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DeWalt angle grinder

The best cordless and corded angle grinders from DeWalt

Angle grinders are part of the standard repertoire of every craftsman. They are also becoming increasingly popular for private use. A proven manufacturer in this category is the American company DeWalt. DeWalt angle grinders are easy to use and reliable in operation. The manufacturer offers models with a mains cable as well as models with a rechargeable battery. These are often so-called one-hand grinders that take discs with a diameter of 115 and 125 mm. However, various 230 mm solutions are also offered.

DeWalt angle grinder

In the following, we will show you which DeWalt angle grinder is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing a grinder. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt angle grinder – 3 models in the presentation

DeWalt DCG405N

18V XR DCG405N review

Battery-powered drives are also becoming increasingly popular in the angle grinder segment. One high-quality model from DeWalt is the DeWalt DCG405N .

The tool comes with a brushless motor, which is why the maintenance effort is virtually reduced to 0. Any DeWalt battery with 18V or higher voltage can be used as the drive. However, the user should opt for a fairly high capacity – and several batteries if necessary – as an impressive 1000 watts of power are drawn from the motor. This fact definitely boosts the performance. In addition, it helps that no friction losses can be triggered by any carbons.

Grinders with a diameter of 125 mm can be used. Thanks to the existing quick-release nut, the change always succeeds quickly. Together with a 2-Ah battery, this angle grinder weighs 2.2 kg. However, since it develops a lot of power, 5 Ah is more appropriate. Otherwise, work will have to be interrupted quite quickly. The Perform & Protect technology also ensures a high level of safety during operation. If a blockage or kickback occurs, the electronic motor brake brings the grinder to a stop in less than 2 seconds.

In summary, the DCG405N is a justifiably popular cordless angle grinder from DeWalt. Considering the drive form and the compact dimensions, the device is comparatively powerful. Responsible for this are the brushless motor and a power consumption of 1000 watts. However, the latter ensures that small batteries are quickly drained. The universal freedom of movement, the rubberised additional handle and the compact head area ensure a high level of comfort. The latter allows you to carry out sanding or cutting work even in confined spaces.

DeWalt DWE4257-QS

Electric DWE4257

For enduring work, a cable angle grinder remains the best solution. An extremely powerful model in this context is the DeWalt DWE4257-QS .

This grinder also accepts disc diameters up to 125 mm. The discs are inserted and changed via a flanged nut. A carbon brush motor with 1500 watts provides powerful power. You can adjust the speed yourself between 2800 and 10,000 rpm using a wheel. To be able to work even more precisely, the protective bonnet can be adjusted without tools. To prevent the brushes from burning out, they are automatically switched off if they are overloaded.

Despite the powerful motor, the weight is still a moderate 2.6 kg. Together with the rubberised side handle, this makes for easy handling. The constant speed control ensures that the results are always balanced when working with uneven loads. It adjusts the speed automatically from time to time.

All in all, the DWE4257-QS is a powerful angle grinder from DeWalt. This is primarily due to a power consumption of 1500 watts and a high copper content. Nevertheless, the tool remains handy and is easy to guide. Another highlight is the 3-year warranty – one year longer than usual. Customers are largely satisfied.

DeWalt DWE4057

Corded hand DWE4057

Rather untypically for DeWalt, there are also versions for the small purse in the angle grinder segment. A comparatively inexpensive example is the DeWalt DWE4057 .

This model is on sale for just over 50 euros. It also weighs a light 1.8 kg and can therefore also be used by women and senior citizens. In addition, discs with a diameter of up to 125 mm can be used. However, it only has an 800-watt motor, which is why it is not suitable for cutting through solid objects. Instead, it is made for filigree sanding work on wood and the like. Up to 11,800 revolutions ensure that no chipping occurs.

Given the low price, it is clear that this angle grinder works with carbon brushes. Nevertheless, it is not lacking in features. The built-in soft start, for example, prevents chatter when the machine is started. There is also a restart protection for power failures. Furthermore, an air baffle and a winding armoured with epoxy resin prevent dust particles from reaching the sensitive parts.

Overall, the DWE4057 is a comparatively inexpensive DeWalt angle grinder. It is ready for use almost immediately and is easy to operate. The low operating weight of 1.8 kg makes it easy to use. In terms of performance, however, some compromises have to be made. This makes the tool all the more suitable for delicate work on sensitive surfaces such as wood. Some customers also use this model successfully in the trade (e.g. tilers).

DeWalt angle grinder – Here is what you should look for when choosing

Choices & Drive

DeWalt currently offers 27 different angle grinders. They are all quite compact, which is why they can be classified as one-handed angle grinders. You can use them with one hand, but for safety’s sake you should always have two hands on the tool. For this purpose, each model is equipped with an additional side handle.

Looking at the drive, the units can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Classic power cord (DWE series)
  • Battery (DCG series)

Both types of drive have their advantages and disadvantages. A corded angle grinder is comparatively inexpensive, even from the quality manufacturer DeWalt, which is partly due to the carbon brush motor that is usually used (high-quality models have brushless Inox motors). It can be put into operation immediately via any normal socket. Interruptions are kept to a minimum. In addition, the peak performance is (still) superior to that of battery-powered devices. A disadvantage is the need for a power socket, which is why in some cases, inconvenient extensions have to be made.

DeWalt’s cordless angle grinders work with an 18V voltage and a brushless motor. This is considered to be particularly powerful (no friction losses), low-maintenance (no carbon brushes to change) and compact. In general, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement with a battery model and can operate it anywhere – provided you have a charged lithium battery. Such models are not exactly inexpensive. For larger projects, it must be taken into account that several batteries are definitely needed – otherwise there will be annoying breaks.

Thanks to the backwards compatibility, you can also operate any battery flex from this manufacturer with voltages above 18V – for example, with a 54V battery. This increases the flexibility even more.

DeWalt’s angle grinders are limited to either 115 and 125 mm or 180 and 230 mm wheel diameters. For permanently cutting through very massive objects, the latter is the best choice.


Power is an important factor. It is the decisive factor in whether a task can be completed satisfactorily. Depending on the desired range of applications, an angle grinder does not necessarily have to be extremely powerful. Nevertheless, a certain power capacity has a positive effect on flexibility.

An obvious indicator of potential power can be the wattage. However, DeWalt, like most other manufacturers, only gives the so-called power consumption. First and foremost, the wattage only says something about the power consumption. The actual power output is always much lower. Nevertheless, a high power consumption/unit of time remains a promising indicator for more power.

The speed of the motor is also of interest. With a DeWalt angle grinder you can vary this. It makes sense, for example, to set a high value for particularly delicate sanding of wooden door frames/door bottom edges. Then there will be no chipping and you can remove the material very precisely.

For more “rough-motor” work, a high speed is not so important. However, you should not deliberately work with minimum values, because with high resistances this puts unnecessary strain on the motor and leads to increased wear.

While battery angle grinders always remain below 10,000 rpm across all manufacturers, various cable models can work at higher values. This circumstance is also a sign that cable angle grinders are still the most powerful type.


A high level of operating comfort is certainly useful. In this case, you can fully concentrate on the task at hand and do not have to expect muscular discomfort. A DeWalt angle grinder promises you a high level of comfort for various reasons.

First of all, the weight of most models is limited to 2.2 kg. This means that the tools can be easily operated with one hand. Women and senior citizens can also use them reliably. In the case of a cordless angle grinder, you have to reckon with an additional weight of at least 450 grams, depending on the battery (18V, 2 Ah).

Every Flex from DeWalt is supplied with a rubberised and vibration-damped additional handle. You should also make use of this, because two-handed operation is more controlled and therefore safer. Thanks to the rubber coating, you can grip firmly without having to expect pressure feelings or even calluses in the palm.

The operation of a DeWalt angle grinder is very simple. It is switched on and off via a slide switch. If you want to get started, you can do so by pressing the accelerator switch. Furthermore, you can regulate the speed intuitively by means of a wheel – numerical values from 1 upwards show you how to increase/decrease the speed.

Thanks to a special quick-change nut, the disc can be replaced at any time without tools. The protective bonnet around it can also be adjusted without the use of separate tools so that the user can optimally master various tasks.

Sometimes a DeWalt angle grinder is delivered directly with a T-STAK-BOX. Thanks to this, you can transport all accessories to the desired location without complications and you will also not run the risk of losing individual parts so quickly.


The aspect of safety should also be taken into account. As already mentioned, even a small DeWalt angle grinder should be used with two hands – this allows more control and prevents the temptation to put one hand near the wheel while working. In general, it is advisable to strive for proper handling in accordance with the operating instructions.

Technologically, the manufacturer definitely goes all out to guarantee the lowest possible risk of accidents. A soft start, for example, prevents breakaway during start-up by automatically throttling the power. As soon as the throttle/deadman switch is released, the angle grinder switches off within a very short time.

Furthermore, in the high-quality versions, the electronic motor brake immediately puts the tool out of operation if a blockage or kickback occurs. According to the manufacturer, this takes less than 2 seconds (Perform & Protect).

The DeWalt angle grinder itself is also formidably protected so that it lasts a long time. A sophisticated cooling air flow – in combination with an epoxy resin coating – prevents dust particles from reaching the motor. In addition, an automatic shutdown is activated in the event of excessive strain.


Normally, DeWalt brand products are not exactly cheap, and rightly so. However, there are some exceptions in the angle grinder segment. On offer, the first corded angle grinders can be had for just over 50 Pounds, which makes them suitable for a small budget. The high-quality cordless models in particular, however, require a three-digit investment, including battery and charger.

In general, your personal requirements and the costs should be in a balanced relationship to each other. The more powerful and durable your DeWalt angle grinder needs to be, the more you need to invest. Therefore, a higher investment should be planned for crafts than for sporadic private use.

Where to buy

DeWalt angle grinders can be purchased both online and offline. On marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, you can assume that all models are regularly available for selection. Fair prices can also be expected there, because various dealers are constantly competing with each other.

Because DeWalt tools are primarily designed for the trade, they are not so common locally. The first port of call are building material dealers. Occasionally, the large DIY chains, including Bauhaus and Hagebau, also have some in stock – or can at least order them. The advantage here is that you can get personal advice. You can find out where the nearest specialist dealer is via this help page.

DeWalt grinder – The manufacturer has many advantages

The angle grinders from DeWalt offer you pleasant advantages. This starts with the compact dimensions and the light weight. Women and senior citizens can also expect easy handling. Nevertheless, the power is sufficient to cut through unruly metal with ease. However, the manufacturer does not cater to every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of DeWalt angle grinders, we have provided an overview below:


  • Proven and valued traditional company for more than 90 years
  • Multi-solution (optional sanding or cutting of various materials)
  • Speed can be individually adjusted to the task at hand
  • Light weight and rubberised additional handle ensure high operating comfort
  • Thanks to compact dimensions and adjustable protective bonnet, it can also be used in confined spaces
  • Battery-operated models all have a high-quality brushless motor and can be supplied with different voltages from 18V upwards
  • Cable models can also be equipped with an innovative brushless motor
  • Especially recommended for delicate work
  • Soft start protects the user from uncontrollable power peaks
  • Epoxy resin coating reliably shields motor from dust particles
  • Can be partly connected to hoover (AirLock system)
  • Fan system and automatic shutdown on overload (Perform & Protect) protect motor from excessive wear


  • The single-handed cutters are not intended for steady cutting through massive objects

Video: DeWalt DCG405N review

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