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DeWalt hammer drill

The best cordless & electric hammer drills from DeWalt

In the segment of power tools, the DeWalt brand stands for first-class quality. In industry and trade, the devices of the US manufacturer are absolutely valued, because they can withstand even heavy loads. The diverse range also includes hammer drills. A DeWalt hammer drill is powered either electrically by cable or by battery. Even a cordless hammer drill from the manufacturer comes with great power and robust components. In addition, the devices are all very low-vibration and promise a high level of safety.

DeWalt hammer drill

We will show you below which hammer drill from DeWalt is a good choice. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt hammer drill – These models are recommended

DeWalt XR DCH273NT

Cordless SDS DCH273

The DeWalt brand is known for its high quality and equally high price. However, there are also inexpensive offers in the hammer drill segment. Comparatively cheap is the model DeWalt XR DCH273NT .

This is a cordless hammer drill that is powered by an 18V battery. While a practical tool box is included in the scope of delivery, the battery and the matching charger must be purchased separately. Including the battery, the tool weighs only 3.2 kg and can therefore be used without tiring. A sophisticated anti-vibration system also reduces vibrations to a minimum.

Despite its light weight, the combi hammer can apply up to 2.1 joules to the surface. You can make holes up to 24 mm in size in concrete and up to 13 mm in size in metal. You can also drill holes in wood without fear of damage from impact (can be switched off). A bright LED on the front ensures that you can always follow the progress of your work.

Overall, the XR DCH273NT is a popular cordless hammer drill from DeWalt. It is comfortable to use and emits few vibrations. You can use it universally for both hard and soft surfaces. Thanks to SDS, changing between drill and chisel is easy. Other highlights are the brushless motor and the accompanying tool box. Customers are very satisfied.

DeWalt D25333K-QS

Rotary D25333K

DeWalt has a broad range of electric hammer drills. One recommendation in this context is the DeWalt D25333K-QS .

This version also works with the SDS chuck and can be equipped with either a drill or a chisel. The power can be regulated electronically, which is why you can optimally adapt to the conditions on site. A power consumption of 950 watts also ensures that sufficient power is transmitted. The weight of 3.7 kg and the rubberised handles ensure a high level of operating comfort.

In addition, both handles are decoupled from the direct influence of the motor by a spring system. This largely reduces the vibrations transmitted to the arms. In general, the company’s own Perform & Protect System ensures a high level of safety. The noise level is limited to a moderate 93 dB.

All in all, the D25333K-QS is a recommendable hammer drill from DeWalt. It can be put into operation immediately via the mains cable and develops a lot of power. You can tackle a wide range of tasks and, if necessary, remove entire walls. Nevertheless, the weight is a harmonious 3.7 kg. Customers recommend the device for, among other things, knocking off tiles, small chiselling jobs and, of course, drilling.

DeWalt DCH333NT-XJ

Brushless SDS Plus

DeWalt also offers reliable equipment for high demands. An extremely powerful cordless hammer drill is the DeWalt DCH333NT-XJ .

Here, the brushless motor is supplied with energy by a powerful 54V battery. This voltage can be applied to the respective surface with an impressive 3.5 joules. Rotation stop and impact stop are built in, so that drilling work as well as chiselling work can be carried out in various materials. A bright LED illuminates the working area well. The anti-rotation function ensures a high level of safety. As soon as the attachment is tilted, the speed is automatically reduced.

Unfortunately, the high power capacity naturally has an impact on the weight. This cordless hammer drill weighs a not insignificant 6.8 kg. For overhead work and generally undemanding tasks, there are more manageable solutions. However, the manufacturer does its best to balance the weight. In addition, the two handles are rubberised and decoupled from the motor. Here, too, physical discomfort is reduced to a minimum.

In summary, the DCH333NT-XJ is a high-quality cordless hammer drill from DeWalt. Its powerful brushless motor, together with a 54V battery, develops an impressive 3.5 joules. This means that even work with the chisel can be carried out smoothly. A high level of safety is ensured by the anti-rotation function and the safety clutch. Although many comfort features are available, the high weight of 6.8 kg is of course a small drawback. Customers are enthusiastic about the performance of this cordless hammer drill.

DeWalt hammer drill – This is what you should look for when choosing


As already mentioned at the beginning, DeWalt offers 2 different types of hammer drills: classic cable models and rechargeable models. Both drives have advantages and disadvantages.

Cable hammers are generally less expensive. In addition, their weight can be somewhat lower. Commissioning is particularly quick, because once the power cable has been plugged in, the machine can be started immediately. However, the cable sometimes restricts freedom of movement and may even increase the risk of accidents.

You can operate particularly freely with a cordless hammer drill. Since it is not tied to a cable, any place can be directly controlled as desired. DeWalt uses lithium-ion batteries as the energy source. These are long-lasting (no memory effect) and compact. Of course, the battery must be charged before use. If this is not taken into account immediately during use, the frustration is usually unbroken.


Performance plays an important role. First of all, it can be said that hammer drills per se can have a much more powerful effect on the substrate than a percussion drill ever could. With the latter, it is mainly mechanical forces – your own muscle power – that are used.

The electropneumatic percussion mechanism of a hammer drill can penetrate the hardest surfaces almost independently. You can tell how powerful your model of choice explicitly is first and foremost by the impact force. This is indicated in the unit joule. A high-quality DeWalt hammer drill can work with more than 3 joules, which makes it superior to many other manufacturers.

For all electric tools, the power consumption, which is expressed in watts, is also a promise of potential power. Although it primarily only defines energy consumption, a high power consumption/unit of time often goes hand in hand with more power.

In the cordless hammer drill segment, there is also the issue of battery voltage. For a DeWalt cordless hammer drill, this is either 18V or 54V. The 54V models are more powerful.

If you want to use your hammer drill for chiselling – i.e. for removing tiles or even entire walls – you need the most power. For this purpose, you need to buy a particularly powerful one. Otherwise, the chisel attachment you use won’t do much good.

Drill chuck

A DeWalt hammer drill does not work with a classic quick-action chuck for normal drills and bits. Instead, the so-called SDS (Special Direct System) is used. This allows you to use both drill bits and chisels. The change can be made without tools and is therefore quick.

Furthermore, the drill bits cannot slip in the SDS chuck. However, if you don’t have any special SDS attachments yet, you will have to make some additional purchases if you want a DeWalt hammer drill.


Every manufacturer should see it as his duty to provide the user with as much comfort as possible. Only then can work be as painless as possible. DeWalt strives to provide you with a high level of operating comfort.

In particular, a light weight contributes to energy-saving handling. A DeWalt hammer drill can weigh less than 4 kg. Lightweight models are good for carrying out renovation work on ceilings, for example. However, with the devices with really a lot of power, you can’t avoid the fact that the weight also increases.

The handle of a DeWalt hammer drill is rubberised and decoupled. The latter means that hardly any vibrations are transmitted to you. Your joints and muscles will thank you afterwards, as they will hardly be noticeable. The decoupling of the handles is achieved via a spring suspension.

In addition, comfort is enhanced by the fact that some of the handles are equipped with LED lighting. This means you can always see and illuminate the working area.


The hammer drills from DeWalt can be used very flexibly. That is why they are often additionally labelled as combi hammers.

A so-called combi-hammer can be understood as an electric hammer and impact drill in one. You can make holes in very hard surfaces (metal, concrete) as well as drill through softer surfaces without collateral damage or impact (e.g. wood).

Furthermore, you can switch between drill and chisel at will. The fact that a DeWalt hammer drill is of high quality can also be recognised by the fact that the power can sometimes be individually adjusted to the requirements.


Whether for DIY or commercial work, safety must always be a priority. DeWalt does just that with its Perform & Protect technology. As already mentioned, vibrations, which are a strain on all joints and tendons, are massively reduced.

In addition, the made-to-measure processing ensures that blocking can be largely ruled out. If there are problems in this respect, the speed is automatically reduced to a minimum. This protects both the machine and the user from damage. Of course, the manufacturer also pays attention to high-quality workmanship in the electronics.

The fact that DeWalt cares about safety can also be seen in the fact that the company is an innovative pioneer here. For example, you can retrofit an extraction system so that less dust reaches your nose. There is also a reliable sealing system that reduces dust exposure to a minimum.

You can also influence safety yourself by wearing protective equipment appropriate to the task and the environment. This includes, for example, a helmet, safety goggles and a good respirator.


Of course, the price also influences the decision. A DeWalt hammer drill is certainly not as cheap as some other models. However, due to the special quality and performance, one can definitely speak of a fair price. The first models are available from about 150 Pounds.

In general, the price should be in fair proportion to your own expectations. The more performance you expect, the more you have to invest. This can be seen, for example, in the case of cordless hammer drills, where the 54V models are more expensive than the 18V models. It also makes sense to set a higher budget if you expect a long service life.

DeWalt hammer drill – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

A hammer drill from DeWalt has great advantages. In this context, you can mention durable workmanship and high performance. In addition, meticulous attention is paid to reducing vibrations to a minimum. However, every demand cannot be satisfied. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table below:


  • Proven premium manufacturer that has been active for more than 90 years
  • High-quality workmanship, which means that long durability can be expected
  • Also suitable for high loads in the trade
  • Even cordless hammer drills are extremely powerful, thanks to the brushless motor and 54V voltage
  • Soft, rubberised handles and adequate weight ensure effortless handling
  • Vibrations are reduced to a minimum, so there is no need to fear physical discomfort
  • No more slipping of attachments thanks to SDS lining
  • You can exchange the attachments without tools and use chisels if necessary
  • Can be used for drilling and chiselling in a variety of ways
  • LED light can illuminate the workplace
  • Manufacturer pays attention to high safety (Perform & Protect)


  • Not suitable for small budgets
  • Those who do not have drill bits for the SDS chuck must first plan for further costs as well as additional effort

DeWalt DCH273 brushless SDS drill review

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