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Makita router

These routers from Makita have it all

Makita tools are very popular all over the world. They are appreciated by private users as well as professional craftsmen. The range of the traditional Japanese manufacturer also includes various routers. A Makita router offers the usual high quality of workmanship and reliable functionality. Some of the company’s routers can be operated with just one hand. Likewise, there are also more massive versions for big challenges.

Makita router

In the following, we will show you which Makita router is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing a router. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita router – These models are recommended

Makita RT0700CX2J

Makita RT0700 review

Makita routers can be particularly handy. A very popular model in this context is the Makita RT0700CX2J .

This model is a so-called one-handed router, because you can guide it effortlessly with just one hand. The small diameter of the housing and the feather-light weight of 1.8 kg are largely responsible for this. If the user knows that only low resistance and moderate tasks are to be performed, this router promises universal application possibilities. In addition, it comes with an edge router and an angle router module. In general, the scope of delivery is extensive. You can use either 6 or 8 mm router bits. The corresponding collets are included.

Due to the built-in 710-watt motor, the power development is of course limited to a certain extent. A maximum value of 40 mm expresses this in figures. However, this is always sufficient for various DIY tasks. This multi-milling machine excels particularly in filigree work. The soft start and a speed of up to 30,000 rpm prevent damage to soft materials.

All in all, the RT0700CX2J is a very popular router from Makita, and rightly so. Already visually, it is designed quite differently from a “normal” model. The weight and dimensions are much more compact – but so is the peak performance. The different base plates offer a wide range of applications. The enclosed accessories also support you in this. Only the milling cutters have to be provided by the customer. Customers – including many DIY enthusiasts – are largely enthusiastic.

Makita RP0900J

Plunge RP0900J

A double handle has always been a proven feature of electric routers, offering you a high level of comfort even when working for longer periods of time. A recommendation from Makita is the Makita RP0900J .

This router is equally suitable for private users and craftsmen. With a weight of 2.7 kg, it is also comparatively light. The rubberised double handle therefore ensures a high level of operating comfort. The handle also has a pattern, which additionally prevents the user from slipping. The standard scope of delivery also includes a rip fence, two collets (6 and 8 mm), an extraction nozzle and a practical carrying case.

Despite the 900-watt motor, the stroke can be adjusted to a maximum of 35 mm. This is achieved via a 3-step turret stop and a 1 mm scale. The desired value can then be fixed without complications by means of a lever. The fact that the underside is made of plastic can also be emphasised, which means that sensitive surfaces will never be scratched. The plastic underside is also replaceable.

In summary, the RP0900J is a tried and tested router from Makita. It allows for very controlled operation, as it has a double handle, but the weight is still limited to a moderate 2.7 kg. Such a combination is rare. A rip fence also helps you to create precise grooves. In addition, no individual parts get lost because a MAKPAC size 2 is included. However, some customers complain that the lowering behaviour is sometimes awkward.

Makita RP2300FCXJ

Trimmer RP2300FCXJ

Makita also has the right router in stock for big challenges. The manufacturer’s current most powerful model is the Makita RP2300FCXJ .

The machine comes with a promising 2300-watt motor. Thanks to this, it is no problem to use 12 mm cutters. In addition, the stroke can be adjusted up to 70 mm. A rotary wheel makes it possible to set 1/10 mm increments. This means that the router can definitely be used by professionals. Even the rip fence included in the scope of delivery has the “micro-control” and can be adjusted to an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

It should also be emphasised that this router is supplied with 12 cutters, which is quite rare. All of them have an 8-mm holder. All accessories for assembly are also included. The soft start and the ergonomic double handle ensure that the powerful motor is easy to control. A double LED further increases comfort by illuminating the workpiece.

Overall, the RP2300FCXJ is a high-quality and powerful router from Makita. It is ideally suited for high demands. This is impressively demonstrated by a stroke of up to 70 mm and the 1/10 mm accuracy. The scope of delivery is extensive, including 12 router bits, so you can get started straight away. Other highlights are the constant electronics, a double LED and the soft start. This model certainly has its price, but customers are convinced of the quality.

Makita router – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & drive

Makita offers a total of 7 different routers. These include both classic models with mains cable and 2 battery-powered routers. Both types of drive have their advantages and disadvantages.

A corded router can be put into operation immediately via a normal socket (220-240V) and can generally be used in continuous operation (provided the motor can withstand the load). Extending the cable is generally possible in this category. Like other manufacturers, Makita uses carbon brush motors in this category. Models with 710 to 2300 watts are used. These are comparatively cheap, but power is lost through friction. In addition, the carbon brushes wear out at some point and then have to be replaced.

A Makita cordless router offers you maximum freedom of movement. There does not have to be a connection nearby. Any 18V battery from the LXT series can be used as the drive. This supplies a brushless motor with energy. Such motors are comparatively expensive, but they have decisive advantages. Little power is lost through friction, maintenance is almost completely eliminated (no carbon brushes to replace) and the motors can be designed to be particularly compact. In terms of performance, however, cordless models still lag behind cable models by some distance.

While the small Makita routers can only take 6 and 8 mm router bits, the particularly powerful models have a 12 mm attachment. Routers can be purchased separately from Makita itself or from ENT, Bosch, Festool and DeWalt. Useful versions in detail include

  • V-groove cutter
  • T-slot cutter
  • Rebate cutter
  • Rounding cutter
  • Side milling cutters

By the way, every Makita router is supplied as standard with at least one collet chuck, two open-end spanners, a copying sleeve, an extraction nozzle and a rip fence. Depending on your choice, a MAKPAC case, an edge milling module and a side handle are also included.


The power is of course of decisive importance. It must match the desired range of tasks, otherwise unsatisfactory results and the associated frustration are inevitable. In the router segment, it makes sense to keep several parameters in mind here.

The most obvious indicator of potential power is the wattage. However, as is customary, Makita relates this value to the so-called power consumption. In this case, the wattage basically only defines the power consumption. The actual power output is always subject to a certain deduction because of friction etc. within the systems.

A high power consumption can indicate more power, but is not necessarily associated with it. You can tell whether the machine is not simply an energy guzzler by the stroke height. Depending on the model, a Makita router can reach up to 70 mm, which is very commendable.

You should also take a look at the speed. The speed of a Makita router can be varied. In practice, however, the maximum value is usually used. This is particularly useful for filigree work, because with values beyond 20,000 rpm, soft materials can be machined without splintering. A high speed is not necessary for extensive material removal – but here, too, you should not reduce the speed too much, as this puts a strain on the motor.

Depending on the model, a Makita router can work at up to 30,000 rpm, which only a few manufacturers can offer you.

In the cordless router segment, the battery voltage is also a promising indicator of performance. Despite the 18V voltage, Makita’s devices can be used for tasks with low and medium demands.


Handling a router should be as comfortable as possible. Then the work is not only more fun, but is probably also most successful, as the user can concentrate well and does not have to struggle with physical discomfort.

The weight of the router is the main factor influencing its handling. A small Makita router weighs only 1.8 kg in some cases and is therefore absolutely effortless to guide. However, such light weights are not always advantageous, as beginners in particular can slip off more quickly. The large Makita routers weigh up to 6.1 kg and can therefore be kept under control particularly well (relatively insensitive to unintentional impulses from the arms).

Furthermore, you can observe that Makita offers both the classic double handle and no handle at all on its in-house routers. The latter is not exactly conducive to precision when guiding, which is why a stop becomes even more important. In addition, such models sometimes come with a side handle that can be mounted as an option.

A rubberised double handle allows the user to have a particularly confident grip. Since a Makita router is rubberised at this point without exception, there is no need to expect any feeling of pressure or even calluses on the palm.

Because tried-and-tested controls are used, the handling of a Makita router is quite intuitive. Switching on and off is done via a central switch. The stroke height, for example, is adjusted via a 3-step turret stop and a rotary knob (for loosening and fixing). In addition, it is possible to adjust the speed via a red wheel.

Whether you approach your router from above depends on the intended use and the respective model. Some machines also have an edge milling module. It is also possible to integrate a Makita router into a stationary router table. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities with this manufacturer.


The aspect of safety should also be taken into account. Fortunately, in the field of routers, there is little to consider in order to minimise the risk of accidents.

First of all, it goes without saying that you should read the operating instructions. Here you will find out how to use the router properly and what to avoid. A popular beginner’s mistake is to fix the milling cutter too weakly right at the beginning. It is better to hold it a little tighter than necessary, otherwise the whole thing might end up as a dangerous projectile. A rule of thumb says that about 2/3 of the cutter should sit inside the collet.

Makita itself also pays attention to a high level of technological safety in its own routers. The soft start is particularly important in this context. It prevents uncontrollable power peaks during start-up that could lead to slipping off the workpiece. In addition, a double handle also ensures more safety when guiding than a single-handed router.

Furthermore, an active dust extraction system via the enclosed extraction nozzle increases safety. If the shavings remain in the environment, they pose a certain fire hazard. Allergy sufferers in particular enjoy considerably more comfort with an extraction system.

You can also do something for safety yourself by wearing adequate protective clothing. This includes, for example, safety goggles (also with suction) and safety shoes. Hearing protection can also increase comfort when working long hours.


During use, loudness can become a significant factor. If it is excessive, it negatively affects the user’s stress level and hearing. It can also lead to tensions with neighbours.

You can tell whether your desired model is quiet or loud by the sound level. This, in turn, is expressed in decibels (dB). A Makita router can stand out positively in this segment, because the noise level is sometimes limited to 78 dB. Even the most powerful model with a 2300-watt motor peaks at a maximum of 87 dB.

Especially in sensitive environments (hospital, nursing home, school), one should be considerate and adhere to the legal regulations. Furthermore, one should be aware that values of 85 dB and above can lead to hearing damage during long periods of operation.


The costs should be in a fair proportion to your own expectations. Then there is the least potential for disappointment. In the router segment, high performance (a lot of material removal/unit of time) and very accurate precision require a higher budget. Commercial craftsmen in particular should therefore invest more than is necessary in the private sector. Of course, a certain investment usually also has a positive effect on durability.

A Makita router is not exactly inexpensive. However, the manufacturer does not claim this to be the case, but wants to deliver high quality and reliability in regular use. You need to budget between 150 and 500 Pounds. If you want to have it particularly cheap, you will most likely be satisfied by a compact cable router.

Where to buy

Makita tools are well known and appreciated all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many dealers and companies want to sell the products. For the prospective buyer, this is more than positive, because online as well as offline, there are a variety of access options.

Online, large marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are certainly the first port of call. Here you can usually find all models all year round. You can also expect fair prices, because there are always various dealers competing with each other. In addition, Makita routers are also offered by specialised craftsmen’s shops, such as Contorion.

Locally, small shops as well as large DIY chains are equally suitable for purchases. You can get personal advice there and make use of service options without complications. You can easily find out where your nearest contact person is by using the Makita dealer search.

Makita router – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

Makita routers offer many advantages. They can be very handy and are easy to operate. It is hardly surprising that the RT0700CX2J model is an absolute bestseller, as this router weighs a featherweight 1.8 kg and acts as a compact one-hand router. However, Makita cannot satisfy every demand. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the devices on offer, we have created a table for you below:


  • Worldwide appreciated and thousandfold proven
  • Choice of mains cable or rechargeable battery
  • Large dealer network both online and locally
  • With the exception of cutters, a comprehensive range of accessories is included as standard, so that you are universally positioned
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Compact single-handed routers weigh less than 2 kg and are therefore easy to use for women and senior citizens
  • Speed can be adjusted variably if required
  • Larger versions offer 1/10 mm fine adjustment
  • Lifting height of up to 70 mm available
  • Uncomplicated operation via proven elements (spindle lock, 3-step turret stop, speed wheel)
  • Constant electronics ensure consistent results even with uneven loads
  • Soft start ensures a high level of safety during start-up
  • Thanks to the built-in double LED, every workpiece can be optimally illuminated
  • Generally accommodating service


  • Not suitable for small budgets
  • The small one-handed tillers in particular cannot be guided with as much control and wobble as an example with a double or pistol handle
  • Compact models do not work as precisely (no fine adjustment available)

Video: Makita RT0700 review

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