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Weber electric BBQ

The best electric grills from Weber

The US company Weber has excellent expertise in the segment of electric grills. It was founded as early as 1893. The founder – George Stephen – invented the world’s first kettle grill in 1952. Today, the traditional company produces a wide variety of top-quality grills. A Weber electric BBQ is primarily characterised by space-saving dimensions and simple operation. In addition, the devices do not produce any unhealthy or annoying smoke during operation.

Weber electric BBQ

In the following, we will show you which Weber electric grill is recommended. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Weber electric BBQ – 3 models in the presentation

Weber Q 1400 Dark Gray

Q 1400 electric grill

Weber’s electric grills promise a high level of operating comfort and a flexible choice of space. The manufacturer’s relatively inexpensive entry-level model is the Weber Q 1400 .

The housing and the lid are made of robust cast aluminium, which is why it is not surprising that the manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee. Nevertheless, the weight is limited to a moderate 11 kg, which means that transporting and moving the grill is no problem at all. While the electric grill takes up 68 cm of space in width, it is an insignificant 42 cm in depth. For this reason, you can also use the appliance on a small balcony or even in a camper van/caravan.

Furthermore, the grill is made of cast iron. Therefore, you can expect delicious roasting aromas and visually appealing brandings. The power of 2200 watts ensures that a suitable temperature is reached quickly. The temperature can be adjusted continuously on the right-hand dial. Because the connection cable is 1.8 metres long, it should be easy to find a suitable socket.

Overall, the Q 1400 is a popular electric BBQ from Weber. It is kept rather simple in terms of functionality. It is therefore easy to get to grips with the operation. The two cast iron grates are suitable for serving delicacies to 4-5 people. Because the grill is quite compact and lightweight, it is easy to transport. What you might miss is a thermometer integrated into the lid.

Weber Pulse 1000

Pulse 1000 barbecue

Weber’s electric grills feature innovative technologies that always ensure optimal results. One recommendation in this context is the Weber Pulse 1000 .

First of all, thanks to the stand, you can always grill in an upright and therefore back-friendly position. It also offers you additional storage options. The grate is also made of proven cast iron. When the grill is ready to be preheated, it informs you via an indicator. In addition, the temperature of the interior can always be seen via the front LED display, so that you can grill in a very controlled and safe manner.

According to the manufacturer, up to 4 steaks can be prepared at the same time as needed. By the way, you can view the current values in the free Weber Grill app via the iGrill technology. Of course, this is also possible when you are not near the electric grill. Another commendable feature is the fact that the manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee on all parts.

All in all, the Pulse 1000 is a high-quality electric BBQ from Weber. The temperature can be set very precisely. This can be read at any time on the LED display on the front. You can also control the grill permanently via your smartphone (iGrill app). In general, this model leaves hardly anything to be desired and is called the “best electric grill” by some customers. Thanks to the comprehensive guarantee, you definitely have enough time to find out.

Weber Q 2400

Q 2400 with stand

Weber also offers you the right electric grill for larger projects. Families and celebrations can be well catered for with the Weber Q 2400 .

This electric grill also comes with a practical stand. In addition, there are two foldable side shelves. On these, you can store trays and barbecue cutlery, among other things. There are also 3 separate cutlery holders for the latter. The exterior is made of cast aluminium and therefore promises a long service life. Inside, there is a 54 cm wide grill surface. It definitely offers enough space to quickly provide 5-6 people with delicacies.

Of course, Weber also uses cast iron here. Therefore, you can expect tasty roasting aromas as well as visually splendid brandings. The temperature is infinitely variable. The power consumption of 2200 watts ensures that high values can be achieved for searing steaks. However, an integrated thermometer is missing.

In summary, the Q 2400 is a great electric BBQ from Weber. It is ideally suited to catering for families as well as smaller celebrations. The ease of use remains high. The dimensions and weight, however, are of course somewhat larger. According to testimonials, the device is ready for use after about 15 minutes of preheating. Thanks to the lid, you can quickly destroy all residues after grilling. Customers are largely satisfied with this Weber electric grill.

Weber electric BBQ – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & type

Weber currently offers 4 different electric grills. These are supplied either with a stand or without one. The manufacturer divides its range into 2 series:

  • Powerful Pulse series with intelligent technology (Pulse 1000 & Pulse 2000)
  • Classic Q-series (Q 1400 & Q 2400)

All Weber electric BBQs are quite compact. In width, they occupy about 70 cm. Therefore, you can usually use them on a city balcony. However, there are no real mini models for very confined areas, such as the Tefal electric grill.

A model with a stand offers the possibility that even tall people can work in an upright and back-friendly position.

In addition, this model is characterised by its relatively low weight. Although Weber relies on a robust housing made of cast aluminium, the compact versions weigh just around 10 kg. Therefore, they can be easily moved at any time.

Commissioning is extremely uncomplicated. The electric grill is delivered pre-assembled and only needs to be connected to the normal mains supply (220-240V). Annoyingly, many manufacturers only offer a rather short cable. However, the Weber cable is a commendable 1.8 metres long.

Press the “power button” and you’re ready to go. High-quality models then show you when they are preheated. Sometimes there is even an acoustic signal. With the Q-series, on the other hand, you have to be attentive yourself.

Power & temperature

Power plays an important role with electric grills. If the electronics are too weak, no proper heat can be generated. A promise for the performance is the so-called power consumption, which is shown in the unit watt. First and foremost, the wattage defines the power consumption. However, a high wattage tends to be associated with faster heating and a higher maximum temperature.

A Weber electric BBQ has a power consumption of between 1800 and 2200 watts. This is definitely enough to avoid having to be patient for too long at the beginning. In addition, the grills can generate temperatures beyond 200 °C. This means that the typical grill aroma can be enjoyed. This is why the typical grill aroma can appear on the grilled food.

Particularly high temperatures are required for searing steaks. They ensure that a beautiful crust, tasty roasted aromas and extensive brandings are created.

Furthermore, an electric grill from Weber is also suitable for indirect grilling. The electronic thermostat allows you to keep even low temperatures constant. Since the operating medium cannot be applied, you can gently grill your food for hours without complications.

A Weber electric BBQ always comes with a lid. This not only increases efficiency and shortens the heating time. It also allows you to conveniently remove greasy residues from the grate. For this purpose, the bonnet is closed and the interior is heated to the maximum. In pyrolysis fashion, the juices are now transformed into dry ash. The latter can be removed with ease.

Grill grate

The grill grate is the central element of every grill. It has to meet various requirements. The materials used are often either stainless steel, cast iron, die-cast aluminium or simple sheet metal. The latter is rather an inferior solution.

Stainless steel is smooth and uncoated. The material is therefore easy to clean and can even be brushed off with a hard wire brush. Scratches or flaking are actually never to be expected. Sometimes the grate can also be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher. A disadvantage, however, is the fact that the material does not store heat very well.

Cast iron is often preferred by professionals because it naturally promotes the formation of roasting aromas as well as brandings (patterns). In addition, it retains heat for a long time and releases it evenly. The disadvantage of cast iron is its susceptibility to corrosion. You should always remove grease and oil from the material after grilling without using water, detergent or hard brushes.

A Weber electric BBQ comes with a grate made of porcelain-enamelled cast iron. For this reason, the best possible flavours can be produced. In addition, the enamel ensures that the surface is better protected against rust as well as damage. A gentle brushing is quite tolerable.

In addition to the material, the size of the grill also plays a role. The more people are to be fed at the same time, the larger the grate must be. With a Weber electric grill, the grilling surface can be more than 50 cm wide and 40 cm deep. This means that you have more surface area available than with other manufacturers. Up to 6 people can be served with tasty food.

In general, you should treat your grill grate as gently as possible. It will thank you for this with a long life and a durable appearance. Gentle cleaning with a cloth is always preferable to the use of aggressive chemicals.

Choice of location

The choice of location is also definitely important. It influences both the safety and the personal comfort of the griller.

Although Weber electric barbecues are compact and allow a flexible choice of location, this does not mean that every location is suitable for operation. The surface should always be level and have a certain degree of stability. If this is not the case, there is an increased risk of accidents.

As already mentioned at the beginning, a Weber electric BBQ can be used either as a tabletop grill or as a model with a stand. Models with a stand take up a little more space. They can be placed on the terrace, for example, or directly on the ground, provided it has a certain hardness. Table grills are placed directly on a table on the balcony or similar.

Because the mains cable of a Weber electric barbecue is a respectable 1.8 metres long, it does not have to be placed in the immediate vicinity of a power socket. In addition, the design is such that the grills are relatively insensitive to gusts of wind and unintentional knocks.

In addition, a certain distance should always be kept from other objects and obstacles – especially if they are easily flammable. This will also improve your own freedom of movement.

A Weber electric BBQ is intended exclusively for outdoor use. You should always make sure that the connections are not wet and that you do not use a multiple socket for power supply.


The topic of maintenance is also part of barbecuing. If you keep your electric barbecue clean, the enjoyment will always be genuine and healthy. In addition, good care will delay wear and tear.

Since a Weber electric BBQ does not have too many surfaces, cleaning is quick and uncomplicated. Only the cast iron grate needs to be cleaned after each use. Because of the porcelain enamel, you don’t have to worry about chipping. Nevertheless, care should be taken, e.g. with a cloth. The cast iron does not tolerate additional moisture or sharp objects very well. In addition, it has no place in the dishwasher.

Depending on how it is used, a complete cleaning 2-5 times a year is recommended. To do this, first unplug the appliance from the mains and remove all removable parts. Now the heating element is exposed and can be cleaned of any dirt. It is important that you do not use a dripping cloth in the interior, as this could damage the electronics.

The grease drip tray on a Weber electric BBQ is classically made of aluminium. If you fill it with a little water before use, the grease will not dry as much. When the tray is 3/4 full, it must be emptied at the latest. Otherwise there is a risk of a grease fire.

Weber electric BBQ – Advantages & disadvantages at a glance

An electric BBQ from Weber has many advantages. For one thing, it can be permanently powered from the socket, which is why you never have to buy or stock up on operating materials separately. Secondly, no unpleasant smoke is to be expected, which is why operation can even take place inside buildings. However, the devices cannot satisfy every demand. So that you can comfortably weigh up their pros and cons, we have prepared a table for you below:


  • Uncomplicated and quick start-up
  • No unhealthy and annoying smoke
  • Optimal choice on the balcony or terrace in the city
  • Weight is less than 10 kg, so even women and seniors can keep a sturdy posture
  • Short heat-up time, so you don’t have to be patient (acoustic signal can alert you that it is ready for use)
  • High power and cast iron grate ensure that typical grill aroma, great roasting aromas and patterns appear
  • 2 burners allow you to cook 2 different meals at the same time
  • iGrill technology can transfer temperature to your smartphone
  • Optional stand so that even tall people can grill in an ergonomic position
  • Cable is much longer than comparable manufacturers (usually 1.8 metres)
  • There may be useful side shelves
  • Removable parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Environmentally friendly in operation


  • There are no mini models for confined niches
  • Quite expensive considering this type of design
  • It is sometimes complained that the heating coil does not last too long

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