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Makita cordless angle grinder

The best battery angle grinders from Makita

The traditional Japanese company Makita has been appreciated for its high-quality 18V tools for years. This range also includes some cordless angle grinders. A Makita cordless angle grinder offers you unrestricted freedom of movement and can be used in a variety of ways. The manufacturer relies on brushless motors, which are compact, powerful and durable. In addition to various 125 mm grinders, there are also models for 230 mm discs in this category. The latter are then supplied with energy simultaneously via two 18V batteries.

Makita cordless angle grinder

We will show you below which Makita cordless angle grinder is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita cordless angle grinder – These models are recommended

Makita DGA504Z

18V brushless DGA504

The battery tools from Makita are generally very popular. A particularly popular battery-powered angle grinder is the model Makita DGA504Z .

The cordless grinder is powered by a single 18V battery. Any model in the LXT series can be used. You have the option of purchasing the tool individually or as a set. Depending on the choice, a practical MAKPAC transport case and 5 sanding discs are included in the delivery. The unit is designed for disc diameters up to 125 mm. The rubberised side handle (can be screwed in on both sides), rubberised grip surfaces and the tool-free adjustable protective bonnet ensure a high level of operating comfort.

Furthermore, the operation of the handy battery grinder is uncomplicated. Start-up is via the toggle switch on the top. To prevent power peaks from causing the tool to break away at the beginning, a soft start is installed (initially throttles the power supply). The grinder has an idle speed of up to 8,500 rpm. There is no individual speed control. Instead, the speed sometimes regulates itself independently (Automatic torque Drive Technology). This means that you do not have to worry about a drop in speed even with different resistances.

Overall, the DGA504Z is a handy cordless angle grinder from Makita. It is available individually or as a comprehensive set. The 18V angle grinder weighs less than 2.5 kg, depending on the battery, and is very compact. The rubberised and vibration-damped side handle contributes to effortless handling. According to customers’ experiences, the brushless motor nevertheless develops quite a bit of power. The soft start and overload protection, among other things, ensure a high level of safety.

Makita DGA511Z

Battery LXT DGA511

Makita also offers battery angle grinders with speed control. One recommendation in this context is the Makita DGA511Z .

This model is also designed for discs up to 125 mm and can be powered with an 18 V battery. You can set the idle speed via a small wheel, between 3,000 and 8,500 rpm. The more sensitive the material to be processed, the higher the speed should be. Even though this angle grinder can penetrate metal up to 29 mm, it is handy and quite quiet (max. 79 dB). With a small battery, the weight is also a moderate 2.3 kg.

All accessories are included as standard for changing the discs. The protective bonnet can be adjusted without tools and without twisting by means of a quick-release clamp. To ensure that the angle grinder cannot break away when starting via the slide switch, a soft start is installed. During operation, the ADT automatically readjusts the speed if uneven resistance has to be overcome. In addition, an automatic shutdown is carried out if a blockage occurs.

All in all, the DGA511Z is an all-purpose battery grinder from Makita. It is also powered by an 18V battery and can work with discs up to 125 mm. The special feature of this model is the individually adjustable speed (wheel in the foot area). Other highlights are the Active Feedback sensing Technology (stops the tool in case of blockages) and the Automatic torque Drive Technology (keeps the speed constant under different loads). Customers are largely convinced by this cordless angle grinder.

Makita DGA519Z

125 mm DGA519

Makita also has the right battery grinder for high demands. A particularly high-quality model ends in the Makita DGA519Z .

This angle grinder is still quite new and has the so-called X-Lock technology. Here you can not only adjust the protective bonnet without tools, but also insert and remove the disc completely without tools. This is of course very convenient. Another special feature is the electronic motor brake. If a blockage or overload occurs, it can bring the disc to a standstill in less than 1 second (provided the switch is released). This increases safety even more.

The scope of delivery also includes a rubberised additional handle that can be mounted either on the right or left. You can also adjust the speed of this model individually. Furthermore, a soft start and the ADT function are installed. The latter ensures that the speed is kept constant. Although the X-Lock discs do not come with a surcharge, it is worth pointing out that this model can only be operated with such discs (125 mm).

In summary, the DGA519Z is a high-quality cordless grinder from Makita. Thanks to the new X-Lock technology, separate tools never have to be used again. However, the tool can only be used with X-Lock discs. Conversely, the latter can be used in all 125 mm grinders. Generally, this model is also handy and yet unleashes a lot of power via the brushless motor. Makita uses all the proven comfort and safety features. However, some customers do not like the fact that the lower rocker switch has to be pressed permanently for operation.

Makita cordless angle grinder – You should generally pay attention to the following

Selection options & design

Makita produces a double-digit number of battery angle grinders. While most models are powered by a single 18V battery, the two top models draw a combined voltage of 36V from two 18V batteries simultaneously. Looking at the disc diameter, one can make a subdivision into 2 categories:

  • Models for disc diameters up to 125 mm (one 18V battery)
  • Models for disc diameters up to 230 mm (two 18V batteries in combination)

The fact that a battery-powered grinder can work with diameters up to 230 mm is very commendable and shows the competence Makita can offer in the battery segment.

Any battery from the LXT series can provide the power. Its capacity (in Ah) should, of course, be suitable for the work environment. If you are facing a big challenge, the capacity should be 4 Ah or more to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Thanks to lithium-ion technology, the batteries promise compact dimensions as well as a low weight (high energy density), a long shelf life (no memory effect) and a high level of comfort during longer storage periods (low self-discharge).

Furthermore, every Makita cordless angle grinder is equipped with a modern, brushless motor. This offers you various advantages. Because there are no carbon brushes, the maintenance effort is virtually reduced to 0. In addition, less power is lost through friction. Generally, such motors can also be designed to be compact and are very durable.

Basically, a cordless angle grinder has both advantages and disadvantages compared to a mains cable model – it’s the same game in reverse. If the battery and a charger have to be purchased in addition, a budget of more than 200 euros quickly becomes due. In return, you get cordless freedom of movement and a comparatively low noise level. Thanks to the brushless motor and the partly combined 36V voltage, high performance values can also be achieved. What then remains, however, is the fact that the power draw can lead to unwanted pauses. For this reason, a high capacity should be kept in reserve, especially for large challenges.


Power is of crucial importance. It does not necessarily have to be overly pronounced, but it must definitely fit the desired range of tasks. In the past, cordless tools were often said to be unconvincing in this respect. However, with its own cordless angle grinders, Makita is trying to come as close as possible to the spheres of large mains corded tools.

Unfortunately, it has to be said that in the segment of cordless angle grinders there are only “vague” indicators of potential performance. The wattage, which is often referred to, is rarely reported in this segment. Unfortunately, Makita is no exception.

Because no information is given about the power output, alternatives have to be used. One example is the battery voltage. Here you can assume that the models with 36V are superior to those with 18V in terms of power development.

The brushless motor also indicates a good performance, because there is less friction loss. In the end, the weight of the tool is also a reliable indicator of its performance. A comparatively powerful Makita battery grinder is invariably associated with increased weight, which is no different with other manufacturers.

A look at the speed is also interesting. A Makita battery angle grinder has a maximum idle speed of 8,500 revolutions/minute. The speed of some models can be adjusted variably via an adjusting wheel. The more delicate the work (wood, sensitive plastics, etc.), the higher the speed should be. This prevents damage to the material (chipping) and uneven results.

For rough cutting work in metal, concrete and stone, a high speed is negligible. However, you should never work consistently at a very low value, as this puts excessive strain on the motor.


A high level of operating comfort is advantageous in every situation. It prevents the occurrence of fatigue and muscular problems, which is why you can concentrate on the task at hand in the best possible way. Ideally, the work is even really fun.

A Makita cordless angle grinder can be classified as comfortable to use for various reasons. You don’t have to go in search of a power socket and you don’t have to make any awkward extensions to any cable.

Each model comes with a rubberised side handle that can be mounted on either side. So it doesn’t matter whether you are right- or left-handed. On the other hand, there is no screw-in option at the top. In general, all important grip surfaces are pleasantly softly rubberised so that you can grip firmly without having to fear pressure feelings or the appearance of calluses.

Admittedly, the weight is higher than that of a compact mains cable device, which is due to the battery. Depending on the capacity, the operating weight is usually between 2.3 and 3.7 kg. The massive 230 mm angle grinders can even weigh around 8 kg.

Makita’s cordless angle grinders are operated either by a slide switch (top of the housing) or by a rocker switch (bottom of the housing). Some people find the latter not so convenient because the lower switch then has to be pressed permanently (increases safety). Makita has therefore improved this and enlarged the surface so that you don’t have to direct your finger pressure to a small surface.

Some of the discs can be replaced without tools within a few seconds (X-LOCK). In addition, a Makita cordless grinder often has a quick release in the area of the protective bonnet. In this case, its position can also be adjusted without tools.

Various LED signals also contribute to a high level of comfort. On a high-quality model, they not only show you the remaining battery capacity, but also indicate a possible overload.

If you get the matching case (MAKPAC), transport will be easy at all times. In addition, all small parts can be reliably stored in it.


You should also pay attention to the issue of safety at work. Basically, handling a Makita battery-powered grinder is safe as long as you pay attention to a few things. If you are not yet familiar with the equipment, you should first read the operating instructions thoroughly. This will tell you how to use the tool properly.

During use, it is advisable to always use both hands to guide – this also applies to one-handed models. This simply gives you more control and there is only a slight risk of slipping.

The risk of injury can also be reduced by wearing appropriate protective clothing. This includes, for example, safety goggles and gloves. Although a Makita battery-powered angle grinder is commendably quiet (sound level often below 80 dB), hearing protection can reduce the stress level when working for longer periods.

Makita itself equips its battery angle grinders with numerous functions that provide additional protection for the user. A soft start, for example, reduces the energy that arises during start-up so that the device does not break out uncontrollably. Sensors (AFT; Active Feedback sensing Technology) detect blockages during operation and then immediately initiate an automatic shutdown. An electric motor brake ensures that the rotating disc comes to a standstill as quickly as possible.

In addition, there are various features that protect the motor and the battery from excessive wear. If the systems are overloaded/overheated, the angle grinder switches off.

Furthermore, the housing is mostly protected against dust and splash water by the proven XPT technology. The 36V models also have a bracket that protects the two batteries from contact with other objects.


Of course, the price also has a certain influence on the decision. A Makita cordless angle grinder is not exactly cheap. However, the manufacturer has never made this its claim. Much more value is placed on a good appointment and unconditional functionality. As a single unit, the first models on offer can be had for just under 100 Pounds. For a powerful 230-mm model, on the other hand, an investment starting at about 200 Pounds must be budgeted individually.

In general, it makes sense that the costs are in a fair relation to one’s own requirements. This reduces the risk of being disappointed. The more power you need and the more often the angle grinder is to be used, the higher the budget should be. For tough conditions in the trade, it is therefore essential to invest more than would be necessary for sporadic use in the home.

Where to buy

Makita tools are very popular among DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen in this country. Therefore, there are many possibilities to purchase the manufacturer’s cordless angle grinders online and offline.

Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay offer you the largest selection all year round. Here, every new model can be found relatively quickly, as dozens of dealers are active. The latter also has the advantage of fair prices, as there is constant competition for the best visibility.

Locally, the established DIY chains are a good place to start. These include, for example, Obi, Hagebau, Bauhaus and Hornbach. Here you can also get personal advice. Makita offers you the possibility to find the nearest contact person in the specialist dealer search.

If required, there are even hybrid models for online and local. For example, it is possible to order a Makita cordless grinder online at Media Markt and then have it delivered to the shop of your choice. This saves the frustration that the desired device might not be on site when you arrive.

Makita cordless grinder – There are advantages & disadvantages

The cordless angle grinders from Makita have various advantages to offer you. They promise a high level of operating comfort and reliable functionality. The selection even includes 2 models for 230 mm discs, which is quite rare in this segment. However, not every demand can be satisfied. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of a Makita battery-powered grinder, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Choice of 18V and 36V models
  • Available either as a stand-alone unit or as a comprehensive set including case and co.
  • Maximum freedom of movement, so that any desired location can be reached immediately
  • Never have to search for a socket or get caught in the cable
  • It doesn’t have to stop at 125 mm (as with many other manufacturers), but in some cases only at 230 mm
  • Brushless motor promises compact dimensions, lots of power, no maintenance and long durability
  • ADT automatically keeps the speed constant at different resistances, so there is no need to worry about a drop in performance
  • In some cases, the disc guard and disc holder can be operated entirely without tools (X-LOCK versions only)
  • Sometimes speed pre-selection allows individual idling speed
  • Soft start and motor brake (e.g. in the event of a blockage or normal shutdown) ensure a high level of safety
  • Motor and battery are protected against excessive wear by overload protection and deep discharge protection
  • 36V models have a side handle that is decoupled from the motor, so that even with those only a few vibrations are transmitted
  • Large models can be connected to a hoover and start it automatically when started (Auto-Start Wireless System)


  • Not suitable for small budgets
  • Sometimes forced to use a “rocker switch” that has to be pressed permanently during operation
  • X-LOCK models can also only be used with X-LOCK discs (X-LOCK discs can in turn be used in all units)

Video: Makita DGA519 in practice

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