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Metabo angle grinder

What an angle grinder from Metabo has to offer you

The Metabo company has existed for almost 100 years and is considered to be very renowned. The comprehensive tool range of the traditional German company also includes angle grinders of various designs. Depending on the model, a Metabo angle grinder can work with disc diameters between 76 and 230 mm. There are also mains cable models as well as cordless angle grinders in the range. There is a suitable solution for almost every requirement. Especially for craftsmen and tradesmen, there are excellent tools that are second to none. Even a battery-powered grinder from Metabo can be equipped with a 230 mm disc and penetrate up to 77 mm into hard metal – that is virtually unique.

Metabo angle grinder

In the following, we will show you which grinder from Metabo is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Metabo angle grinder – 3 models in detail

Metabo W 850-125

Angle 5 inch 850

Although the angle grinders from Metabo are branded goods, there are also some inexpensive offers. A popular grinder is the model Metabo W 850-125 .

This grinder is a classic version with a mains cable. The latter is 2.5 metres long and can of course be extended if necessary. The device is compact and weighs less than 2 kg. Therefore, it is also comfortable to use for women and senior citizens. The additional handle, which can be mounted on both sides, also contributes to this. It is softly rubberised, which is why the user can grip it firmly without having to fear pressure feelings or even calluses.

In terms of features, this angle grinder is rather rudimentary. Its motor draws 850 watts and can develop up to 11,500 revolutions per minute. Discs with a diameter of 125 mm can be used. Accordingly, it is most suitable for smaller and precise work. The power output of 520 watts is not yet sufficient for larger resistors.

All in all, the W 850-125 is an affordable and simple angle grinder from Metabo. It is particularly suitable for sporadic use in the workshop at home. The device weighs very little and is compact. To mount or change a 125 mm disc, the enclosed two-hole spanner must be used. Tools must also be used to adjust the protective bonnet. However, customers are very satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

Metabo WE 26-230 MVT Quick

9 inch WE 26-230

Metabo also has the right angle grinder for large tasks. One recommendation in this context is the Metabo WE 26-230 MVT .

This grinder works with 230 mm discs. Together with a powerful output of 1800 watts (2600-watt motor), you can therefore also master demanding cutting and grinding work in the face of hard materials. Unfortunately, this fact has to be paid for with an increased weight of over 6 kg. The VibraTech damping system and the 3-way adjustable side handle ensure that the tool is still comfortable to use. The latter can also be fixed to the top of the housing, which makes cutting much easier.

Also worth mentioning is the tool-free disc change, which is achieved via a quick-release nut. The protective bonnet can also be adjusted without tools. A high level of safety is also ensured by a safety switch, a soft start (limited initial energy supply) and a restart protection. If an automatic shutdown occurs due to overload/overheating, an illuminated LED draws your attention to this.

Overall, the WE 26-230 MVT Quick is a powerful angle grinder from Metabo. It is ideally suited for demanding challenges. You are supported by a 230-mm attachment and a 2600-watt motor. The 3-position adjustable additional handle and the vibration-damping elements ensure that the solid model is easy to handle. Other highlights are the tool-free disc change and the comprehensive safety electronics. Customers are convinced by the power.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

Cordless brushless 18 LTX BL

Cordless angle grinders provide you with a special kind of comfort. A high-quality example from Metabo is the Metabo WB 18 LTX BL .

This model is again designed for 125 mm discs. The angle grinder is cordless, which gives you maximum freedom of movement. The energy is supplied by an 18V rechargeable battery. Because Metabo is a member of the Cordless Alliance, it does not even have to be from the same manufacturer. The brushless motor ensures that the comparatively low electrical voltage can be converted into a high power potential. It has no carbon brushes, which helps prevent friction losses and saves space in the construction.

Unfortunately, the battery-powered grinder weighs just over 3 kg when ready for use, which is why the ergonomic additional handle comes in handy. Another convenient feature is the fact that the disc can be mounted and replaced without tools using a quick-release nut. The disc guard can also be fixed without tools and without twisting. A high level of safety during operation is ensured, among other things, by an automatic shut-off that takes place immediately in the event of a blockage, for example.

In summary, the WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick is a recommendable cordless angle grinder from Metabo. It promises you a high level of operating comfort, not only because of the lack of a cable. The quick-clamping nut, low noise level and brushless motor also contribute to this. The latter is completely maintenance-free. In addition, the tool is delivered together with a practical carrying case. In addition, all conceivable safety features are available. Worth mentioning in this regard are a soft start, an automatic switch-off in case of overload or overheating as well as a restart protection.

Metabo angle grinder – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & drive

Metabo offers you one of the largest selections in the angle grinder segment. Together with various set sizes, you can choose from more than 130 models. In principle, all conceivable designs come into question. Looking at the disc diameter, you can choose between the following sizes:

  • 76 mm
  • 115 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 230 mm

The larger the available disc diameter, the more massive and powerful the grinder itself. A 230 mm model is therefore primarily suitable for demanding cutting work. If, on the other hand, you want to grind in the tightest of spaces, a flat-head grinder for 76 mm discs is recommended.

When it comes to the drive, Metabo offers you the choice between rechargeable battery and mains cable. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Classic mains cable angle grinders can be put into operation immediately and still develop the most power at the peak. Any standard mains socket (220-240V) serves as the power source. However, this is also a nuisance if no socket is available. Cumbersome extensions are possible in this tool category, but they definitely interfere with freedom of movement and can be a trip hazard.

A cordless angle grinder gives you maximum freedom of movement and can be used anywhere. However, the purchase of a grinder, battery and charger is usually not exactly cheap. With Metabo, either one or two 18V batteries are used simultaneously. At the top end, however, there is a certain sacrifice in terms of performance. Nevertheless, thanks to a brushless motor, Metabo gets the maximum out of it (no friction losses due to carbon brushes). In addition, enduring work can only be carried out without interruption if a high capacity (from 4 Ah) or several batteries are kept in stock.


The potential power is of course of decisive importance. It does not have to be overly pronounced, but it must definitely fit the desired range of tasks. If this is not the case, frustration and stress are inevitably pre-programmed.

A Metabo angle grinder can be amazingly powerful. One promise for the power potential is the wattage. Metabo is one of the very few manufacturers to indicate not only the input power (power consumption) but also the actual output power. This is commendable, because there are always some losses due to friction and the like. Especially with the small models, the output power can be 50% lower than the input power. The higher both are, the better your model is suited for large resistances (cutting solid metal, etc.).

Another indicator of power is the number of revolutions of the motor. It is perfectly normal for a cordless angle grinder to rotate more slowly than a corded model. The more sensitive the work, the higher the revolutions should be. Sanding work on soft wood, for example, is best done without chipping. For “rough” cutting work, a high speed is no longer so important.

Some Metabo grinder tools have a variable speed control. This is achieved by means of an adjusting wheel. It is important to remember that it is not good to work permanently at a very low value. Especially if the motor then encounters high resistance, the result is excessive wear and thus reduced durability.

In the field of cordless angle grinders, the battery voltage is also a parameter for the possible performance. A 36V model (2x 18V battery) from Metabo can be classified as more powerful than a model that only works with a single 18V battery.


Operating the angle grinder should of course be as comfortable as possible. Only then can you concentrate well on the task at hand and expect the best possible results. Physical discomfort would always be detrimental to this.

A Metabo angle grinder can be classified as comfortable to use for various reasons. An adequate tare weight and a rubberised additional handle are standard – the manufacturer can do more.

All high-quality versions have a quick-release nut. Thanks to this, you can mount and replace the disc without tools (Metabo Quick). The disc guard can also usually be adjusted without tools and without twisting.

Incidentally, MetaboVibraTech keeps vibrations to a minimum. This is particularly gentle on your hands and forearms when working for long periods.

Because the additional handle can be mounted on both sides (sometimes even in 3 positions), both right-handed and left-handed users can expect ergonomic handling. By the way, even with a small grinder – if possible – you should always have both hands on the tool. This makes it much easier and safer to use.

If a dust cover is available, you can also remove it from the Metabo if necessary, for example to clean it.

Metabo also offers a comprehensive range of cases. A transport case makes it possible to transport all components to the desired location without complications. It can also be used to store small individual parts without loss.


Safety is also important. Basically, it can be said that working with a Metabo angle grinder is safe if the user pays attention to a few essential things. First of all, beginners are strongly advised to read the German operating instructions. This will tell you how to use the machine properly and what to avoid.

The manufacturer itself attaches great importance to a high level of safety and incorporates important technologies in this regard. Right at the start, a so-called soft start (current limitation) consistently prevents uncontrollable power peaks. Therefore, there is hardly any danger of the grinder breaking down.

A safety switch, which must be pressed throughout, also prevents the machine from being switched on unintentionally. When this is released, the rotating disc stops completely within 2.5 seconds – thanks to the motor brake. Especially in the event of a dangerous kickback, this can be decisive in preventing injury. In the event of a blockage, the grinder reacts immediately by switching off automatically.

Furthermore, a restart protection prevents direct starting after an interruption of the power supply.

You can also reduce the risk of injury by wearing appropriate protective clothing. This includes, for example, gloves and protective goggles. It also makes sense to wear ear protection when working for long periods of time. The latter not only protects your ears, but also reduces your personal stress level at work.

Furthermore, you will notice that Metabo not only wants to protect the user, but also the angle grinder itself. If the tool is overloaded, it switches off automatically to prevent excessive wear. High-quality angle grinders are equipped with a “marathon motor” that lasts a long time and is excellently protected against dust.


The costs also certainly have a certain influence on the decision. They should always be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. In the angle grinder segment, this usually means the following: The more power you need and the more often you want to use it, the more you should invest. Then there is comparatively little potential for disappointment.

A Metabo angle grinder can be equally inexpensive or highly priced. Across the entire range of products, there is a solution for virtually every budget. The compact mains cable models are on offer from around 50 Pounds. A large model for commercial use, on the other hand, can have an RRP of more than 1400 Pounds. A cordless grinder generally costs a little more than a comparable mains cable model if the matching battery and a charger also have to be purchased.

Where to buy

Because Metabo is a traditional company, you can buy the manufacturer’s tools in many different ways. The angle grinders can be found in local DIY shops and retailers as well as in many online shops.

The largest selection is undoubtedly on large online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. There you have year-round access to many models and can count on a fair price. The latter is due to the fact that there are always several dealers competing with each other.

Locally, DIY stores such as Hornbach, Obi or Hagebau are a good place to start. Here you will receive competent and personal advice. However, it may be that the model you want is not available locally at first and you will therefore have to allow for a certain waiting time. In the Metabo dealer search, you can also conveniently find out where your nearest contact is.

Metabo angle grinder – The manufacturer has advantages & disadvantages

The angle grinders from Metabo have many advantages to offer you. Some of the advantages are even unique. One example in this context is that there are even battery angle grinders for 230 mm discs. In addition, one can emphasise the large selection. Nevertheless, not every demand is met. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have created a table below:


  • German company with a long tradition
  • Large selection from far more than 100 models
  • Wide RRP (recommended retail price) between 65 and 1400 Pounds
  • Suitable for right- and left-handers
  • Even battery models can develop a lot of power via brushless motor and 36V voltage (cutting depth of up to 77 mm)
  • Special flat-head models are available for acute angles
  • Toolless disc change (via quick-release nut) and toolless guard adjustment ensure high ease of use
  • Thanks to constant electronics, speed does not drop during operation, even with varying resistances
  • Soft start and restart protection ensure high user safety
  • Automatic shutdown in case of blockages, overload and overheating
  • 3-year warranty, “marathon motor” and dust protection ensure long service life


  • Due to high quality, the purchase is only worthwhile to a limited extent for sporadic private use

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