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DeWalt cordless grinder

The best battery angle grinders from DeWalt

The tools of the US-American supplier DeWalt are made for demanding craftsmen – this also applies to the cordless angle grinders of the traditional manufacturer. A DeWalt cordless grinder is of high quality workmanship and designed for unconditional functionality. Thanks to a brushless motor and a voltage of up to 54V, the devices can unleash an astonishing amount of power. Equally impressive is the fact that all models available can be operated with either 18V or 54V – the backwards compatibility of the XR-FLEXVOLT series makes it possible.

DeWalt cordless grinder

In the following, we will show you which DeWalt cordless angle grinder is a good choice. You will also find out what you should generally look out for when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

DeWalt cordless grinder – These models are recommended

DeWalt DCG405N

Battery 18V DCG405N

Thanks to the cordless freedom of movement, the cordless angle grinders from DeWalt can provide you with a special kind of comfort. The most handy model from the manufacturer is called the DeWalt DCG405N .

Without the battery, the device weighs only 1.75 kg, making it one of the lightest models on the market. Ready for use, however, you have to reckon with a weight of just over 2 kg, which is still comparatively light. Both the side handle and the main body are rubberised in the important grip areas, so you can grip safely and comfortably. In addition, it is possible to mount the additional handle either on the left or on the right, so it does not matter which guide hand is preferred.

Thanks to a brushless motor, the dimensions are also kept within reasonable limits. Nevertheless, you have a good performance at your disposal, which is sufficient even for cutting metal. This is impressively demonstrated by the high power consumption of 1000 watts. In addition, 9000 revolutions/min are used. The speed is not adjustable. If you want to work for some time at a stretch, you should use at least a 5 Ah battery. All 18V and 54V versions are available.

Overall, the DCG405N is a popular and handy cordless angle grinder from DeWalt. It is characterised by its low weight and compact dimensions. Nevertheless, the power output is already at a proud 800 watts, which is why there are universal application possibilities. Highlights include the existing quick-release nut (disc can be mounted without tools) and the Perform & Protect technology. The user and the tool are equally protected by the latest technologies.

DeWalt DCG406NT-XJ

XR brushless DCG406

In the cordless grinder segment, practical sets are also part of DeWalt’s range. A recommendation in this context is the model DeWalt DCG406NT-XJ .

Like all cordless angle grinders from DeWalt, this model is also designed for 125 mm discs. The disc guard can be freely adjusted to direct the sparks where they are needed. The disc itself can be inserted and exchanged without tools, as a practical quick-release nut is provided.

The power is supplied by either an 18V or 54V battery. In general, the model DCG406 is almost identical in construction to the model DCG405. A motor brake and an electronic clutch ensure a high level of safety. In combination, both ensure that the grinder comes to a standstill in less than 2 seconds in the event of a kickback. The scope of delivery also includes a size 2 TSTAK box, thanks to which transport is always free of complications and all individual parts can be stored safely.

All in all, the DCG406NT-XJ is a useful battery grinder from DeWalt. It comes with a practical carrying case and is also effortless to guide. Among other things, the rubberised elements and the quick-release nut ensure a high level of comfort. The latter ensures that the 125 mm discs can be mounted and removed without tools. Customers are very satisfied with this cordless angle grinder.

DeWalt DCG414NT-XJ

FlexVolt 54V DCG414

DeWalt also has the right battery grinder for very demanding users. A high-quality example is the DeWalt DCG414NT-XJ .

This battery angle grinder is a little more massive. At 40 cm, it exceeds the length of the previously presented models by around 10 cm. In addition, the device already weighs 2.2 kg without the battery. In actual use, you have to reckon with at least 2.6 to over 3 kg. However, because it can work with a voltage of 54V, a very high power output can be expected. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any information on the output power on its website – nevertheless, this model is explicitly recommended for heavy-duty use in the trade.

Furthermore, the 125 mm discs can be mounted without tools and the protective bonnet can be adjusted without tools. This definitely increases the ease of use. In addition, a TSTAK box is included in the scope of delivery, which makes it easy to transport the machine even over long distances. To ensure safe handling of this model, an electronic clutch and an engine quick brake are also installed.

In summary, the DCG414NT-XJ is an extremely high-quality battery angle grinder from DeWalt. It certainly has its price, but a battery angle grinder with a possible 54V voltage is unique in itself. Together with the brushless motor, this model can also handle large resistances. The rubberised and adjustable additional handle as well as the tool-free disc change nevertheless ensure a proven ease of use. Customers are enthusiastic about the quality and performance.

DeWalt cordless grinder – This is what generally matters

Selection options & drive

DeWalt offers 5 different battery angle grinders. Their designations are as follows:

  • DCG405
  • DCG406
  • DCG414
  • DCG415
  • DCG418

In addition, it is possible to purchase units individually or in different set sizes. Models with the suffix N, for example, are delivered completely without accessories. The designation NT suggests that no battery and no charger are included, but that a transport case (TSTAK box) is supplied.

Basically, all models are designed for 125 mm discs. The drive power is supplied by either an 18V or 54V battery. The greater its capacity (in ampere hours), the longer it will last in continuous operation. At the same time, the price, weight and dimensions of the battery inevitably increase. A capacity between 4 and 6 Ah is a good solution in this segment.

A cordless angle grinder from DeWalt competes with the classic mains cable operation, which the manufacturer also offers. There are both advantages and disadvantages. Because no socket is required, the user undoubtedly enjoys maximum freedom of movement. The lack of a cable also means that there is much less risk of stumbling.

DeWalt makes up for the fact that a cordless grinder cannot compete with a corded model in terms of performance. This is primarily due to a brushless motor. So-called brushless motors have no carbon brushes. As a result, little power is lost through friction, which is why such motors can unleash so much power. In addition, they are compact and virtually maintenance-free. Of course, where there are no carbon brushes, they never need to be replaced.

An obvious disadvantage is the fact that the energy supply cannot be permanent – at some point the capacities are used up. If you want to be able to work without frustration, a high capacity and, if necessary, several batteries are a must.


Power is undoubtedly one of the decisive factors. It does not have to be excessively high, but it must be suitable for the desired task. While other cordless angle grinders quickly reach their limits in this respect, DeWalt can really show in this segment why the devices are considered high quality.

First and foremost, the input power is a good indicator of the potential power. While it only defines power consumption per se, a high power input/unit of time is also most likely to be associated with a high power output/unit of time. Even the more compact DeWalt DCG405 already draws 1000 watts. However, this also shows that you should not save on the battery – otherwise it will be empty all the time, which in turn would not ensure good working efficiency.

A look at the speed is also interesting. With a cordless angle grinder, it is usually below 10,000 rpm. A DeWalt cordless angle grinder usually has 9,000 rpm. This is a good compromise for carrying out delicate work on sensitive surfaces as well as for coping with large resistances. If large resistances are tackled at too low a speed, this is poison for the motor and leads to excessive wear.


It goes without saying that handling should be as comfortable as possible. In this case, you can fully concentrate on the task at hand and do not have to endure any physical discomfort.

A DeWalt battery grinder offers you a high level of operating comfort for various reasons. In some respects, however, it is inferior to a compact power cord tool in this respect – this should not go unmentioned. For example, the total weight is increased by more than 300 g even with a small 1.3 Ah 18V battery. Batteries from 4 Ah upwards mean that a tare weight of at least 2.3 kg – in most cases rather more – must be planned for.

In addition, the start-up may be delayed because the battery has to be charged before it can be used. Moreover, the speed cannot be explicitly adjusted, as there is no wheel for this purpose.

The wireless freedom of movement is certainly an advantage. You never have to go in search of a socket and do not have to worry about where the possible cable tangle is.

Each DeWalt cordless grinder is delivered with a rubberised additional handle. The two-handed guidance makes handling more controlled and therefore safer. The rubber coating also prevents feelings of pressure and calluses on the palm.

Furthermore, the disc can be partially changed without the use of separate tools. A quick-release nut is responsible for this. The protective bonnet can also be equipped with a clever device that allows tool-free adjustment.

In general, the operation is quite intuitive. You can get started by pressing the throttle switch. You can also easily regulate the speed with the touch of a finger. Under load, the speed is automatically kept constant so that an even result can always be expected.

Depending on your choice, a practical transport case (TSTAK box) is also included in the delivery. Thanks to this, you can easily cover even longer transport distances. In addition, no individual parts get lost.


The aspect of safety should not be ignored. Both the manufacturer and the user can contribute to a low risk of accidents. Especially people who are not yet familiar with this type of tool should first study the instruction manual. In it, you will learn in German how to use the tool properly.

Although a DeWalt battery grinder is a “one-handed angle grinder”, you should always have both hands on the tool, if possible. This significantly reduces the risk of slipping or reaching towards the disc with one hand.

Furthermore, it is appropriate to wear protective clothing. Safety goggles and gloves reduce the risk of injury during use. In addition, hearing protection can spare your ears and your stress level. As is to be expected in this segment, a DeWalt cordless angle grinder unfortunately also emits a noise level above 80 dB. Nevertheless, various customers find the devices comparatively quiet.

A DeWalt cordless grinder can definitely be classified as safe in the technical sense. A soft start ensures that there are no uncontrollable power peaks when starting. As soon as you release the throttle switch, the motor brake stops the disc in less than 2 seconds (Perform & Protect). Especially in the event of a kickback, such speed can be of decisive importance.

The battery angle grinder itself is also protected, which means that a long service life can be expected. At DeWalt, windings armoured with epoxy resin and a good ventilation system are crucial for this. If there is an overload or overheating, the angle grinder switches off automatically.


The price is certainly also one of the relevant factors in the selection process. As we already know from other tools, a DeWalt cordless power tool is not exactly inexpensive. However, this is not the manufacturer’s claim and would not do justice to its quality. If you already have a suitable battery and charger, you are most likely to save money. However, a cordless angle grinder from this manufacturer still costs over 100 Pounds – the most powerful models even cost well over 250 Pounds.

The costs should generally be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. Otherwise there is a greater potential for disappointment. In the cordless angle grinder segment, this means roughly the following: The more power you need and the more durable the components should be, the more you have to invest. For continuous commercial use, a higher budget should be planned than for sporadic private use.

Where to buy

You can purchase a DeWalt cordless grinder both online and offline. Online access is usually easier in Germany. On large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, there are many models to choose from all year round. Because various dealers are constantly competing with each other there, you can also expect fair prices.

Locally, DIY stores such as Bauhaus can be a good place to start. However, since the equipment tends to be commercial, the stationary range is not as comprehensive. Nevertheless, DeWalt has a tried and tested dealer network, where you can expect personal and competent advice.

DeWalt cordless grinder – It has many advantages to offer you

Some of DeWalt’s cordless angle grinders offer unique advantages. In this context, one can emphasise the fact that all 18V batteries and 54V batteries can be used. They are particularly suitable for tough continuous use, as the highest quality standards are applied to the workmanship. However, they are not the first choice for everyone. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Traditional manufacturer for more than 90 years, appreciated by numerous craftsmen worldwide
  • Optionally available as a single unit or as a comprehensive set
  • Can be used not only with different capacities, but also with different voltages (18V & 54V Flexvolt) as the system regulates the voltage
  • Brushless motor provides high power with minimal maintenance
  • Maximum freedom of movement and can be used in any location of your choice
  • High-quality workmanship with metal gear head, overload protection and dust filter ensures long durability
  • Especially recommended for commercial use
  • Both the disc change and the protective bonnet adjustment can be done without tools
  • Motor brake ensures automatic shutdown in the event of blockages or kickbacks
  • Effective fan system delays overheating as long as possible, even with large resistances


  • Together with battery and charger significantly more expensive than a solution with mains cable
  • Can become quite heavy due to high battery capacity
  • Only suitable for discs up to 125 mm
  • Because it is a high-priced solution, the purchase does not necessarily make sense for infrequent private use

Video: DeWalt DCG414 review

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