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Worx drill

The best cordless drills from Worx

The Worx brand stands for innovative solutions for the garden and the home. In addition to the award-winning Worx lawn robots, the product range also includes various DIY tools. The Worx drills are becoming increasingly popular. They have already been rated good (1.9) by Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) and have won other awards (f.e. reddot). The manufacturer relies mainly on 12V and 20V rechargeable batteries for the drive.

Worx drill

In the following, we will show you which drill from Worx is recommended. You will also find out what you should generally look out for when making your choice. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Worx drill – 3 models in the presentation

Worx WX372.1

Set WX372

Impact drills are particularly universal. One recommendation from Worx is the Worx WX372.1 .

This model is supplied either without a 20V battery, with one or with two. The capacity is 2 Ah. The set also includes a matching charger and a practical carrying case. However, it takes 60 minutes to charge the battery to 100%. Admittedly, other manufacturers manage this better. Afterwards, you can choose between screwing, impact drilling or classic drilling – the impact can be switched off.

There are 22 different torque levels so that the power can be precisely adjusted to the task at hand. In the first of the two gears, a torque of up to 50 Nm is provided. In addition, you can drill holes up to 40 mm in size in wood, 16 mm in size in masonry and up to 13 mm in size in steel.

All in all, the WX372.1 is a flexible cordless drill from Worx. You can use it for screwing, drilling and impact drilling. It has 2 gears, 22 torque settings and of course a drill setting. The impact does not necessarily have to be used, so that wood, for example, can be drilled through without splintering. Other highlights are the 13 mm metal quick-action drill chuck, the LED lighting at the front and the moderate weight of 1.6 kg. On the negative side, the battery does not have a capacity indicator.

Worx WX290.9

20V WX290.9

If you want to loosen very tight screws and nuts, we recommend using an impact wrench. An inexpensive model in this context is the Worx WX290.9 .

The device is powered by a 20V battery and weighs just over 1 kg. Accordingly, it can also be used effortlessly by senior citizens and women. The rubberised soft grip contributes to a high level of comfort. Although the impact wrench is lightweight, the housing of the gearbox is made of robust metal. Furthermore, the head section is only approx. 19 cm long, which allows you to operate even in the tightest spaces.

In this small version, the impact wrench is not suitable for changing tyres. With a torque of up to 107 Nm, it is much better suited to loosening rusted screws and driving in massive ones. A front LED also supports you in your work.

Overall, the WX290.9 is an affordable cordless drill from Worx. In a narrower sense, it is an impact screwdriver that performs axial impacts in addition to the rotary movement. Despite its light weight and compact housing, it can reliably handle large resistances. Switching from right-handed to left-handed operation is done in the classic way with a lever on the side. You can also regulate the speed with finger pressure.

Worx WX175

Cordless WX175

Some cordless drills from Worx have received impressive awards. For example, the Worx WX175 was rated Good (1.9) by the renowned Stiftung Warentest.

This cordless screwdriver is also available in a comprehensive set or as a stand-alone unit. It is a model in the classic sense that has no impact function. Nevertheless, it can drill 40 mm holes in wood and 13 mm holes in steel. Thanks to a torque of up to 60 Nm, the WX175 also does a very good job of screwing. The brushless motor provides plenty of power.

The attachment of your choice can be quickly fixed in the 13 mm quick-action drill chuck and removed again just as easily. In operation, this Worx cordless screwdriver weighs a moderate 1.55 kg. The handle is also rubberised. Therefore, the device promises a high level of operating comfort. The bright LED at the base also ensures that you always have a clear view.

In summary, the WX175 is a classic cordless drill from Worx. It has a brushless motor and achieves a torque of up to 60 Nm. Stiftung Warentest rated the device with a score of 1.9. In an extreme test, the device performed flawlessly for 33 hours at a stretch. You can assume that at least 16,000 drill holes can be made and just as many screws can be screwed in.

Worx drill – You should always pay attention to the following

Choices & Drive

Worx currently offers 12 different drills. Some of them are offered with battery and charger as well as stand-alone units. The visual trademark is the combination of orange, black and white. As already mentioned, mainly 12V and 20V systems are offered – there are also some 4V mini models.

Lithium-ion technology is used for the battery, which has decisive advantages. For example, self-discharge is very slow, which is why full batteries can lie around for a long time and still remain ready for use. In addition, there is no memory effect in the usage process. Accordingly, a long shelf life can be expected for such batteries. They also have a high energy density, which means that compact dimensions and a comparatively light weight can be maintained.

While the powerful versions work with a brushless motor, the inexpensive models still have carbon brushes. The latter can reduce performance because there is constant friction during operation. In terms of maintenance, there are only minimal differences. Where there are no carbon brushes, they do not need to be replaced. However, those with brushes will usually last until other parts also show wear and tear, at which point it makes more sense to buy a new one.


The performance is of course of great relevance. It has to fit the requirements on site. Otherwise, frustration and stress can hardly be avoided. In general, various parameters should be considered in order to make a reliable assessment.

With regard to screwing, it makes sense to look at the torque. This is expressed in Nm (newton metres). The higher the value, the longer and thicker the screws to be countersunk or removed can be. A Worx drill provides up to 60 Nm, which is why it is not designed for very massive screws (30 cm and more).

In terms of drilling power, you can simply look at the maximum diameters of common materials. Worx shows the values for wood and steel for most devices. The most powerful Worx cordless drill – the WX175 – can drill up to 40 mm holes in wood and up to 13 mm holes in steel. Only impact drills tend to be able to do more.

Usually, the power can be varied in 2 gears. While the first gear provides the maximum torque, the second gear provides the maximum speed. High speeds are well suited for making delicate holes in softwood and plastic.

Another indicator of power can be the battery voltage. You can assume that the 20V devices are always superior to the 12V devices in this respect.

Incidentally, it is rather a mistake to infer power from the wattage. The wattage, in the form of the power consumption, only defines the power consumption.

Drill chuck

The drill chuck has a significant influence on the comfort and possible uses of the cordless screwdriver. Worx uses different types of chucks here. The WX176 model, for example, works with a rotating SwitchDriver chuck. You can have two different diameters mounted at the same time:


The 12V drills usually have a quick-action drill chuck with a maximum clamping width of 10 mm. It is made of plastic and can be opened and closed with a few hand movements.

The majority of 20V drills have a classic 13 mm quick-action drill chuck. Here, too, handling is quick and easy without tools. Powerful devices offer you a robust chuck made of solid metal.


It is absolutely advantageous if the handling of the cordless screwdriver is comfortable. In this case, you can concentrate particularly well on the task at hand and do not have to fear any physical discomfort during the work.

A Worx drill promises you a high level of operating comfort in many respects. All models weigh less than 2 kg, which is why they can be effortlessly guided even above the shoulders. There are also particularly compact models for working in confined spaces (e.g. inside a cupboard).

The soft handle allows you to grip firmly and securely. Nevertheless, there are no feelings of pressure or even calluses in the palm.

Both inserting the battery and starting the Worx drill are intuitive. All the controls are located where other brand manufacturers have them. On the top, for example, you can switch between 1st and 2nd gear. The speed can be varied in the classic way via the throttle switch.


The cordless drills from Worx have a number of functions that improve comfort and application possibilities. We will briefly explain what these are in the following.

First of all, you can preset the torque on the number ring. Depending on the model, you can choose from over 20 different gradations. In addition, it is necessary to choose between 1st gear (for high resistance) and 2nd gear (fast and precise work).

The side bolt is used to change from right-hand to left-hand rotation and vice versa. To do this, simply press it from one side to the other.

Other features often include an LED light. This allows you to illuminate every remote corner with ease. Accordingly, the work progress can always be easily observed, which also improves the safety aspect.

The larger Worx cordless drills also have a metal clip on the side. Thanks to this, you can hang the screwdriver on your belt and thus transport it on ladders etc. without complications.

Although classic drill screwdrivers do not have an impact function, Worx offers the so-called Pulse Mode. This supports you in removing stuck/bent screws. This function is also very helpful when drilling smooth surfaces.

The batteries of a Worx drill also sometimes have a capacity indicator. The more LEDs light up, the fuller the battery is – this is also known from other manufacturers.


Of course, the price also has a certain influence on the choice. Some of the Worx drills are cheaper than the tools from the top manufacturers. However, this only applies to the compact models. Since the manufacturer attaches great importance to quality and functionality, you definitely have to plan a three-digit budget for a powerful 20V model. If you already have the right battery and charger, you can of course save money.

In general, the costs should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Then the potential for disappointment is low. The more power and variability you expect, the more you should invest. The same applies to the expectation of durable parts.

Worx drill – The manufacturer has advantages & disadvantages

Worx drills are sometimes characterised by a high degree of innovation. A good example is the SwitchDriver, which allows the use of two drill chucks on one model. In addition, it can be said that there are very small models for low requirements as well as powerful all-rounders. Nevertheless, not every requirement can be satisfied. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Probate selection from various 12V and 20V models
  • Choice of set or single unit
  • 3-year warranty with online registration
  • Test winner at Stiftung Warentest (WX175, 2/2019)
  • Weight is mostly well below 2 kg, which is why they are easy to handle
  • Compact models are best suited for use in confined spaces
  • 13 mm quick-action drill chuck can be operated without tools and with one hand
  • Most have 2 speeds and more than 15 torque settings available
  • Front LED provides reliable illumination of any work area
  • All-metal components ensure long service life
  • 20V batteries can be used flexibly in different tools (PowerShare)


  • Compared to some other manufacturers, quite long charging time (60-80 minutes for 2 Ah battery)
  • Performance cannot keep up with leading suppliers at peak (max. 60 Nm torque available)

Video: Worx WX290 in practice

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