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Bosch cordless angle grinder

The best battery angle grinders from Bosch

There is not much to say about the traditional German company Bosch. It is one of the leading suppliers in various industries and enjoys a very good reputation worldwide. The product range also includes various angle grinders. You can enjoy a particularly high level of comfort with a Bosch cordless angle grinder. This gives you maximum freedom of movement – you never have to look for a socket. Bosch offers both blue professional tools and green DIY models in this category. So there is something for almost every requirement. In addition to some 18V versions, there is even a model with 12V voltage.

Bosch cordless angle grinder

In the following, we will show you which Bosch cordless angle grinder is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch cordless angle grinder – 3 Models in detail

Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76

Professional GWS 12V-76

Bosch is the first manufacturer in the world to offer a battery-powered grinder with 12V. This circumstance leads to the model Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76 .

The small device is offered in various set sizes and weighs a feather-light 510 grams individually. Even with the battery, the weight – depending on the capacity – can be well under 1 kg. As a result, the angle grinder promises absolutely effortless handling, which no mains cable device can compete with. It can be operated with one hand. Added to this is the cordless freedom of movement and a width of just 10.6 cm. This makes this model ideally suited for use in confined niches.

A disc diameter of up to 76 mm can be mounted. Despite the low voltage and the compact dimensions, it is already possible to cut metal. The brushless motor supports you in this. The peak speed is 19,500 rpm, which is almost a fabulous value for a battery-powered grinder. This 12V battery grinder is therefore very well suited for delicate work on wood and plastic. There is no need to worry about chipping.

All in all, the Professional GWS 12V-76 is a very handy cordless grinder from Bosch. It weighs less than 1 kg ready for use and has a very compact housing. Nevertheless, you can penetrate up to 10 mm into hard metal with a 76 mm cutting disc. However, the tool is better for work with moderate resistance. The high speed makes it possible to treat even sensitive surfaces gently. Customers, including many do-it-yourselfers, are largely enthusiastic about this mini model.

Bosch Professional GWS 18V-15 SC

18V-15 SC battery

It is fair to say that Bosch cordless angle grinders are among the most powerful in the world. This is impressively demonstrated by the Bosch Professional GWS 18V-15 SC .

This battery-powered grinder comes with the latest generation of motors from Bosch: a BITURBO brushless motor. It is equivalent to a 1500-watt mains cable device. This means you can cut through metals as quickly as possible using a 125 mm disc and achieve a high removal rate. But the device can do much more. For example, you can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then individually adjust the speed directly on your phone. Even on the angle grinder itself, you will find the most modern operating elements, which – thanks to clear symbols – are intuitive to use.

There is also a quick-release nut that allows the disc to be replaced quickly. The comprehensive safety functionality is also worth mentioning. If a blockage, overheating or other overload occurs, the electric motor brake stops operation within a very short time. There is even a function that detects when the machine falls down and then switches it off automatically (DropControl).

Overall, the GWS 18V-15 SC is a high-quality and powerful cordless grinder from Bosch. Although the tool is only powered by a single 18V battery, it delivers top performance when cutting. It is therefore a very good choice for demanding work in the trade. However, due to the high power, it also draws a lot of current. To avoid unnecessary interruptions when working for long periods, an 8 Ah battery should be used. Of course, this also makes the tool comparatively heavy. Some customers feel almost overwhelmed by the wide range of functions.

Bosch AdvancedGrind 18

DIY AdvancedGrind 18

The green DIY series for do-it-yourselfers also includes an 18V battery angle grinder. This falls under the designation Bosch AdvancedGrind 18 .

This model is primarily aimed at do-it-yourselfers. Although it does not have a brushless motor, it can still cut through metal, concrete and stone with ease. The grinder is designed for 125 mm discs. Depending on the battery capacity, the weight in operation is between 2 and 2.5 kg. Together with the rubberised elements and the additional handle, this ensures a high level of operating comfort. The side handle can be mounted on either side so that right-handed and left-handed users can equally expect ergonomic handling.

Handling is generally uncomplicated. By means of a quick-change nut, for example, it is possible to replace the disc within a few seconds. The speed control/speed preselection allows you to reduce the speed to up to 2,800 revolutions if necessary. However, this is only useful in the rarest of cases and can overload the motor in the case of large resistances. Other features include a soft start, restart protection and an electric brake.

In summary, the AdvancedGrind 18 is a solid Bosch battery-powered grinder for DIY enthusiasts. It can be used in a variety of ways and remains handy at all times. The available quick-release nut, the rubberised additional handle and the three-stage capacity display, among other things, ensure a high level of comfort. Bosch has also thought of a high level of safety here. Customers are largely satisfied.

Bosch cordless angle grinder – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & design

Bosch currently offers 12 different cordless angle grinders. As in so many tool segments, the manufacturer divides them into 2 categories:

  • Models for home use (green DIY series)
  • Models for demanding and regularly occurring tasks (blue Professional series)

Almost all tools are powered by an 18V battery. Among them, there is only one exception – the small GWS 12V-76 Professional – which works with a 12V battery. At Bosch, old and new batteries can be used equally in the angle grinders. However, it is not possible to use a Professional battery for a green tool and vice versa.

All batteries are also equipped with lithium-ion technology. Such batteries are particularly durable (no memory effect), compact as well as light (high energy density) and convenient to use (low self-discharge). Bosch cordless angle grinders can accommodate disc diameters between 76 and 125 mm, depending on the model.

All blue Professional angle grinders also have a brushless motor. The so-called brushless technology has several advantages to offer the user. Such motors can be designed to be particularly compact and are virtually maintenance-free. Because there are no carbon brushes, less power is lost through friction. However, it must also be noted that this technology comes with a surcharge at the time of purchase.

The latest development in motors is BITURBO Brushless. Here, Bosch gets an incredible power of up to 1800 watts out of an 18V tool – this is normally only reserved for mains cable models. However, because a correspondingly large amount of energy is drawn here, rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 8 Ah or more should be used, otherwise there will be too many interruptions.

In general, a Bosch cordless angle grinder has both advantages and disadvantages compared to a mains cable model from the same manufacturer. If the battery and charger still have to be purchased, you can expect a comparatively high price at first. During operation, however, you have the option of directly accessing any location as desired. There is no need to look for a socket and there is no risk of tripping over a cable. If you plan to work for a long time, there may be annoying interruptions if you do not keep several batteries or a very high capacity in stock.


Power is of crucial importance. Especially in the battery segment, tools are often accused of being weak. However, a Bosch cordless grinder can clearly refute this accusation.

What is true is that due to the low electrical voltage, it is a great challenge for any manufacturer to get power out of a cordless angle grinder. Here, corded models that are supplied with 220-240V via a socket simply have a natural advantage. You can assume that an 18V device is always more powerful than a 12V model. In the case of Bosch, an 18V angle grinder can now even keep up with the 36V devices of other brand manufacturers – thanks to BITURBO Brushless.

Unfortunately, the most obvious performance indicator – in the form of the wattage – often goes unmentioned for a cordless angle grinder because it is comparatively low. Bosch is no exception here. However, the manufacturer does make comparisons. The power of the GWS 18V-15 SC Professional model, for example, corresponds to the power of a corded model with 1500 watts. In the case of the GWS 18V-10 PC model, the equivalence is still a respectable 1000 watts.

The speed is also of interest. In principle, it is normal that a cordless grinder does not rotate as fast at its peak as it does, for example, with a small corded model. High speeds are only needed to carry out delicate work on sensitive surfaces without complications. The more force is required, the less important the speed. However, you should never work permanently at a minimum value, as this overloads the motor.

Sometimes a Bosch cordless angle grinder has a variable speed control. In this case, you can adjust the value yourself. Constant electronics also prevent power drops during operation – even with uneven resistances.


A high level of operating comfort is certainly also desirable. In this case, you can concentrate on the task at hand and do not have to worry about fatigue during work. A Bosch cordless angle grinder promises you a high level of comfort for various reasons.

The high-performance models are equipped with a special VibrationControl. This reduces the vibrations transmitted to the arms by decoupling the motor, which prevents fatigue for a long time.

The disc can be mounted and replaced quite quickly and easily using the spindle lock. According to Bosch, this takes a maximum of 12 seconds. Thanks to the quick-change screw, no separate tool is needed. The position of the protective bonnet can also be adjusted so that the sparks are always deflected appropriately.

In general, the operation of a Bosch battery-powered grinder is quite intuitive. Modern models have clearly illustrated touch elements and the speed can even be adjusted via your smartphone (Bluetooth connectivity).

Incidentally, you can decide for yourself how extensive the scope of delivery should be for each model. For example, if an L-BOXX is included, long transport distances are no problem. In addition, small accessories can be stowed in the case without loss.


You should also consider the aspect of safety. In general, it can be said that a Bosch cordless angle grinder is safe to use as long as you pay attention to a few things.

Beginners in particular are advised to read the operating instructions thoroughly. This will tell you how to use the grinder properly and what to avoid. It is also advisable to wear protective goggles and gloves. Although a Bosch battery grinder is comparatively quiet, wearing hearing protection can also have a positive effect on stress levels during work.

Bosch uses all kinds of technology to minimise the risk of accidents for the user. This starts right at the start. A soft start initially limits the energy supply so that the machine cannot break free in an uncontrolled manner.

Furthermore, there is not only an automatic shutdown in case of blockages (KickBack-Control), overload or overheating, but sometimes even directly after falling to the ground (DropControl). An electronic motor brake (Intelligent Brake System) ensures that the disc comes to a standstill as quickly as possible.

The manufacturer also promises that the anti-twist disc guard will withstand even a shattering disc.

In addition, some Bosch cordless flex cutters can be combined with a suction device, which makes sense especially when working on wood.


The price should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Then there is usually little potential for disappointment in practice. The more powerful the battery-powered grinder should be, the more you have to invest. The same applies to the demand for a long service life. Due to the increased load, it is particularly advisable to invest a little more in the trade.

Bosch does not claim to be particularly cheap. Instead, they place emphasis on quality and reliability. Even the cheapest Bosch cordless angle grinder still requires a budget of around 100 Pounds. The new BITURBO models require an investment of more than 250 Pounds. Of course, if you already have a suitable battery and charger, you are most likely to save money.

Where to buy

Because Bosch is a respected brand manufacturer, there are many ways to buy a battery-powered grinder. The manufacturer has a wide network of specialist dealers offline. In addition, numerous online retailers offer the range all year round.

You have reliable access to all current models on the large online platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Fair prices can also be expected here, as several dealers are constantly competing with each other.

The majority of Bosch cordless angle grinders belong to the Professional series. You can find out where your nearest specialist dealer is by using this search function. Probable places to go are often large DIY stores such as Obi or Hagebau.

Bosch cordless angle grinder – It has advantages & disadvantages

The cordless angle grinders from Bosch have some great – and in some cases unique – advantages to offer you. In this context, we can mention the BITURBO brushless motors, which get unprecedented power out of the 18V batteries. Another unique feature is the small 12V angle grinder, which weighs less than 1 kg even with the battery. However, even Bosch cannot meet every demand. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of a Bosch battery-powered grinder, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • German manufacturer with a long tradition, trusted by numerous home and craftsmen worldwide
  • A good choice of compact grinders and high-end models for commercial use
  • Maximum freedom of movement, which is why it can be used virtually anywhere
  • No annoying cable and no search for sockets
  • Rubberised elements and additional handle mountable on both sides ensure comfortable handling
  • The world’s first mini 12V angle grinder operates at up to 19,500 rpm, so that any work, no matter how precise, can be done in the tightest of spaces
  • Brushless BITURBO motor can unleash enormous power potential
  • VariableSpeed speed control allows individual speed adjustment
  • Maximum safety thanks to soft start, kickback protection, electronic brake and DropControl (immediate shutdown if tool is accidentally dropped)
  • High-quality models can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth (Simply.Connected)


  • Not suitable for small budgets
  • Especially with the powerful models, it is inevitable that together with a large battery, a rather high dead weight prevails

Video: Review of the Bosch GWS 18

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