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Festool router

The best routers from Festool

Festool, a German company with a long tradition, is known for the production of high-quality power tools, which can even inspire proven professionals. The range also includes some routers. A Festool router is considered to be particularly powerful and can still operate very precisely. The tools are primarily aimed at commercial trades, because this is where they really come into their own in terms of power, precision and durability in continuous use.

Festool router

In the following, we will show you which Festool router is a good choice. In addition, you will find out what you should always bear in mind when choosing a router. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Festool router – These models are recommended

Festool OF 1400 EQ-Plus

OF 1400 EQ-Plus

Festool routers are sometimes offered in comprehensive sets. One recommendation in this context is the model Festool OF 1400 EQ-Plus .

The tool is supplied with an open-ended spanner, two collets (8 and 12 mm), a rip fence, a carrying case and a cutter box. The latter contains 21 different attachments, so nothing stands in the way of universal applications. The router itself has a powerful 1400-watt motor. Thanks to this, the user can work with a stroke of up to 70 mm and thus achieve great routing depths if required. The 1/10 mm fine adjustment also allows for very fine work.

It is possible and also recommended to have chips removed via the extraction device. A Festool mobile extractor is of course predestined for this purpose. The OF 1400 can always be operated with just one hand. The on/off switch and the infinitely variable speed control are located on the handle. It is not necessary to reach around to operate the elements.

All in all, the OF 1400 is a recommendable router from Festool. It is a very good compromise between activities with a lot of material removal and filigree work. The set includes everything you could wish for – only the hoover (27/36 mm connection) has to be provided separately. Highlights include the easy attachment change (thanks to the ratchet function), the 1/10 mm adjustment and the available quick brake. Customers are largely enthusiastic about the quality and the accessories.

Festool OF 1010 EBQ-Plus

OF 1010 review

Even if you expect a high level of operating comfort, the professional routers from Festool are the right choice for you. The handling of the model Festool OF 1010 EBQ-Plus is particularly comfortable.

This router weighs a light 2.7 kg and is therefore very easy to handle. All important switches are located on and near the one-handed handle. For example, you can change the speed in the middle of operation without having to change your hand position. You can use 6 and 8 mm cutters. However, only one collet for 8 mm cutters is included. Although the weight is so low, you can still set a stroke of up to 55 mm. The MMC Electronic also consistently prevents power drops.

With a speed of up to 24,000 rpm, it is recommended for even the most filigree work. Festool itself promises impeccable results for creating rows of holes and wood joints as well as for rounding, folding and profiling edges. An enclosed rip fence and the 1/10 mm fine adjustment are of course of great help.

In summary, the OF 1010 is an extremely handy router from Festool. It weighs only 2.7 kg and therefore promises effortless handling even for women and senior citizens. In addition, the device takes up just 25 cm of space on the side and is only 39 cm high. Nevertheless, there is no lack of equipment. The OF 1010 is a convenient solution, especially if you want to do precise, customised work. Customers are convinced by this model. What may be missing is a useful LED light, as offered by other manufacturers.

Festool OF 2200 EB-Plus

OF 2200 EB Plus

Particularly in commercial applications, Festool routers can fully exploit their advantages in terms of performance and durability. The manufacturer’s current top model is the Festool OF 2200 EB-Plus .

As the name suggests, a 2200-watt motor is used here. This offers the prospect of a stroke of up to 80 mm. If a lot of mass is to be removed within a short period of time, there is in principle no better solution than this model. Both 6, 8 and 12 mm cutters can be used. A suitable collet is already included for each size. Unfortunately, as expected, the high performance capacity has to be paid for with a rather high weight – this is a hefty 8.3 kg.

The soft double handle, among other things, ensures that this very powerful model is still comfortable to use. It can be securely gripped at any time. In addition, a triple-bearing armature shaft reduces vibrations to a minimum. The manufacturer has also patented the guide rails. They allow for a high degree of precision even with a large amount of force.

Overall, the OF 2200 is a very powerful router from Festool. If you have the highest demands in terms of power and durability, you will certainly like this model. This router is really anything but inexpensive, but it comes ready to use with mounting accessories and a systainer. The functionality is well thought-out and makes it easier to tackle large tasks in the trade. The fact that the tool is quite heavy can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. It makes guiding particularly smooth, but you have to exert more force yourself.

Festool router – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & drive

Festool currently offers 3 different routers. These are all supplied with power via the normal mains current (230V) and a corresponding cable. A gearless electric motor is used as the drive. Such models are virtually maintenance-free and environmentally friendly.

The power consumption ranges between 1010 and 2200 watts, so that a solution is available for every range of tasks. The mains cable enables immediate start-up and continuous operation is theoretically possible, so that high efficiency is achieved even for extensive work.

In general, a Festool router can be used very universally. The assembly tool for the router bits is always included in the scope of delivery. While the small OF 1010 model can be fitted with 6 or 8 mm cutters, the OF 1400 and OF 2200 models also accept 12 mm cutters. Each individual model is also available as a comprehensive set, which includes high-quality milling cutters and various copying rings. Useful examples include:

  • Burr cutter
  • Round cutter
  • Rebate cutter
  • Plasterboard cutter
  • Aluminium milling cutter
  • Grooving cutter

Festool itself recommends its in-house routers for the following activities, for example:

  • Rounding off edges, chamfering, rebating and profiling
  • grooving back panels, grooving burr strips or routing plasterboard (with in-house guide system)
  • Making rows of holes in furniture
  • Creating wooden joints (e.g. corner joints of worktops)
  • Milling circles and arches
  • Milling door seals and edge gears in windows and doors


The performance must always be in the foreground. If it does not match the intended task, stress and frustration are virtually pre-programmed. In the field of routers, it is best to look at several parameters that indicate performance.

The most obvious indicator is certainly the wattage. However, because Festool, like most other manufacturers, only indicates the power consumption in this context, the value should be treated with caution. First and foremost, the wattage only defines the power consumption. A high power consumption/unit of time can tend to go hand in hand with more power, because then the more decisive output power usually increases as well. A Festool router draws up to 2200 watts of power.

The fact that a Festool router is powerful can also be seen directly from the indicated stroke. This is up to 80 mm.

It is also interesting to take a look at the speed (revolutions/min). With a Festool router, it amounts to up to 24,000 revolutions/minute. Such high values are ideally suited to tackling delicate work in soft materials without damage or chipping. For coarse work and large amounts of material removal, high speeds are not required – accordingly, the Festool range extends down to 10,000 rpm, which is why you can operate very flexibly.

The electronic Multi-Material-Control (MMC) also detects whether the speed needs to be readjusted. If, for example, there is a higher load, the speed is automatically kept constant so that an even result can be achieved.


A high level of comfort is also important. If this is the case, you can work for a longer period of time without any discomfort and concentrate on the task at hand in the best possible way. A Festool router can definitely promise you a high level of operating comfort.

First of all, the small OF 1010 model weighs only 2.7 kg. Despite its proven performance, this makes it one of the lightest models on the market. It is therefore particularly suitable for women and senior citizens.

Because the OF 1010 and OF 1400 models are so compact and handy, a one-handed grip is sufficient for confident operation. The larger OF 2200 router, on the other hand, has a proven double handle. Because the handle elements are rubberised, you can grip firmly without having to worry about feeling pressure or even getting calluses.

Basically, using a Festool router is quite uncomplicated. The manufacturer supports customers with numerous YouTube formats (see video below) and a comprehensive instruction manual.

At least one collet chuck is included so that you can immediately mount your attachment as desired. The working depth can be adjusted very precisely – in 1/10 mm steps. This is achieved by means of the proven spindle lock and turret stop. This means that even professionals get their money’s worth. Incidentally, many of Festool’s mechanisms work without tools via a rotary knob or click switch.

A robust rip fence also supports you when creating grooves. Routers are commonly named after the fact that they are freely fed to the workpiece from above. However, if required, you have the option of integrating your Festool router into a router table.

If you also have a practical Systainer case at hand, the transport of all components is absolutely free of complications and there are no losses to lament.


If you pay attention to a few main factors, a router poses little risk of accidents during operation. These include, for example, fixing the attachment properly. Festool uses useful markings that also help beginners. If these are worn out at some point, the 2/3 rule applies (2/3 of the cutter is inside the collet).

Beginners are always advised to first study the operating instructions thoroughly. Here you will find a detailed description of how to use the tool properly and what to avoid. In general, a Festool router can be classified as technologically safe. The built-in quick brake, for example, stops the devices immediately.

If you have not yet worked with such a professional tool, you should perhaps only practise counter-rotation routing at first. Here there is a higher resistance, which is why you cannot slip off so quickly. In order to remove a lot of mass in a short time, climb milling is the much more effective option.

It also makes sense to put on the right protective clothing. You can wear protective goggles, for example, to avoid getting chips. It also helps to combine the router with an extraction unit. Safety shoes are also useful, as is hearing protection for longer periods of work.


The volume of a router may have a negative effect on your stress level and even on your hearing – provided the machine is excessively loud. Generally speaking, a moderate noise level is desirable, as it prevents the surrounding area from feeling disturbed during operation.

You can tell how loud the background noise is by looking at the sound level. This in turn is expressed in dB (decibels). Depending on the model, the noise level of a Festool router peaks at between 79 and 87 dB. Considering the power, this is certainly acceptable. As with other manufacturers, the volume inevitably increases as the power increases.

In this context, it is also worth mentioning that a Festool router can be equipped with a triple-bearing armature shaft. This reduces any vibrations to a minimum.


The price certainly always has some influence on the decision as well. A Festool router is one of the most expensive offers on the entire market – even the small 1010 model costs over 500 Pounds new. The manufacturer justifies this with excellent quality that can even cope with continuous operation in a trade. In addition, a lot of power can be unleashed, so that big challenges can be mastered efficiently.

In general, the costs should be in a fair relation to your own requirements. In the field of routers, the following applies: the more power and the more precision are required, the more you have to invest. If you want to remove a lot of material quickly in your trade, but at the same time also want to work in a delicate way, Festool is the right choice for you.

Where to buy

The traditional company Festool has built up an excellent reputation over the past 90 years. Today, it is therefore possible to purchase the manufacturer’s tools from a large number of specialist dealers and other companies.

Online, the manufacturer’s routers can be reliably found on large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. If necessary, second-hand offers can also be found on eBay. Since various dealers compete with each other on the marketplaces, you can also expect fair prices.

In UK, Festool also has about 450 stationary specialist dealers. Locally, you will receive personal advice and can also take advantage of other service options. You can find out where your nearest contact is via the dealer directory. Because these are high-priced professional products, traditional DIY stores tend not to carry them.

Festool router – She has a lot to offer you

The routers from Festool have great advantages to offer you – as long as you are prepared to dig deep into your wallet. Then you can expect well thought-out functionality, always enough power and high precision. However, the manufacturer cannot meet every need. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of Festool routers, we have created a table for you below:


  • High-quality workmanship that copes very well with continuous use in the trade
  • Comes standard with all assembly tools (collet chuck, open-end spanner, etc.)
  • Motor operates at up to 2200 watts, allowing a lot of mass to be removed in a very short time
  • Maximum precision can always be expected thanks to 1/10 mm scale, turret and rip fence (guide system is patented)
  • Rubberised single- or double-handle, spindle lock and appropriate weight ensure high operating comfort
  • MMC Electronic not only allows the speed to be regulated, but also keeps it reliably constant under heavy loads
  • Quick brake and temperature monitoring protect both the cutter and the user
  • Combined with Festool hoover, 99% of chips can be successfully extracted
  • Can be integrated into the milling table if required
  • FastFix system allows tool-free changing of outsoles and copying rings


  • Very high price level and therefore certainly not affordable for every wallet
  • Limited choice, which currently does not include a battery version

Video: Festool OF 1010 in practice

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