoors. In general, an electric grill promises intuitive operation. However, not everything speaks in favour of this provider. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Favourable price/performance ratio
  • Healthy grilling without additional oil and fat
  • Space-saving dimensions, which is why e.g. even a cramped balcony is suitable for use
  • Can even be used in the kitchen
  • Low weight facilitates transport
  • No unhealthy and annoying smoke formation
  • Handling is self-explanatory
  • Grill quickly reaches operating temperature
  • Integrated thermometer and precise thermostat ensure optimum control
  • Sometimes a unit can be used flexibly as a standing grill and as a table grill
  • The grill plate and grease drip tray can sometimes be put in the dishwasher
  • No separate purchase of any operating equipment necessary (simply place the cable in the socket and you’re done)
  • Storage possible in confined spaces
  • Comparatively environmentally friendly in operation
  • Comprehensive range of information


  • Limited choice, which is restricted to the electric barbecue type
  • “Barbecue feeling” is not as pronounced for some people as it can be with a gas or charcoal barbecue
  • Not suitable for very large occasions

Video: George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor 22460 review

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